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  1. Yoon became an exorcism priest bc it's the way to find his brother. Remember his convo with Father Han? Perhaps he will think about leaving the priesthood once this is over. But he will have been late in the game by then. The other two are already showing some chemistry. Look at how HP smiles when GY invites him for a meal and when he sees her bright smile. So there is some possibility that these 2 will have something going on. But I hope not. Let this be just a full horror thriller ride. @allythefangirl the office is well lit and I've got lots of company. I suggest you watch it at broad daylight and keep the audio at a minimum. You should not pass up something good like this. Eating something helps as it relaxes you.
  2. @allythefangirl, I'm a scaredycat myself so I watch it muted first. Yes, muted. I put my phone around 6 inches away from me. I fast-forward the scenes when I feel like throwing up. I watch it at around 4 am in the office, where I can't scream lest my manager scares me with an incident report. Then I watch it again at home so that I can understand it more.
  3. Park Il Do is the spirit the characters refer to when they talk about Sohn (hand). It is the guest. Sohn (손) literally means hand, but it can also mean guest or wandering evil spirit. Park Il Do possessed HP and then Father Choi Sung-Hyun, whom Yoon has been looking around for. It controls weaker spirits, and together they have been possessing people for 20 years (the cold cases), like Kim and the woman by the beach.
  4. I want Yoon to exorcise me of this madness he has caused.
  5. jeijei

    Add and Subtract Game

    My goddess is perfection personified. I'd gladly spend a million years with Yi Chen in a xianxia outfit. You have stalkers. 656
  6. Yes, there's something dark in HP's personality. This is confirmed by his character description. It's echoed by the head shaman 20 yrs ago and Father Han.
  7. I just watched Ghost Detective rerun a while ago. It's so tame compared to this, but the shots editing is fab. That has the vibe of Black Knight. This one is more like Voice.
  8. Now I know why it's entitled Hand. Well, you cover the screen with your hand. It's the first interactive Kdrama.
  9. Ohmyglob your predictions :c It's too sad if the uncle died long ago of sickness and the truck driver had to work his bum off out of guilt (but wasn't he jailed for it?)
  10. ISY looks so much prettier with long hair, but if CEW says otherwise, who are we to oppose him? Aww she knows it.
  11. No user can tell for sure since it's up to the licensing deal. Well, I said it probably won't be available in my region because historically, on-air Kdramas rarely were. I was able to translate Legend of the Blue Sea and W to my native language during their run because at that time QCs could still access regionally restricted dramas. But Viki has since changed their policy.
  12. Even if Viki gets the license, I cannot apply as Channel Manager due to regional unavailability of the drama. It won't be probably available in my country so I will be restricted to access it. And oh, my QC status already expired due to lack of activity. Bummer. But you know, Kdramas get much love on Viki, so it's likely that volunteers will flock the page once it gets licensed. Viu got the license.
  13. Yes, it has been picked up by an OTT provider, which subs pretty fast, so we can sit back and relax. Well, idk if I can relax at all since I'm a scaredycat.