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  1. I love that they sat together and even hugged. In the wrap parties I've seen the leads usually sat apart and sometimes no interaction at all, as if fearful of getting scandals.
  2. Hey people, how are you? I'm sorry I haven't been posting since I couldn't contribute much cos I wasn't watching it, but I still visit this thread frequently. Lately though, I've started watching because of the new couple Gong Myung & Hye Jung. And also got interested in Gook Gu n Sleepy. The saccharine couple reminds me of Jong Hyun couple (that guy from CNBlue) who were also lovey dovey. I kept reminding myself not to fall for their act so that I don't get drawn in. I don't think we have seen another female virtual bride who is as forward as Hye Jung. She likes skinship and wasn't afraid to show it on screen. He's a little shy but has loosened up? What's up with that convo in the car?? She told him he could have told the reporters the truth? Mm...just trolling ?!?! I was shocked that she sat on his lap when they were in the water. Gook Gu and Sleepy are a comedic pair. I'm watching to see their progress. I definitely think they are just friends, no romantic vibes though Sleepy tries hard for the show. He loves his dog more. lol Not keen on the couple that just left. The replacement couple looks unappealing, think I'll skip that.
  3. Well it didn't seem like they knew each other in their new reincarnation.
  4. In the reincarnation of Reaper and Sunny, it seems that they didn't drink the tea. But they lost all their memories but still managed to find their way back to each other. i'm ok with the ending. Everyone want an ending that wrap up in a nice little bow, but life is not always like that. I'm happy that they have their happy endings although Goblin waits for her in all eternity with her various reincarnations. So once she reincarnates for the 4th and last time, he will forever be alone. That's so sad. But to have loved is better than not having been at all? My only grouse is what happened to Deok Hwa. And the end of the bromance of Reaper and Gioblin forever. I have a query though. He was supposed to come in the first snowfall right? So why did it take 9 years? There's no snowfall in the past 8 years ?
  5. hey gals, have started watching again cos I'm interested in the latest couple. They are cute aren't they? do they have a couple name?
  6. He can't have children. Possibility. No noble idiocy please.
  7. She wants a real proposal. That is why in the beginning she asked if proposal n kimchi can go together.
  8. Wow!! Finally.....it's so hard waiting for the next episode. I love the OST where she broke into tears. I don't think that song has been released yet right?
  9. Remember this is a romcom. Everyone gets a happy ending!!! Perhaps the preview is trolling us, like the last one when we thought HS wanted a breakup.
  10. I love love love this episode!!! Watching the raw made me mad and thought that HS was gonna become a jerk. But after watching it with subs, I realised he was just being a better man. He didn't jump into dating her immediately as he wanted to give JW some space. Who says that he's a jerk? Instead, JW was so desperate that he trash talked HS. Never had HS talked bad about JW. Instead, he always tells her that he is a better man for her. Throughout it all, he was trying to get her to admit that she loves him and enjoyed the feeling of NR being jealous. Aren't they cute???? But all she could think about is whether he kissed HW for the first time or the second time lol. In the middle of their argument, she told him to remove his glasses. ROFL. I've read comments that people are blaming NR. Why? Yes, it was partly her fault that things became like this. She was protecting her heart when she wasn't sure if HS was seriously in love with her or not. HS treatment of her left a scar in her, so who can blame her for the hesitation. On the other hand, there is a fantastic alternative in JW so she tries to convince herself that JW is the right choice. Even if she wrote JW's name in the calendar most of the time, her heart has always been with HS and she finally realises it after she threw such a huge tantrum. She is a very decisive girl. The moment she realises she loves HS, she didn't even wait and immediately broke it off with JW. She wasn't swayed in the least when JW presented his case and talked bad about HS. She was the same after the kiss with HS. And she keeps telling JW that she likes HS but he's still being clingy. I love the ost in this drama cos in those serious situations and dialogue, they played humorous background music that made the whole situation funny. Gosh!! I love watching both HS and NR being miserable. lol. And that kiss!!!!!
  11. @mundaliv I'm also worried about the rest of the episodes cos so far it's doing a good job with no drop in quality in between, but in fact getting better and better. No noble idiocy please !!!
  12. I've been thinking when did HS fall for NR. In their argument, she let it rip that he treated her so badly so she couldn't trust him. He explained that he liked her so much that he didn't know what to do, which I didn't really buy cos he's not some innocent man who's inexperienced. I read some great posts at dramabeans to explain why HS behaved like that, which I so agree. Some guys just present a "perfect facade" during dating period so you don't see the warts and all until married. HS hated himself after what he did to his bro and of course his cancer made him feel less of a man. In real life, there are people like HS who is abrasive and tactless, and takes a while to shatter his armour. 2.2.1 Newbie October 24th, 2016 at 12:01 AM Actually he was a jerk into her face, but in the background he did everything for her. He fought for her, when she was supposed to be fired because she was tipys during her weather forcast, presenting her ratings to Mr. Oh. He was worried sick about her during their stay at the hospital and wanted to send an ambulance to get her back from the station. He introduced her to Jung Won thinking that he’d be the better man for her, as he is sick and self-loathing to the max. From the very beginning there were subtle signs how much he really liked her. In Thailand, during the shooting of the commercial Na Ri walks toward Hwa Shin and Jung Won. It is there first meeting among them all together. Hwa Shin tries to act cool and looks away from her, but at the same time opens another button of his shirt to present his manly chest. Hilarious! Hwa Shin represents what so many women find irresistable in a man. A hard shell you need to break to find the soft core. He built an armor of self-loathing and Na Ri will be the one to make him feel worthy, because he really is. junny October 24th, 2016 at 3:16 AM Love your post! Indeed, Hwa-shin’s appeal is not of the swoony variety, but in a sense is rather old-fashioned cuz he won’t tell it to you in your face, but will do many things for you to prove he cares. He’s a man of action, haha. merin October 24th, 2016 at 6:23 AM Yeah. It’s the appeal of tsundere characters. You have to work to win their affections, and when they do give you their love, it’ll be intense. (///∇///) That said, Hwashin’s ‘tsun’ mode is way too strong. We’re seriously missing the ‘dere’ moments. (。>д<) It's pretty exhausting for Nari to be in love with such a character because she will have to beg for each crumb of affection from HS. C'mon Hwashin, get it together! G.Girl October 24th, 2016 at 4:51 PM ....... I have felt, since the beginning, that Hwa Shin really liked Na Ri. When she had to do those ridiculous poses while doing the weather he didn’t agree with it and criticized the director for allowing it to happen. The fact that he was watching her weather segments proves it more in my opinion. When he first saw her in Thailand, he had as much of a moment as she did. He’s the one that first glanced (then stared) at her when she was doing his makeup. I could understand him not feeling worthy of her and doing what he can to make her not like him. But his feelings toward her can be perceived. When the guys were in the elevator talking smack about her and how much she liked Hwa Shin and then she got on, I felt their comments drove him to say something rude to her, not so much for his sake, more so because he didn’t like people talking about her that way. I know he went about it all wrong but I believe his motivations were more noble than what he was given credit for. On the other hand, I kind of understand Na Ri. Her mind tells her JW is perhaps the reliable choice. But her heart…there is no denying it. If she had a crush on Hwa Shin for 3 years even though he didn’t show her any return of affections, how can she not be downright madly in love with the guy now that he is showing her he likes her back (in his own way). I’m sure she does feel something for JW but not enough to compete with Hwa Shin. I also don’t care for some of JW’s personality traits. When Hwa Shin recognized his love for Na Ri, he didn’t pursue her out of 1)respect for his friend and 2)because he thought she had really moved on and knew it wasn’t right to pursue her when she was finding happiness with someone else, regardless if that someone else was his friend or not. The only time he pursued her was when SHE confirmed that she still very much cares for him. JW, on the other hand, said he’s never given up on anything HE wants. No concern for what she wants. Pretty childish. Now, I know some may not agree buuut, I’m sorry, how many months have you dated to have developed such deep emotions for her? I mean, I know you like her but now you’re not giving up and are talking about marriage? What is your realtionship with her based on? And crowding her like he did in episode 18 is not the answer. Him cleaning for her and not letting her do ANYTHING does not a relationship make, and yes Hwa Shin has his own issues but they certainly don’t minimize JW’s actions. I LOVED that Hwa Shin left the house. Enough was enough. 2.5 Nana premane October 24th, 2016 at 1:39 AM Well I don’t feel too sorry for the boys because HS deserve to grovel a LOT for his treatment of her and for JW it seems to me as if he doesn’t really see Nari as what she is and he doesn’t make an effort to. The theater scene was telling they were having two drinks and one popcorn and JW was nearly forcing Nari to drink hers without seeing and watching her, he was enjoying the movie alone. The feeling they share are so not on the same plane. Meanwhile with HS they shared the same drink and most importantly he was looking at her, watching her , seeing her. And this time she gave the drinks while adjusting it to HS. And when NR fell asleep he stopped seing the movie (#TeamHwaShinForever) Lol Dont know if I’m tripping but with a drama so meticulous on little thing it seems real JW needs to stop seeing Nari I’m his head and really try, how come he never tried to sneak some time alone with Nari ? No need for skinship if he doesn’t want to cheat but time alone is allowed 2.5.1 Newbie October 24th, 2016 at 2:45 AM Yes! Jung Won does everything a nice guy is supposed to do, but is it really genuine? The movie scene was too much. He just couldn’t leave her alone. The wedding proposal in front of his mother is another example of too much too soon. He is forcing himself upon her and it is covered by his ‘good’ intentions. In the movie scene Hwa Shin otoh is trying hard to keep up appearances and his true self is only shown when she’s asleep, when he tenderly holds her hand. This man needs the image he built for himself so much and that keeps Na Ri away from really seeing him and his affection. But soon this nut will be cracked. Lola October 23rd, 2016 at 7:00 PM I think the bit that’s ‘wrong’ about his behaviour is how presumptuous he is with Na Ri. In public he touches her as you would if you were a serious couple. He introduces her to his mother as his future wife without discussing it with her. It takes away her choices. Where Hwa Shin is basically wanting her to choose, Jung Won seems to want to make it a fait accompli (Going so far in public and leaving Na Ri with no choice but to accept him in the end). That’s what I don’t like about Jung Won, and if Nari liked him it probably wouldn’t bother me so much but in this case it really does. I love Jung Won and I think he’s fantastic but I don’t like the way he acts with Na Ri in public. 9.2 Yoyo October 23rd, 2016 at 11:08 PM At the movies..Nari was to Hwashin what Jung won was to Nari. What do you make of that? Nari has always subjected herself to please Hwashin, I think its become second skin to her; Jungwon on the other hand knows that Nari is usually the pleaser so he does the gentleman effort of pleasing her, she recognizes it but then anytime Hwashin is in close proximity, the Jungwon slate gets wiped clean and he has to start all over again, whereas Hwashin picks up were he last was. That’s really the nature of their relationship; Jungwon is dead thoughtful but Hwashin’s burning passion trumps any Jungwon card being dealt. It has never been a fair game, it was all about giving a chance. 23.1 Chandler October 24th, 2016 at 6:43 AM I found the JW vs HS montage interesting to watch because it highlighted something I started to notice last episode. Even though Hwa-shin was one of the first people to suggest two-timing, it’s clear that he doesn’t know how to handle this game they’re playing (though, really, this is true for all of them). He pretty much already reached his limit the moment it began. And I can’t help but feel that part of the reason he is so ineffective at proving himself husband-worthy this episode is because Saya is completely right. He is feeling way too passionately about Nari to abide by any sort of ‘rules’ at this point. Jung-won, on the other hand, is fully in game-mode & putting all his efforts into winning her. This is why Hwa-shin and Nari are pretty much stuck. She wants him to step up and act more like Jung-won, but if JW is always there to fulfill that role than she’ll never get to see how HS would have acted if they were really in a relationship. But Nari is never going to trust him enough to start one unless he shows that he’s worth the risk. I do have to appreciate that there’s definitely a “what you see is what you get” vibe with HS. This living arrangement is having opposite effects on the boys, with one putting his best foot forward & the other putting forth his worst. Haha, I know it isn’t fair, but at least with HS, I know what I’m getting into. Sorry for the LONG post. i thought it will be good to share why HS behaves the way he does.
  13. @vivnns Thanks for posting the still. Haha, the shoe is on the other foot. NR is equally possessive as HS, just look at her face!!! HS is letting her stew. Now this is a love triangle I wanna see because HW is a tough girl. As long she is not reduced to the usual troupe of a typical 2nd female lead who is manipulative and evil. Is JW's role in subsequent is gonna be a bit inconsequential now that the love triangle is off the table? Probably just show him pining for NR? What an in-depth look at love and jealousy!!
  14. Is it Wednesday yet? I don't think HS and HW is gonna happen because he has already given her heart to NR. From the preview synopsis, he's crazy happy over her jealousy. Perhaps he's giving her a taste of her own medicine by dating both as well. It will be a boost to his fragile ego after brutal bruising by NR. Just that HW won't give up without a fight though it's a losing battle like JW. I just re-skimmed through GHJ dramas. She really has chemistry with every male lead, which is rare for any actress. I think all her co stars are able to shine because of her. I love her spunky and sassy character in IOTL the most.
  15. Thanks for posting the preview. Does it look like NR finally made her choice? If it's the end of this love triangle then it's now HW going after HS and NR trying to keep her man? its only Monday :-(