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  1. I think PKH become warry of dr.mok in the preview...he find him suspicious and i think he won't trust him much after this.
  2. We can see their missery starting now and Park is suffering just like ISW suffer before...just like Chairman Lee said they must corner Park until she confess on her own that she hit EA...loosing her restaurant and also SJ going to jail because of her will drive her more crazy after this.. Just like everyone said...all EH family want is a heartfelt and sincerity from Park and SJ asking them for forgiveness but their pride and uneasiness costing them more...they can't turn everything around now even if they ask for forgiveness...since it will only give effect if the victim is alive.
  3. Yes...the ship has sailed...and the victim is died already, its too late SJ asking for forgiveness now...her mother now is going insane for real and he must also pay for his crime...When they were given opportunity to ask for forgiveness, they refused because afraid living with no money and because of pride...but now not only they loss their money, they loss their reputation, their family...and their future...when SJ realize they loss their money, i think maybe thats the time he surrender himself. Mi sook will have a hard time to attend her mother since Park dementia really turn to worse for real...she don't know what is real whats not...even now she has no remorse.
  4. Waiting for preview translation....This time Park is going real insane...especially when her restaurant will be bought by chairman lee.. .serve her right.. To generate cash,they need to sell their restaurant since all their money is stolen by the assistant.. I don't feel any empathy for SJ when he go to ISW grave..since he still want to cover for his mother...
  5. Still no clips...when the plot become more interesting especially seeing Park empire crumble in front of her...its either her restaurant being sell because of her lack of money or the assistant got her title deed and sell without her knowing...it will be great seeing her being kick out from her restaurant and house with nothing...
  6. @Jackie1048...thank you for your brief summary..i think the clips is a bit late today... So who sell the restaurant?The assistant or Park herself? Since her bank password and seal stamp is stolen.
  7. Hopefully there is a clip of that scene @lunkera..we've been waiting for long to wait for this situation happen to Park and SJ...just that it because SJ commit his own crime.
  8. Why everyone eager to kill CCS? i know that Xu's father want to kill him to end the engagement, but other parties is also like that... I think the Empress has a fond feeling for CCS when they met at the Herb's Garden since she think he look like her late husband when he is young...Looking forward for CCS rise through the rank and impress everyone with his brilliant mind and good heart...
  9. The plot is moving now I think, with the new preview...It's time for SJ and Park downfall from grace...It just a matter of time before they get evidence that Park is sane when she hit EA and assault EH, also the kidnapping case will reopen. I wonder how Park cope with the loss of her money when she is the one who is crazy for money and willing to do anything for it but loss it the way she steal it before... After this, in order to get SJ release from the charge of attempt murder, she will need a lot of money to hire a lawyer, and don't think this time she can pay for anyone to be a scapegoat since the victim still alive and know who is the one who attack him...its no surprise if she sell her other asset including her restaurant since all her money is stolen...Let her get a taste of feeling betrayed...I wonder why the is no preview after the episode ending...
  10. Just watch the preview although i don't really understand everything, it make me happy and satisfy...she use her dementia to escape prison, but now her simptoms getting worse i think, and make her assistant took the opportunity to steal the money while he can...haha, serve you right Park. Now SJ on the run and Park money is stolen, what more will come to them? Looking forward for it...their time is depleting and financially unstable, let Park taste the feeling of being betray by a people close to you..even the female assistant who work at her franchise restaurant will turn against her soon. Current situation took me by suprise actually when now Park acting high and mighty since she use her dementia to avoid jail...but people around her is just waiting for opportunity to steal from her...just like someone said the method is the same when ISW money is stolen.It is also possible that the money stolen is the money that Park pull out from SJ investment on ja kyung drama before.
  11. Looking forward for the preview translation...it seems that Park is trying to get as much money she can to cover her loss...looking more that she loss her restaurant.
  12. Thank you @euraka.. I don't know why but i have problem to watch the preview from my phone..its been quite long time for us to see Park and SJ get their punishment..looking forward to see how Park gonna deal with upcoming situation...
  13. Which assistant took Park seal stamp? Male or female assistant?what goes around comes around, before this Park betray ISW trust but now her own assistant betray her, what a good payback...i'm feeling disgusted when she fake her dementia and her sinister smile when she fool people...but after this she couldn't fake her dementia since her son.now on the run because of her...looking forward tomorrow ep. So my prediction that SJ will attempt to kill the male nurse is right...this time i don't see any excuse since SJ don't suffer any illness like Park.
  14. I couldn't watch the preview link on my phone...but @gerrytan8063...from.your explaination its look like we can see their downfall starting tomorrow...and this time Park won't be able to use her dementia as her son now is a criminal.
  15. Does it mean GW make a plan/ trap so that SJ surrender the black box usb? It is crucial evidence that Park don't have dementia at that time. Is there any preview video?