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  1. 676 Crazy rap from Broduce 101. Woo Jin Young (pink hair guy) rules! Too bad, the fourth member got blurred. He rapped about Mnet's evil editing and he placed first in this group perf. But he got into a scandal and was kicked out before this aired. So Mnet edited him out hahaha and won't release the raw footage.
  2. The male version of honeycakes is beefcake, although I'd prefer a dad bod teddy bear in real life. Dhakra needs to find the portal to kdramaland. 630 Friday is too far away. I need my dose of Broduce 101 performances. #Never
  3. @Dhakra, which movie character closely resemble your Mrs. Dhakra? So the admins already caught wind of what I've been doing hahaha I have had no shame ever since they rejected my Hunger Games: Oppa Wars Edition thread hmpf hahaha 582.
  4. 584 When half of me is gone, how can I live as one? Well, halfie birthday then. lels
  5. 580 Eeww my husband is voted #3 most awkward kisser. I can't Wonnie. Ha Ji Won leads the pack XD
  6. I also loved Border. It's so far the only Jdorama that made me cry. I cried at the last scene. I closed my laptop, curled up and cried aloud. I'm currently watching Beautiful Bones.
  7. Dad confronts NS and JS about the photo, goes Super Saiyan angry and throws the documents and books at JS while NS screams yeobo. I say Dr. Han takes after his mother.
  8. 590 We should do a Skype chat on the side. I'm naming my matchmaking thread the Soompi Sweethearts Society.
  9. 570 A jumping Woojin hearteu for everybody
  10. 580 I can't fit into my pants! I've got a muffin top, guys. Please congratulate me. I'm gaining weight
  11. 890 Pimping my baby Park Woojin. Ranked #24. Got randomly grouped with the Top 5 contestants ("I saw them...1, 2, 4, 5, 6...I'm ruined hahaha"), but managed to place first in their group's dance evaluation. Rise, my child! 500 Days -- nope; Before Sunrise trilogy -- yes
  12. Dhakra, how old are you? There's one single moderator for every Soompier. lols I'm a pimp. *writes proposal for Soompier x Soompier Shipping thread* 860