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  1. Poor YWY, both YX and Xinger misunderstood him... His attitude cause him great loss, and it will cost him a lot. People around them pointing fingers to him though he try his best to avoid all these unfortunate event occurs... No wonder YX break their friendship, he will never try to understand YWY action though he know YWY personality before but with current accident he will choose to ignore it and rather believe his eye and ears... Aboit Xinger , her misunderstanding against YWY just accumulate than before...but YWY feelings for her become more transparent but Xinger may not notice it due to her bias but other people may take advantage of it...right now people with good eye will know that Xinger is YWY weakness.
  2. @monchoo...thanks for the translation.. Intense meeting...is there any significant about the jade ring? I wonder if in the drama they will include this scene or not...looking forward their meeting again later on... I doubt CQ and YWY will meet again next week ...but i think they will meet again after 30+ episode..their love-hate relationship is interesting to see.
  3. I'm actually looking forward CQ meeting with Xiao Che/Liang crown prince since he is also in love with CQ but choose to hide it and protecting her..looking forward how they gonna meet and his character.
  4. Lets hope YWH die a horrible death, at least same like perverted grandpa...even the emperor should die the same.how could someone like that be an emperor..no wonder YX leaves the princess on the altar and seek out to get revenge...i can't blame him for this ,how could he marry her when his father kill all his family member. The country will fall onto chaos and i wonder who become the emperor in the end. A karma will comeback after the emperor, he suspect everyone who not following his will.
  5. Its like CQ/Xinger feeling toward YWY will be her little secret and YX will always probes her about her feeling for YWY while he knows well that YWY is indeed held Xinger special in his heart...and unfortunately will use this knowledge later on to corner YWY and eventually cause him losing Xinger for real.
  6. YWY is my favourite character after Chu Bei Jie in General and I. Both of them is devoted to their other half and did everything to protect them. Moreover i love smart male character. Just like someone else said before, though YWY grandpa know YWY feelings for Xing er..i don't think he realize how deep YWY love for Xing er...it is possible later on YWY grandpa never thought that YWY still protecting Xing er though they are going to be in opposite side. Looking forward how YWY will protect Xing er and also Xinger/YX journey...how much YX change later on. Alsi looking forward for new character who is crown prince liang who also love Xing er. I guess its because a lot of people showing interest toward Xing er and how YWY care for Xing er make YX unsettled and having doubts about Xing er loyalty..i feel he will slowly becoming like the emperor. His suspicion will cause him losing a friend/ally later on.
  7. Does the liang princess has a feeling for YWY? Because she look like has feeling for him, and did she know that YWY is her penpal? Originally her character will fall in love with YX right? Did they change her character in this drama and fall for YWY instead?
  8. Oh.my....lots of misunderstanding...YY is losing 2 of his important person...YX and Xing er with both of them will misunderstood him...As head of god's eye, he hold huge responsibilities now. I also saw in an opening/ending credit that YX and YY is having a drink but YX look rather cold and distance against YY...I guess he didn't trust YY anymore and consider him as a threat...Its bad since i love their bromance in earlier ep...its sad their relationship change because of Emperor being paranoid and people take advantage of that situation. YY is now like being torn between his loyalty to the emperor and his frienship with YX moreover with Xing er. Its no wonder YX will change so much after this tragedy. Though YY look cold but its evidence that YY still has warm heart and care for the people he love, if not because YY interference before, YX and his family will destroyed much earlier though the tragedy still happen and YY cannot prevent it. I'm looking forward now how YX and Xinger go to Yanbei and built their army from scratch. And also YY carrying his responsibility but at the same time protecting Xing er.will their misunderstanding resolve or it become bigger? I wonder after YX family destroyed, what is YWH role after this?
  9. I think YY may take in Xiaoba because she is sister of Xing er and maybe want to take care of her...but i think Xiaoba later on develop one sided love for him but also will realize that YY is in love with Xing er. But i don't think she will be evil/bad. Since Xing er no longer by YY side, xiaoba may try to get YY attention but she is no match with YY or Xinger in develop a scheme. Afterall YY will be able see through her whatever she did. Any explaination won't matter as long as the thrust broken...so i think the only think YY can do later on is protecting Xing er behind the scene and for Xing er know by herself that YY is in love with her and clear the misunderstanding. Afterall YY initial thought is to use her so we can't blame Xing er for her anger. The moment YY use his life to save Xing er , that will be the time that Xing er realize that YY always love her and protecting her..Action speak louder than words. I may skip few ep till next week since i think YX tragedy will start next week. No matter heartbreaking YY feels after Xing er left, I'm.curious how he overcome it..since he know well how to not let others figureout his thought.i guess Yue Qi know that his master love Xing er but never say it. But since since he attach Xing er bells onto his sword its like declaration that he is holding Xing er special in his heart. Looking forward how YY carrying out his duties as leader of God eyes organization and also protecting Xing er secretly.
  10. May i know , if anyone can tell me ...Chu Qiao is daughter of luo he... Who is luo he?a nobleman or leader of secret organization? Though i know that separation make heart grew fonder, i maybe will skip this week and next week ep as the tragedy is starting....looking forward how CQ/xing er regain her identity and position. Lets hope during YX-CQ time, there will be some run in between CQ/YY, I think during YX-CQ days, CQ/Xing er will realize YY inner conflict and feeling and learning that not everything will need explaination and reason behind an action...she maybe will realize all the skill that she learn from YY is the one that keep her alive later on.
  11. I'm also not looking for their separation, i may take a break during their separation and pick up this drama again after the heartbreaking part pass through to see how YWY meet again with CQ/Xinger and how YX/Xinger finally break apart. But who know since this drama is so interesting i might just watch it anyway. Another drama that make me interested before is General and I, their reunion scene is soo good but the ending is just too rush so hopefully this drama ending will follow the book.
  12. Usually in this kind of drama, I always skip the tragedy scene and watch the next episode, so for this drama might also becthe same but still keeping up with the story and will continue watch after YX and Xing er together to raise the army. Well i don't like misunderstanding part, hopefully they did it better here.
  13. Both Xing er and YY definitely attracted with each other just time and occasion will prove it.About YX, i think Xing er is feeling attachment/similarities and companionship with him, a strong friendship bonding however they are going estrange further down because of differing belief and handling issues. YX must be changing so much almost being unrecognized by her. I guess using her to get YY is her final straw/limit.Afterall YY is her former master and YY saves her many times before. She at least must be grateful for that if not for her special feelings for for YY. If we think back,its all thank to YY training Xinger that she is still alive now.Looking forward how their love blossom despite the circumstances.
  14. If the novel has happy ending, i hope they will follow this ending, how to reach the happy ending after all the pain and sorrow is up to the production team as long as it not going totally different from the original.
  15. Those words,YWY is such a romantic man,it is clear to him who is the most important. When finally he has to choose,he choose to be with CQ/Xinger whom he loves with all his heart. Its gonna be heartbreaking for him watching Xinger with YX latter on. He must be keeping his eyes close to her to make sure she is safe/alive. I saw underwater scene in the opening/ending credit where someone push/saving CQ .is it YY?