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  1. This drama is crawling at snail's pace. SI is still with JW and SY is obsessed with JW. There will be a lots of episodes of SY trying to steal JW from SI and creates misunderstanding between them. I might skip those 'painful to see' episodes and wait till JW breaks up with SI to marry SY or when the other male lead appears. I can't help noticing that SI has a very sad face. She is very subdued and not lively at all. I wish someone can shake some life in her.
  2. I guess DY asked HJ to stop what she is doing to MH out of his concern for her. But he failed to assure her that he will be the one who will bring down MH. I am not sure if DY can feel how evil MH can be as much as HJ. As long as MH is running free in the society, HJ or GO will not be safe and there won't be any happiness. I don't know what DY's plans are but it seems to me DY is also surprised that Jang turned himself and confessed his own crime without implicating MY. So I am not sure if he has made any pre-arrangement with Jang. I just have to trust that DY has some concrete plans. Looks like HJ will be be in trouble and it will complicate matters further as DY needs to 'save' her. Those two are not communicating how to bring down MH. There is also no news of JW trying to take over Myunghwa foundation from Mdm Kim who is now free to scheme sitting from her queen's chair as usual.
  3. I find it strange that DY did not up bid MH in giving money to Jang to treat his son in US. I would have thought he would have offer Jang more than MH to have him spit out the truth and testify against MH. HJ could not forgive Jang because she knew what horrible things he has done to her including wanting to cause her to miscarriage,kidnapping her son 2 times and sending him for adoption in US. Perhaps DY did not know the full extend of what Jang did under MH orders. Why didn't DY question Jang thoroughly the events which happened 8 years ago ? As @Morelia mentioned, DY could have made some pre-arrangement with Jang so I am curious if this was the case and if he knew the full extend of MH did to GO. As for HJ, if she is the mastermind behind the business scam which could strip MH of her chairmanship, then she will be going to jail for sure. What is the point of finding back GO and they have to separate again. It's going to bring more trauma for GO. HJ should leave the revenge to DY who is much smarter.
  4. Making him suffer is too good for him. Should treat him as non existence in her life. He has no right to the baby and if he keeps harassing MS, MS should just report him as stalker and put restraining order on him.
  5. Same here. I didn't expect HR to say she likes her mother best. I too thought that she would reply that she likes DY best because she was so attached to him and she knew how much DY loves her. When HR said she likes her mother because she was so cool and was proud of her, it make me realize that she wasn't liking MH for her motherly love but rather she admired her of what MH has achieved and her capabilities. I can see some resemblance of MH in her. At her young age, she already knew how to sing praises to please the other party and sang the correct tune to the correct party. And I thought she was such a sweet girl. In front of JW, never once she mentioned she likes DY but instead she tells JW she likes him. I read from other forum that in the next episode, MH will be chased out of the Cha's household and she told HR to hang in there no matter what happens. So MH will manipulate HR to do her evil bidding.
  6. Monday 20-3-2017 24.8% Tuesday 21-3-2017 24.1% Wednesday 22-3-2017 25.7% Thursday 23-3-2017 26.0% Source from : kr.dorama.info When the drama started in early Dec 2016, 1st week ratings averages about 16.6%. The ratings for this drama has been rising steadily.
  7. @watchumlots, I guess your sentiments is the result of watching daily k-dramas for many years. We curse, swear, condemn on the illogical plots and the silliness of it and yet after many years we are still watching it. I asked myself why ? Why am I still watching and tolerating those ridiculous, stupid plots and getting myself worked up. Maybe it is because I am always hopeful that it will be different each time and I took a gamble. In the end, it is still back to swearing and cursing and the cycle starts again. But I have no regrets. We get to discuss about the drama and give our opinions and guessing what will come next. I get to know various people in this forum and enjoys reading their posts even though our opinion at times differs. I get to know @USAFarmgirl who is an absolute romantic, @UnniSarah for her colorful emoticons, @stroppyse our translator, @0ly40 faithfully posting previews and OST, @sava2savawho always reply everyone posts, etc ,etc. I find it interesting.
  8. MK is playing all sorts of tricks to gain QL attention but QL just treats her as a friend. It is so obvious that QL weren't very happy being with MK and his mind is thinking of CX. Instead, he was very happy when CX finally returned home and his mood immediately lifted. We would have gotten another kiss if not for the cat! I am just glad that despite the cold war between QL and CX, QL is secretly cheering for CX to win the competition. CX will find out that MK is faking the damsel in distress act. I don't think she will tell QL. Even if she did, I doubt QL will believe her. QL will have to find out for himself what kind of person MK really is.
  9. I solely blame Jang for GO predicament especially his seperation from HJ and DY. What are his plans ? Does he has any intention of giving GO back to HJ and DY or is he trying to find a good family to adopt GO ? I doubt he can get GO adopted to a family because GO has gained quite a publicity and he will definitely be recognized eventually. If he has the intention of giving back GO to HJ and DY, what is stopping him to do it ? Is he afraid MH will find him ? He has already succeeded in hiding himself and GO from MH for so long if that was his concern. So why couldn't he contact HJ and at least tell her GO is safe and make arrangement to meet to return GO to her ? Being a ex-detective and a private investigator, I am sure he will know ways to do it without MH knowing. If he does not want MH to get hold of GO, I don't understand why is he keeping GO with him for so long and is causing hell for HJ and DY.
  10. I don't understand how IJ can be charged with kidnapping. BH is registered as IJ's daughter in the family register even though SY is the birth mother. A lot of people can proof that IJ has been raising BH since birth and that SY did not do anything as a mother. The most SY can do is to file for custody but she cannot sue IJ for kidnapping.
  11. Agree that IJ is real stupid. Don't think she is even fit to inherit the company. She is just too trusting and don't even know she was being back stabbed or even suspect the motives of others who are trying to gain control of the company. I totally agree that she should go and further her studies as suggested to become smarter. I don't know what is IJ's intention towards HMS. Is she falling in love with him ? She is not thwarting his advances. I don't trust HMS at all looking at how he played both the sisters. IJ will never believe that HMS is a bad guy even if evidences are presented before her. To IJ, HMS is a good father to BH and as such is a good person as she told her father. HMS started with bad intention towards IJ but I think he is starting to like her for real. IJ is not immune to him either and I hope for the sanity of this drama, they don't end up together. I don't think it is appropriate to marry the lover of your sister who slept and have a child with him. SMH. YH is weak. He has not achieved anything. HMS is right when he told him to grow up first before competing with him. In the entire drama, the smartest person is SY even though she is the most greedy and evil. She gets away with all the bad things she does. Almost everyone in the drama has suffered or fallen except her. When it comes to survival skills, she wins hands down. I've got to give her the credit for surviving the longest. She will eventually be brought down but like everyone else in the drama, she will be forgiven. Very often I am asking myself why am I still watching this drama. Curiousity definitely kills the cat.
  12. The ending scene in today's episode is definitely First Love, Again. The reunion came sooner than I thought which was a surprise. Now waiting for GO to be reunited with them. I don't understand why JW is worried about HR inheriting a reduced Myungha's wealth. Since JW is determined to get back every penny from the Myungha, Mdm Kim's threat should not matter to him at all. He should be worrying how to get HR out from this toxic family. I thought he was a reformed man not letting MH to use HR to manipulate him but in front of Mdm. Kim he couldn't say a word in regards to HR ?
  13. I've got a feeling that SJm may use his mother's money to sponsor JK's drama to win her back. I don't think it is over between them. After the divorce, both are living a miserable life so there is a high chance of getting back together. Following up with JK's mother hint, hopefully GW and EH will start investigating the source of SJm's mother wealth. If SJm and JK are back together, I wonder JK will leave him when SJm's weath is taken away from him since there will be nothing else he can offer her except his love.
  14. The boy was no where to be found. I think he will resurface in later episodes because it is rather cruel to make SI guilty the rest of her life. Everyone thought he died. To my surprise the mistress did not blame SI for her son's disappearance and instead console her. That was magnanimous of her. Now that DC is out of jail, I wonder if he will treat SI cruelly since I don't think he will ever forgive SI. Next week will be more interesting with the introduction of the lead males.
  15. I think JW is hiding HR's birth to protect her against any scandal. The society will looked at HR differently if it is publicized that she was born out of wedlock and not the Cha family bloodline. She will be put on the spot light if the reporters get wind of it. If HJ is intending to use HR against MH, then I think she is stepping over the line. She is no better than MH who uses a child to get what she wants.