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  1. She did mention that she was worried that GTY will scheme against her considering how good he is at it and how would she defend against him; I think it took great courage and some subconscious trust on her part to risk going into the marriage with GTY. I think she thought, if he had been scheming for years (by that point) to get her, then he was not taking her lightly and would really care for her. I really loved that. I also think she might like the challenge of tangling with another person who schemes just as much as her. lol
  2. @purplebass I completely agree about In Joon's reaction in this scenario; he won't care and he will forgive her. My worry though, is that someone is going to twist the issue of her sister's coma and possible affair with his brother to drive a wedge between In Joon and Hae Ra. I hope they are able to partner together to uncover the truth too. Also, I too felt that her calling him was instinctual and out of need not calculation; it was just a the moment of the kiss that I felt her brain kicked in. It was not heartfelt on her side I think. Not like the peck she gives him in the next episode. @Lmangla I also agree with you here. Her seduction is one of a kind lol. I don't think I have seen it's like in a K-drama before. She does nothing and he looks for her.... she scrapes her knee and he cries for her! He is a total goner and she didn't even have to try! I love it! In a way, she has yet to do anything she would need to be ashamed of or feel guilty about because the connection between them is so strong and so fast. You are right that he has touched her heart already and I do not think she realizes it yet; subconsciously though, that could be why she has not put any effort into really seducing him. Very late response I know! Sorry, work got in the way.... trying to catch up on my show forums now and oh lord, too many comments to read lol
  3. Yes. From what I have read up (about women's freedom in the Tang Dynasty) it appears that in the dynasty following right after, there was almost a kind of reining in of women; they were seen to have had too much freedom and were going against Confucian law so society began to repress them again. It is quite sad because in all Chinese history, it seems, the women of the Tang Dynasty had it the best. It was a good time to be a woman, if ever in ancient China. Edit: I just caught up to everyone else's response and see that you already got your answer
  4. I just started watching this show and oh my gosh! I have been sucked in! So deliciously melodramatic. I actually love the music even though the instrumentals can be a bit overwhelming at times and I LOVE the ending song. Cinematography is awesome and the slow mos so far are working for me lol. Best of all, the chemistry!!! I also watched Cunning Single Lady but wow, I do not remember the chemistry between Jung Sang Wook and Lee Min Jung being this hot even with no kisses yet (or until the end of ep 16 anyway lol). As for the story, here's my two cents: Tae Jung Ho is the one who had a thing with Hyun Jo and his mother helped to clean it up using Tae In Joon's name and card. I remember in one of the recent episodes, she said something about how Jung Ho should not cause any troubles with women like he did before or he would be finished. He is a complete user and an abusive richard simmons. Ko A Jung needs to teach him and his mom a lesson they won't forget and take them for all they've got while she's at it. Ugh. At first, I was all behind Jin Tae Oh then he got physically abusive and almost killed Hyun Jo, like WTF!!! Dude, sorry but you are crazy. Not cool. Therefore, I am glad that Gu Hae Ra is not being a candy and is totally threatening him right back even though I am almost positive she would not actually harm a child. There is no truly innocent person in this show because they are all using each other. I find it refreshingly different from other revenge shows though because here, everyone is aware that they are all playing games. It was surprising to me how everything that could be a secret is already out in the open. Makes me wonder what will come next since we still have 24 episodes to go.
  5. 1) I wanted to see more of Ae caring for Pete and Pete being all swoon-y about it. 2) Best personality in LBC? I think it's Pete for me... with a little bit of a confidence boost, he becomes an even better version of himself: respectful, kind, tough and supportive 3) Most Handsome/Cute in LBC? Hmmm, I am torn between Ae and Pete for this. Ae for 'handsome', Pete for 'cute' 4) Most memorable/touching scene in the series? Mmmm, that would be the confession scene in ep 6 and I cannot believe I remember which episode it was without checking! Wow, I guess I must have watched it a hundred times. 5) Most funny scene ? When Ae and Pond were talking on the balcony about Ae feeling romantic about someone and Pond's towel fell off... yes, I can be pervy lol. I don't remember which episode this was... it might be 6 as well? 6) Best kiss ever ? Omo, too many to count and all between Ae and Pete. The hottest was definitely the locker room in 7. Again, I remember where that was without checking 7) Best couple (Only one please Heh) ? Ae/Pete 8) Did you ever think "This scene could have been better" while watching ? Hmmm, I don't think so... 9) If you get to choose your boyfriend/just-friend among LBC characters who would it be ? Boyfriend would be Ae, just-friend would be Pond 10) Did you ever cry during any scene ? I don't think so 11) Favorite actor in the series (going to follow anything and everything he is in, after this..) ? Saint and Perth 12) Will you recommend LBC to anyone ? If so, how will you introduce it (a few words) ? There's this great series that shows the beginning of a beautiful love story......
  6. Let me see if I get this: the conflict happened while shooting? not during promotions and events? And the boys themselves cut off communication with him? WTF. That's just rude. Also, if the conflict happened during shooting, they all displayed some awesome acting skills in the promotions these last couple of months when P'New and the boys were together.....
  7. I have truly loved this ride and am going to miss both the series and all the conversations you all had on here even though I was silent for the majority of it.
  8. If it was an actual show with Saint and Ohm, Punn's sister would be welcome as the ultimate BL supporter
  9. That was slightly triggering but I am so proud of you for standing up for her and with her and seeing it through to the end. And thank God for that big guy who finally stepped up I mean, bystanders!!!!! WTF!!!! I hope she survives this and I mean it. Is there any way to get the police to provide protective services??? Oh my gosh, I feel so bad for her. Ugh! People on power trips really get my goat; I don't think violence is the answer no matter how many super hero movies I watch (and I am a huge fan of those) but sometimes.......
  10. I totally saw the team name and forgot to comment!!! Thanks for the reminder
  11. Really? Phoenix and 4th Brother??? Wow...totally missed that in the series.... didn't even see bromance to be honest
  12. So..... I loved it!!! I just wanted to get this out here before I go back and read everyone's comments. I loved the talk that Ae and Pete had about the fact that Pete wanted Ae just as much and Ae kept leaving him hanging.....they are working on being a couple that communicates and that is key to a successful relationship. Also, I LOVE Pond! He is the original wingman! Getting his friend to the goal post with protection! Love it! Poor Can. Struggling so much with that kiss... I wish he would actually tell someone about it rather than drive himself crazy all by himself but he is kind of an oblivious character; after all, he does not see the rainbows and pink clouds all around Ae and Pete so he is going to suffer by himself for a while. Tum and Tar are still undeveloped so i have very little to say about that; KK and Techno are going nowhere this season so nothing new there either....all in all, am impressed by the acting of both Perth and Saint especially since we saw how much they were cracking up behind the scenes. Very good job to both of them. And to P'New for directing so well. The build up and all the tension was perfectly done and perfectly released. Phew... ok... am off to catch up on all y'alls comments.
  13. I am so ready to see this episode!!!! Can’t wait to get home and watch. Am gonna stay off soompi till I watch so it can feel fresher. Enjoy all you early birds!
  14. At least you made it through and it's over; that's the best part....another challenge overcome. Enjoy your margarita, girl!
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