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  1. @bebebisous33 my bet is Ep 10. Thanks so much for constantly tagging me with your insightful analysis ....just wished I had the time to read them all.
  2. @mywebfoot Webby *wave* ! Great to see you here. you wrote "hope you liked it" ...you know what, I didn't like it , I LOVED IT !! Keep it coming, missed you and your FF!
  3. @Earth2KatyD you're welcome, glad you're entertained ! Seriously, if there is CEO that handsome in any office, the employees wouldn't be working at all !! Hehe
  4. @gilaswan ahhh.....Yongpal chinggu, great to see you here *wave*, again your analysis is spot on.
  5. @febz hehe...glad you liked the 'bend forward' strip. BongKi can help you with the blood transfusion ! Hehe @tianaa if she really 'bend forward' we would all be squeeing !! @arshinwoo I am hoping to see a kiss sometime this week, need not be that particular hospital scene but I will be delighted if it really happened !
  6. @sharreb i haven't heard 'Willl you go out with me?' In a kdrama for a long time, it's rather oldfashioned ...but i do hope to hear MH asking her. Glad you liked the strip