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  1. Hello! This is still open! Feel free to comment your line accounts if you have the app. We are still in need of members, so feel free to apply whether you have experience or not we will accept you.
  2. Hello everyone~ I'm selling some cheap Kpop albums and merchandise all in mint condition on ebay, however most do not include photocards, but I will be including freebies for certain groups. I'm selling some albums as cheap as $7 so please check it out. Click the link down below if you're interested! http://www.ebay.com/usr/smileleetaemin Some of the albums I'm selling include! Lots of B.A.P including Limited Edition Japanese Releases & an Autographed Album! BTS EXO Girls' Generation ( SNSD ) SHINee ZE:A
  3. Hi Krysten! Yes, we're still looking for people. Practices are usually 1-2 a month on Saturdays (Sundays don't usually work for the group). We also try to practice over breaks too, but not all the group member's breaks align.
  4. Hello Kpop fans! For the past few years, I have been very serious and motivated about starting a Kpop dance and singing cover group. So we would be making both dance and song covers of Kpop songs and post them on an official YouTube Channel. Still apply if you’re strength is dancing more than singing or vice versa. (I am a better singer/rapper than dancer myself hahah) Also, we’ll most likely be covering all types of concepts/songs. If you are also going to apply please be devoted and passionate about this! There are a few requirements for those interested even if you don’t meet them still feel free to leave your email address and name down below, and I’ll get back to you asap! Also be prepared to send me a few details about yourself and a 1 minute clip of your voice (preferably in Korean can be in English though), I won’t ask for a dance clip unless you really want to send me one or that is your specialty. Some requirements that I think are for the best are; Location; MUST be in Southern California and near Los Angeles County (at least 1-2 hours) Applicants from Central of Nor. Cal will not be considered, unless you can travel here often! Age; 16-23 [Even if you’re younger/older than age range still comment down below] Preferably able to drive, not needed though If you’re interested in helping with camera/audio also comment down below and let me know! As for practice, we’ll mostly be practicing extensively during Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring and any other Holidays most members are free. If most members are free and live near by we can also practice 1-2 a week. Practice place and other details will be figured out together → A little about myself, I am an 18 year old high school senior who entered the world of Kpop in early 2010. I’m a little socially awkward hahah but I get a lot louder and more comfortable once I get to know you. I have gone to tons of auditions such as SM Monthly, YG Global 2012, JYP 2014 and 2015, and Kpop Star season 2 and 4. Of course, I never passed them. Lmao My main bias is Kim Taeyeon and Suga (Yoongi) and I love all Kpop groups, like I can’t even name my favs there are too many lmao. I speak fluent English hahah, some Spanish, and can read hangul, but I'm still working on learning more Korean. If you're interested remember to leave your email address and name down below!