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  1. @gabet, King Jinheung's heir, Jinpyeong of Silla, was a sacred bone. He's the son of Crown Prince Dongryun, who was Jinheung's child with Lady Mano.
  2. Cheese in the Trap film cast's high average age, a benefit or loss? Naver - Sports Chosun: High average age of Cheese in the Trap cast, a benefit or loss? Article talks about the cast's high average age compared to the drama version and if this will harm or benefit the movie 1. [+2,041, -13] The ages aren't the issue but rather, it's how will they compress such a long story into a 2-hour movie? 2. [+2,197, -75] Celebrities can easily cover up their ages through their looks 3. [+1,337, -35] Woah.. Can't wait for Yoo In Young ㅋㅋㅋㄱ She will be amazing as Baek In Ha 4. [+594, -30] That's something to worry about but as long as the acting is good, it should be fine ♡ 5. [+179, -17] I liked everything about the drama but too bad, the production crew turned it into a makjang 6. [+163, -19] There are so many adult students returning to school who are much older than them, why all this fuss over their ages? 7. [+80, -7] Reporter, what's the point in writing that 91er Kim Go Eun is 27 years old? ㅋㅋㅋ 8. [+69, -4] It's a benefit. They get to act and receive a massive image boost from it 9. [+81, -10] Wow, since the sync is so perfect, we get this one reporter trolling and making a fuss over the cast's ages. Cheese, please hit daebak 10. [+91, -17] The lineup can't get any better than this ㅋㅋㅋㅋFighting!
  3. The drama universe is fictional and it's a reimagination of the history of Hwarang and the reign behind it. There are only certain elements that were borrowed from history that served as building blocks of the script, so this writer utilizes creative license as much as she wants. Therefore, anything can be possible, and anything can possibly go wrong. The ending can be like this: SMJ retains his crown and marries his sister to continue the sacred bone line. SW becomes head hwarang and Ahro becomes head wonhwa and you will have a final long shot of them kissing. Or the writer can throw in some makjang and have one of them killed. I don't watch this show. I just read some recaps from DB bc I needed background info for my job as a mod. I watched some snippets from Ep. 18 for SMJ lols because I was waiting for a badass King reveal. And then for two days, I Googled Sillah history lols so I learned a lot. To me it's like Moorim School -- good material but bad execution. I'm telling you, with the wealth of historical material this is based on, they could have made this into a three-part series shot a few years apart. Look what the scriptwriter did with Deeply Rooted Tree and its prequel, Six Flying Dragons. Those weren't historically accurate either but the writer managed to do well. On the other hand, even though Hwarang is fictional and take liberties, much is to be desired bc some plot points are deemed unnecessary and contrived. But we still have 2 eps to go, so some things can possibly turn right.
  4. Seriously, this drama had the potential to have another season or two had the writer done a good job. The historical material spanned generations of kings and queens. We could watch the Hwarangs become glorious warriors with their painted faces.
  5. PYS's plan is to kill Jinheung, who is the last known male sacred bone in his family line. That's why the king remained faceless until he can securely rule. If there are no sacred bones left to take the throne, the true bones can ascend. This is what happened later on in the history of Sillah. King Muyeol was the first true bone (sacred bone by birth, became true bone through his father's demotion) to rule the kingdom since all the sacred bones had already died.
  6. Yoo In Young cast as 'Baek Inha' in the movie 'Cheese in the Trap' Thursday, February 16, 2017 cheese in the trap, korean movies, yoo in young No comments Article: [Exclusive] Yoo In Young cast as Baek Inha for the movie 'Cheese in the Trap' Source: Star News via Nate 1. [+644, -58] The drama should've been cast this way from the start, tsk tsk. What a mess that casting was aside from the male lead ㅋㅋㅋㅋ hopefully the movie can redeem it 2. [+532, -15] Oh, this is quite fresh, I can't wait ^^ 3. [+481, -16] Yes... I can see her fitting the role... 4. [+31, -8] The movie is being cast way better than the drama! Can't wait!! 5. [+21, -2] The movie is really only casting the actors that netizens have paired up with the characters all along ㅋㅋㅋ the supporting characters are looking pretty good too - Source: Naver 1. [+8,007, -170] The movie is several hundred times better than the drama's casting already 2. [+6,256, -67] She's a total fit for Baek Inha... loving the casting so far 3. [+5,550, -85] Love it... the movie is practically the dream cast for readers 4. [+3,820, -132] This makes me upset about the drama, why couldn't they cast like this to begin with ㅡㅡ 5. [+644, -10] The sync is better than the webtoon this time, all we need is a good script and it's daebak ㅠㅠ 6. [+610, -10] Haven't seen a cast list this perfect in a while 7. [+570, -6] Wow, isn't this the first movie that was cast completely by netizen wishes? Daebak 8. [+481, -7] She's 100% the perfect fit from the eyes to her high pitched voice
  7. Is SW a sacred bone? If he is a sacred bone, then he can launch a coup with the ministers. In this context, he will succeed King Jinheung rather than become Jinheung. But of course, history tells us that was not the case, unless the writer is aiming for a retelling of history. If SW is a true bone, he is not fit to become king no matter how good his leadership skill is, because only sacred bones are allowed to ascend the throne. The only way he can become king in this context is for him to usurp the throne with the help of the ministers and repeal the law of ascendancy. Where is Lady Mishil? No budget for her?
  8. Finally, the red-robed King shows his face to the royal court.
  9. V intercepted the sword with his hands. Eventually dies from poison. Sw carries his dead body to the Hwarang HQ. Sad day.
  10. OCN’s “Voice” Gets Submitted For Censorship Review Due To Violent Scenes D. Druther February 14, 2017 Tweet Share Pin Share The Korean Communications Standards Commission has recently submitted OCN’s action drama “Voice” for censorship review. On February 14, a source from the agency stated that the program’s age rating has been reported due to complaints about violent scenes. The commission will be officially reviewing the case on February 15. The Korea Communications Commission will review the drama in accordance with two particular censorship standards, Article 36 (Depictions of violence) and Article 37 (Shock aversion). “Voice” stars Jang Hyuk and Lee Ha Na as a former detective and an emergency call operator respectively, who work together to investigate murder cases. The show is currently holding steady as one of the top-watched dramas of its time slot.
  11. If they make one of the characters a personality of another, I'd flip over and reflect on my life choices. That would totally be a cruel and unfair twist. But I believe they won't do that because it's too progressive lols But instead, what if Jaewook has split personality? I'm off to watch Ep 8. Well, I'm done. I'll call him The K2 (The Kettlebell Killer) for now bc why not Their clues: - Shim halmeoni killer and Eunhyundong killer are the same. - NST hides the bodies; The K2 leaves the bodies in the open. - The Golden Team leaders are next targets. What they can do to establish that NST is not Shim halmeoni's killer: - Voice profiling. Ex. make the captured underlings listen to The K2's voice recording and identify if it's NST's voice. lols - Method comparison. Ex. NST used different weapons. The K2 has a consistent one. The K2's murders involves meticulous steps - Deduction. Knowing that someone in the force can be an accomplice, NST's fingerprints may have been planted. Our clues: - The K2 exhibits psychopatic behavior (imagined disfiguration of the policeman's face, disfiguration of the victims' faces, calculated murder) - Both NST and K2 work for the same org boss. The organization framed NST Possible accomplices - Police Commissioner Bae "It's me, Sir. It looks like they have found the fingerprints." -- PCBae "And tell Commissioner Bae to come." -- Old Boss - Chief Jang (via blackmail; may be onetime, may be not) - other police (NST tells Janghyuk that the police will cover it up when he dies)
  12. I want MP to take JG back on the condition that his mother stay away from them for a long time. Though scriptwriters don't necessarily have the moral obligation to instill valuable lessons on Korean family life, I wish the writer would taken it upon herself to at least give GS the smackdown. Based on how she developed MP and her mom's characters, they will likely forgive other people.
  13. So the grandma is a cosplayer. Hahaha I'm going to have a nightmare. Happy bloody Valentine's Day.
  14. Fringes really are a necessity to bag a handsome Korean. Is she a doctor too? No, though she could qualify for a PhD in drinking.
  15. Current casting situation of 'Cheese in the Trap' movie version Production Company: Mountain Movement Story Director: Kim Je Young Works include: (as a director) Queen of the Night, I Married an Anti-fan (screenplay) Wonderful Radio, Wonderful Nightmare (arrangement) Insane Cast Park Hae Jin (Yoo Jung) Oh Yeon Seo (Hong Seol) Park Ki Woong (Baek In Ho) (currently positively considering) Oh Jong Hyuk (Oh Young Gon) Moon Ji Yoon (Sang Chul sunbae) excerpt from a Naver article "Movie 'Cheese in the Trap' builds up action.. martial arts director of 'Bad Guys' join" "Martial Arts director Baek Kyung Chan who's formed a connection with Park Hae Jin in drama 'Bad Guys' is joining the movie version of Cheese in the Trap starring Park Hae Jin and Oh Yeon Seo. With the addition of director Baek, the 'Cheese' will likely amp up both romance and thrill"theqoo: Current casting situation of 'Cheese in the Trap' movie version -Ooh Park Ki Woong! Since everyone in the lineup is on the mature side, might as well cast Yoo In Young for Baek In Ha -Their ages... -Are they going for an office rather than a college theme? -I like the casting -Cheese in the Office ㅋㅋㅋㅋ -I can't imagine them as college students -The actor for Oh Young Gon is so handsome ㅋㅋ -Cheese in the Trap as an action movie? -Is a movie version really necessary? -They're too old to play college students