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  1. @CamelKnight Marriage Contract and Mask are the romance dramas that left me a lasting impression.
  2. It looks okay, but to me it's more for a casual, daily look. If you're aiming to practice for your prom makeup look, try these simple tutorials below. The tutorials use inexpensive gel liners from Maybelline and Wet n Wild. They also include helpful tips, like using a Q-tip to fix lines. You have monolids, so the best eyeliner style for you is that of Ahn Sohee (tutorial 5, 6): This tutorial is also for monolids and produces a simple yet sophisticated look: These looks can also be achieved using Milani Liquid Eye Liquid-Like Eye Liner Pencil in Black 01
  3. 1. Amistad - cried in class in college 2. The Crucible/Silenced - closed my laptop halfway through and cried hard 3. Snow Falling on Cedars - cried in class in college 4. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly - this is so astounding yet depressing 5. Bridge to Terabithia - cried in class (I was the teacher)
  4. The slice of life genre presents and examines the daily life of the characters. Not so much plot going on, but the emotions are built up gradually. They don't preach you the lessons; you realize them on your own. Warning: it might be boring to the uninitiated because the pacing seems slow 1. Nobuta Wo Produce - Two high school boys suddenly decide to make their new classmate the most popular girl in school 2. Shinya Shokudou A midnight diner opens to customers from all walks of life 3. Densha Otoko - based on a true story, an online community helps a mediocre man confess to a rich woman he has met on the train 4. River's Edge Okawabata Detective Agency - the detectives fulfill the requests of their interesting clients, +18 for themes 5. Ohitorisama - A 30-year-old alpha female teacher falls in love with a much younger man I hope you'll like even one of them.
  5. White henna + hydrogen peroxide bleach 1. grate some soap and dissolve in hydrogen peroxide 2. add white henna. the mixture should look like paste 3. apply on desired body part and wait 30 mins. the mixture will harden and might be itchy 4. rinse out thoroughly with water. 5. do this for 7 consecutive days, then once a week then once a month
  6. @denmyos, please check out Akira Kurosawa's Ran (1985). It might be the one you're looking for.
  7. In theater and Japanese drama, it's called the "slice of life" genre. It's pretty much boring to some because it presents life raw and unpretentious, but it's my most favored Jdorama genre. Kdramas do not have this genre. It overlaps with other genres like melo, coming-of-age and police procedural. 1. Thank You - a melodrama about the stigma of being an HIV-positive child 2. The Producers - a parody of what Korean entertainment production 3. Age of Youth - coming-of-age drama about college students and struggling workers 4. Misaeng - corporate culture 5. Voice - police procedural based on real Korean cases, rated +19 for gruesome violence 1. I Am Legend - drama about getting divorced and pursuing a delayed singing career 2. Fantastic - drama about 30-yr-olds' real-life problems 3. Scent of a Woman - drama about being terminally ill and unsuccessful at work but then dating your boss, who happens to be Lee Dong Wook, so yes, dying yet winning in life 4. I Need Romance franchise - well yes, they need romance
  8. Dad was also hurt by Mom probably bc physical abuse is what she could do best as a way to communicate her frustrations. Although she lost her super strength, she's still vulnerable to jealousy. Dad has also caused Mom trouble and she beat him up for it. But did beating him console or assure her? Perhaps that's why Dad has to tell MH that. It's a parent's wish for their daughter to have a blissful life but it's also a reflection of Dad's experience. Which makes MH's comment and Dad's reaction funny to the viewer bc it somehow appears that he's making fun of Dad.
  9. Does this couple have a shipping thread yet?
  10. Aww I'm on vacation. I'll watch it next week. Thanks, everyone!
  11. The mems were sanctioned for multiple violations, including but not limited to the following: 1. They collected personal info and used it as a leverage to threaten the IG users who had been habitually stealing their content. While the stalking and threats were done within IG grounds and other means, planning and post-threat discussion were done via Soompi PM. 2. They encouraged Soompiers who were part of that PM to engage in illegal activities. 3. They intimidated and badmouthed Soompiers who visited this thread. 4. They claimed to own this thread and instituted their own rules, overriding forum rules. While you befitted from their insider info and proactive shipping, they were not responsible shippers at all. A responsible shipper does not take the law for granted. I don't care whether you sympathize with them, leave this forum and/or make a fuzz about us mods. Of course, they didn't add you to that private thread so you don't know the extent of their actions. What I care about is that you understand the gravity of the situation. Do not threaten to ruin someone's life just because you passionately love a celebrity. But if you choose to do so, do it outside of our site. Live horribly at your own expense.
  12. My Korean chingudeul, please vote Jang Moon Bok. Kamsamhida.

    Atashi no kankokujin no tomodachi, Jang Moon Bok-kun ni touhyoushite kudasai. Arigatou. 

  13. When HW was called for the interview, I was hollering, tell them they're liars! Tell them! And it happened! Wishing it's not just her imagination or a fake of some sort.