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  1. What Japanese drama are you currently watching?

    I'm starting Unnatural. I once read its synopsis and then decided to watch it later on. But haha you know how it's occasionally difficult to remember Japanese titles.
  2. If it has the Border vibe, then I'm in. The Kdrama is dark and unapologetic and is one of the only 2 Kdramas that made me cry. I don't want this to be a generic slapstick tantei or a slice-of-life. If it's also set in the 1980's, there were real-life cases they could draw from. They could feature the sickening Junko Furuta case.
  3. Hi~ Please don't post illegal streaming links. I haven't watched the last episode, but based on your recaps, I'm so far liking the ending.
  4. A year ago, I almost bought that mesh dress Joy wore to the press con. Now it's everywhere. I want a Joy x Minjae OST
  5. I'll write a rap poem description for each character lols The male leads look alike. It's like before and after med school + residency
  6. SA's character is getting better and better. She's such a tough, realistic sweetie. Though a bit materialistic since she's used to a model's lifestyle.
  7. Cast Members Of “Cheese In The Trap” Film Share Which Characters They Want To Try And Act E. Kang March 6, 2018 Imagine Park Hae Jin as someone other than Yoo Jung! During a Naver V Live broadcast on March 6, Park Hae Jin, Oh Yeon Seo, Moon Ji Yoon, and Kim Hyun Jin discussed their upcoming “Cheese in the Trap” film with viewers. When asked who they would play in the film if they had to reshoot, the four cast members gave varying answers. Although he plays Kim Sang Chul in the film, Moon Ji Yoon revealed, “I want to try the role of Oh Young Gon.” Staying loyal to his character Kwon Eun Taek, Kim Hyun Jin answered, “Even if we did it again, I would choose Eun Taek.” Park Hae Jin also named Eun Taek, over his reprised role as Yoo Jung. Oh Yeon Seo, who plays Hong Seol in the film, thought about the question longer. She expressed, “There’s only three female characters… I want to try Baek In Ha. She seemed so cool.” Park Hae Jin also shared how the film version places more emphasis on the thrilling aspects of the story in comparison to the drama. “The film and drama are both ‘Cheese in the Trap,’ but they feel very different. Because the film has to summarize things more, we were limited when portraying relationships,” he explained. Moon Ji Yoon added, “The drama had its own charm in that it was longer, so I was worried if we could fit all of that into two hours for the film.” Oh Yeon Seo concluded, “It’s a slightly chilling movie that we filmed on a warm spring day. Please come watch it with your friends, significant others, and families.” “Cheese in the Trap” will premiere in domestic theaters on March 14. https://www.soompi.com/2018/03/06/cast-members-cheese-trap-film-share-characters-want-try-act/ ------ The webtoon emphasizes on the thriller because it's mostly told from the perspective of paranoid Hong Seol. The drama toned down the violence, but in the webtoon, you can feel the intensity of Inha's aggressive behavior, Jung's unsettling gaze and dark background and Inho's cheerful facade in an attempt to move past their tangled history. This is the material this film is working on, so I'm all for it.
  8. Please Help Me! Thread

    This thread is for Kdrama/movie -related inquiries only, so if you want to post about Chinese-related stuff, go to the Global Entertainment - Mainland China section. But since you're here, might as well answer your query. You're looking for dramas belonging in the wuxia (martial arts) or xianxia (fantasy) genre where the heroes don't have tragic endings. I'm not sure about the tragedy part, but I recommend the following: - Journey of Flower - Nirvana in Fire - Eternal Love (Ten Miles of Mark Chao's hair Peach Blossoms) Plus my favorite xianxia movie: Painted Skin Or you want to go fast-forward for an adventure set in the early Republic: The Mystic Nine Kpop idol by day, tomb raider by night Any recommendations @angelangie @LyraYoo @triplem
  9. Add and Subtract Game

    144 Hanyu LMAO https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2018/02/instiz-try-not-to-flinge-test-with.html
  10. Add and Subtract Game

    @Jillia, a 50-episode Chinese drama about rekindling love. Wallace Chung and Maggie are college sweethearts, but he leaves her to go abroad. He comes back after 10 years ,wanting to get back with her. But she tells him she doesn't like him anymore and she hangs out with friend Aaron Yan. Ever romantic, Wallace collaborates with her for his film, but Aaron jumps aboard as a production assistant. How to shut each other up (aside from kissing)
  11. Add and Subtract Game

    I'm trying so hard for Memories of Love to work for me. Laidback, casual costume palette you'd find in my wardrobe and dreamy seaside cinematography. The leads are equally gorgeous. However, the story is so slow. 242
  12. Add and Subtract Game

    So, you've discovered The General and I.
  13. Add and Subtract Game