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  1. @minegroasprilla, It's not a Kdrama. They're speaking in Thai?
  2. Reminder, chingudeul. Care to tone down your byuntae comments bc we've got minors in the house. Ktnxbye
  3. Mianhae did I frighten you? I need to improve my sense of humor. NSFW means Not Safe For Work.
  4. @febz you should have put an NSFW warning as well! There goes my professional reputation. Colleagues: /see abs /eye contact with me / look away
  5. Tardis can't materialize in Kdramaland even if I plot the coordinates "Dobong-dong, in front of puppy-eyed CEO-nim" "the walnut shop in SK where there are only a few customers" "spacious warehouse where there's a tiny Pink Five and some generic goons" LOLS someone in the office accidentally had their speakers on. The SBS TV rating disclaimer abruptly played.
  6. Yes, there will be based on that, and it's happening in the next episode. Did you notice that DH leapt at him like SS did? My eucalyptus tree is really something.
  7. Chingudeul, please support uri Jang Moonbokie

    1. Berou


      :lol:  i didn't know you're a casual viewer of produce 101

      Btw, his hair is healthier than mine 

  8. Our female temp worker sang on King of Mask Singer and everyone were so mesmerized. The judges were freaking out and felt so honored to have her guest in their show. She definitely needs to sing an OST for this drama.
  9. @northstar13 Annyeong chingu! Formula: feisty female x INTJ male + mystery + secret identity Recommendation - She Was Pretty (INTJ level 7/10, mystery level 7/10, secret identity level 10/10) - Personal Taste (INTJ level 6/10, mystery level 5/10, secret identity level 8/10) - Legend of the Blue Sea (INTJ level 8/10, mystery level 10/10, secret identity level 8/10)
  10. Thanks for the rollcall but I'm about to sleep. Wait, what is sleep?
  11. I didn't read the manga but I'm equally disappointed that the show turned out to be a makjang fest. Nanaryu inviting the ex over while Asuka is walking on egg shells is so foul. Ryuta is too cute for words and can give off the Nanaryu vibe despite his short height and built but the script made Nanaryu devolve into this noble idiot. Episode 1 &2 were so promising.
  12. @triplem, or in a Dal.komm or A Twosome Place, and they'd reason out that the cafe chain is part of the family business. But the best product to come out of this show, aside from AMH's eyelash curler and mascara, would be Ainsoft's MMORPG.
  13. Nope, we're referring to Asian stores in the States. Royce chocolates aren't sold in those stores because they're high-end and perishable goods. Instead, Royce has retail shops around the world. And yes, you're right, the nama chocolate is packed in a cooling bag bc it melts in warm weather due to the fresh cream. Shove it in the fridge after buying it, if you manage to have not eaten everything on your way home. I'm a stone's throw away from an outlet, but since Im a peasant, I just made a copycat and gave them to my friends for Valentine's. Wow, this PPL is really effective and delicious but dangerous for my health and wallet. I hope these dramas feature lovely global food items instead of the regular Subway and basic iced coffee.
  14. @Earth2KatyD @evie7 Royce shops~ I doubt they're available in Asian stores since they have a short shelf life (2-3 days) and they need to be put in the fridge lest they melt.