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  1. Hi there! Yeah, am still in China. Internet sucks cos no google , otherwise pretty good. Love love those historical places I have visited so far. I was imagining Won doing this and that (although historically places like Forbidden Palace and Summer Palace were built after Yuan) and gasped at the sheer size of these places. It helped that I could actually see for real how the emperors lived and I came to the conclusion that they really had lots to do esp carrying out rituals to the heavenly gods! And lots of walking to do cos the palace is so big! Also learnt that there is even a palace of abstinence that the emperor goes to before he prays to the gods and my thought was, ah poor Won had to spend a night away from Q.Jobi! I'll try to post more thoughts on Won and San when I get back later this week. Glad to see we have more new WonSan fans. Love reading everything here!
  2. Ok, I'll try answering this, I won't go into the details but just the gist of it. Am suppose to be packing for my trip to Beijing but lol, TKL kept nagging in my head, so here goes. First, re the hand clasping, nah, he wasn't jealous or anything. A bit puzzled with Rin's actions, maybe, because Rin has started to go against him. Instead of staying with Won, he is insisting that he leaves with San and even after all Won has done to save his family (marrying Dan etc). In this episode, we also saw a flashback of the jail scene, when Won made it very clear that now, Rin was not the only one who was important to him, San was too. Yet, the traitor still insisted on going his own way. Won understood that San needed support and needed someone to be by her side. Since he understood that Rin was a better choice to be next to San at this moment, in view of all the misunderstanding over the Queen's involvement and which he had to solve, on top of saving Rin's family as well, he willingly allowed Rin to go with San and even gave orders to protect Rin from being captured for disobeying orders not to be in the palace. He then wrote that letter to San, Just don't forget what I told you. No matter what, no matter when, you're always my priority. I told you not to forget that. I have no right and lack the confidence, so I rely on the power of this necklace, San. My So-Hwa. Come back and stay with me. So what's the power of this necklace that Won is talking about? The ring on the necklace belonged to San's mother. It was the only reminder for San of her late mother. San, in giving that precious necklace to Won not only showed that he was special to her but it was a reminder of the bond which they both shared about her mother. In Episode 3, when San was waiting outside her own home, before seeing her father coming out of the house to leave for the inn to meet up with SongIn, we have San's voiceover: My mother's last words which HE conveyed to me was like this - Don't hate anyone. Keep smiling and keep going as always have. It wasn't hard. I ran when I felt like crying. I smiled even when I cried. Soon, it became my habit. Except for the part where I must not hate anyone, it was hard. Won understood why San had to leave the palace. She was sad, therefore she tries to run away like she has always done when she feels sad. She's sad because the palace reminded her of her father's death. Won understood her hurt but he wanted her to be by his side. So he writes that letter asking San to return even when he knew she was sad but reminded her that she would always be his priority and with her by his side, he would ease her broken heart, both for her father's death and also because of his would be wedding to Dan (although San was not aware of this atm but I think Won wanted to tell her personally, hence asking her to return to him). So, yes, Won knew that San had feelings for him then, with that necklace. It was like a promise between them, they understood each other so well and shared so much, that words need not be spoken out loud but by just a token, they knew what each other felt and needed. And our dear San did not disappoint. She returned to him. PS sorry for any errors and grammar mistakes.
  3. I was rewatching Ep 3 yesterday and spotted this. Hmm, like mother, like son?
  4. @packmule3 Lol, they really subbed it like that? Yeah, fanfiction at its best !! And especially when the minister, or was he the eunuch (?) specifically mentioned San only!! His words: Someone who looked like her was sighted . She was seen in the South Ocean... He could have said: Someone who looked like her was sighted. She was seen with a man in the South Ocean... If San had been together with a man, and not necessarily with Rin, that guy would have relished in telling Won that she was with a MAN, knowing how much Won loves San. He wouldn't have just slyly asked Won if he remembered the Judicial Scholar's daughter first (of course he knows Won would remember her!!), then only say that she was sighted in the South Seas. It's also funny how "someone" could recognise San after 7 long months and not as a "nameless woman". Remember when Teacher Lee reported about Rin's "body" ? Voiceover of Teacher Lee: Rumours had surfaced that a nameless woman had visited his remains. and this was just maybe a few days after his death? If it had been San, why was it necessary for her to hide her face, I wonder? That is I am assuming that when we say "nameless" here, it actually means "unknown" due to translation. If San's face wasn't hidden, they would know it was her, just like when she was spotted in the South Seas. So do we now have a mysterious woman in our fanfiction?
  5. To add to that, even the Queen acknowledged San as Won's woman. Remember when San was put on the list of of ladies to be shipped off to Yuan? Teacher Lee asked the Queen why she allowed Won, San and Rin to come up with a plan when the Queen could have easily taken San's name off the list just by flipping her hand? The Queen's reply was: Queen: When the Crown Prince was learning how to walk, speak and listen, I always urged him to hurry up and become King. I told him that otherwise someone else will step on him and use him to become the Crown Prince. Teacher Lee: He is not someone who will obey you. Queen: He has never paid attention to my advise. However, he came to me, and asked for it. He said he wants more power. And it was because of that girl. Teacher Lee: Just for a girl. That was a weak and risky reason. Queen: I thought you are the best master. Am I wrong? Do you think a man who can't save his woman, can save his country? You can see in that scene before this, when San was brought before the Queen and Won, with Master Lee, San had only eyes for Won. You can see the excitement in her when she revealed herself to Won and Won, of course had eyes only for her. That was such a sweet scene.
  6. Welcome, @seogwangnim. Happy to see another Wonsaner here. Let me elaborate on @alekaonu's point if I may. At the riverbank, Won took a step back, not because he thought San liked Rin or vice versa but he was still in deep thought about what he had said earlier : We knew if each other was lying or telling the truth. That's how close we were. We knew the truth, but we pretended not to know. You also knew that I was just pretending. To me, he stepped back because he was sad about their coming separation, something that he knew could not be avoided at all, because he continued with his voiceover while looking at them: That summer, we were practising for our farewell. It was as if we will never be apart, and as if we never knew we could be apart. San, like @alekaonu has so cleverly said- San was not one to be kept in a cage and she would also not be comfortable when Won was alreay married. I just rewatched Ep 1 and Ep20. I believe Won let San go also because he has this firm believe that wherever she would be, she would always come back to him. As many of my friends here have discussed in detail about the significance of the falcon (Ep 1), I will just emphasize on it. In the 1st episode, we saw Won setting free some birds and we see the strings dropping off from the birds as he cut them. One of them was the King's prized falcon which returned even without the string tied to it. We saw the reference on the thread/string of fate in a later episode but I believe it was already hinted at in the first episode as well. We know later the king's falcon returned to the king, even without the string being tied to it. This scene alone showed Won learning two things from his father ie that if the person who loves him, even when set free, will always come back to you and that even the strings or threads that bind you together had been cut, what was meant to be will always be and nothing will change that. Won trusts and loves San and he knows San loves him (since she said so!), letting her go was the right thing to do then because he had faith that she would return to him. And did you also notice that when they said their goodbyes in the final episode, both he and San tried so hard to hide their tears and kept trying to smile? It brought back that scene when a young Won held both of So Hwa's hands as he conveyed San's mother's dying message: Don't hate anyone. Keep smiling and keep going as you always have. Then young Won patiently made her repeat the message: San: Don't hate anyone. And always... Won: Smile... San: Smile... Won: Keep going as you always have. (Then young San burst into tears as she heard this again) A very poignant scene if we connect all the other scenes together. Was San recalling her mother's dying wish when she said her farewell to Won that day? It was such a sad scene and kudos to both Siwan and Yoona for nailing it. My little observations in Ep 1 and 20: 1. In final scene, Won had a smile on his face when he said San shouldn't have let him know where she was. He was really happy. 2. In the farewell scene, when Won was waiting at the tree, San and Rin came from opposite directions, which proved that they were not together the first few days after he 'died' but she did visit his 'grave', as the Master said . Dare I hope that she spent the last few days with Won instead, just like when she spent that whole night with Won as the injured Rin laid in bed and declared her love?
  7. @mslee You have said the exact same things I had in my mind when I read @packmule3 's post. I think it was the same time when I started to get confused about Rin's actions and questioning why he was doing things on his own and not discussing with Won first. They were BFF after all- if theirs were such a relationship where no words were needed (like in the scene where Rin understood why Won had to save San first when they were in jail), then surely two heads are better than one and they would have saved themselves all the misery, just as @packmule3 had pointed out. Yes, SJN has trolled us this time but I wonder. Except for the ending, she has given us a wellrounded and exceptional character such as Won- a smart, decisive and caring CP and how he met the love of his life and what he would do for the people he loves, how and why she decided to give us such a open-ended final is rather bewildering. Recently I have started watching The Temperature of Love (and loving it too) and there is this scene where the writer of a drama is in conflict because the director and actor want to convey something different to the audience than what the writer wants. Naturally it got me thinking of TKL and I wonder if perhaps something similar happened in TKL. We were given many scenes and many hints that showed a WonSan endgame but only to be told that it's not so at the final episode. I am hoping that SJN will really come out and explain why she did what she did with TKL.
  8. Sorry, I was too excited to show you girls my "handy work" and took it for granted that everyone would know. Briefly, Koreans celebrated the New Year on the same day the Chinese celebrate the Lunar New Year. They call it "Seollal" and like we see in many korean dramas, they will dress in their new hanboks and have a feast with with family and friends on the first day of the New Year. There is a ritual of filial piety, known as Sebae where the younger family members will bow to the elders and wish them a happy and prosperous new year. In return, the elders will give them blessings and sebaedon or pocket money wrapped in traditional silk bags with embroidery, known as bokjumeoni. The Chinese also practise the same custom and the pocket money is better known as the red packet or hongpao. Regardless of age, one is always happy to receive a sebaedon because it is a blessing, it brings good luck and fortune and is believed to ward off evil spirits. It's like getting presents in the form of money on Christmas Day. To San, Won is very much like the lucky pouch , just like she says, He gives it to me even before I even made a wish. Many times, Won does things for her, sometimes without her even knowing - like the time he instructed his man to help ease her journey home in the earlier episode - his men gave San water, meat buns and even hint at where to get fine, quality wine, all without her knowledge. He even made sure that she had something nice to wear to the Queen's party - an outfit, a veil and a hairpin all prepared for her. San feels lucky and blessed that she has Won, who has always been there for her, and that's why she says he is like a New Year lucky pouch.
  9. San to Won: I couldn't help it, but I started liking you since then. You kept giving me something that I have never received in my life. Who is this person? Is he like a New Year's lucky pouch? He gives it to me even before I even made a wish. P.S Forgive me for my amatuer-ish photo editing. My first attempt . But what San said to Won that night was so true- he was always there for her, whether in person or not. He understood her like no other.
  10. Thank you, @bebe1989 for starting this thread. I have missed reading all the awe-inspiring discussions on SJN's Won and San and I am so glad that we get the chance to discuss this freely here. Thanks, @packmule3 for a most convincing first post and I shall look forward to more from you and other WonSan supporters here. My thoughts on WonSan: It might take a year, It might take a day; But what's meant to be, Will always find its way
  11. [Drama 2017] The King Loves 왕은 사랑한다

    @Bambiina Slight edit in the dialogue. It should be Won who said that he didn't know how to give, not San. Sorry about the error. I just love it when he calls her So HWA ah...
  12. [Drama 2017] The King Loves 왕은 사랑한다

    Recap of Won's flashback when he walked together with San when Rin was injured: San- I thought what if I never knew about it..that you are the CP. If I didn't know, would things have turned out differently? Won- Did you know that you were the only person in Goryeo who didn't use honorifics with me? My mother and father wouldn't talk to me like that either. San- at least I didn't swear at you. Won- You did something even worse. Flashback to when they 1st met as adults- the arm wrestle scene. San- (embarrassed ) that was just... Won- The Emperor of Won Dynasty wouldn't treat me like that either. San - (tsk tsk) you have held a grudge. Won- Have I? But I'm thinking that I should forgive you. You're the first person whom I can depend on. You are the only one in Goryeo whom I can be myself with. (Flashback of hug scene at bridge when he said he slipped on the snow and asked to lean on her awhile.) She walks on slope. He tells her that she might trip over. She asked if he would hold onto her. He was offering his hand but put it down again. Won- I probably wouldn't. Lately my heart has been off track. (Pauses) then he asks: So hwa ah, if you didn't know that I was the CP, how would we be? San: Whether I know it or not...we would have been the same. I liked you a lot. At first, I envied you. The 2 of you were friends which I have never had before, so I wanted to get in between the 2 of you. I couldn't help it, but I started liking you since then. You kept giving me something that I have never received in my life. (She smiles). Who is this person? Is he like a New Year's lucky pouch? He gives it to me even before I even made a wish. Why is he like that? Won- Then? San- I didn't know how to accept it. Won- I was the one who didn't know how to give. At first, I wanted to keep you in a cage. I thought about running away with you to somewhere far away. San - You wouldn't do that. I know you are only pretending, but you are worried about this country too. Won- I must have cherished you a lot. I can't even stop you from leaving. San - Your highness... Won- Yes? San - Please be safe and happy forever. Won- Why do you suddenly say that? You sound like an elderly lady. San- It's just that... (she slips and he catches her) and he said, " I knew that you would fall". San hugs Won tightly. Won- What are you doing? San- Please stay still for a while. Scene goes back to Won with realisation that San had left.
  13. [Drama 2017] The King Loves 왕은 사랑한다

    (sorry to cut short your post ) @packmule3 Wow, you are so COOL - another masterpiece from you. I love how you are able to see all these. I've always thought that there was more about the role of the 2 maids than just the surface. So, thank you.
  14. @marizzita2015 I actually laughed out loud in that scene because it was so unexpected..shooting out of the water like that. So outrageously funny. That aside, I'm feeling really uncomfortable with what's happening between JH's aunt and her dad. Seems like her dad likes the aunt but why isn't the aunt pushing him away? She may have given the goodies to JH to eat but why is she lovingly polishing that chamber pot (of all things, what's the significance?) that the man is using? - shudders
  15. [Drama 2017] The King Loves 왕은 사랑한다

    I'm not too sure if the red thread talked about here is between Won and San. Could it be that Rin is referring to the thread between himself and Won? Rin seems prepared to "go against" Won since he deliberately kissed the woman he knows very well Won likes and he has even made plans to desert Won and run away with San. My respect for Rin dropped when immediately after they announced the death of the Queen during the council meeting (Rin was there too and his eyes for sure met with Won's during the announcement), he still decide to run away because in the next scene, we see him at the bridge waiting for San. I mean, what kind of friend would still do that, knowing that his bff"s mum has just died? Well, since San refused to leave, nothing Rin could do but stay behind. Oh I know he told Master he couldn't leave because of a rock that shackled his feet but that rock is not Won, I suspect but San. I gathered perhaps BY had already conveyed San's message to him that she would not leave Won until she sees him smile and we all know that as long as Won is not with San, he will never be happy. San only wants Won to be happy, so she will stay with him. That rock is San . PS Sorry for the late post but I just managed to back read all the pages I missed.