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  1. Well, i actually am shipping these two hahahha. Agree, i also looking forward jisoo interview and what will he say about pby..
  2. Well, i think these shippering things better be discussed in shipperworld. Just my cent tho
  3. Btw, when will the official ost MV released?
  4. Is JTBC trying to kill me? I mean those stills tho. And now i want so badly the bts video, jaeballll
  5. But i still want the bts kkkk *greedy me lol
  6. Invite me please ^^, *puppy eyes
  7. Aaw...uri Bongbong is so cute. I just noticed that she has moles...cute
  8. It's 2pm if i'm not mistaken. Kindly check PBY and PHS vid. that explain about that
  9. Why there's no PHS and PBY selca?...too afraid being obvious, huh?
  10. Is it possible that we get BTS after drama ended? still curious of sofa and piano kiss scene
  11. So, how many kisses we got so far? 5,6??:D
  12. supposed to be Mrs. Ahn min hyuk who kiss her husband lol
  13. Waaa...i thought new bts from @librais another bts kkkk. Thanks anyway dear. Still waiting patiently sofa bts. Please don't put on blue ray or dvd cut