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  1. your puppy honey fanfic matches well with the new season :D

  2. thank you @kongthit5!!!! <3
  3. thanks so much so subbing episode 12 of sotus @delightful & @baw74!!! <3
  4. I hadn't when I posted my comment but I found them afterwards you're a good writer :3 I really enjoyed all 3 fics
  5. This isn't really related to Sotus but I just read the Puppy Honey fanfic by delightful, which I found in this forum, and omg it was so good <3 Does anyone know if delightful wrote any other fanfics?
  6. i hope the novel continues to be translated, i love reading it ;-; tho of course i understand if the translation of it stops, i don't get why people just can't follow the rules :((
  7. thanks for subbing!! <3 how likely do you guys think it is that it will end up as BL couple?
  8. could someone please tell me how far along the translations are for the sotus novel? school/work was pretty busy the last 10 or so days and i wasn't able to do much else ;; edit: ehh??? i'm not really sure what happened but my comment became a reply? x'D not sure why o.o;
  9. Do you also write fanfiction?! Could someone please link me? >< ((thank you for translating the novel!!))
  10. thank you so much delightful!!! <3