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  1. Methinks they know she's hell-bent on solving the twin-murder cold case, so they're kind of yielding to her demands to somehow divert her attention to current cases. But we now she's not putting it in the back-burner. I'm imagining the serial rapist-killer will go after KKJ in the future. Him paying for her US training as part of his sadistic plan could also be a possibility.
  2. Oh Yeon Ah was that frustrating nurse from Signal Ep 1-2. Now she plays a victim. What a 180-degree turn!
  3. In anticipation of the finale and a burning-blue thread, I'd like to remind us all of the following forum rules: - Do not quote images, videos or long posts. - All non-drama discussion must be posted in their respective threads (Actors & Actresses, Fanfix, Shipping). - Do not post inappropriate content. - Do not post illegal streaming links. - Use the spoiler tag for spoilers and multiple images/videos. - Do not bash any member of this forum, any cast & crew or related parties. - Do not post page milestone celebrations. For live viewing reactions and virtual meetups, check out the #goblin channel over at Kamsamhida for your usual cooperation. Very much appreciated
  4. The alleged killer starred as Waffle Guy Sun-ki in The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince ~ teehee The way DS told MJH that the suspect has been found is so sketchy. There's an urgency to wrap up the case so that it won't make any noise. Why? Because a top detective was involved. It would tarnish the department's reputation if it were dragged further on. I would not be surprised if DS knows something about the dealings of the higher-ups. This makes me think of their previous"solved" cases if there had been voice profilers available to take the stand. Particular to a procedural series is an overaching case, and here' it's the death of MJH's wife and KKJ's father. If they would throw us crumbs as we move along the series to let us viewers take part in the actual investigation, like making us pseudo voice profilers, all good. I just don't want an eerie, unnecessary twist at the end.
  5. @nateko I recognized him yesterday and didn't name him so as not to spoil it. But well, you already did hahaha no problem with that though. At first, it was only a guess as he's one of the credited individuals with "special appearance". You know when an actor has a special appearance, he is likely to play a stand-out role. I read the character profiles on Page 1 some minutes ago, and I confirmed that it's him. In the picture, he's not smiling, but his jawline is a dead giveaway. I wish they didn't show his facial features so as to build up the suspense. But it looks like that's not what they're aiming for. Daeshik cannot be the murderer. KKJ has already heard his voice. If she has absolute pitch and can distinguish speech patterns and timbre, she can easily match his voice with the murderer's, given that she's kind of obsessed with the case. But let's say he could have altered his speech during the murder. But wouldn't the wife recognize him as he's close to MJH? I believe that the suspect was planted. The recording was doctored to weaken KKJ's claims. I don't like police force politics. Btw, on Page 1, the profile pics for the wife and alleged DongChul aren't the same as the actors playing them. Did they switch actors?
  6. If my guess is correct, Dong Chul's full face is not shown anywhere in Eps 1-2. Some of the world's brutal serial rapist-murderers are like that. They hide beneath the facade of normalcy, if not perfection. They usually have a distinct quirk, which gives them away. And more often than not, they have had a traumatic childhood that triggered their deviant behavior.
  7. This reminds me of the better Japanese tantei where the leads have special abilities which help solve cases. Lee Hana's ability to discern sounds is believable as there are real-life cases of people who suddenly got awesome skills after recovering from severe injury.
  8. I'm watching the trial right now. Janghyuk's drunk acting is so good. When I saw the killer's teeth at the start, I asked, Choi Taejoon? Edit. I now know who Dong Chul is. Hello, babe. It's been so long. Nice to see you in dramaland again.
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  10. I'll come as KS' umbrella. Or Samshin Halmeoni because I look like a grandma after work anyway.
  11. We've got a spoiler tag for, you bet, spoilers. Please use it. Thanks much. @janeeta:
  12. @crazyoverkdrama, No, he originally died lying on that field. @LyraYoo boglegel selca using snow app. but I uninstalled mine because I looked like an alien species when I tried it.