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  1. HY is determined to destroy both HJ and YE, as in the preview, she is asking SR to seduce HJ. I got a feeling that the drug will be used on HJ and make it as if he slept with SR. SR will make a big issue out of it and ensures that HJ takes responsiblity for his 'action' to the extend of marrying her. I really hope the writer will not take this route. HY is definitely crazy but I am enjoying all the torture she dishes out to SJ's family. They really deserve it.
  2. YAY !!! As long as she is not with YJ, it is a good ending albeit it is very rush.
  3. Only 5 episodes left. It is too a short a time for DS to suddenly fall in love with HD. The HJ/YJ engagement won't happen either because all the secrets will be out by next week. I bet YJ will leave HJ and come running back to DS. If that happens what a lame man YJ is. YJ has mentioned two times that he won't regret his decision to be with HJ. He also promised HJ he will not leave her even if anything happens. He is going to regret like hell and drop her like a hot potato next week. Even if DS didn't end up with HD, I hope she doesn't end up with YJ either. But chances of DS ending with YJ is very high because DS still has feelings for him and cannot let go. I think the writer is going to that direction.
  4. That is why I dropped this drama as I can't stand SR character. She is all talks and does nothing. I am guessing the writer is a male as I don't think any woman can be like SR who still wants back a man who abandoned her, treated her badly, slept and married another woman, refused to see their child during the critical moment despite her begging. After all the bad things which JS has done, the writer white washed him and makes him a good man. JS must have saved a nation in his previous life for him to have his life like a video player where his life has been paused and resumed after nothing happens in between.
  5. This is one of the better episodes after a long while. I just love how DS puts down DR and HJ in their place and took charge like a boss. That is the way to go DS ! Don't let this pair of mother and daughter intimidate you. Another interesting scene is when HJ informed DS that she and YJ are dating, YJ kept looking away and couldn't look at DS in the eyes. DS is very surprised. Now we have to wait for DS to make a decision whether to give up on YJ or fight for him. The actor who plays TS couldn't act as an evil guy. He looks more comedic than evil to me.
  6. I totally agree with you. For someone who claims to love DS, he hardly come to see her in secret or to check on her if she is doing well. He is too out of touch in DS's life. I am fine with him remain just like not doing anything but he went ahead to betray the love for DS by voluntarily proposing to date HJ which in actual fact is unnecessary. Even when both families objected, he still insisted and even told HD he will not regret his decision. I want to see him eating his own words. If he learns that DS is ES and wanted to break up with HJ, I hope HJ will make a huge fuss and attempt suicide and landed in hospital again. In consistent with his sense of responsibility, he will not be able to leave HJ forever. It is not that HJ deserves any happiness to be YJ. YJ needs to be taught a lesson not to play with anyone feelings if he is not sincere. It is just too bad that DS loves him and I think they might end up together. For all we know the writer may redeem YJ by saving DS from danger or willing to die for her. The only good thing about this episode is there is no scene of YJ with HJ. Now that DS decided to live with the evil trio, I wonder if she will notice that DR and TS are actually sleeping in the same room. I think her reason to move there is to uncover the truth.
  7. All indications are telling us that HD is a better choice for YJ for now. Out of respect for YJ/DS previous relationship, HD did the honorable thing and told YJ he likes DS and will pursue her since YJ let go of DS and decided to stick with HJ. HD did ask YJ how well he knew about HJ but YJ didn't bother to pursue the matter and instead insisted that HJ is someone sincere and sacrifice for him. YJ didn't want to know what HJ did before. I guess he didn't want to hear anything else that could distort his good opinion of HJ. He made his choice and I am waiting for the day when he finds out that HJ is the one who reports him to the police. I just don't want him to go running back to DS and try to patch up with her. We also see how HD's mother treated DS better than her own daughter. DS deserves this kind of MIL who loves and cares for her. Furthermore, YH already knew HJ and YJ are dating and that HJ loves YJ very much. I don't think she will approve of YJ flip flopping between her adopted daugther and bio daughter. JH trusts HD a lot and is his right hand man. He also knows that HD likes DS for a long time. He will definitely approve of HD as his son-in-law and to take over his business in future. All we need now is for DS to let go of YJ. For all we know, in the end, her love for YJ negates the logical and rational deduction about HD being a better choice.
  8. The problem is not with HD. It's so hard for DS to see any man other than YJ. I was hoping that perhaps when YJ/HJ dating became official and both families accepted it, then perhaps DS can see the reality and let go of YJ. But then YJ and DS relationship is not over yet. The probability of DS and YJ ending up together is very high because the writer is still showing us that both are still thinking of each other. The end is near and the writer is keeping us on our toes with regards to DS will end up with or without.
  9. I am so sick and tired of SR telling JS she will tear down his mask and destroy him again and again and yet do nothing. She don't even have a plan nor money nor power to do it. On the other hand, JS and HR continues to corner her. SR has to get it into her thick head that both JS and HR will not stop tormenting her until she obediently do what they want. Has she discussed any counter attack plan with IW ? How can JS just make decision to shut down Gangin Food without the board approval ? He has no basis of shutting it down as it is still making money. I thought Gangin Food is the goose which lays the golden eggs. IW has a very strong case to convince the board to keep it alive but what is he doing ? Beating up JS is his solution ? JS is beyond redemption. How can he even think of letting HR to raise HS ? The whole family is toxic, HR, Mdm Wi, the greedy aunt and JS himself. How can he let HS be raised in such an environment ? Furthermore he is taking away HS from SR knowing SR is a good and dedicated mother. Isn't HS happiness is all that matters if he really loved his daughter. I still remember JS refusing to go and see HS who was at death's door in the hospital despite SR begging him. He chose to stay back and look after his 'pregnant' wife. JS caused JW to die. He should pay back a life for a life. He chose the evil path and needs to pay for it.
  10. HJ begged YJ's father to let her date with YJ and take pity on her as she loves YJ very much. YJ's father is still against it. HJ is very insistent to get both the family approval. I've a feeling both family will give in to HJ dating with YJ. From the preview, things may not be over with DS and YJ. Both are still missing each other. DS still has no romantic interest in HD despite the fact that he is always with her and cares for her. As of this moment, I really don't know which ship will sail. TS signed the agreement to purchase the land after JH got involved and TS fell for it. it is going to be downhill all the way for TS. Can't wait for it.
  11. Looks like YJ has moved on from DS to HJ. He bought HJ a bouquet of roses and HJ agreed to the date proposal. To me, YJ looks very touched by her acceptance and thank HJ for accepting his love. Both agreed to try their best. I think this is the biggest mistake that YJ made. Though HJ was clingy, but he is the one who proposed the date. He is mixing up love and responsibility and cannot differentiate it. Well, his lost his HD's gain. LJH noticed that HD likes DS a lot and he commented HD is very chatty when he talks about DS and lights up. I think LJH would not mind having HD as a son-in-law whom he trust and also HD's mother is very protective of DS. It will work very well with HD/DS pairing. In the preview, HD is seen helping DS to distribute the leaflets in the streets and they have a meal together. DS is now starting to see HD differently. I used to root for YJ and DS but after YJ's decision to date HJ, it is very hard to root for him. I am hoping for a new romance between DS and HD but I wonder will DS change her mind if YJ decides to come back to her. Remember the bag which YJ bought and the purse he made ? If DS knew that it was from YJ, she might forgive him and accept him. Anyway, next week will be interesting.
  12. I have not watched the episode yet but I had expected it to happen though I wish it did not. For sure HJ will gloat at DS that she got YJ and they are dating. I just hope that DS can move on and forget about YJ for good. It is YJ lost that he decides to date HJ. Just hope he does not crawl back to DS after he finds out that she is ES and also what HJ has done to get him in jail. Even if YJ feels responsible for HJ, he don't have it take it so far as to date her out of guilt. I just feel he doesn't love DS enough else there is no way he can bring himself to date another girl. It is quite unlikely that YJ will end up marrying HJ but the thought that he is willing to give up DS to make himself less guilty by dating HJ has diminished my support for him. I am just curious if the writer will turn his character around to make us rooting for him again.
  13. I am past figuring out how to make sense out of this drama. Why SR has to give in to Mdm Ko and HJ's threat. She could have reported the kidnapping to the police and let the law goes after them. All her resolution in taking down JS/HR comes to naught and she just gives up. IW is useless. He didn't help much except always pushing for SR to enter a relationship him. He should understand that SR has a lot on her plates and he should be helping her to solve her problems before asking her to commit to him. As for JS, for money and power he sold his soul to the devil. He won't regret his decision until everything thing comes crushing down. His best present to SR and HS is to leave them alone and go somewhere and never to return forever.
  14. I was thinking perhaps through HJ's leg paralysis, it will be revealed to YH that DR is HJ's mother and YH figured out the relationship between TS/DR/HJ. As it is, YH is suspecting that DR cares for HJ more than she should be.
  15. The drama after this starts on 12 Feb 2018. Not sure if there will be a break when this drama ends at 120 or it will continue right before the next drama starts. Seriously I wouldn't want to see any extention to this drama. HJ's paralysis plot is unnecessary. I was thinking the writer is trying to buy time with this plot. At this rate the drama is going, YJ will marry HJ is she wanted him to. This guy has really no backbones if he gives in to her out of guilt. He don't deserve DS. Sad thing is DS still loves him.