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  1. [Drama 2017] The King Loves 왕은 사랑한다

    @Bambiina Slight edit in the dialogue. It should be Won who said that he didn't know how to give, not San. Sorry about the error. I just love it when he calls her So HWA ah...
  2. [Drama 2017] The King Loves 왕은 사랑한다

    Recap of Won's flashback when he walked together with San when Rin was injured: San- I thought what if I never knew about it..that you are the CP. If I didn't know, would things have turned out differently? Won- Did you know that you were the only person in Goryeo who didn't use honorifics with me? My mother and father wouldn't talk to me like that either. San- at least I didn't swear at you. Won- You did something even worse. Flashback to when they 1st met as adults- the arm wrestle scene. San- (embarrassed ) that was just... Won- The Emperor of Won Dynasty wouldn't treat me like that either. San - (tsk tsk) you have held a grudge. Won- Have I? But I'm thinking that I should forgive you. You're the first person whom I can depend on. You are the only one in Goryeo whom I can be myself with. (Flashback of hug scene at bridge when he said he slipped on the snow and asked to lean on her awhile.) She walks on slope. He tells her that she might trip over. She asked if he would hold onto her. He was offering his hand but put it down again. Won- I probably wouldn't. Lately my heart has been off track. (Pauses) then he asks: So hwa ah, if you didn't know that I was the CP, how would we be? San: Whether I know it or not...we would have been the same. I liked you a lot. At first, I envied you. The 2 of you were friends which I have never had before, so I wanted to get in between the 2 of you. I couldn't help it, but I started liking you since then. You kept giving me something that I have never received in my life. (She smiles). Who is this person? Is he like a New Year's lucky pouch? He gives it to me even before I even made a wish. Why is he like that? Won- Then? San- I didn't know how to accept it. Won- I was the one who didn't know how to give. At first, I wanted to keep you in a cage. I thought about running away with you to somewhere far away. San - You wouldn't do that. I know you are only pretending, but you are worried about this country too. Won- I must have cherished you a lot. I can't even stop you from leaving. San - Your highness... Won- Yes? San - Please be safe and happy forever. Won- Why do you suddenly say that? You sound like an elderly lady. San- It's just that... (she slips and he catches her) and he said, " I knew that you would fall". San hugs Won tightly. Won- What are you doing? San- Please stay still for a while. Scene goes back to Won with realisation that San had left.
  3. [Drama 2017] The King Loves 왕은 사랑한다

    (sorry to cut short your post ) @packmule3 Wow, you are so COOL - another masterpiece from you. I love how you are able to see all these. I've always thought that there was more about the role of the 2 maids than just the surface. So, thank you.
  4. @marizzita2015 I actually laughed out loud in that scene because it was so unexpected..shooting out of the water like that. So outrageously funny. That aside, I'm feeling really uncomfortable with what's happening between JH's aunt and her dad. Seems like her dad likes the aunt but why isn't the aunt pushing him away? She may have given the goodies to JH to eat but why is she lovingly polishing that chamber pot (of all things, what's the significance?) that the man is using? - shudders
  5. [Drama 2017] The King Loves 왕은 사랑한다

    I'm not too sure if the red thread talked about here is between Won and San. Could it be that Rin is referring to the thread between himself and Won? Rin seems prepared to "go against" Won since he deliberately kissed the woman he knows very well Won likes and he has even made plans to desert Won and run away with San. My respect for Rin dropped when immediately after they announced the death of the Queen during the council meeting (Rin was there too and his eyes for sure met with Won's during the announcement), he still decide to run away because in the next scene, we see him at the bridge waiting for San. I mean, what kind of friend would still do that, knowing that his bff"s mum has just died? Well, since San refused to leave, nothing Rin could do but stay behind. Oh I know he told Master he couldn't leave because of a rock that shackled his feet but that rock is not Won, I suspect but San. I gathered perhaps BY had already conveyed San's message to him that she would not leave Won until she sees him smile and we all know that as long as Won is not with San, he will never be happy. San only wants Won to be happy, so she will stay with him. That rock is San . PS Sorry for the late post but I just managed to back read all the pages I missed.
  6. [Drama 2017] The King Loves 왕은 사랑한다

    @Bambiina Had I known it was going to be so stressful, I wouldn't have started until the drama ended first - then I'd watch it from the final episode first lol. If SJN does not give us a twist and what we have concluded to happen, and if what we see is only what we get, then she fails and disappoints big time especially when she has made use of so many literary devices which @packmule3 @Kissy13and a few others have written about, just like you said. She would have wasted all of our time, not to mention the emotions that we have invested into the drama. Yes, we have been through so much, in so many dramas , Bambiina, esp you know what, but it's always too late to get out once we start. We never learn, do we, even after so many years of watching KD? And I bet this will not be my last . ..the beauty or curse of KD?
  7. [Drama 2017] The King Loves 왕은 사랑한다

    @alekaonu Yes I remember you very well and it's always a pleasure to see familiar names in a thread. Yes, SJN better give us a good ending, not necessary about who ends up with who. Most important is a good closure for all but if it's a WonSan, all the better and that would motivate me to watch the drama all over again. :-D
  8. @jongskiThanks for the heads up on SYJ. I thought Seo YJ looked familiar. Now I know why - I have seen some of his dramas. He's funny here and I am quite confident that he and Junghee will be a couple later on. The synopsis says it will get darker but I hope they won't take away some of the humour. Ah..to be 18 again.
  9. Great 2 episodes. Am having so much fun and quite surprised to see that not many have started watching. Love the comedic scenes especially the first marching on the field when the 4 girls were marching in the opposite direction cos they were so engrossed with their talk. Also love the choice of music on cue after every significant /wondrous moment. Definitely will keep on watching- another feel good drama after School 2017 and a stress reliever after TKL.
  10. [Drama 2017] The King Loves 왕은 사랑한다

    @alekaonu @kingqueenlove08 I am hoping that at least one episode next week would show all the missing dialogue or action that will help us piece this drama together and give us a final with no need for doubts and questions. I was Rin/San shipper in the first couple of episodes - I thought Rin's monologues were so romantic but as drama progressed, Won grew on me. I love how his character is drawn and developed and somehow, he seems more human to me (before I am misunderstood, let me clarify that I'm not saying Rin is not human but just that he is too perfect). And yes, it also occurred to me that perhaps SJN likes her Won too much and fingers crossed, that the twist will be that. :-D
  11. [Drama 2017] The King Loves 왕은 사랑한다

    @ktcjdrama I agree with you her perspective will be without any prejudice and that's why I said that she's too naive with the ways of the world. Look at how easily she can accept Snake guy and without any questions, mind you and she seems to be really friendly with him too. But alas, like I said, her view is colored because “things are not always what they seem ". But then again, I may be looking too much into this...her role may be just that - a blabbermouth to get the story moving on and everything that we have seen so far are just exactly what they seem to be...which will be so disappointing.
  12. [Drama 2017] The King Loves 왕은 사랑한다

    @ktcjdrama To me, BY is just a tool to troll us. We have seen 3 incidents where BY foolishly revealed things she was not supposed to do to Snake guy. The 2 incidents, one, when she told Snake guy where San was going to be and the other one when she revealed where the King was proved that BY is a blabbermouth who talks without thinking of any consequences The intent is to show that BY is an unreliable and undependable person when it comes to reading a person's character , despite her loyalty to San and her family. She's too naive and she sees the world through rose tinted glasses. Any person with some street smart sense would find Snakeguys' presence odd and questionable. So to me, her account/interpretation of San and her heartbreak to San's father was all wrong and the 2 incidents convinced me so.
  13. [Drama 2017] The King Loves 왕은 사랑한다

    Yep, I thought I even heard San saying in the preview that 'he' wasn't seriously injured (assuming that she was really referring to Rin, of course).
  14. [Drama 2017] The King Loves 왕은 사랑한다

    Haha...I don't know if she was running to the bridge or not. I know the maid told her that Rin would be waitong there but I dont think she was heading there. I only know that she was running and stopped when she thought it was safe. Then she encountered the maids running. Why show Rin waiting ...they could have just showed San almost reaching Rin at the bridge before she learnt about the Queen? But I may be wrong of course. Need to watch a second time..may have missed seeing the bridge in the background.