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  1. Add and Subtract Game

    726 I had a freaky nightmare -- I was a psycho who's killed a number of people at school in a matter of minutes apart. I was thinking of my defense (self defense, but I gave someone poison) if ever I got caught and the many years I'd spend locked up. Then a man approached me and asked where the elevator was. I was so scared he'd know my secret so I thought of killing him too. In the elevator. Then I woke up. It's great to be alive and sane.
  2. Add and Subtract Game

    676 Next year is my 12th year as a Soompier. Time flies~ I decided to volunteer as a mod 2 years ago for some new experience. Perks of being a mod - get to be friends with the staff (see their embarrassing selves jk) - get to share laughs and memes 24/7 - give back to the community in a meaningful way - become a Friend of Soompi after your term - collaborate and plan forum activities - hone your investigative skills - be called super Downside - have more enemies and online stalkers - get a headache if you're not good at prioritizing stuff (me! me! me!) - be called richard simmons
  3. Add and Subtract Game

    @Lmangla, why, do you want to join my other team? It's a revenge team *wink wink*
  4. Add and Subtract Game

    688 Team Soompi @Lmangla
  5. Add and Subtract Game

    692 Come join our team~
  6. Add and Subtract Game

    Please watch Avengers Social Club. Lol shameless plugging 640
  7. Me to people wishing for the son-stepmom OTP: ewwww Hee Soo looks like a young Go Soo
  8. SRT files are usually ripped from OTT providers, which sub the dramas using either paid or volunteer subbers. Hence, subs are available hours after raws are released. This show was not licensed to any OTT providers. Hence, the subs don't come as fast as people were used to. The available subs are a fan project. The subbing squad cannot publicize their website in this thread due to legalities. But I can assure everyone that even though these people have real-life affairs to attend to, they work tirelessly to translate the drama so that it can be appreciated by a far greater number of fans. PS: The QC is so pretty ~ LMAO
  9. Add and Subtract Game

    530 I lost my retainers. bummer. they cost a fortune.
  10. Add and Subtract Game

    970 I like Se Hee. If we live together and he decides to make meals for me, my dinners are guaranteed on time and on budget. Plus he cleans the house really well and doesn't talk much. So jjang! I also think highly.of marriage that's why I'm still unmarried.
  11. If JH decides to divorce her husband, can she please adopt SG? Hoping that this show does good to Jun as an idol. He's participating in The Unit. He's got a good singing voice, from what I can remember when he was introduced as an addition to his group some years back.
  12. [Drama 2017] Argon 아르곤

    @hmmmgoodGive us a heads-up about the subs quality from Netflix.
  13. Wait, are they adapting The Sound of Your Heart webtoon as a full TV series? And why was Sung Hoon cast as Jo Suk? hahaha the webtoon writer is very ambitious. He upgraded himself from Kwang Soo to Sung Hoon.
  14. What Japanese drama are you currently watching?

    Caution, Dangerous Wife and the awesome Keiji Yugami
  15. @vaiduakhu, to me, it's not OCD. Rather it's a subconscious manifestation of her being a chronic victim of domestic violence. What does she do right after her husband beats her? She arranges the disarray. It's a habit formed out of fear. Fear that her husband will beat her if he finds fault, fear that other people will catch on.