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  1. The pictures of Hyungsik with scuba diving gear are not from Bali. Its from "Three Meals a Day" Fishing Village Special
  2. i think we should understand that celebrities are also human. They get tired and need personal time. When they are not on official duties, they are not obliged to smile, take pictures or even signed autographs. They are very gracious and kind if they choose to do so, but they cannot be doing that all the time. If they do so, they won't be able to get any rest. Hyungsik is not perfect and he also admitted that he gets moody when he is deprived of sleep and food. He had also rejected taking photos at times and compensated by signing autographs. I think it is important to look at the celebrities. If they looked very tired and looked like they want to be away from public eyes, just give them their space.
  3. I don't understand the need to bring out post High Society interview controversy numerous times in this thread. I don't even think it is a big issue. He didn't snap, he just gave short answers. I feel a need to clarify since not many are aware of the whole situation. He had non-stop interviews for days and even had to attend healing camp. The two reporters were only given a very short time to interview him. It really depends on how well-prepared the reporters were to be able to get interesting and thoughtful answers from an artiste within such a short time frame. It is the job of the reporters to ask the artiste to elaborate more if they are not satisfied with the short answer. Instead the two reporters decided to cut the interview short. If you cut the interview short, of course you have no materials to write. I would like to mention that aside from that two reporters, there are more than 60 media outlets interviewing him after high society. Many reporters mentioned he looked very tired but was humble. A reporter was even kind enough to write a follow up report criticizing the professionalism of two reporters and defended Hyungsik from this controversy. As for PBY, I also don't see any issues too. Fans should respect her wish if she wants to enjoy her vacation without being photographed.
  4. I think it is not accurate to say that Siwan did not promote ZE:A. Siwan mentioned ZE:A in the past but was shot down because the host did not know some of the members and they are not interested in him talking about ZE:A. Of course, he talks more about Kwanghee and Hyungsik. He talks about Kwanghee because Kwanghee always fake their "rivalry image" and Hyungsik because they are best buddies. Dongjun also did his best promoting ZE:A. Kwanghee was seen promoting ZE:A most because he has great variety skills and he always attend variety shows. Hyungsik said he felt bad and sorry because Kwanghee tried so hard getting their names out there but their members are just not good at talking/variety shows. And Siwan did not enter the industry in order to go into acting. Siwan loves singing and he had no intention of going into acting until he got the role in Moon Embracing the Sun. He is definitely into acting more now but he also said that ZE:A has not disbanded. They hope to reunite in the future. In fact, Kwanghee is the one who said he did not wish to continue as a singer. Hyungsik finished filming Hwarang in September . Strong Woman started filming in November. He rested for a long time after High Society since Hwarang was supposed to start filming in Dec 2015 but they only started filming in Mar 31. He wasted a lot of time waiting for Hwarang and hence he was so busy in 2016 filming Hwarang and doing the musical at the same time. I want Hyungsik to succeed as an actor but I really like seeing him in variety shows and I miss him performing on stage. I hope he gets to act in a movie too. Even though I know he won't be the lead, I hope he gets an interesting role. Are you talking about this bracelet? He's been wearing for quite sometime. I don't pay attention to all these but I have seen fans saying it is a Gucci Bracelet. Siwan has one too. These two brothers even had the same LV handphone casing.
  5. I would have thought this is a shipper's thread than a drama thread. I read the same articles but since I am not a shipper, I obviously cannot understand your point. He did say he did not want to get his feelings confused but that didn't mean he did not love Ji Yi when he was Chang Soo. He was just very clear that once he was out of the role, he knew not to confuse the feelings. The drama ended also means he/AMH cannot continue to love DBS which is why, he started calling PBY his noona and sunbae. He didn't even call LJY his noona after High Society. He said to him, she is just Ji Yi. So does that mean anything? Hyungsik's personality is definitely closer to AMH than Chang Soo but AMH loving DBS doesn't necessarily mean PHS loving PBY. And what's wrong with him liking a kiss scene? He even uploaded the car kiss scene photo in High Society in his instagram once. I never said soompi is making up the articles. But there are more articles than the one translated by soompi. Well let's just agree to disagree. You won't be able to convince me just like how I won't be able to convince you. I don't mind him dating anyone but l don't like to speculate anything. I would give him my blessing when he is ready to tell the world who is his girlfriend.
  6. Rather than saying he is dropping hints, I would say he is consistent in saying he fell in love with the female character. As I said earlier, he is a method actor and he needs to live like the character in order to express the character emotions and behaviors He also said during post High Society interviews that during filming, he really loved Ji Yi very much. There are more crying scenes than the actual script because he felt the pain of loving Ji Yi. Not all articles have been translated but anyone who is interested can search naver, his answers aren't that different. He also said he felt jealous seeing NJH with SKJ. Just like how Kim Woo Bin said he is totally Myungsoo, Park Bo Young also said he is Ahn Min Hyuk. He just stays in character. I am sure PHS admires PBY. But I think it is still too early to speculate that he has any real romantic feelings for her.
  7. I like Nine Times Travel, it is a nice drama and I will watch it even if Hyungsik is not starring in it. I agree with @sebastian27 , try watching Sirius. You can watch his cut if you want. Only 4 episodes. I want to see him tackle darker roles like those in Sirius in the future. I hope he stays away from rom-com for a while. I really want to see him act in action movies too. The action scenes in Hwarang and SWDBS cannot satisfy me.
  8. He is the ultimate fanboy of Park Hyo Shin. He always attends his concert, always promotes Park Hyo Shin's album, always sings Park Hyo Shin's song during FM. I find it cute that he is still so crazy about Park Hyo Shin despite them being friends now. As for female celebrities, I think i know what are the possible names but to be honest, I don't think he is a big fanboy of any female celebrities. Maybe he admires some from time to time, but i don't think he is a big fan of any. When he mentioned he liked Amanda Seyfried, he couldn't even remember her name, but he liked her role in the movie. Siwan mentioned Amanda Seyfried too. He clarified it was a rumour that he liked Eunji. He is not a fan of AOA Hyejeong despite mentioning her name in 2 Days 1 night. They are friends so he probably thinks it is safe to mention her, just like how Siwan always mentions Eunji. He is impressed with Ailee's talent but I think he exaggerated his admiration for her during Immortal Song. 2013 is the year when he tried very hard getting into variety persona. He mentioned it was hard and tiring to be funny and entertaining. He prefers to attend reality-variety because he can be himself and there is no need for him to be funny. I guess this is also one of the reasons why you don't see him often in variety shows now. As for IU, i think he just likes some of her songs. For actress he would like to work with, many years ago he mentioned Song Hye Kyo because he loved That Winter, the Wind Blows. He also mentioned Kim Go Eun in another interview. Although during that time, he also couldn't remember her name, he just said the actress who acted in the movie.
  9. Haha, PBY is right, Hyungsik looks at male with his honey-filled eyes too. cr sika deer
  10. Ferily is right. He understands and speaks some Japanese but definitely not enough for him to understand and interact without an interpreter.
  11. PHS doesn't have any FB account (unless he has a private one ) and the page is also not managed by Star Empire. If you want to follow his news, follow his official Instagram and twitter account. Star Empire has their fan cafe. Hyungsik used to write very long, heartfelt messages in there. Of course now that he left for UAA, there's no need to follow the fan cafe anymore. He has weibo but I also doubt he is the one doing the updating. If you read all his posts in weibo, it is more like a tool to promote himself and SE's new group. And nowadays, weibo is not updated at all. Whenever his Chinese fans ask him about weibo, he just smiles and never really replies. Back to SWDBS, Although we already know who inspires him to create the character in Chronicle of Albertan, it is still nice to read the confirmation from AMH's interview. These two look so cute here. cr owner
  12. Yes, he got popular in 2013. Is your bias Lee Seung Gi? Reminds me of two old articles Lee Seung Gi Remembers His Old Self Through ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik A. Jeon September 7, 2014 So Lee Seung Gi was asked to think of a 2014 male star that could be comparable to his 2009 self. Lee Seung Gi’s answer was ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik. He explained, “Whenever I see Park Hyung Sik I always feel that positive energy coming out of him. Whether or not he is a good actor, or even if his acting skills may not be up to par, he has his own unique character. That feeling is filled with hope that somehow makes the viewer happy, and I love that feeling.” Lee Seung Gi reveals he & Bora will become SISTAR19 for his concert + pick Hyungsik as hoobae who caught his eye Sunday, November 24, 2013 When asked, "If you were to pick a 'post-Lee Seung Gi' among your hoobaes, who would it be?" Lee Seung Gi chose Hyungsik, sharing, "Although he's not similar to me, but Hyungsik. When I see him on variety shows, he seems very pure and bright. Besides being funny or not, he is a friend with a charm that makes people feel good."
  13. Just to clarify, he doesn't have a official facebook account
  14. Hyungsik was already nominated for best newcomer in What Happens to My Family which he lost to Siwan (Misaeng) so he won't get nominated for best newcomer again. Even Ji Sung wasn't nominated for Best Actor, so it is no surprise there aren't any nomination for Hyungsik. Just hoping he will attend the award ceremony with Bo Young and Ji Soo.
  15. I think it is almost certain he is going to UAA. He is going to film a new CF with Yoo Ah-in soon. I hope Hyungsik can learn some acting skills from Yoo Ah in and Song Hye Kyo. Yoo Ah In praised Hyungsik for his role in High Society a few years ago. When asked about the future character in a drama or movie that he is eyeing up, Yoo Ah In praised ZE:A‘s Park Hyung Sik acting in the series High Society. “Yesterday when I turned on the TV, I saw SBS drama High Society,” he said, “I watched for a while and I think it’s a very interesting work. Our junior friends [Sung Joon and Park Hyung Sik]’ acting was surprised me. Especially the character Changsu, he is so wonderful that I thought why I didn’t get this role when I was younger. I think Park Hyung Sik nails the character.”