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  1. Just as @whome mentioned, I feel so bad for Bai Song. He cares and do so much for Xiao Xi and didn't give up even when he knows that Xiao Xi likes Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen being a man of few words and more reserved likes Xiao Xi but acted like he didn't care about her. Too bad that Xiao Xi is just so crazy over Jiang Chen and couldn't see Bai Song's effort in making her happy. Jiang Chen did stepped up his game a little but is still miles away as compared to Bai Song's efforts. Jiang Chen has the advantage because Xiao Xi only has eyes for him. At least Jiang Chen is treating Xiao Xi better when he realized his feelings for her. I can't wait for them to graduate and see our OTP love blossom as working adults.
  2. Noooooooooooooooo ! Not YJ with HJ ! HJ does not deserve anyone. YJ will led by the nose with HJ. For sure HJ will try to seduce him. Hope he can resist her and stay true to DS.
  3. What surprises me is that no one investigated the falling fan incident. I was hoping HD would have the brains to do so and discovered that the wires are being cut. I guess the incident will be swept under the carpet and HJ have gotten her way to gain YH's sympathy and worm her way back into the household. Actually this is a good opportunity for HJ to feign memory loss and cling to YH as if she is her real mother. That way her position will be secured but unfortunately she revealed herself to TS. It is good that TS knew HJ is really scarry and will not trust her. Has HD given up on HJ ? He wasn't so keen to visit her while in hospital and I wonder what are his plans. For someone so ambitious I doubt that he will openly declare he feelings even if he likes DS. Every move he makes is calculated and my take is he will choose ambition over love.
  4. DS finally succumbed to YJ's parents pressure to break up with YJ for the sake of YJ. I really wish she would take up TS's offer to study overseas and come back later as a successful shoe designer to prove to YJ's parents. YJ is going to be heart broken and if HD makes a move on DS, it will get really messy. If HD decided to pursue DS, won't he be subjected to the same objection as YJ's parents ? After all YJ's mother is his aunt, the same nasty lady who makes trouble for DS to break up with YJ.
  5. Now that HD knew that HJ is the one who stole the salmon leather and frame DS, I am not sure if he will reveal the truth especially with his relationship with HJ. To be fair to DS, I think he will help DS out of the situation but he will also bury the fact that HJ is the culprit. If he does that, then again HJ will get out scot free from her crimes. We are not even at the half way mark and how many times do we need to see DS being frame again and again by HJ because she will never stop as long as DS is there.
  6. Somehow I don't think the don't think the drama will end at episode 44. An Jie hasn't find out that Xi Chen is actually Elvis.
  7. I really hope not. Even though she really cares for Ye Li and was there for him all the time, basically she isn't a very nice person in how she played out An Jie. The other person whom I don't want to have a happy ending is Piao Chen's ex-first love. I hope she gets married to the playboy. If that playboy didn't change as promised he will continue to be a player and will abuse her if she tries to control him. She can't do anything about it because she depended on him for a living. Serves her right for being a gold digger.
  8. Xi Chen was busy taking over An Jie's father company and plotting the downfall of An Jie's stepmother who was the culprit in causing the death of both his parents. He thought that An Jie will trust him. He miscalculated. By not telling An Jie his plans, An Jie was suspicious if he had any ulterior motive in getting close to her. The misunderstanding was further compounded when Xi Chen missed an appointment with An Jie to explain to her. I blame Xi Chen for the communication breakdown between him and An Jie. After gaining her love and doing so much for her and no matter how busy he is, he should have find time to tell An Jie his plans and assure her. In the preview, An Jie saw the text messages between Xi Chen and her step mother in which the step mom reminded Xi Chen to get close to An Jie. Xi Chen replied that he will definitely make An Jie fall for him and the step mom said that they will split 50-50 after taking over An Jie's father company. Xi Chen then replied that the split should be 60-40 as he has to sacrifice a lot as he has to act and is very tiring in order to get close to her. I guess the above the definitely an misunderstanding as it may be an old message where Xi Chen was trying to gain the trust of the An Jie's step mom. In the preview, An Jie quarreled with her father and with the disappointment with Xi Chen, she left the family and disappeared. Xi Chen was seen desperately trying to find her. We have to see tomorrow what actually happened.
  9. I feel so sad for JW. He is a much better man than SH when it comes to DN. I don't know why the writer has to so cruel to him to make him lose the girl whom he loves. I was hoping that things would flare up between him and YR resulting in YR deleting his name from her family register. This way, he would be free to marry DN, i.e if DN loves him back. I am not a big fan of SH. I think he is rather weak when it comes to SN. He let his family pushed him into marrying SN whom he does not love. He should have put his feet down and oppose the arranged marriage from the very beginning and should not wait until so late to tell his family. So far, his romance with DN has not started. I prefer that he start to pursue DN before he knows that she is JH's sister.
  10. An Jie is very lucky to have Xi Xi Chen who loves her to death and willing to do everything for her. In the beginning I don't know how Xi Xi Chen can tolerate An Jie's coldness and hostility. Now that An Jie has soften towards him, I actually look forward to their time together. I've got a feeling that An Jie's step mother is a hypocrite. Initially I thought she is a nice person but in the latest episode, she turned town the secretary's request to bring An Jie's father to the hospital as he appeared sick and even refuse the request for a doctor to be brought to the house to check on him. I love this drama and hope to see more of our OTP time together. Wang Zi Wen acting as Xi Xi Chen is really really very handsome.
  11. Both SJ and DJ received the same message, ie. the vehicle which was transporting MK's remains was involved in an accident. The urn was destroyed. Even in death, MK cannot rest in peace and both women are still fighting over him. MK must have been a super stud !
  12. SW confession of love to SI is so random. I didn't expect it to come so early. SW has more chemistry with HJ than with SI. With HJ, SW seemed happier and smile but he is very solemn when he is with SI. Grandma will have a fit when SW decides not to pursue marriage with HJ. I doubt HJ will give up so easily. She may decide to wait for SW to sort out his feelings for SI. Anyway, there will be more problems for SI now.
  13. It's good that MG's father hit MG and SJ's mother slapped SJ for staying out the whole night. They really deserved it. Despite being married with spouses, both of them still yearn for each other. MG even confesses to SJ that he could not forget about her knowing that they shouldn't meet. If MG weren't so sick that night, I won't be surprised if SJ becomes pregnant with another MG's baby. I am full of sympathy for DJ. She was frantically trying to contact MG and worrying about him the whole night. When MG woke up, he couldn't be bothered to even call her and was happily eating breakfast with SJ which she specially cooked for him. SMH. JW realised that both his mother-in-law and SJ lied about her whereabouts the night before. At the same time, DJ is determined to find out who saved MG. Now that the 4 of them has met, it will be a matter of time MG and SJ's relationship will be revealed. Both JW and DJ will be shocked. I wonder if MG can figure out that SH is his son judging by SH's age.
  14. It might be as well that SW marries HJ as he foresee huge problems ahead if he pursues SI. I am just disappointed that he decided to give up so easily. It is good that he ask grandma to let SI go because I feel that SI should leave that household and start to have a real career with that brain of hers. Currently she is so meek, lifeless and boring with a forever sad looking expression. I just wish the writer can pump some life in her. The only man who is seriously concerned about SI is TS. Problem is TS has a lot of problems in his hand. I am sure JM and JW wanted him dead to seal his mouth as he knows too much about them. TS has no one to help him except himself. I have a lot of sympathy for him. Maybe he has a birth secret and is the 'lost son' of a rich household ? That would be a lot of help to him. To protect SI and bring down JM and JW, he needs money, power and status. If the writer isn't going that direction then the other option left is to join forces with SW and Grandma to bring down JM and JW. Actually I don't mind a SI/TS pairing either. But I doubt SI is interested in any man other than JW. The worst kind of man is DC. Now that he knows SI's mother is dying, he suddenly found his conscience and decided to be nice to her. Such hypocite. He was still yelling at her the minute before he found out about her sickness. SI's mother is really a saint to accept him after being cast aside and being ill-treated by him for so long. SMH ! I don't know what is so great about DC that she humbly accepts any crumbs of affection which DC throws at her. Perhaps SI takes after her mother in that area and only looks up to JW. I shudder to think about it. Hopefully the writer won't make SI that way.
  15. @watchumlots, I love your sense of humour ! Makes me laugh.