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  1. Tooth and Nail’ starring Go Soo to release in May “The Tooth and the Nail,” an upcoming thriller flick starring actors Go Soo and Kim Joo-hyuk, is slated to hit theaters in May, production company Kidari Ent said Monday. The film, based on the 1955 American novel by Bill Ballinger, is set in Seoul in 1947 and centers on a mysterious murder case with a cut-off finger as the only clue. It tells the story of wealthy Nam Do-jin, played by Kim, and his driver Lee Seok-jin, played by Go, who became involved in the murder case. Moon Seong-geun co-stars as a lawyer who tries to cover up the case while Park Sung-woong appears as a prosecutor who tries to prove the guilt of the criminal. Source Link: http://kpopherald.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=201703281747546616727_2
  2. OMG, I just commented something to this effect in the WGM Tae-Bom thread seeing these pics/photos of TJ/BM side by side with these sweet lovely old couple ~ You definitely captured very well in your heading dear @Myisha the things I said, thought and felt. Let's always hope and pray that our lovely TJ/BM would create a forever together ~ That vibes is there as I feel it. Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, I already watched "Padam Padam . . . the Sound of His and Her Heartbeats" and "Missing Nine" and in those 2 dramas, CTJ crying or expressing emotional scenes really stood out. In Padam Padam, I love those scenes where he expressed deep emotions talking about his dad's sickness and not wanting to go abroad - of being torn between his love for his "adoptive" father" and his wanting to know his real/biological father. CTJ was so young then, but that did not deter me recognizing his excellent performance. In Missing Nine, there are three scenes that truly touched me so deeply, moved me emotionally due to TJ's great acting - 1) CTJ sobbing, scared and shocked when he realized he accidentally killed ChanYeol (sorry, forgot his character name). His scream of remorse and pain, and his facial expression were awesome; 2) CTJ hiding in the dark corner/dumpsters, stabbed and bleeding, crying, feeling so alone, regretful, manipulated and betrayed for that one person he trusted; and 3) CTJ sitting in his hospital bed silently crying and looking so desolate. Overall, it truly motivates me to wanting to watch all the works he has done.
  3. I love the fact that Tae-Bom are being compared affectionately to these two sweet old lovely couple ~ it simply affirms the maturity and sense of togetherness (or "coupleness" if there is such a word in the dictionary ~ ) that is felt from TJ/BM . . . that TJ/BM can been seen as having a future together forever, as with a chance of growing old together bound by love, trust and respect. I don't know, but though I don't understand those captions, I really feel that putting them side by side like these puts Tae-Bom in a different league of their own, a level that only old couples who have deeply loved and remained true with each other understand and belong to. I really don't know if I'm expressing myself very well here in this regard, but suffice it to say, I am at ease and glad of these beautiful works of some Tae-Bom shippers/fans. I just hope that these won't offend anyone outside the Tae-Bom circle. The most beautiful thing is that kind of love that prosper over time, one that endures amidst challenges that come and go . . . . and that only happens with the right people at the right place and at the right time. I just hope and pray that, whatever the future leads TJ and BM, they will remain "together" in whatever relationship they will form (but of course, i pray for the real marriage as a Tae-Bom shipper, LOL). I wish them both well and happy in whatever life leads them - in the meantime that they are still both single and available, and absolutely communicating, I am free to imagine and enjoy them as couple, right?
  4. Yeah, I know ~ I have been searching for these really for quite some time now, even while WGM Tae-Bom was on-going just to learn more of CTJ. It is really very frustrating, but we can always try searching dear. Who knows, with the growing popularity of Tae Joon now, some fans would be kind enough to upload these in any sites. It's just confusing though that, these are not so old and yet, none to be found/listed in the known drama sites which even uploaded dramas and movies more than 10 years ago. Even Pacemaker and Eclipse (Cutter) are so difficult to find. Anyway, let's just keep our fingers cross, shall we.
  5. I just watched RM ep. 343, and the 1st link you provided my dear @Myraa works just fine. It was cut into 2 streams, thus the reduced time in the 1st source/link. I love this RM episode - the tandem of SJH and CTJ works well I think. They did not win but they did not come last either, and did fairly well with such little amount of money they have. It cracks me up so much when they asked the paired couple to sing while counting money - good gracious, CTJ and SJH are great actors known for their evident "dislikes" of singing, and they are both very vocal about it - but mission is mission in RM, so they sang - it tensed me up so much that when the others showcased their dancing skills, it made me laughed so much. So creative of the RM staff and casts to tone down CTJ's and SJH's singing time ~ @lynseyanzia - Perhaps they are discussing that drama they would be working on together (Suspicious Woman, working title I think). I hope CTJ has favorably considered taking it already and both are gearing for it. I really need to see him in a drama. I have just completed watching his 20 episodes Padam Padam (2011-2012) drama, and he was really very good. He was so young back then yet he was able to deliver at par with the veteran actors he worked with. It was also the drama that represents his re-entrance to the acting industry (after 2003 - Project X movie) yet he seemed to have not been out of the acting world for almost a decade. His timing is impeccable, his expressions and tone delivery are so expressive, he does not overdo his acting/gestures, it seems so natural and smoothly executed. For him to do more acting activities in varied roles is a must - he has a lot to offer actually. And as his fan - I wish him the best opportunities and right projects to showcase his talent really. I have already bookmarked the following dramas of CTJ so I can watched by the long holiday come this 2nd week April: "All About My Mom" (54 ep.) and "The Flower in Prison" (51 ep.). I already found the short drama: "Adolescence Medley" or "Puberty Medley" (4 ep.) and I intend watched this this weekend. I have not yet found his 2 other movies though with English subbed: "Pacemaker" (2012) and "Eclipse or Cutter" (2016) plus that long drama (120 ep) where he won as the Best New Actor - "Mother's Garden" (2014). If anyone any link for these guys, kindly share it here, would truly appreciate it. Rediscovering CTJ's acting skills is truly a joy ~
  6. Just learned now that my theory was incorrect, LOL!!! . . . that the reason BM was crying was bec. of that story of the sweet old couple she was watching as our dear @Myisha posted here. BM has really a kind and beautiful heart to feel such deep emotion watching that. Such a wonderful person ~ But as you said, the joy of seeing TJ and BM simultaneously in the same day via SNS is a gift by itself. - I'm sure SJH knows, she's a very considerate lady and the balancing factor among the RM casts in my opinion. And given the fact that BoMi filmed RM first with that actor guy doing WGM now, I'm sure the RM casts knew too ~ And CTJ was so decisive when he chose that sunflower drawing, LOL!!! I just watched RM ep. 343 now with the English subbed and I was so happy it turned out that way - not too long to be physically tiring, especially when CTJ seemed to be not feeling well, which was evident when they climbed that staircase. He did mention he feels like vomiting and keeps rubbing his palm in between his fingers which may mean that he's really feeling a bit dizzy. But my goodness, I got tensed up when one of the games was for the paired couple to sing while counting money - LOL!!!! CTJ and SJH are both quite known for their "dislikes" of singing!!!! At least, they did not score the least, for crying out love!!!! At WGM, he decided never to sing again, well he can no longer escape such since BM has made him do it, and it's following him everywhere That's one way of gaining confidence I think, force it on him, LOL!!! Has the voice, just lacks confidence for now ~
  7. hahaha!!!! I saw BM's video first at Twitter as uploaded/posted by Eunjie, and I was confused too at first. Then I saw at IG CTJ's video playing and laughing like a kid. Suffice it to say, some Tae-Bom shippers/fans had mischievously put these two side by side and created a hilarious scenario. I enjoyed it so much actually simply with the thought that both coincidentally appeared in my TL and IG ~ Well my theory is that perhaps, BM is watching Missing 9 now, catching up with the entire episodes. When she mentioned to TJ (WGM scene at their marriage home after that spicy jjampong noodles) that she checked him out because he stars on it, BM specifically mentioned only that kissing scene he had. . . . and if I'm not mistaken, that scene was still in the early episodes - 1 or 2 - so she was still way behind then. Seeing her crying that way, I bet she's now watching the scenes where TJ (as Tae Ho of course) got stabbed and crying all by himself while hiding in the dumpsters. That was also followed by a scene in the hospital bed where he was again silently crying so deep in thought, so alone, feeling so regretful and betrayed by that manipulative CEO man. I am 100% sure that if BM is watching Missing 9 then, those were the scenes that got her crying that way - because I was like that when I watched those scenes, bawled my eyes out for Tae Ho's pain, misfortune and wrong choices. TJ as Tae Ho was really so convincing of his sad state, what can I say, LOL!!!! Guys, this is only my guess alright ~ a simple way of mine to enjoy this moment of coincidental videos As regard to the posted soompi article by our dear @Cedric Ong - that also cracked me up so much!!!! I saw this first at the CTJ thread actually and as I posted/commented there - SJH is the best choice for TJ to be paired off actually given the situation (with 5 other ladies as guests too). What was really made me so happy was the fact that TJ immediately stated he came to RM to be paired and be a couple with SJH, cutting any other thought that he's entertaining otherwise. No one could understand TJ's position better than SJH because she was previously with WAIL (We Are In Love) too, the Chinese version of WGM - with actor Chen BoLin. It was a double treat too when SJH drew a sunflower to represent herself, and of course, our boy has to choose that!!!! So obvious actually - who else love sunflower than BoMi?!!! So partnering with SJH is like partnering with Bo Mi Well, this is just my opinion guys, okay, don't fret if I offended anyone. I will watch RM CTJ episode in a while though ~
  8. Choi Tae Joon Reveals The Reason Why EXO’s Chanyeol’s Murder Scene Was The Hardest To Film In “Missing 9” A. Park March 26, 2017 Actor Choi Tae Joon sat down for an interview after the end of MBC’s “Missing 9,” in which he played an antagonist character for the first time. He recently sat down for an interview about his experience. He said, “It didn’t really sink in to me that the drama ended, but I definitely feel it during interviews. Although it was a miniseries, the filming was actually very long. We filmed on Jeju Island and stayed in a dorm together with the other actors, and so we made a lot of great memories together. It was tough work, but I miss it now that it’s over.” When asked about what he focused on, he revealed that he did a lot of thinking and analyzing before portraying his character, saying, “My character did a lot of murdering, but he didn’t murder them for the same reasons. So I wanted to make sure it was different each time. Of course, murder can’t be justified for any reason. But I wanted to make it so that when the viewers saw my character, they wouldn’t see him as someone they simply hate. I wanted to them to see that he was hurt, and that he could be sympathized with. While Taeho is strong and combative, I thought of him as pitiful and weak as I acted. He committed lots of crimes to cover up a murder that he didn’t even commit. He is evil, but overall, I think he may be the weakest.” He was then asked whose murder was hardest to film. He chose Chanyeol’s character, saying, “Chanyeol was so tall that it was hard. And then after killing him, I had to drag him, but he’s such a well-built young man that he was too heavy to drag. On top of that, I had a cracked rib at the time. It was hard, but it worked out in the end.” Source: https://www.soompi.com/2017/03/26/choi-tae-joon-reveals-reason-exos-chanyeols-murder-scene-hardest-film-missing-9/?li_source=LI&li_medium=article-recommended-articles --------------------------------------------------------- LOL, this boy really cracks me up!!!! I was expecting him to say something emotional or mentally complicated to that line as a response but WOW!!! that reply of being so tall and well-built compounded with his cracked rib threw me off-balance. With him and Bo Mi, I am really learning to expect the unexpected ~ hilarious and not so boring answer if you ask me ~ LOVE THE NOVELTY OF HIS REPLY!!!!
  9. Choi Tae Joon Tries To Win Song Ji Hyo’s Heart On “Running Man” U. Kim March 26, 2017 Source Link: https://www.soompi.com/2017/03/26/choi-tae-joon-tries-win-song-ji-hyos-heart-running-man/
  10. Dear @Myraa, thanks for this video!!!! I have not watched this Sunday RM yet, normally it will posted tomorrow in my side of the world, with the English subbed, so I tend to watch RM Monday p.m. But this preview cracks me up so much!!! And enjoyed it a lot with the provided subtitles - OMG, it has a lot of WGM Tae-Bom vibes!!! When I read that caption that says the moment CTJ comes out, he declared he wants to be a couple with SJH - I said to myself, best choice man, or I clubber you But when the ladies were to draw to represents themselves, SJH drew a sunflower and CTJ has chosen it!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! So obvious!!! Bo Mi loves sunflower, and so no need to analyze much. SJH as usual is the best RM host if you ask me ~
  11. These are cool!!! CTJ and YBM playing/relaxing around ~ What a weekend!!! CTJin RM today too plus YBM next Sunday ~ cr: to owners as tagged
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  13. These complete my weekends!!!! My adorable Tae-Bom couple Putting them both like this together is cute . . . . and absolutely hilarious!!! cr: to owners as tagged
  14. Guys, don't forget to vote APink here every hour until March 31 midnight, if not much trouble. Let's help widen the gap if possible ~ Poll site link: http://popcrush.com/fx-vs-apink-march-madness-2017-best-girl-group-final-round/
  15. I can't really stop smiling wide watching this and reading the posted comments ~ why do I feel that this APink conversation is quite significant to Tae-Bom shippers, LOL!!! cr: to owner as tagged (source: Twitter) Dear @MiAmour - do yo have a complete English translation of the above video clip you posted sweetie? I'm quite interested on Bo Mi's replies/statements ~