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  1. Add and Subtract Game

    480 Doenjang jiigae jagiyah
  2. Add and Subtract Game

    480 I'm going to a national Kdrama fan convention this weekend (with 1k registered participants) ~ Hope to meet some Soompiers there. How, I dunno lels. Maybe I'll come wearing a fake Soompi shirt bc I don't have one right now. Someone from the postal service stole my Soompi shirt. @Dhakra I thought I was part of your inner circle of friends who can tease you. You hurt my feelings. jk We're not rolling out the clubs yet so my project was still in the drawing board. But I already put it on the cutting board some minutes ago so nvm.
  3. Add and Subtract Game

    You're so harsh. I thought I would finally succeed in helping you find a Soompi sweetheart. I don't want this project anymorez. *zips up panda onesie and cooks doenjang jjigae* 474
  4. Add and Subtract Game

    472 I tried the brooding scene in the gym shower room. I wasted a lot of water before I moved on. Oh, I thought Dhakra is making a subtle move on our maknae Berou? *flies away*
  5. Add and Subtract Game

    464 The rapper with the deepest voice turns out to be the highest pitched. My son is awesome
  6. Last warning is hereby issued to this thread for multiple violations. >bashing >quarreling >posting fanfic >abusing the report button This thread is under review. Further infractions will lead to individual warnings and possible thread lock. Thanks. Original message
  7. @djajk welcome! Others haven't caught up yet as they're too busy quarreling over in some other threads. But if things heat up, this thread will be lit.
  8. Yo guys, we should rename this thread to Temperature of Lava ~~ @lavender2love that's truffles and they're damn expensive
  9. So JS' temperature was hot flambe while hers was tepid. Though I'm excited for the pairing, I'm more interested in Jaewook and the food in this series.
  10. Add and Subtract Game

    *whispers* Temperature of Love 438
  11. Add and Subtract Game

    414 wohoo ice cream
  12. Add and Subtract Game

  13. Add and Subtract Game