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  1. I saw somewhere that she is only leaving HK on thurs. not sure how true this is but hope she enjoys this trip Edit: I just saw in Baidu that she will leave HK on Thurs, taking flight KE604 back to Incheon.
  2. I tried my best to translate the article so bear with me if it sounded weird.. original article: translation by: @adeleyam Han Hyo Joo wanted to act in an action movie Kissed Lee Jong Suk in 2nd episode《W》: Felt sorry Even though W Two Worlds, starring Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo, has ended the broadcast in Korea, this drama will soon be shown on ViuTV 99 channel. Female lead Han Hyo Joo got invited to promote this drama but male lead Lee Jong Suk wasn't able to attend due his work schedule. Han Hyo Joo appeared in Grand Hyatt Regency Hotel at Tsim Sha Tsui today for the press conference of 《W- Two Worlds》. Wearing a blue topped dress, she greeted everyone in Cantonese : "Hi everyone, I'm Han Hyo Joo." She expressed gratitude for being able to promote this drama as this is her 1st time to do so in Hong Kong. She personally introduced her character [Oh Yeon Joo] which she said she is a very curious person, even though she's already a doctor but she had always wanted to be a manhwa artist so she's able to tolerate hard times that happened to her. When asked if the character is similar to herself, Hyo Joo smiled and said this question is often asked. This character is much more lively and cheerful than herself but after 4 months of filming, she herself got influenced by the character. Because they had such a happy filming period, when it ended she cried cuz she felt it was a pity. Hyo Joo also praised that this theme of the drama is fresh and has never came across such dramas before so she didn't expect the result of the drama to be this good. She also mentioned that other than the actors hard work, this drama also needed a lot of behind-the-scenes production and CG, etc. With regards to the most memorable episode, she chose the time when KC went out of the screen to become a real person as the one and that she couldn't help but clapped her hands. Since filming <W> caused extreme depletion of feelings, Hyo Joo said that she tried her best not to have any NGs so when filming there weren't much NGs. When asked what is the most interesting thing that happened during filming, she deep breathed and said that there were many kiss scenes, almost 1 kiss per episode, so she thought it was quite interesting when she saw the script. And with regards to the most memorable filming scene, she chose the "Kiss without any reason" in ep 2. It was only the 2nd time filming together and they already had to kiss so she felt a little sorry towards Jong Suk. Hyo Joo is now busy filming her movie 《Golden Slumber》and she has not planned for her next project yet. She mentioned that she does not have any specific actors she wants to act with but talked about her idol, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, she lit up and said that any role will do as long as she has the chance to act with him and said that it will be her honour. Han Hyo Joo, an actress with a gentle image, wants to act in an action film! Hyo Joo smiled and said that she would like to act in an action movie before she gets any older. (MC mentioned about Chinese kung-fu) She said she has never learnt but should be able to learn fast showing her heart towards action movie.
  3. Actually these gifts are for those who won the chance to attend the private fan meeting held by ViuTV.. only 40-odd slots were available and photos are prohibited. This owner shakes HJ hand while saying she will always support her and HJ smiled widely and said thank you.. she then shared an interesting story where they were allowed to go up on stage to take photos with HJ (only 10 allowed at once) but she missed the chance to hug HJ and the time was up so security kinda chased her down the stage, but HJ saw that and asked to go back up the stage and gave her a big hug.. after which the owner gave a small heart and HJ reciprocated by giving back the small hearts as well... so sweet of her to do that~~ too bad no photos are allowed then but the owner said official photos were taken though, just not sure when will they get those.
  4. @hyohan43 yup.. that's our girl's new CF- Dr Groot Hair Care Shampoo. Also from LG Health and Beauty... so currently she has 4 CFs all under LG. Hmmm.. actually her entourage gave hints on that day (3rd Mar) when she filmed this CF. some of them took the same photos of the venue (Shilla Hotel) on the same day so I was already kinda expecting a photoshoot which was actually filmed for the whole day till the next morning.. Glad that it looks perfect
  5. Pretty Hyo Joo for Folli Follie~~ cr: mmmivong
  6. Pretty Hyo Joo for Folli Follie~~ cr: mmmivong
  7. Aww~~ I want that phone case too!! JS: Erm.. can I catch you? HJ: hmm! (Yes!) And showing their cheeky faces
  8. New Lipault photo~ so many shots of the same photo...
  9. New Lipault photo~ so many shots of the same photo...
  10. And we have some Zishen updates too~ more in spoilers: Cr: Zishen FB Somehow or rather these clothes gives off a mature feel but I really like the 1st 2 photos...
  11. New photos from Lipault too~ more in spoilers: Cr: Samsonite naver blog love all her outfits in these photoshoot... Glad that it turned out great cuz she had a cold after that....
  12. Our girl for Lipault CF 15s cr: Samsonite Korea
  13. Really envy those who can get to go to the exhibition and meet our girl in person.. Han Hyo Joo Writes Heartfelt Message To Fans Following Surprise Birthday Event By D.Druther | Soompi Han Hyo Joo has some kind words for the fans who helped create a special exhibition in honor of her birthday. On February 22, the “W” star’s agency uploaded a photo of her smiling from ear to ear at the event on their official Instagram account. The accompanying caption is a personal message from the actress, which reads, “Thank you for making me the happiest person in the world today. I heard that you all stayed up for a few nights straight while preparing for this exhibition.” She then humbly expressed that she was moved to tears by those who have stayed loyally by her side even though she was “always lacking,” and have treasured the last 10 years together. “I will become someone who knows how to pay forward as much love as she is given,” the actress continued. “To fans came from far away, and those who couldn’t make it to today’s event but left me heartfelt birthday messages, I would like to give my sincere thanks. I love you!” The actress reportedly was so surprised by the surprise birthday event that she teared up in front of everyone. Even in the photo, one can see how incredibly touched she felt. Her agency also uploaded a photo of the actress gazing at the photos while attending the exhibition. Meanwhile, Han Hyo Joo is currently preparing to appear alongside Kang Dong Won in the upcoming suspense film “Golden Slumber.” The film is a remake of the 2010 Japanese movie of the same name. Source (1)
  14. Aww~ she looks so cute with that curly hair.. finally getting a glimpse of how Sun Young may look like.. happy birthday to our dearest unnie and all the best to u!
  15. Hey shippers~ They have solved the problem for the 2nd teaser.. for those who have yet to watch it, watch it in