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  1. Chapter 11: The Emperor's Women is out. Check it out here. https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1386079/oh-sunny-s-diary-lee-hyuk-s-confusing-me
  2. I think Hyuk died in that explosion. He caught the brunt of it, but shielded Sunny who survived. I think he left a letter before the anniversary bash detailing his crimes, and bequeathing the throne to Sunny. I think the images of him standing upright in the room with his hands behind his back are flashbacks to what happened before the explosion. I think he left a letter to Sunny apologizing for what he did, and his regret, and thanking her for her time with him, and ending with I love you, Oh Sunny, and goodbye. I cried through the last scenes and the montage of scenes showing their wedding, and the tears in her eyes as she turned to him and said, "He used me and he deceived me." Jang Nara is such an amazing actress, she always moves me to tears.
  3. @nrllee Yeah, that's Bong soon and Hyung sik...I love them a lot. I watched episode 3 today and cried through it. It was just heartbreaking, the scenes between her and her father were terribly sad. The brother scenes were hilarious, and his scenes with the friend were so funny. The actress playing the older woman was just amazing and captured all her youthfulness and her eyes just look so sad and lost that they make me tear up in almost every scene.
  4. In that clip, it looks like Hyuk is injured, probably from shielding Sunny. That's why she's shaking him, and holding him. Story is so wacky that this could be the moment that she realizes that she loves him. Or maybe she'll yell, "Don't you die on me, not before I get to kill you first!" Hyuk seems to be Dorky Hyuk tomorrow and gets to kiss Sunny again for the fourth time. My head is reeling from the Good Hyuk Bad Hyuk lightning switches.
  5. @nrllee It reminds me ot Weightlifting Fairy, the hilarious parts anyway, and NJH was brilliant and lovable in Weightlifting Fairy, and it has the same quirky humour and odd scenes that just makes it special and original. Have you seen Weightlifting Fairy? It's such an uplifting and funny show and moving, too, in parts. One of my favourite dramas ever.
  6. @nrllee Twelve episodes only? I'm so disappointed. This is such a funny, touching and heartwarming show. In the preview, in the final second, he sees the young her emerging from the gate. Maybe I'm mistaken lol. I love the brother scenes. He's so deadpan serious and hilarious.
  7. I just finished watching episode 2. How did it turn so dark suddenly? I'm guessing that he'll see her as the young girl while others see her as the older woman.
  8. Chapter 10: Would You Like To Marry Me? is out. Check it out here. https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1386079/oh-sunny-s-diary-lee-hyuk-s-confusing-me
  9. I think these are a few ways that the show could use to cover for Choi Jin hyuk's MIA scenes next week. 1. Have someone else stand in for him, and let the guy wear a Woo bin face mask, with a pic of his face on it, like the Halloween dude. 2. Have someone else stand in for him, and shoot his back only. 3. Have us stand in for Woo bin, so Sunny, for example, will just look straight at us and talk to us, like we are Woo bin. 4. Have scenes of a shadowy Woo bin shot through a glass panel or outside a transparent door, so that he's always in the next room, or the next door, or the next window. 5. Have Woo bin communicate through the phone or email or whatsapp, so we see his text messages or they can pretend to talk to him on the phone. 6. Have Pretend Woo bin running ahead each time so we never get to see him stand still long enough to see his face.
  10. I'm here because my head is reeling. 1. I can't believe I'm saying this, but someone please tell the two leads to stop kissing. He's the prosecutor, for crying out loud, how can he go around kissing her in public and being seen with a witness for the murder case that he is prosecuting? I love the slow burn waiting for a nice kiss scene, like in Memories of the Alhambra, but this is way, way too much. A kiss scene should evoke oohs and ahhhs, but she looks miserable kissing him, and he looks glum kissing her. I feel that there's more chemistry between the husband when they first met and her. Their first scene together was so sweet and I liked them so much. What happened to make him turn into an abuser, or was he just pretending to be nice? He seemed so real and nice. 2. I have a feeling the killer is someone we don't suspect...maybe it's the prosecutor daughter? She seems to be the only nice person in that family, but who knows what will happen when she finds out that her sister in law was having an affair with the man she likes? 3. I don't like the cheating couple plot, and it just feels distasteful watching them and their liasons, sneaking around so nobody would know. I get that her husband is an abuser, but that doesn't make it better. Her baby is either her husband's, or the lover's. I don't get why he got so upset when he found out that she was pregnant, maybe he doesn't want a baby. I don't think he's playing her, as he seems to really love her. I don't get why she never answers his calls. I don't get why she can so blatantly list him as one of her contacts, what happens if the police want to check the calls she made and received? I don't get why he ran into the snow so dramatically, like hello, won't someone notice the prosecutor running crazily into the snow crying? Geez, show some control, for crying out loud, how's he going to get his revenge when he keeps bursting into tears every episode?
  11. @Kasmic You are not alone. I love him, too. Suddenly they make him sad again, and I was crying throughout the final half of the last episode. They open it with his nightmare, and then he wakes up and looks desperately for her...oh God, so heartbreaking when he finally finds her asleep on the sofa. So I guess this is what the writer thought when he found out that Jin hyuk wouldn't be filming the last two episodes, "Damn, I made Hyuk a crazy beast in Episode 23, because I thought that Jin hyuk would be around....oh dear, guess I'll have to bring back Sad Hyuk and Good Hyuk again...." WHAM! It starts exactly as if we had never seen Crazy Hyuk forcing himself on "his woman", and grandly declaring, "I'll make you stay with me, next to me, for the rest of your life"...the threat there from a crazed mind, yet when the second part continues, hey, Hyuk's no longer crazy, he's changed from threatening to pleading, "Please don't leave me, please stay with me"....and what do you know, it worked!!!! I bawled my eyes out, and was ecstatic that he had become Sad Hyuk again. Next scene was even more surreal, Yoon is awake! And speaking brotherly-friendly to Hyuk, and Hyuk is all soft and gentle with him! And they go trap Horrid Kang together, and I tell myself, wait, is this a dream? This is not happening, right? Cos the last time they were at each other's throats and Hyuk was snarling like a sexy wolf at him, and Yoon was in a coma ( it's interesting to note that his brain wasn't working the way it should long before that, too, the way he unleashed his half-baked plans) and was not supposed to wake up, and even if he did, he was supposed to be brain-damaged, but hey, he's up and fine, and has even combed his hair, and said, shhh, only the Empress knows I'm awake....did I miss that? Did they show a scene of him waking up? What is going on here? Do I care as long as Sad Hyuk is back? Not. A. Jolt. They absolved him of Grandmother's death, too. If those are not signs that Our Villainous Hero or Heroic Villain is back on track on the long-awaited Road to Redemption, then I don't know why I'm even writing this tirade in the first place. My predictions for next week Hyuk will be the whole show. He will romp and rage and cry and plead for love. She will reject him. Again. He will die tragically saving her. Or he will go to prison. I rather think it will be the former. This guy deserves a grand exit because he is larger than life, and the first villain I have fallen in love with since I started watching Korean dramas a long, long time ago. Woo bin will disappear quietly, and his demise mentioned in passing. Or he will surface as Old Him with The Other Face. It'll be okay, because we'll just have to pretend that it is Hot Him. I suggest getting cut-outs of Choi Jin Hyuk's faces with different expressions - happy, sad, angry, very angry, super angry - and placing over Old Chubbs' face if he should appear. Have them in distant and close-up shots, just in case.
  12. 4 more episodes could mean that we could see more twists and turns yet 1. Hyuk becoming good again 2. The grandmother returning back from the dead 3. The viewers falling in love with Sad Hyuk again 4. Woo bin getting a head transplant 5. Yoon waking up and becoming witness to nanny's crime 6. The empress dowager escaping to the island 7. The nanny tailing her on the back of a shark
  13. Lee Hyuk gets to kiss Sunny again. That would be their third kiss, though methinks the lady doth protest much.
  14. Chapter 9: The Emperor and the Sea is out. Check it out here. https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1386079/oh-sunny-s-diary-lee-hyuk-s-confusing-me-romance
  15. The ending that is guaranteed to drive up ratings 1. The Empress Dowager escapes to the island through a secret passageway under the flower garden. She swims all the way there, and passes out. Empress So Hyun's father appears from nowhere and gives her mouth to mouth resuscitation. He dies suddenly, halfway, because she spews poison into his mouth. Yep, she was keeping it in her mouth all the way through that swim. 2. The island is the place where she has imprisoned the ex-king. We find out that he's alive but has turned into a zombie. He bites her and she turns into a zombie. 3. Yura kills the nanny and runs to the asylum to hide under her ex boyfriend's bed and eat his food. The boyfriend lies down on the bed while she's eating, and the movement jostles her hand and her fork pierces her neck by accident and she dies. 4. Lee Hyuk goes stark raving crazy and kills the nanny to avenge the death of So Hyun. He finds the passageway under the flower garden and swims to the island to kill his mother. He sees a dark shadow when he swims ashore and screams, "I'm coming for you, Mother." Screams. Blackout. Next scene next day, pans from far away, figures of three zombies milling around. 5. Woo Bin gets a head transplant and a new face - again. 6. Sunny leaves the palace and becomes a commoner. 7. Yoon becomes the Emperor. 8. Ari stays on in the palace and is adopted by Yoon who marries Helro.