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  1. He did? But she’s the first female co star he has sent to right? ❤️❤️
  2. Most importantly he’s never sent any food truck to any of his co-stars before, even the male ones considering he’s close to many from Hwarang.
  3. I love that they sat together and even hugged. In the wrap parties I've seen the leads usually sat apart and sometimes no interaction at all, as if fearful of getting scandals.
  4. Hey people, how are you? I'm sorry I haven't been posting since I couldn't contribute much cos I wasn't watching it, but I still visit this thread frequently. Lately though, I've started watching because of the new couple Gong Myung & Hye Jung. And also got interested in Gook Gu n Sleepy. The saccharine couple reminds me of Jong Hyun couple (that guy from CNBlue) who were also lovey dovey. I kept reminding myself not to fall for their act so that I don't get drawn in. I don't think we have seen another female virtual bride who is as forward as Hye Jung. She likes skinship and wasn't afraid to show it on screen. He's a little shy but has loosened up? What's up with that convo in the car?? She told him he could have told the reporters the truth? Mm...just trolling ?!?! I was shocked that she sat on his lap when they were in the water. Gook Gu and Sleepy are a comedic pair. I'm watching to see their progress. I definitely think they are just friends, no romantic vibes though Sleepy tries hard for the show. He loves his dog more. lol Not keen on the couple that just left. The replacement couple looks unappealing, think I'll skip that.