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  1. Kim Dong Wook, Kim Jae Wook, And Jung Eun Chae Confirmed For New OCN Supernatural Drama C. Hong May 22, 2018 An upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama from OCN has confirmed several of its cast. On May 23, according to the actors’ various agencies, Kim Dong Wook, Kim Jae Wook, and Jung Eun Chae will be appearing in the drama tentatively titled “Hand: The Guest.” It is written by Kwon So Ra and Seo Jae Woon and directed by Kim Hong Sun, who had worked with Kim Jae Wook briefly on another OCN drama, “Voice.” “Hand: The Guest” tells the story of a psychic, a priest, and a detective who solve bizarre crimes that occur throughout Korean society, banishing the evil in people’s hearts through a combination of Korean-style exorcism and shamanism. Kim Dong Wook will play the lead character, Yoon Hwa Pyung, born with psychic powers. He uses his powers to act as a shaman and has a strong commitment to exorcising evil spirits, but his free-spirited nature hides a dark heart. Kim Jae Wook plays Choi Yoon, a cold and cynical priest whose strong will and sense of evil make him an ideal exorcist. However, he shows little emotion and drives people away with his unapproachable personality. Jung Eun Chae plays Kang Gil Young, a detective in the serious crime squad, whose passion and laser focus on the job at hand put veteran male detectives to shame. She has a tough but easygoing personality and does not believe in the supernatural, though she soon gets embroiled in the world of exorcisms when she meets Choi Yoon and Yoon Hwa Pyung. “Hand: The Guest” is expected to premiere sometime in September.
  2. Hand: The Guest Director: Kim Hong Sun Writer: Seo Jae Won, Kwon So Ra Episodes: TBA Release Date: September, 2018 -- Runtime: Weds. & Thurs. “Hand: The Guest” tells the story of a psychic, a priest, and a detective who solve bizarre crimes that occur throughout Korean society, banishing the evil in people’s hearts through a combination of Korean-style exorcism and shamanism. Yes, I plagiarized the Soompi article. Kim Dong Wook - as shaman Yoon Hwa Pyung. He exorcises evil spirits like the Shaman King but hides a dark secret dumdumdumdum as a previous bartender in a coffee shop. Kim Jae Wook - as forever cold priest Choi Yoon. He craftily cuts the claws of evil spirits with his jaws, but he's so unapproachable like your banker when you're asking for another loan. I bet he's a tsundere. Jung Eun Chae - as easygoing yet tough cookie detective Kang Gil Young. She doesn't believe in the supernatural until she meets Choi Yoon in his otherworldly oppa form. 01.Soompi code of conduct | SOOMPI RULES FOR KDRAMA | MOVIES | ACTORS' & ACTRESS' SECTION Anything unrelated to the drama plot is considered spamming. Don't quote images. Don't bash drama cast & crew and any member of Soompi Do not post illegal streaming links Violators will be exorcised.
  3. Episode 16 sub is now released! Enjoy~ huhuhu it's over~ I'm #sobbingintherain I'd like to thank the pretty unnies and our only namja dongsaeng of Subbing in the Rain team Translators: @stroppyse @yaselin @jadecloud @Bissu @semplice Timers: @samecut123 @yaselin @ysaputri @cawaiimonster @leesja@Harukogirl @mandy77777 @daydreamer115 @SennaR @blitz06 QCs: @jeijei @Harukogirl@jadecloud @semplice
  4. kpop fair fest

    Uwaaah Let me serve some appetizers to motivate you. Annyeong chingudeul! My favorite Kpop group is Seventeen~ (Hello, Wonwoonie!) Q: What mood is a good time to check out this group's music? Any mood would do because they have a variety of songs and genres that could suit your current emotions or the feelings you're after. Q: If you could describe the music as a season, food or vacation type (beach/mountain/adventure/sleeping!), how would you describe them? Four seasons punch! Spring fruit shake Summer lemonade Autumn wine Winter hot tea Q: If you had to name three songs to lure people into your fandom, what songs would you say would best describe the specific talents your idol group has and why? Mansae - co-choreo by Hoshi, co-written by Woozi and the rap line, co-composes by Woozi, this song is highly infectious and upbeat and features powerful vocals Highlight - co-composed by Hoshi and written and sung by the performance unit, the song proves that this unit can do more than dance. And ofc you must see them perform it live. Love Letter - Wonwoo sings! That's enough reason to check this out. They wrote it as a letter to the fandom *sobs in Korean* Q: What would be the main reason for someone on a deserted island to have only your group's songs with her/him? You're all alone and you feel the Trauma, and you tell yourself, this is No F.U.N. But you Don't Wanna Cry, so stand up and look up to the sky. Isn't it Beautiful? Still Lonely? Then listen to Seventeen songs to uplift your spirit. But Don't Listen in Secret. Sing out loud and Clap! Remember the times you're Crazy in Love, or when someone tells you Lean on Me. Mansae! Even in your situation right now, life is Aju Nice. Q: When you're being hunted down by the police, cops hot on your tail and you're running for your life with an enormous amount of stolen cash on you, what song from your group would you recommend the driver of your Uber would play for you? Check In I check in, Seoul City (Seoul City) Yeah I check in, Singapore City (Melbourne, Sydney) Yeah I check in, Manila City (Bangkok, Hong Kong) Yeah I check in, hell yeah I check in, I check in like oh Yes, bye, cops~ So chingudeul, join this music fair and gain new mutuals.
  5. We're happy that Dr. Ye is the end game because we want the best for BY and we want a Dr. Ye for ourselves. What matters to me is not the main lead but the main squeeze. He's deserving of our uri BY's love, devotion and body gags. And like I joked before but luh it did come true, this drama is about MH's evolution from a jerk to a less of a jerk. He deserves to be loved by someone as he's become love itself (remember the poem?). But you know that that someone is not BY. The writer chose to make her heart anchored to Dr. Ye's shores. If it's because of public sentiment, then all the better. We do not owe someone our love just because they've become nice to us.
  6. I didn't participate in Ep. 15/16 because I'm still salty. My team are very fast. I don't know what got into them. The last episode was already up for QC 7 hrs ago, but since I'm having none of it, you have to wait a couple of hours more as our other QC lives on the other side of the planet. Special thanks to @stroppyse, who translated 95% of this series. *confetti rain* for our homecoming queen!
  7. Episode 14 explains why the Episode 15 breakup is very unreasonable and unfair, why JA dating a Gyumin 2.0 is a farce, and why staying in the company for a higher position in exchange for shutting up is itself a disservice to what JA had previously stood up for. These three things undermine JH and JA's growth over the past few episodes. Why the scriptwriter went there and the leads agreed with that is beyond me. All I know is I need some chocolate and I'll spend my short rest time making Dr. Ye memes.
  8. Don't they have, like, script reviewers? Did the director and producer have any say on this? Now my team's morale is so low but we're still pushing on. I thought it's best to leave it with the Netflix subber, cut our losses and just watch NCIS: New Orleans. Heck, I rap better than the writer writes ending scenarios.
  9. Episode 16 didn't redeem Episode 15 and didn't properly address all the problems put forward by this show. They had ample time to do that, but that's wasted through the gratuitous kissing and running cuts and non-dialogue scenes. So the editing ate the time that's supposed to be given to them to talk about these matters and duke it out. All they did was kiss, have sex and run away from their problems. Maybe it's the effect of too much caffeine in their system. Or the ambition of the writer to have some extension.
  10. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    hands down the best kdrama of the season in terms of script and editing. Kudos to IU! We share the same view.
  11. Mayyyyyybe this is really her reality. Maybe her time with JH is just an imagination. Luh maybe the writer swallowed a postmodernism pill and decided, "Let me dig my '90s youth and marry it with David Lynch and throw in some zeitgeist. It'll be a rad episode." Let me guess. These two are still keeping their charades with umma. Everything is a lie! I have a fab meltdown, btw
  12. So they broke up bc she refused to go with him to the US? What is this joke time? Why is Darth Vader winning? But the time jump is smoooth. She should have sued their butts off rather than settled with the promotion. This is so insensitive of the SK #metoo movement. Granted corporate cover-ups do happen, but the scriptwriter could have swung the other way bc it supports JA's characterization as a strong-willed woman. I wish it happened to BR instead. She would throw them court papers and sayonara her way out of the company. Yes, it's happy ending, but this episode is weird. But I'll still QC this episode later. For now I'm gonna blergh some.
  13. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    Uh, he's not just into her. He still likes his wife but can't get past her affair. While it 's perfectly understandable that viewers are frustrated that DH and JA didn't end up together, we have to accept that not all love is romantic. Sometimes you just feel a connection beyond lust or reason. Both of them have been victims and are now less cynical about life. Loving someone is thrilling, but living peacefully is of a higher-order feeling. This show just illustrates the monk's philosophy in detail.
  14. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    I have many feels! She's their homie and it means so much for everyone. And my favorite couple, KHxYR, is making progress.