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  1. Nothing's gonna change my love for them I wish they had painted this instead
  2. JG on CM Set!
  3. Isn't it amazing how our tribe continue to increase even with the lack of crumbs these days ... Remember "close colleague" don't look at each other like that!! cto
  4. Ma._estella posted this in IG!!! Thank you chingu! "Just wanted to re-upload this. Call me stubborn or delusional or insensitive to his current gf but I honestly believe that JE made a way to JG's heart in the later part of their MLSHR filming. He might not even know it but his eyes and body language betrayed him. His eyes can't lie, when JE was destructed and looking at those cheering squad, JG's eyes were still stucked on her, not minding those people. And this action of him really caught my attention and many people actually. I only wish well for both JG and JE. I really wish they can find happiness and the real love of their life in the proper time. And I know that the choice and decisions on which path to take are on their hands. " Watching this makes me giddy again
  5. Look at those smiles if that isn't love then I don't know what it is
  6. Welcome @Luna JL, our ship may be in the submarine mode right now, but we know we will be back sailing soon! Just fasten your seatbelt!