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  1. [On-going Thailand Drama 2017] Princess Hours

    hahaha I like that grandma! She is so sweet and caring <3 I loved the korean version, and at the moment, I loved the thai version as well. In fact, I get slightly annoyed when I see similar scenes to the korean version; I want to see something new, something else - i wouldn't watch more if its just a carbon copy of the korean version. The story flow and style fits thai's culture and I like it the way it is. Rather than comparing them two versions, I like to think of this as just another drama with same basic story: a commoner ends up marrying the crown prince (basically what you said haha) On the side note, I like Inn's efforts so far. Though he sulks on being busy with the work his dad left him, he finds solace in being with Khaning and that's what married life is about. He's trying to balance both Khaning and his work, but its sadly not really working (sorry, Your Majesty the Queen had to point that out harshly). Looking forward to the next episode
  2. I really, really liked this drama! This might sound wrong, but after watching dramas like Whisper, Tunnel and Defender, I had had enough of crime dramas. THey are all amazing dramas, but I need my head to rest from being at the edge of my seat all the time (all recommended, if you haven't watched them hahaha) I didn't start watching this because I thought it was going to be another crime drama, I thought it would be a nice romantic comedy, for a change. From the beginning, the story and character development was just perfect. It was a change from being a crime drama to an almost romantic-crime(?) genre that sort of confuses me sometimes, but I like it anyway hahaha by far, this is the weirdest way of potraying prosecutors and lawyers and a serial murderer on the loose (right in front of their noses!) but I'm liking it
  3. [On-going Thailand Drama 2017] Princess Hours

    I've watched this for a while now, so I might as well give my review of the drama so far. Don't read on if you don't want spoilers. I am an avid fan of Goong/K version of Princess Hours. I watched it so many times, and just keep watching it whenever I feel like. Its one of those dramas that's not too difficult to interpret, the villain is not too bad and quiet romantic too. Basically, it just doesn't really pressurize or keep you on the edge of your seat kind of drama and I like that. Main reason I came accross this lakorn is because I was looking for a streaming site for the korean version (cliche reason, I know, but here I am anyway). So I ended up watching it anyway. First of all, yes, I'm going to have to compare both versions. The wardrobe, settings, etc. are basically the same. I like how both tried to scratch up traditions because they are of royal family. Korean version tried to re-live their old traditions (like that lily tea, if anybody remembered. They had to peel the flower just for a 10 seconds flash in the drama!) This one wrote their own traditions, that scent tradition after their first night was pretty awkward, but it was essential, so as to say. It showed how the prince complies to every tradition there is, simply because it is the norm for him, while Khaning struggles to understand, and yet is open to what she has to do. It was a good scene for character development (and it was cute haha). I actually liked how they try to develop the characters' personalities, or maybe because I was slightly annoyed at Prince Shin's character development. His 'cold' acting could simply pass as 'ignorant' instead. Prince Inn is potrayed, instead as someone of whom at first looked cold even to his girlfriend (or maybe i didn't like the way he proposed? it was kinda distant somehow?), but then who sort of got rubbed off on his Princess' warm and cheerful attitude. I liked how they show how Inn almost casually falls for Khaning, compared to where the K version Prince Shin showed sudden jealousy, leaving us thinking 'yeah.. he likes her now, so that's why he's jealous'. There were more romance scenes on the thai version, and I appreciate that effort from the production team - we all want to see the prince being so into his wife rather than the other way around (sorry Chaegyong, we love you, though <3). I loved how Inn is not ashamed to pull her away from Nakhun, and stating clearly that he is jealous of what he's seen. It makes him look so courageous towards what he believes is right. To him, everything is just black and white; except for when it comes to Minnie. Inn's gaze slowly turns towards Khaning, and though he never stopped Minnie from approaching. The scene where he said to Minnie that he 'needed to go back' literally makes me think he meant 'I need to go back to my wife'. I like how in this version, Inn is obviously confused between Minnie and Khaning, and seems like he needed both at first. But after he came back from that detour with Minnie, he clearly said Minnie is his 'past' and the story is changing towards him clearly showing Minnie that he is no longer interested, at the same time trying to catch onto Khaning. And though he's clearly shown he wants to be with Khaning, Khaning still thinks she's just someone on the side and I hope they'll show how he'll stand against Minnie to gain Khaning's trust and love. They did not show much of Khaning's character development, but I think it is enough. She was shown being from a very close-knitted family with warm-hearted parents. Her reactions to Minnie and her jealousy was just as expected of someone with her personality. Again, compared to the k version where she openly accepts the second lead prince (Prince Yul <3), the thai version show mostly where Khaning is fully aware that Nakhun is someone she cannot get 100% close with. She is clearly rejecting Nakhun, and that was never really shown in the k version. I don't really blame that bit, though, I mean.. in the k version, her husband gets upset when all she did was sit and talk with the other prince (seriously? Nakhun here ends up hugging and holding her hand - that's more like it!) I also liked how they made Minnie work with Nakhun's mom. This was non-existent in the k version, but this was just straight to the point and logical. Minnie's strong-headed character seems to be levelled by her uncle who is a really strong supported of Lady Krissana. That boxing scene where he motivates Minnie to go on showed how tough she was 'trained' to physically and mentally go on with her fight for Inn's love. Anyway, overall storyline is amazing as well. With a nice basis of characters' development, its just a really nice feel-good drama to watch. I'm slightly bothered with the non-kissing clause because it does take away a bit of the essence of the drama, at which I sometimes curse the production to choose such an actress for such a romantic-based drama. This is a romantic drama through and through, I wouldn't bother if its a crime drama or whatnot. The no-real kiss kinda takes away the final feels of the romance, but at least they are trying their best to make 'illusions' that they are kissing so still a good job. Though, really, next time you want to make a romantic drama, choose a girl who can kiss on screen. If you can't, then make a crime drama or suspense, thriller, etc. The k version of this drama only had like 2 kissing scenes (literally) - the thai version could have easily surpassed korean ratings if they had really kissing scenes here - they already have much more lead role scenes than the original even when the drama is not even finished yet. I'm also glad they're showing more of the power struggle between the two Princes and how the King is giving in too much to Nakhun because of his past feelings with his mom. The k version didn't do much other than hire people to throw eggs at him (that was very nice, huh). Nakhun's character is supposed to be both giving in, and yet he wants it at the same time. His desperation that arises because of his jealousy of Inn having Khaning is really apparent, and that's really good. At the same time, I liked how even when Nakhun seems to always be there for her, I'm still rooting for Inn because he seems to like Khaning more than Nakhun does (or is it all the kissing/bed scenes? hahaha) Sorry for the longgg review, but overall I love both k version and thai version. The thai version gives a breathe of new life into the storyline, and I like seeing all the surprises that they had in store. I am so excited to see how Inn would make Khaning realise that she likes him too and that Minnie is really only his past. Also curious to know what Lady Krissana would do to help throne her son, and what side the king will be at when the time comes. And of course, I want more romantic scenes, please haha Inn <3 Khaning