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  1. This is just my opinion. With groups, rivalries among fans are quite common. When they start comparing popularity, distribution of resources and distribution of lines in their songs, it creates drift among the fans. ZE:A doesn't have a lot of group varieties hence most of their fans are fans of individual members. They came to like the members not because of their group activities but because of their performances in variety shows or dramas. Because of this, they tend to care more about their bias. When new fans watched ZE:A's videos, they only talked about Hyungsik. They probably only like Hyungsik instead of the group. Other fans will think that his fans are not appreciative of the group/other members. And since ZE:A is not popular, without translation groups, many who claimed to like the group do not know much about the individual members. They read translated articles from allkpop or soompi so they make quick judgments without understanding the whole situation. Some of them are unhappy with Hyungsik because they think that he seems to want to move on. From these articles, Siwan and Dongjun made it very clear that ZE:A is not disbanded and they will have a comeback in the future. But Hyungsik's reply seemed to be more ambiguous. So some fans were unhappy and felt that Hyungsik just wanted to move on. However, an article that wasn't translated, Hyungsik said that despite them all going to different companies, he still has this small wish that one day they will be able to reunite and comeback as a group. However this is what Kevin said i think all the members knew they have to leave Star Empire as SE is not willing to invest in the group. Honestly speaking, their hiatus is going to be so long that no one can guarantee a possible comeback in the future. By the time they all come back after enlistments, all of them will be in their 30s. They are not Shinhwa or Sechs Kies who are very popular groups and had huge fanbase so it would be difficult to have a successful comeback in the future. Dongjun and Siwan gave very diplomatic replies and gave hope to fans but I feel that Hyungsik's reply is more realistic. He will be more than willing to have a comeback but he also recognizes the difficulties.No one knows what will happen in the future, so for now, it is more important for all of them to move forward and have success in their new beginnings.
  2. I do see such "fans". I read some of their remarks but their reasonings are so weird. just don't care about their remarks. Often, they don't even know him well. So our dear boy went to see Park Hyo Shin with his dad and mum. So sweet.
  3. There are many short clips so i chose one. Hyungsik attended Park Hyo Shin's fan meeting today. He is really the ultimate fanboy. If his schedules allow, he always attend Park Hyo Shin's concert. Now he is even his special guest in his FM. Hyungsik always says he wants to sing with Park Hyo Shin, I hope Park Hyo Shin will grant his wish one day. Perhaps his upcoming fan meeting? Even though they know each other so well and even go out together, Hyungsik is still such a fanboy of Park Hyo Shin. Too cute. Btw, Hyungsik's team won and his team got the gold medal. Those fans whom are seated at his zone all received free popsicles.
  4. I think his fans like to give him plushies. As far as I know, the yellow chick was given to him during the recent French Cafe's autograph signing session. His fan mentioned it in her instagram
  5. Thailand FM still not confirmed but his Japan FM is confirmed. Read a fan account, he was hanging out with V( BTS) last week.
  6. Haven't been here for a while. Happy for Hyungsik to finally has his own FM in Korea. Won't be able to attend this time but hope he will tour around Asia. Will try my best to attend next time. Hyungsik and Siwan is in Jeju today. The lady met them and said they were wearing masks but they looked very handsome. Haha, she can recognise both of them even when they wore their masks. Another account. Met Hyungsik and Siwan at a restaurant. Only the family and HS and SW was at the restaurant. And they even talked to them and said they were friendly. So lucky. (loose translation based on chinese translation) They went to magpie brewing co. Too many encounters and autographs. Just select a few. Some of them actually took pictures/videos but was requested not to post them. Why are they so secretive. I guess they won't be able to travel oversea together this year so they went to Jeju instead. Now that Siwan has finished filming, I hope he will be Hyungsik's special guest for the upcoming FM.
  7. Wow, I am impressed. Love your FMV.
  8. HS probably doesn't want people to disturb his manager which is why he doesn't follow him.
  9. You probably already knew but just to clarify, he is not FNC's CEO. Not sure who he is, but Mr Song is probably Jonghyun's fishing buddy. They knew each other before immortal songs. Lee Yubi got to know Hyungsik through Kwanghee and Kang Minkyung. So KMK probably knew HS even earlier or at least earlier than Lee Yubi. Yes, the same event. He also sang with V.O.S. According to KMK, There’s 2 interpretations to the group name, “battery.” It could mean “nothing can be healthier (than us)” or “we don’t know the limit of physical exhaustion.” Note: I don't understand Korean so this is based on the Chinese translation. He doesn't follow Minhyuk, PSH or KJW on instagram. He is always closer to Jonghyun than Minhyuk. But that doesn't mean he doesn't keep in contact with the Heirs cast. I know PSH mentioned HS sending his regards when she filmed her new drama after Heirs. He was seen going out with Lee Minho. He is very close to Kim Woo Bin. So they probably went out often too. Kwanghee was jealous and said HS stole his friends. LOL. Very sad to hear about KWB's illness. Praying for his full recovery. HS is a very private person. When he goes out with his friends, he seldom post anything. HS has many close friends, male and female that he doesn't follow on instagram. And some that he follows may not be his closest friends. His manager has a instagram account. But his manager mostly post his photos with his girlfriend so there is no need to follow him.
  10. This was during 2015. He is on his way to attend V.O.S Special Event.
  11. Yes, they are very close friends for a long time. They called themselves the Battery Line. They hang out together but we seldom see them post anything together which is why not many people are aware of their friendship. Besides Hyungsik, other members consist of Davichi Kang Min Kyung, Lee Yu-bi, SHINee’s Jonghyun and Onew, CNBLUE’s Jonghyun. Hyungsik called Lee Yu-bi during a radio show. I only saw him taking a picture with Kang Min Kyung once. But from some fan cams, you will notice that that they are really close friends.
  12. Actually and has a lot of his cut. If you do not mind watching it without sub, you can find the cut version below. I saw him with Ellen Park and Song Hye Kyo too. Kim Hye-soo was siting beside him.
  13. Sorry to cut your post. As mentioned by @lovephs101 , it wasn't included in any albums. I like this song too. I never really like ZE:A's dance choreography but Hyungsik danced so well here. The magazine is in Korean. No english version. You can get someone to buy it from Korea or buy it from online buyers. I think Dongjun's assessment of his personality in MNET 4 things show is pretty accurate. He has multiple personalities. DJ said HS lives as a type A for a week, 2-3 days as a type B. I would like to add that there are days that he lives as a type AB too. He can be quite hyperactive and 4D. Even HS agreed with DJ's assessment of him. HS said he became like water, he adapts and matches well with people. If you observe him long enough , you will notice that he behaves very differently during different situations, different people, on different days. He even behaves differently when he wears different clothes (Yes, he said so in an interview) . And since he is a method actor, he also behaves slightly differently when he takes on different roles.
  14. Not sure of the exact timing. But his article on Dec 2015, he mentioned he is into scuba diving and got the Open Water Diver certification. He said he wanted to challenge the advanced level soon.I am not sure if he has gotten his Advanced Open Water Diver qualification now. He probably learnt it after High Society because right after Law of the Jungle, he has to prepare for High Society. He was on a diet and was busy working out before High Society so I don't think he had time to learn diving. Besides, his instagram photos of him learning scuba diving started in Sep 2015