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  1. I'm sorry I can't comment much on tonight's episode bc I'm still a minor. Bye~ *opens YT app*
  2. SKJ was fantastic in Cheese in the Trap. My favorite scene there is actually when he playfully runs in the rain with Seol. Sadly, he's been bashed for the poor script. This robot acting also relies on his ethereal facial features. He looks like a CGI, don't you think so? NS3's jealousy question is funny. If SB says no, he may reply that she's lying. If she says yes, it confirms his learned behavior that she's jealous when he looks at other girls.
  3. jeijei

    What Japanese drama are you currently watching?

    Good Doctor Idk why but Sachiiro no One Room
  4. uWu get married and have highly confident bedimpled babies~
  5. If the F4 are the cream of the crop, they very much deserve their merit-based scholarships. Excluding them from the selection due to their economic status itself illustrates unequal opportunities. I like the fact that DMS stressed that his mom became successful on her own merit. I think there's no point in rehashing the same story if you can't offer anything different, so I welcome the changes in this adaptation and hope that the script will justify them. But then again, I don't recommend the drama. IMO it's a bad PPL script
  6. NS3 was aware when NS moved his fingers (during the date scene) and might have searched the world's database to stabilize his condition and "cure" him. Now that's a twist.
  7. Some elements in the HYD manga and the 2001 adaptation do not align with today's sensibilities, thus this is aptly titled 2018. Good thing they toned down the physical bullying; otherwise, it's not believable no matter how powerful the Dao Ming family is. A few snaps of university violence could easily find their way to social media and the authorities. There are other ways to interpret inequality and inequity. I chuckled when the mom didn't use a frying pan to hit SC's head when DS dropped by. This version's Lei is a wood. I can't read him compared to Shun and Vic Chou, who both did an amazing job in fleshing out the introvert and melancholic character. Have you tried the 1995 version yet? No, please don't.
  8. jeijei

    Add and Subtract Game

    756 I'm watching Sachiiro no One Room. It has a twisted premise, but you should try it if you're bored. I'm also watching the Japanese adaptation of Good Doctor with the ubiquitous Kento. His acting is amazeballs, but he's paired with the much older Nodame, so that's weird to me. Meteor Garden 2018 removes the gross physical violence rampant in the previous franchises, but retains Dao Ming Si's sexual violence without addressing it at all. I do watch it for nostalgia and for Didi and Shen Yue (that girl will go miles) (and Ximen is hot), but I can't recommend it.
  9. jeijei

    Please Help Me! Thread

    @benightedxflamemaybe you know the answer to @larryy's query. Thanks.
  10. Oh, I was the left/right-seat. @Jillia was the presiding judge. She worked on this matter with the admin, so don't forget to thank her as well. Thanks a lot, @Jillia!
  11. The Kdramas and Movies forum rules have been amended today to clarify this issue. 16. Use the spoiler tag or highlight the text. Don't ruin a drama or movie for others! Dramas or movies will air earlier in Korea than other countries. When posting screencaps, if you have more than 3 images, please use the spoiler tag as a courtesy to your fellow drama fans. The opening and closing tags are "Spoiler" and "/Spoiler" (replace the quotes with [brackets], or the eye icon). The fourth image onward need to go into the spoiler tag. 17. Use the spoiler tag for multiple images and videos. When posting images and videos (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, gifs, etc), if you have more than 3 images and/or videos, the fourth image/video onward need to go into the spoiler tag. This facilitates the transition between pages and enhances the user experience for those who have limited data caps. Additional Information  - When posting pictures, you are allowed to put 50 pictures in one post. Consider posting pictures in thumbnail sizes instead if they are large images. Please also see Rules #16 and #17 for posting of multiple images and videos. Gist: When posting more than 3 images/videos, make the first 3 visible and hide the rest in spoiler tags. Happy posting!
  12. He played the psycho classmate in Cheese in the Trap, and he attacks his character here just like that.
  13. Yes, NS3 is an android, so he becomes intelligent through deep learning. His behavior depends on the input fed to him. AI robots act according to rules. If NS3 exhibits an aberrant behavior, that just means he learns a new rule and overrides the previous one. Since he spends more time with SB, he learns her behavior and mirrors it. If he falls in love, it's all bc SB falls for him first.
  14. OMG, I watched the crying scene between the two brothers. YJ not hugging his crying hyung is the best decision ever. You see the culmination of hyung's sins and his guilt overwhelming him, while you also see the extent of the damage he caused to the otherwise considerate YJ. Taehwanie, you acted it well! Your crying face is so pitiful. It's probably your last episode huhu but good job!
  15. Yes, it feels like those specialist Jdoramas. Big on details and subtle on romance.