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  1. So, they are putting KyungSun as the antagonist? And the police girl as the quasi romantic complement? Also, I loved how KS fought, she's a tough cookie (or should I say tough baozi?)
  2. Well, I've seen the raw of today's episode and I was watching the last eps in ff and... honestly? there was NO development of the story ... The last 4 chapters feel rather like filler than story properly told. It is a pity that this drama is suffering (*) with a slow and muddy development of the story, there are already eight episodes, and what happened could have been told in 4-5 ep max. And yet, we are almost half of all the chapters and the progress of the plot was minimal... I guess I'll keep watching the series on ff until I see some progress... what a shame, it was a nice start. (*) yes, I say that the drama's story is "suffering" despite the good ratings since good rating doesn't mean a good story (or development of the story) and viceversa.
  3. I love Songssak & Yo Han's scenes, they are so good w/each other and their friendship it's so cute, sincere and about those small things/gestures... their scenes feels like a cut of warm tea just when you need it.
  4. I love this actor!! he's such a scene stealer, and his acting it's the best in every character he does.
  5. To be honest, I'm not feeling the dumb heroine and smart guy trope... like, it's 2019 and people still has to put a woman in the role of dumb (or whatever synonymous/phrasing accommodates them). Like, she's cartoonish dumb (but anyway, DUMB), and no even for the sake of "it's funny/it's a parody/don't take it too serious thi is a ligth rom-com!!111!" that gets a pass... No matter how much we achieve with respect, women's rights, achievements, you name it; women still are reduced to a harmful stereotype ... whatever the justification they want to say to themselves or to others, this is a harmful stereotype that continues to be maintained and dispersed, and on top of that transmitted by tv AND celebrated (because it's cute-funny-it's a romcom-take it easy-etc) over and over again and again. With what is happening in the world and in our countries, it is a pity that we continue perpetrating toxic stereotypes. Women are not your dumb comedic relief/fantasy... And I'm tired of dumb heroines, women can be so much more than your shinny dumb item. Women are (and can be) plenty of things (and dumb too! but that's not the only trait that A HUMAN BEING has)... And please, do not try to justify the unjustifiable.
  6. Maybe, WooKyung is the true daughter of her supposed stepmother (that would explain why she is so cold with SK and not with WK) and the girl with whom WK remembered to play was the real WooKyung. Perhaps something happened (or someone did something to her) to the real WK and the fake WK (the one in the present time) replaced her. Or it could even be that the original WK is actually SK. I don't know anymore. Or maybe Red Cry (the mastermind Red Cry) is the son/daugther of WK (present time WK) and wants something from WK...
  7. I am crying, this episode was so friggin SAD... Hakyeon/N/EunHo was brilliant, I applaud his acting. Also... How sad that the place that EunHo/Red Cry chose for his death is the same place where his mother had abandoned him? Like, maybe EH thinks that's where everything started and it's also where everything will end for him. A tragic circle that comes to an end... What calvary must have been so that, of all the names and poetry, EH had chosen, specially, "Red Cry" as his representation? A cry that is so tormentous that it can only be red... This was more the tragic journey of an abused child that in his misery became a murderer... the abuse he suffered tinted his whole life, his vision, his actions, it consumed everything. There are people who manage to survive the abuse and get ahead, but EH could never get ahead, there was never anyone for him. He was stuck all this time. Even for adults, to someone who was abused to that magnitude, it's a miracle if they get out of it... and even more for EH, he couldn't ever get away from his abusers since they possessed power over him: economically, physical, mentally and more important, emotionally. EH was, truly, THE children of nobody.
  8. The teaser looks lovely. The trailer is very literal, but I love that. It gives me the vives/feelings of hope, of being searching and looking for something, becoming sad and losing one's hope but still, continuing with our life... and at the end of our crossroads, that we will find what we were looking for (be it love, freedom, happiness, friendship, happiness, etc.) The teaser matchs the title and the feeling/overall tone. I pray that there will be raws and subs for this drama.
  9. Hi, I just wanted to say something about the title in Spanish, it would translate as "Memorias or Recuerdos de la Alhambra", not reQUerdos.
  10. 100 Episodes??!!!! I wonder if there will be raws and eng subs (I hope so)... So far, I Iike the premise, the actors and I love the main poster.
  11. Well, to be honest, the first episode was mehh and waaaaaaaaaaaay more llight than the original... Sorry but, SIG and JSM don't give that vibes of being in tainted worlds/lifes, specially SIG... He gives the impression more of a naughty child instead of a cunnig darker and malicious man under a very charming façade. I now it's the 1rst episode and that the adaptations does not have to be the same, but at least they could have kept the dark-ish and mysterious environment... Too much light and little of that intimate and (in)tense atmosphere. This feels like a pg 13 version of Sora Kara.
  12. Ahh, I thought that Yoo Ji-Cheol (Jang Hyuk) and the lady detective Cha Ji-Woo (Kim Jae-Kyung) were going to have (somehow, idk lol) a romantic relationship...
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