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  1. Apparently SY has not graduated yet. Her father insisted that they can only be married after she graduates. I don't know why SW thought it was wrong to pursue SI. He has given up on SI before it even started even though he still has feelings for her. SW will continue to date the blind-date girl to please everyone. I've got a feeling TS will work for Mdm Cho after he 'saved' her. He will definitely meet SI. Perhaps TS presence might make SW jealous especially when TS cares a lot for SI. The problem is SI will not reciprocate SW's feelings. I wonder if SI will fall in love again. Somehow I feel she is not over JW yet.
  2. I don't know if this is true but I read from a Chinese forum and someone mentioned that LPM will be leaving the drama after 20+ episodes. If so, his character MG will die which will make DJ single again.
  3. I read from another forum that this drama ends at episode 125 on 2nd June 2017. 'All Kinds of Daughter-In-Law' will be screened on 5th June 2017 when 'Golden Pouch' ends.
  4. Grandma will accept SI as is where is as someone who is in need of help. I doubt she will accept SI as a partner for SW with SI's tainted past. For SW/SI romance to survive, SW needs to be really strong and has absolute faith and trust in SI. It will be SI who will feel she is not good enough for SW and will reject him. Furthermore, SI still has feelings for the jerk JW. She really needs to see the true face of JW to let go of him totally.
  5. @kylab, very well said. I couldn't have put it any better. In my opinion, I don't think the great granddaughter is SI's daughter. My guess is SW may have a painful past in which he fell in love with a woman who later left him after giving birth to his daughter.
  6. With the appearance of SW, it will definitely get more interesting. The only setback for SI is that she is pregnant. Getting pregnant without being married must be a big taboo during that time. Things will only be getting harder for SI. With her pregnant condition, an ex-convict father and 2 mothers, it is quite unlikely any man would be attracted to her. It would be amazing if SW accepts her at her worst. It will show that jerk JW what a slime ball he is. I can't stand him smiling sweetly to SY during their engagement.
  7. Same. I want her to stay alive with intact sanity and to feel the pain which Mr.Im went through. She needs to suffer both mental and physical pain. She needs to go bankrupt and witness her precious SJm going to jail with her own eyes. She herself needs to go to jail, bullied by the inmates or better still, put her in solitary confinement.
  8. @sava2sava, pardon me asking but what does CSDM stands for? I know it refers to evil Mdm Park.
  9. I already watched all 21 episodes (managed to find a site to watch without VIP status) and it ended rather abruptly. I think the continuation will start mid May after season 1 episodes have finished broadcasting. I like Yan Shu's character. She is certainly not a push over. However, I feel Cheng Ze and the 2nd male lead should have protected her more from the ChairLady. Overall I really enjoyed this drama. Hoping for more sweetness between our OTP !
  10. I don't think the writer will use the same plot twice so we might be spared 'take responsibility for my virginity' route. If he/she does, then perhaps the writer intend to use CR's pictures in bed with her ex-bf to proof her lies as @sava2savasuggested. The Doc still thinks that CR is a virgin will definitely force WH to marry CR. It's hard to watch OHW being so abusive to BW. As long as OHW opinion about BW has not changed, it will be better for BW not to be married into that family. We will just have to wait until OHW finds out what kind of person CR really is and then she will realise BW is an angel in comparison to CR. WH should shift out to live on his own to show OHW that he does not condone her actions. I wonder if nowadays mothers still interfere with their children choice of partners. My kids are not of marriageble age yet but I think I will definitely give my opinion in regards to their choice of partners.
  11. @mjmartinez, My advice is not to watch Run Jang Mi Run. No point getting your blood pressure up and it will save you lots of frustration and agony. The story line was doing well until the obsessive 2nd female lead tricked the male lead to a hotel room and pretend to sleep with him. She claimed pregnancy and forces the male lead to take responsibility. I can't stand the male lead being sweet and nice to her promising he will be good to her over a big bulk of episodes. Her lies were found out in the end. You can watch if you can tolerate that kind of scenario but personally it wasn't my cup of tea.
  12. @orangeluv, thank you ! Going to see the episode now. I've been greedy and started too many dailies and now paying the price of missing out on episodes. I am so thankful for this forum and was able to keep track what was going on.
  13. I missed too many episodes. Has it confirmed in the drama that NG is the real son and DH the fake one ? Which episode was it being mentioned ?
  14. Finally the obnoxious DB fell into DY's trap and has no shares under his name. Mistress is now the Chairman of the Foundation whom DB thought he can trust. For an experienced person like DB, I wonder if he made a secret contract with Hwa Ran to protect his shares. If he didn't, he is going to lose everything because Hwa Ran will be not returning his shares to him. Serves him right ! Let him live under Hwa Ran's mercy. The ball is in Hwa Ran's hands. Either she choose to use this to threaten DB to marry her or if she is smarter, she won't marry DB even if he begs her and remain as Chairman of the Foundation for the rest of her life as suggested by DY. I bet she will choose the latter. The show now will be between MH and her mother. But I am wondering if DY has a plan to clear his name that was used for fraud, paper company, money laundering, etc. He cannot be going to jail for something he didn't commit. Will DB repent in the end and come forward to clear DY's name ? That is the only way for DB to redeem himself as DY's father.
  15. I agree with @baduy that the document DY handed to MH for his weakness is the medical report. MH will use that to bring DY down if DY betrays her. It makes more sense that way because we all know that DY is well and healthy and the person going down will be MH. No more words to describe DB. That monstrous, selfish dirty old man only cares about himself. Stripping him of his wealth is not good enough, he needs to rot in jail. It's good that Hwa Ran now knows the true colors of DB and she will be the one betraying him and takes her revenge. Looks like the United Front of the Bad People is falling apart soon. MH betraying her mother, Hwa Ran going after DB's blood. With JW's help, DY will just orchestrate the fight amongst them and bring them all down. At least for now the tussle for GO is over. I don't know how DY's mother will react if she knows that DY will be forfeiting his paternal rights. I think she will trusts him because it will be a nightmare if DB gets his hands on GO.