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  1. I am a silent reader most of the time but read all post. And yes, you are right. All the prises are for SHJ, which i can't understand. I am not impressed by his acting, because I see a expressionless face. Sorry, i don't want to offend him or his fans. Joon Gi's acting... Just I want to say I was not happy when he signed in CM and more, when CM was announsed as tvN drama. I don't like cable TV shows. But... When someone has real actung talent, cable TV or National TV doesn't matter. How is possible someone to be so good? This video show JG expression face that I like so much. This is what I am searching for in actors. Expressions. That's why he is my #1 actor.
  2. Unfortunelly, VIU won't sub CM...
  3. VIU is subbing team. I prefer their subs the most, short but correct sentances and good timing. And they are really fast. The only problem is i can't log in in their site, but as you said, you can find their subs in subscene. Considering previous post, I think VIU will translate JG's new drama. I send them DM in Facebook. Waiting for their respond.
  4. Hey, if DF or Viki don't sub Criminal Minds, how about VIU. Can someone of you see their upcoming projects? It could not be Netflix subs... It's gonna be crazy of noone sub this show.
  5. Can someone translate this article with characters info? Please...
  6. Can someone of you translate JG interview?
  7. Something that i find it interesting. This is what we called a fate and consistency in decision making. 2010 "Faith" -> Goryeo Period -> present day -> love transcending time and space -> 2016 "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo" -> travels back in time to the Goryeo era 2010 "Grand Prix" -> Director Yang Yun-Ho -> 2017 "Criminal Mind" -> Director Yang Yun-Ho
  8. I think it could be photoshoot for his official site. Maybe they'll update with new photos...
  9. I am sorry for speaking about LJG again in this topic, but since now the new trend is blame LJG for this or that, i want to say one thing. Yes, he asked PMY if anyone touched her heart in the last 2 months but don't forget in TV shows there are signs. It's not him who put signs in the episodes. So can't blame him gor a sign like "hoping she meant him". I really wish you won't hate Joon Gi for all that happened. Because he really is good person. Wish luck to Min Young new drama.
  10. Finally news in English.,-Moon-Chae-Won,-Criminal-Minds,-Remake,-Release-Date
  11. I think any mature person won't write harsh comments for any person. Doing so doesn't make you bigger fan. Anyway, can't wait for next episode. Really hope they'll meet at the train station in Venice.
  12. Hi, girls and boys. I don't know who say what, but most of JG fans really like Min Young, as well MEC. Yes, maybe new fans who knew JG since Moon Lovers and think there is something between him and Lee Ji Eun are not happy with their incredible chemistry in MEC, but as Mr.Red Ginseng told to Bunny Bunny "there are always bad comments". As a fan of JG since 2009, i can say that there is no an actress who is better accepted than Min Young as his partner in a project. And btw, this is show, not a drama. As for me... I don't know when was the last time i was so excited. They are wonderful cople. Drama producers should consider them in a project. (Hope we don't have to wait 10 year again~^^).
  13. [+1476, -32] When Park Min Young confided in him, he advised her calmly and realistically... Lee Jun Ki is so cool [+1098, -20] Lee Jun Ki's voice is great [+975, -25] Lee Jun Ki is a wonderful person [+881, -29] Jun Ki-ya, come back with a drama [+792, -27] Let's go with a rom com this time, Lee Jun Ki.... So charming! [+235, -16] Lee Jun Ki makes my heart flutter... He is so caring about the others... I can't wait for next week [+231, -17] Today was the best romance index... Both are real honey [+197, -9] I am so sad that it was so short. It ended in a flash! [+191, -13] Lee Jun Ki is sooo attractive [+173, -9] So freaking sweet