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  1. This is undoubtedly the most beautiful faces to behold - 2 gorgeous actors - CTJ and JCW together!!!! So awesome!!! Such a sweet sight to look at after a hectic day ~ cr: to owner @actorctj as tagged
  2. I see these two gorgeous actors - CTJ and JCW - together, I always remember the TaeBom's beautiful wedding last November 2016 at WGM!!!! Such clear and animated faces - so endearingly beautiful to look at ~ cr: to owner @actorctj as tagged
  3. A scene in Suspicious Partner perhaps? Just the same, be careful CTJ, you may crack your ribs again And this one, such a broad shoulder, but he seems to be a bit thinner these days though ~ EAT a lot CTJ!!!! cr: to owner as tagged
  4. Best friends CTJ and JCW, SP male lead actors - and what exactly are you two doing, LOL!!! Playing in between works, perhapsCUTE BOYS!!!! credit: owner as tagged
  5. My dear @nazeeyaa - I apologize sweetie for not being able to actively contribute in this thread for the past few days. As I've mentioned in the CTJ thread just a while ago, I'm out vacationing with my family in the "outback" - calling that place as is due to slow internet connection most of the time, LOL!!!! And I'm always surrounded the whole day with my nephews and nieces of varying ages . . . . and it is surely very chaotic, and such a long long day!!!! Few moments I have, I tried checking on you guys in this thread, and news at Twitter and IG but so difficult to post or do anything else at most. Promise, I will be back by next week to actively contribute in this thread and at CTJ's. As I posted at CTJ's, let me just reiterate my stand here on CTJ's alleged dating news - I don't believe it and I surely don't let that make me lost sleep ~ But I'm glad everyone here are so open and actively talked about it in this thread because it simply shows the depth of each of everyone's concern and love to our adorable couple TaeBom. Guys, we have known for a fact during the WGM days that CTJ is quite close and has maintained good friendly relationship with his female co-celebrities, kpop idols (like Yuri of SNSD if I remember it right) and actresses alike (like that noona whom CTJ sent a food cart before which triggered BoMi's jealousy - LOL, forgot her name). Our dear CTJ, and even our sweet Bo Mi, are both beautiful and gorgeous people, and talented too, and everyone in the entertainment industry are fully aware of it, and has now openly acknowledging this, attested with the too many reference to BoMi as a gf material in the recent variety she participated in. So it is inevitable that they will be pulled in with this kind of "news". And in my opinion, CTJ is at most in a vulnerable or precarious position to be dragged in this case because he works solo and his roles can be misinterpreted as his real him. BoMi on the other hand at least has her members surrounding her, working as a group. Let me just wrap this by saying, let's just trust them guys - our adorable TaeBom. Until the day that they themselves will openly admit that they are in a relationship with anyone (but hoping and praying not, of course), let's not lost hope and continue to believe them, trust them, support them. As we have agreed early on in this journey of shipping them, let's let time takes its natural course. Everything will rightfully fall into place ~ I absolutely agree with you guys, life of a shipper is difficult and sometimes heartbreaking, but with TaeBom, I am sure it is worth every moment of being so ~ Will see you later guys!!!! And thank you for keeping this thread and at CTJ's active and thriving!!!!
  6. Hello my dear @Myisha - I'll just drop my simple thought on this news in the meantime because I'm having difficulty with this slow internet connection I'm experiencing being in the "outback" vacationing, LOL!!! This is a good news if you ask me because it simply shows how tightly knit actors/actresses are, just as much as idols/kpop singers are, or any other fellows/colleagues in the same industry. They may be competitive in some ways, but it's a healthy competition I guess given the fact that they share the same interest and working in the same business. But I for one cannot dispute the fact that most develops honest to goodness friendship, hence the usual mistaken "dating relationship". And Park Shin Hye's friendship to her co-stars/colleagues in acting, including known kpop idols, is true, a known fact, a common knowledge. So, when I heard this dating news with Choi Tae Joon the first time, I just smiled and shrugged it off. Well, our boy is surely handsome, no doubt about that, and he is an excellent actor in his own right, so he is someone one can be proud of to be called her boyfriend. But I don't feel that vibes of them being in a romantic relationship, or being more than friends. And PSH and CTJ denying the rumor even before it could take off or take roots in everyone's mind is something I admire of them doing. I guess, PSH has had enough of this kind of thing learning from the effects of her previous alleged "dating" news. CTJ is no doubt in my mind a very straightforward person, considerate and an honest one, ergo, what is true is true, false is false to him so outrightly denying this news simply confirms it's not true at all. Well, this is just my opinion/stand on this matter, and I hope I did not offend anyone by saying so ~ Be back to actively contribute in the thread by next week guys - can't do much at this time other than check on your posts due to slow net connection, and when you're surrounded with kids (my nephews and nieces) the whole day, it is surely a long hectic day ~
  7. CTJ looking so HAPPY AND BRIGHT!!! I always see him smiling and laughing at Hello Counselor . . . . that talk show is absolutely good for CTJ. He looks so comfortable and at ease with the set up and the company of his senior co-hosts/MCs. I am so glad to see him so bright and happy these days, wonder why And perhaps, all the more now because someone special has just got back (ehem) ~ cr: as tagged
  8. HAPPY CTJ at Hello Counselor - So AWESOME to see ~ Tae Joon has certainly found his second comfortable zone next to acting - talk show hosting at Hello Counselor~ You can absolutely see he is enjoying himself, the set up and the company of his senior co-hosts/MCs. I love the fact that CTJ looks so bright and happy these days ~ cr: as tagged
  9. I totally agree with you my dear friend @Myraa - A successful relationship between an actor and a singer is absolutely possible, because I always believe that such success depends entirely on the two persons involve, and not defined by their career nor the people around them. Though it may present more challenges than usual, but if they overcome those, it would be totally sweet, and absolutely a real relationship bound by mutual love, trust and respect. Other than the relationship you cited between an actor and a singer, there is also that of Sunyoung of GG and that leading actor whom CTJ worked with at Missing Nine. I guess, CTJ has perhaps had small friendly talks, and received good advice from him pertaining to such relationship And as Bo Mi flashed to everyone - LOVE ALWAYS WINS ~
  10. I love this clip zeroing on Bo Mi's spunky attitude - her rapping exudes so much confidence and energy/liveliness, the very unique combination that absolutely defines our adorable Bo Mi ~ Good thing I stumbled into this, I really had that APink YT clip/video added in my playlist for quite some time now, and had been playing over and over again every chance I get, intermixing it with most official WGM TaeBom videos ~ I opted to put it here for everyone to enjoy and for documentation purposes - perhaps, we can come back in this page and enjoy watching it again, months from now ~ Look how equally amazed the audience and her co-idols/singers in the event, and how they wonderfully appreciated her efforts. But for Bo Mi, after doing such a fantastic rendition of her rap, she simply and shyly turned around. Such an explosive performance from our dynamic BoMiya~ cr: to owner (Twitter as tagged)
  11. “Suspicious Partner” Releases 2 Fun And Cheeky Official Posters Of The Main Cast J. Lim April 30, 2017 Source Link: https://www.soompi.com/2017/04/30/suspicious-partner-releases-2-fun-cheeky-official-posters-main-cast/ ------------------------------ Nine more days to go before May 10, tvdrama SP's opening . . . . praying so hard that it would be a successful project of CTJ once again. I have no doubt in my mind that CTJ is a great actor, and has given his best in this work in as much as he's working side by side with his big bro and best buddy, JCW . . . . I just hope that the Korean viewers would support this drama from 1st episode to the end ~ International viewers, there is no doubt in my mind that this will be a hit, but I do recognize the fact that SP's success will be defined by the Korean viewers' result/rating.
  12. HOW SWEET!!! Big brother JCW watching over his little bro, CTJ!!! cr: to owner (as tagged)
  13. Interview with KO SOO and Kim Joo Hyuk promoting "THE TOOTH AND THE NAIL" movie ~ Well, I actually don't know what is being said, but I absolutely love that lost and puzzled look on Ko Soo He looks adorably cute . . . such an hilarious situation!!! And here, I love listening to his voice - so husky, so manly!!! cr: to owner (as tagged)
  14. Why is it that every time I see him, no matter what year, KO SOO always looks the same - he doesn't seem to age so much, always looking handsome as always cr: to owner (as tagged)
  15. HAHAHA!!!! I just saw this clip/IG post of CTJ too . . . . and it truly made my day complete. He's cute making faces, and nice to see him a bit relax and carefree. I thought perhaps, he was on his way to filming Suspicious Partner ~ I can't help but notice, he's into plain white polo shirt too, and that sunglasses too. It may not mean anything, but please indulge me a bit with my imagination - Bo Mi has just sported the same theme at the airport on her way to LA ~