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  1. *cutesy wink* Thrill!: The Red Chapter
  2. From W to RW, Lee Shi-un gets freaked out about more than he would bargain for.
  3. Slipping in between a dream sequence, where I am in a BTS fanmeet, and the reality of working at midnight, I almost called my boss Jungkookie. (But what if he's a BTS fan?) 608
  4. So sleepy. Googled some high-ranking baseball official and typed "murdered" after his name. No, he's still alive. I'm just in Criminal Minds dreamland. 574
  5. 754 @staygold, how did you film your origami BTS? what camera did you use? how how how? I'm curious. @CatchMine_ID, what software does Catch use to make those gorgeous YT music videos? I'm also curious. I have found my calling. oh, please jeijei hajima.
  6. @Dhakra I was being sarcastic.
  7. Round-up! Images: @Lmangla @lynne22@kokodus @bedifferent @staygold @triplem @USAFarmgirl @jeijei Video of his sweet self: @Dhakra Did I miss anyone?
  8. CatchMine_ID friend, are you and Catch dating? Kekekeke Basic compile with name/message captions is okay. When Catch master-nim wakes up, I'll ask her to teach me her ways.
  9. Wow, thank you, @CatchMine_ID friend. I will collate everything and will send it to you. Dhakra looks like a teenager! I look like a half-human, half-potato after my workout.
  10. I cannot do effects lols I'm a noob. Anyone who's got editing skill? I recorded my video in the gym bathroom. Hehe
  11. Ermergerd I like like like Iron and Wine. I was thinking of using Naked as We Came or Such Great Heights for the background but thought it's too selfish of me. But hello. wait I'm having sugar rush wait hahshskA Okay. I checked her YouTube channel. Catch has got mad editing skills. Will she get offended by my output? lels This is the song: Kevin Oh - Be My Light (Chicago Typewriter OST). I will sing it. You play it next to her so she will be forced to get up and turn it off.
  12. OMG haha working on different timezones has wrecked me. It's 7/13 lols