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  1. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Lost Love in Times 醉玲珑

    This is my first time reading this drama thread...May I know if this drama adapted from novels or not? If yes , is it happy ending or not? Hopefully its not end like Princess Agents.
  2. May I know if this series get happy ending or not? After suffering heartbreak watching last episode of Princess Agents...i would like to know first whether this series get happy ending or not. Though I'm.happy that Xinger finally confess her true feeling to YuwenYue I can't accept cliffhanger ending.
  3. After watching last episode with no subtitle, i feel bitter feeling as I invested this drama for the past 2 month..I'm shock that we left with an open ending. But after just watching last episode again with subtitle....I finally have to admit that the producer left us with bittersweet ending for a few reason..maybe they are planning for 2 season or for viewers to imagine the ending they want. But I still feel unsatisfied, there is few moment I feel satisfied for last episode..Finally CQ let YX know her feelings after arrive at Yanbei and how he overly suspicious of her, miss yu and mr.yu despite being with him through thick and thin. I have to say that Ice lake incident in term of acting and raw emotion between YWY and CQ is so great thatvI shed tears continuously, Finally CQ in the face of life and death have to face her real feeling for YWY is love of man and woman...and I like how she desperately want YWY to live as his death is like taking her life as well. In my eyes, the moment CQ pick up YWY po yue sword to fight YX soldier is the moment she with no hesitation cut her ties with YX and choose to be with YWY through life and death. YX even knowing CQ real feeling for YWY is so ruthless and despicable by separating the iceberg between CQ and YWY in hope YWY drown in the bottom of the lake and get CQ back like nothing happen while holding the boody jade.Even till that moment he refuse to let go of CQ. Unknown to him CQ with no second thought jump into the lake to save YWY. For her at that moment, the most important thing is for her and YWY alive together...but for YWY hearing her confession and knowing her alive is already his biggest happiness. Right now it depend on us viewers to imagine what happen to YWY and CQ after CQ regain her power. The most satisfying part is that CQ manage to kill Cheng Yuan and his sidekick..I hate them so much cause they make Xiuli army suffer and CQ loss her power. If the producer really produce next season, I will watch again only after all the episode end with happy ending so that I will not be left with bitter feeling again. It is better if YWY and CQ played by LGX and ZLY again because their chemistry is so great here..I'm glad that I finally know actor LGX through this drama..I pray him for the best and hopefully he choose better story with happy ending.
  4. The only best thing for this drama I discover an actor Lin Geng Xin aka YuwenYu...hopefully he pick a better drama after this.
  5. The only good part is YX look so pissed and angry seeing CQ embrace YWY and all these years they together is actually for nothing...and its true because the ending is terrible
  6. I hate this kind of ending...no wonder they say only film half of the book...they really want to continue with season 2? So many unanswered question!!
  7. Just like this???!!Am I wasting my time...the ending is worst than General and I...At least the be together..I cry so hard when they fall and suddenly it stop!!
  8. No wonder CQ kill CY, because he kill Yue Qi
  9. Rookie Agent rouge is good or bad? I need new drama to replace PA.. About Nirvana in Fire.For me it is one of the best well made chinese drama with good writing, actors, directing and cinematography, even background music is good...its not for anyone who love romance but for thise who love political, revenge this vry good and you can never fast forward because every word and action is link to each other. This is for anyone who love to think because all the scheme is so good.
  10. It is Ironic since CY killed by CQ by his own dagger given by YX, I wonder if it happen after YWY drown under the Icy lake or before.
  11. I guess CQ is so heartbroken and never thought that she love YWY so deeply that she embrace him when he is dying and reciprocate his feeling...Is it true that its better late than never? But I want a happy ending for them!!Especially for YWY, I want him to be happy with his lover. Both him and CQ has come a very long way. I wonder what in YX mind seeing CQ kiss YWY forhead knowing he is dying, YX completely loss her heart and mind...All CQ want at that time is to be with YWY together and alive. Tragedy at Icy lake will become unforgetable scene for a long time at least for me. P/S:Since the preview of Icy lake comeout last night this thread moving so fast...This thread is active more than any korean drama at the moment.
  12. I don't remember how many times I watch the preview and I cry everytime I watch it. I really want to watch today's episode so badly but at the same time don't have courage to do so because its mean our journey with YWY and CQ will end today and possible sad ending.I hope this beautiful couple get a satisfying ending. Probably YX pure jealousy with YWY triggered with the coming of Prince Xiang troop and he use it as an excuse to devise this despicable plan to lure YWY out and kill him. When I watch the preview, the overwhelming emotion both YWY and CQ for me is a prove that they love each so much and this time for CQ she's willing to let go of everything to save him while CQ is so devastated seeing YWY dying in front of her. YX will see himself and confirm his suspicion that CQ indeed love YWY and maybe will be shock that CQ willing to jump into the lake to save YWY. At that time he completely loosing her. I think what CQ said to YX about using YWY feelings for her to kill him is so despicable as though war is unavoidable he should fight fairly with him especially they are former friend.
  13. Prince Xiang is being trick by that traitor and also the fake letter. Lets hope the war will be stopped because common people will suffer the most. His appearence at Meilin border is the thing that trigger YX to kill YWY plus his jealousy make him device this despicable scheme. Using CQ to lure YWY out. So now I understand why only YWY fighting on the ice lake, his guard either injured or die... The producer really know how to trick us...only show the ice lake scene and the scene before it but not after that. Will YWY survive or not? I don't know how many times I cry watching the preview, it hurt so much because its take too long for CQ to admit her feeling and how important YWY is for her.
  14. I know it, that Yanbei traitor will poison Prince Xiang mind to attack Yanbei, no wonder YX attack YWY maybe as a warning? Especially the Liang Princess change YWY letter...I hope that traitor die...But like YWY said to CQ before there is always evil person will turn up after another. About YWY being trap, I think maybe he know its a trap but still go because he can't risk CQ life.
  15. If YX can let Chun er go , why he need to kill YWY...Is it because YWY hindering his dream to attack Chang An or because of jealousy? Or both?The moment YX shoot YWY through his heart, with no doubt he lose CQ entirely and no more excuse can make CQ stay anymore. It will be ironic if CQ kill YX.