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  1. Ko Soo 고수

    This is ABS0LUTELY A W0W!!!! S00 G0RGE0USLY HANDS0ME AS EVER cr: as tagged
  2. Choi Tae Joon 최태준

    Seeing this makes me remember CTJ's sweetness in the drama SUSPICI0US PARTNER ~ Wishing and praying he will have a new drama again ASAP!!!! cr: as tagged
  3. Choi Tae Joon 최태준

    M0RE PICS CTJ AT THE 2017 ASIA ARTIST AWARDS ~ him winning was AWES0ME!!!! cr: as tagged
  4. Choi Tae Joon 최태준

    An0ther news link 0n the recently held 217 Asia Artist Awards where CTJ w0n ~ Winners Of The 2017 Asia Artist Awards J. K November 15, 2017 S0urce: https://www.soompi.com/2017/11/15/winners-2017-asia-artist-awards/ Rising Star Award: Kang Tae Oh, Ji Soo, Seo Eun Su, gugudan, MOMOLAND, JBJ, Jeong Sewoon, DIA Samsung Pay – Super Rookie Award: Wanna One Best Creator Award: Producing director Shin Won Ho New Wave Award: Choi Tae Joon, Gong Seung Yeon, Shin Hyun Soo, SNUPER, ASTRO, The Rampage Popularity Award: EXO, EXO’s D.O., YoonA Best OST Award: Ailee’s “I Will Go to You Like the First Snow” Fabulous Award: Lee Joon Gi, Park Seo Joon, EXO, Super Junior Rookie Award: Ahn Hyo Seop, DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon, Wanna One, PRISTIN, KARD Choice Award: Min Hyo Rin, Lee Tae Im, Kent Tsai, Just Jerk Best Entertainer Award: Sung Hoon, Kim Tae Ri, NU’EST W, MONSTA X, Bolbbalgan4 Best Icon Award: Seo Kang Joon, Crush, Hwang Chi Yeol, MAMAMOO Asia Icon Award: Park Shin Hye Asia Star Award: miss A’s Suzy Best Celebrity Award: 2PM’s Junho, Park Min Young, Apink, VIXX Best Star Award: Park Seo Joon, Ryu Jun Yeol, Block B’s Zico, SNH48 7SENSES Best Welcome Award: Lee Seung Gi Best Artist Award: Namgoong Min, Park Hae Jin, YoonA, SEVENTEEN Legend Award: Super Junior Grand Prize (Daesang): EXO, Kim Hee Sun -----------------------------------------------------
  5. Choi Tae Joon 최태준

    CTJ AT THE ASIA ARTIST AWARDS And here are s0me previ0us pics 0f CTJ - quite ad0rable!!!! cr: as tagged
  6. Ko Soo 고수

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY K0 S00!!!! Remembering the 1st year I have been intr0duced t0 KDramas and g0t h00ked because 0f KS . . . . and t0 this date, I am still equally h00ked t0 him because 0f his awes0me acting, great l00ks which seems t0 be getting better as he age, and his admirable c0mmitment t0 his craft and his family. Such an AWES0ME PERS0N . . . . that is KS!!! C0NGRATULATI0NS T0 THE SUCCESS 0F HIS M0VIE . . . . . THE F0RTRESS ~ And thanks my dear @rubie f0r the inf0!!!! Great news and great gift t0 him0n his birthday indeed. cr: as tagged
  7. Choi Tae Joon 최태준

    HANDS0ME CTJ with equally HANDS0ME FRIENDS!!!! CTJ's recent IG p0st ~ And this reminds me s0 much 0f 0ct. 1st ~ the sweet mem0ry 0f CTJ's stint at WGM with Apink B0MI cr: as tagged
  8. TAEB0M MEM0RIES ~ SWEET and abs0lutely ENDEARING!!! cr: as tagged
  9. Guys, t0m. is 0ct. 1, the first airing 0f WGM TAEB0M . . . . . s0 it is als0 a milest0ne f0r us, an event/date t0 celebrate . . . . s0rt 0f an 0fficial 1st Anniversary actually 0f TAEB0M t0 me because it was the actual beginning f0r TAEB0M 0fficially. The celebrati0n 0f their 100 days then with Apink members under epis0des 19/20 0r 359/360 were filmed 0n Jan. 10 and 11, 2017 . . . . . s0 they may have c0unted it fr0m day 0f airing . . . . . actual 100 days fr0m airing in 0ct. 1, 2016 was Jan.8, 2017 very cl0se t0 filming dates 0f Jan. 10 & 11. And I remember that 100 days celebrati0n t be very very sweet and mem0rable . . . . their very 1st kiss . . . in the f0rehead!!!! But I l0ved watching them giggled and laughed and stared at each 0ther s0 shyly yet s0 0bvi0us!!! Side n0te: Can't write well just yet, my keyb0ard's keys are still defective . . . . n0 time f0r n0w t0 have it fix, s0 please bear with me guys if the spelling 0r my sentence c0nstructi0n is faulty... . just grasping f0r w0rds that w0n't use letters that are defective.
  10. Ko Soo 고수

    W0W!!!! SEXY DUDES!!! cr: as tagged
  11. Ko Soo 고수

    cr: t0 0wner as tagged
  12. W0W!!!! Thanks my dearest friends - refreshing the page W0RKS!!!! AWES0ME A bit sl0w f0r n0w but it can g0 back t0 a l0t 0f previ0us pages . . . . . g0t t0 t0 g0 enj0y y0ur earlier p0sts my dear friends!!!!
  13. Thanks guys!!! Will give it a try ~ And yes, I already changed my theme t0 "Default", thus I was able t0 react t0 all y0ur p0sts ~ This is the 0nly functi0nality I'm having difficulty with in the meantime . . . . and thanks t0 all y0ur advice.
  14. Hi guys!!!! Can any0ne help me 0ut - why am I having a difficulty 0r actually can't l0ad 0n in g0ing t0 an0ther page? I am simply clicking the next page but it keeps like g0t fr0zen. I tried waiting but I d0n't think its right already if even after alm0st an h0ur, it's n0t resp0nding at all. Are the functi0nalities in this S00mpi thread changed guys? I have l0ts 0f pages t0 backtrack 0n t0
  15. Choi Tae Joon 최태준

    Hi guys!!!! Missed u all t00 dear friends but I've been reassigned t0 a new department at w0rk recently, hence, I've been quite busy ad0pting, including attending seminars which were quite intensive. Tried accessing yesterday the CTJ_YBM thread since its TaeB0m's 1st anniversary - fr0m 1st filming in Sept. 21, 2016 actually - but it was s00 difficult/t00 sl0w m0ving/changing t0 the next/latest page. It's the same difficulty I experienced bef0re right after S00mpi change its features/f0rmat, and s0 I th0ught it was because 0f that, thus, it will pass. But its the same pr0blem I'm enc0untering again at this time. Will try t00 check in detail what's the pr0blem t0mrr0w since it's quite late n0w. And s0me keys 0f my lapt0p's keyb0ard are n0t w0rking t00, g00d graci0us!!!!! Anyh0w, thanks guys f0r keeping b0th these threads - CTJ and TaeB0m - active and m0ving f0rward in pages reached. FIGHTING!!!!