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  1. Welcome @Luna JL, our ship may be in the submarine mode right now, but we know we will be back sailing soon! Just fasten your seatbelt!
  2. I'm not giving up on them!! I refuse to believe that those smiles aren't real!! They're love story may be delayed but I'm not worried (who am I kidding of course I am)I know it's coming! (Sorry if I'm delulu, just miss them so much)
  3. Its getting hot in here...JG IS SO HOT!!!!
  4. @akinahana89 and @sscllccrazy thank you so much for sharing your analysis Let's keep this ship sailing!
  5. Hello everyone! Annyeong! Happy to join the party here! Can't wait for JE's song on Friday!
  6. "CAN'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE" I hope that's not what she's feeling towards JG right now
  7. I so agree with you @freckledcontessa some things can't be faked even if you are the greatest actor. Sorry to cut your post chingu but yeah IU/KSH chemistry is just average maybe because they are truly just good friends unlike IU/LJG which is mind blowing. On another note my friend was asking me which I think is better for JG to be labelled as a gf stealer (if he and JE are an item) or a liar (like his situation now, I'm at loss as to what to answer her cause if she and JE are to be together I don't want any label of cheating / stealing.