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  1. some new updates from our girl too~ our silly cutie~~ hahaha~ love her smile in the 2nd photo! her trademark smile~~ anw she was also seen watching Dunkirk last night at CGV, gave her signature to the counter staff.. haha
  2. annyeong hyolics! sorry for not being here as much as before, just too occupied with my family matters.. Congrats to Hyo Joo for being the 4th on that list!! such an honour, so proud of her~ anw not sure if it's a new photo or not, an update from our girl's Jap friend~~ and i don't remember seeing her wear mini skirts as much before except during her FM? cr: youn1029 hopefully she gets some rest before Inrang starts shooting next month.. saw somewhere that it starts on Aug 17th.. all the best Hyo Joo~
  3. New photo(?) from our girl who seems to like the t-shirt and the hat a lot... hahaha anw saw the postings for the competition, great job guys! sorry that i couldn't contribute much except for voting as much as i can... and also sorry for not being as active as before too.. Was emotionally down due to loads of family related things that happened but looking at JJ photos really cheered me up..
  4. Oh and another thing to add, new updates about Jin-roh! it seems that the main cast met up with the director for a script reading(?) session a few days ago. Not sure if this IG acct belongs to the director who's responsible for Jin-roh.. and he updated with this? It looks kinda confirmed that our girl has joined in? We shall see...
  5. And some new updates from our girl last night where she supported Bae Soo Bin's musical <Contact> with her bff Jin Seo Yeon~ Her triple eyelid is back... Hope she still gets enough rest even though she's probably rehearsing for her fanmeet. Is anyone going from here? Hope u guys have fun~
  6. the full video for the UNICEF campaign is here: Credits to uploader And more pictures of her at LV event:
  7. oh my, this thread seems deserted.. \guilty glance\ @kaz11 Although there are no official news/ articles on her accepting the role, the Naver page of Jin-roh has already added Hyo Joo's name as one of the cast. This article stated that Lee Yoo Young has also received the script to act as Hyo Joo's sister in the movie (though she also has not confirmed) and both of them are responsible for the dark side of the movie, most likely saying that Hyo Joo will be acting as an antagonist, Lee Yoon Hee. Sad to say, it does look like this movie is a male-centric one but Hyo Joo's role is quite significant in the entire story plot. @shishi101 hello~ you can actually search for some of her interviews (translated ones) thru google or even in this thread. Are you able to read/ understand Chinese? You can also find her interviews in her Baidu thread. Hope this helps.
  8. it's actually similar to what @primrose210 has mentioned, the 1st part where u can vote for your favourite character of hers, why and also the famous scene or quote from that character. the 2nd part is more of a fan request, where u can either request her to sing a song, have a 12second eye contact with her or even play a game with her.. all requests and votes will need to be sent to the email as stated by June 7.. anw it seems like her fanmeet tickets are all sold out...
  9. @ohnoitscindy oops.. sorry for late reply.. Kim Junho is such a fanboy. Missing her so much but bullying her when she appears as a guest.
  10. actually PMH updated his IG with a photo of HJ's FM poster saying that the yellow ribbon bracelet is handmade by herself while commemorating Sewol ferry incident.. and also the poster is not only inspired by Beauty Inside but the words in the poster is written by director of Beauty Inside (Director Baik).. so sweet
  11. Hyo Joo's naver page is updated with her latest film as Wolf Brigade but we'll only know when the filming starts around in July... but i really hope she takes up that role cuz it looks promising.. haha anyway some updates from our girl who came out of her ninja mode to support Bae Soo Bin in his musical <The Pride>..
  12. that's most probably Suzy's signature cuz her name is below the signature. it's written as "To Son Young-eun nim, wishing you happiness!"
  13. @shishi101 welcome welcome! hope to see u more often in this thread!
  14. i saw in weibo that yesterday is the last day of filming for GS, just not sure if she's in that scene.. so maybe in we will get to see some stills anytime soon..
  15. not sure if it's due to the food truck thingy as well.. but hopefully it's just temporary.. maybe he needs some time off. *praythathereactivateshisIG*