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  1. To be fair to JW, he did say that he was close to Hye Ri because they practically grew up together. It's Hye Ri's and Chairman's fault that they couldn't accept the fact that JW has no romantic feelings towards HR. Honestly, I have no interest in HR at all and always wish that I could just fast forward her scenes. I want to see only my two lovebirds on the screen! I love the monologues at the end of Episode 10 and the OST is just daebak. But how I wished they didn't waste the time repeating her first days at work. I would have been happier if they had given us more insights into their thoughts.
  2. Great 1st episode and definitely am in for the rest of the drama. Most important question on my mind right now, as soon as I saw the bed scene is : Did they or did they not? Was it just a set up but in my mind, the "deed" must have been done. Otherwise, being as brilliant as his character is supposed to be, he would have made sure that the video was real and he would know that he slept with her, right? And she's going to be his secretary? My oh my, am loving the twist and can't wait for all the skinship that we are going to have. Of course the backstory is good but can never resist a good love story and this couple definitely has a place in my heart, after MDSY!
  3. Yes I did. Watched it a couple times more, in fact, cos the cable channel had a few reruns. Overall, I enjoyed it tremendously as it was different from most of the same genre. No overacting and the characters were well rounded although they did tone down the revenge angle. Pretty much covered everything - there were tears and laughter and super tensed scenes were balanced with some comedic moments. Great cast and despite the many episodes, none really felt draggy and I would really recommend this to everyone. The heroine had her fair share of haters but I shared her pain and understood where she was coming from. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. Cheers! P.S. If Dear Heaven is the same one that I'm thinking of (about a mum trying to marry her step son to her real daughter?), then I enjoyed MS a lot more than Dear Heaven, if that helps. :-D
  4. Oh yes, I'm so glad that the writer did not take the route of Bokju's dad opposing the idea of his daughter dating and wanting her to just concentrate on her career. It would have been so typical. The writer surprised us with just the simple story of a young couple falling in love and working towards achieving their dreams without all the dramatics. At the end of the day, WF was all about swagggg...great acting and and dialogue!!
  5. Weighlifting Fairy is the most enjoyable drama I've had in a while. It was a pleasant surprise and I enjoyed every minute of it. Every episode was refreshing and had me giggling like a schoolgirl. For sure, both the leads totally deserved the awards they received and I will surely look forward to their next project. Well Done!
  6. Thanks for the shout-out @alekaonu. Grinning ear to ear reading and catching up all your news, comments and pics..thank you all. I may not post in Soompi often these days but am still a huge fan and shipper of them two beautiful people.
  7. Somehow, you said everything that I wanted to say! I fell in love with Goblin in the very first episode itself while with LOTBS, I'm still desperately searching for that "wow" factor. Even Weightlifting Fairy is funnier and more interesting to me! Goblin beats LOTBS hands down everything from script, cinematography, acting, directing and OST/bgm and the show is only at Episode 2! Fingers crossed that it continues to flourish! For me, the main actress, especially for any one of these 3 dramas, need to have the "aeygo" to carry out "aegyo" scenes,no matter how cliche the dialogue is, otherwise it becomes so predictable and boring, and both Goblin and WF have done well in this aspect for sure!
  8. I actually like Immortals, but since it's already taken, what about Supernaturals or Celestial Beings?
  9. Love love the last scene of Ep 2, long coats and all - and how I wish I was Eun Tak instead - being rescued by these two gorgeous men!! I also hope, like some viewers here, for a time jump, like a year or two, for ET to be a little bit more steady and mature, to match the Goblin. Right now, he sees her like an annoying teenager and eventhough he doesn't mind her "summoning" him and actually looks forward to seeing her, it would be awesome if he sees and treats her more like a woman, instead of a teenager, still in need of help to find her place in society. She needs to be freed from her "family" and worries about a job and living arrangements in order for her to start looking for answers about her mum and especially about her special powers.
  10. *waves @Bambiina hehe, me too. I love the cast and am loving the 2 leads - awesome acting and looks- what's not to like, right?
  11. @Gitakawaii Not sure why Wook named his daughter after Woo Hee but according to history (read this in main chat), BA later had an affair with this daughter and they had a son who would be one of the kings in Goryeo later on. Which explained this scene, actually. Didn't know what the scene meant at first until I read this in the other group. That's why I love coming to Soompi! When I watched Episode 19, I was contented with the closure both Wook and HS had and I thought that it would be the last that I would see Wook. The writer must love Wook very much to give Wook an additional farewell scene and allow him to summarise how he should have shown his love for HS correctly in the finale. Truly beautiful and for the next week or so, I promise myself to watch their scenes again and again.
  12. @Rose34 I love your interpretation-it's so beautiful. When i saw it live, I knew I loved the ending and the drama itself but couldn't express why I did- now I know better. So thanks. HS also could not have been happy in Goryeo had she remained by WS''s side. As a woman, could she have been able to stand by him and watch him with the queen? No doubt she refused a title or be made concubine when he offered, no matter what, he was still king and that meant sharing him with other women. Such is the life and fate of women in those days! And same goes for BA and WH - the wretched life of a higher born woman whose life is bound to avenging her family and protecting her people- torn between her responsibility and the man she loves. The choices that they had to make may not have been the best but were the only options that they had. HS, WH and even Chae Ryung all had been selfless and made sacrifices for their men, be it for the men themselves or to the country. The men, both WS and BA finally admitted to this- that they had both been blind only to what they wanted and needed, without giving much attention to what the woman they love thought , wanted and needed. And didn't Wook summarise it perfectly - that he (and so did the rest of the men imo)did not show how they loved their women correctly until it was too late? :-D
  13. Annyeong. This is my first time here and wanted to show my support for this two. For a start, I love this drama and I think the entire cast are beautiful and talented. I love the OSTs too. However, what drew me to this drama in the first place was no, it wasn't the cast, no it wasn't that it was a remake but how HS and WW fell in love. I love every single scene of them together in the earlier episodes and KHN is so charismatic in his role that I cannot help but root for him with HS. Luckily, I knew from the beginning that their love was doomed and I did not suffer when they "broke up". But doesn't anyone think that WW finally redeemed himself in last night's episode? To me, this episode is the final and I love it. WW and HS both had closure and although their love was not meant to be, it was so beautiful to see them together once again, even as star-crossed lovers. It was such a poignant scene and I could feel the love and regret in both of them ...sigh! I can only hope that I get to see KHN and IU in another period drama as the OTPs!
  14. Hmm...I still haven't decided if YJ is good or evil. She's tough yes, and wouldn't hesitate to order a kill,but we have seen her "softer" side too - I mean, I was so ready to hate her until the scene where the will was being read, which made me change my mind. She's a complex one for sure. And I can't totally dismiss how her PA is ever so ready to come to her defence. That PA bows to all her whims and seems to know and understand why YJ has that "an eye for an eye" attitude! Something more there, for sure! And hey if I have a husband like hers, I would become evil too, if only to keep sane! We have 2 ships already? Awww..I hate that when it happens....BUT...I'm definitely on JehAnna's ship!!
  15. I hope Wang So will not be wearing the mask for long. Our 'Hae Soo' is a licensed beautician after am sure she would soon be helping him cover those scars (which to me, actually, isn't such a big deal) with her expertise. Annyeong@nonski, good to see you too!