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  1. I love soondae especially in soondae guk. Korean BBQ is always bomb too. Galbi ribs, chicken, bulgogi...I try not to eat too much pork so I stay away from pork belly even though it's good. I like naengmyun as well even though it never really fills me up. The noodles are too chewy for me and I just end up swallowing everything because I'm impatient to chew thoroughly.
  2. Wet - It's All in Vain I discovered this group last fall and forgotten how good their stuff is <3
  3. Struggling to reply to a topic on my school's discussion board. What else can you say about Microsoft Excel besides "I've used only Excel all my life".
  4. I drank some water out of my AWESOME HYDRO FLASK. Seriously, one of the best investments I have ever made.
  5. When I had attempted to learn Korean a few years ago, I got my hands on some scripts from Korean dramas. I read it in Hangul and tried to figure out what they were saying. I don't know if that helps lol. I also searched on Amazon for cheap Korean language books. I went to the local library for Korean children's books too for vocabulary purposes.
  6. Taeyeon - Why cool whip, cool whip, cool whip
  7. I usually cannot stand ham in general, but I love the ham+pineapple combination!
  8. Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd - Lust for Life
  9. BROKE AF! I just paid all my bills T_T Well, I guess it's better to be broke by paying bills than by paying for other things...
  10. Water. Before that: Mug root beer.
  11. RAMBO
  12. Who are some of your favorite vloggers based in Korea? caricakes - White American, works at a start up social media company(?), vlogs about cafes and solo trips throughout Korea and Japan, lives in Seoul She's actually the only one I'm currently subscribed to but I'll list other vloggers that I follow joanday - Korean American, has a main beauty channel (Joan Kim), daily vlogs, lives in Seoul Fancy Nancy TV - Chinese American, works as an English teacher(?), lived in Jeonju but now in Seoul Edward Avila - Filipino American, mainly creates beauty videos, vlogs once in a while, lives in Seoul Kimmyonaquest - Vietnamese American, no longer lives in Korea for 1+ year, was an English teacher, did a lot of traveling, lived in Cheorwan
  13. Epik High - Let it Rain I came across a French rapper that used the same piano piece (I think it's a piano) as ^ in one of his songs. IDK if it was stolen or whatever, but it was just really random how I found it.
  14. hyukoh - Tomboy
  15. Sunmi - Full Moon The song would have been A LOT better if it excluded that amateur rapper.