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  1. OMOO...those pictures Trying not to pay attention into this couple. But my shipper heart can't resist. Love to the bits all those pics!! Thanks @Go Seung Ji for those lovely pics
  2. BTS cut Edit: sorry, it has been posted in previous page hehe
  3. I don't think there will be time jump. Remember actor Ahn hair style in early episodes, he also had a different hair style. But that just my opinion
  4. Nooo...no sad scene please. Btw, why do i feel MY and JH will have a kiss scene in this episode? Like sorrow kiss that will become passionate and hot kiss lol. Mhiaan my dirty mind
  5. Rough Translation: The family is at the breakfast table and Mi Young is not in sight. Hye Young is thinking about why her father would accept Joong Hee as his son when they are not blood related as seen on the DNA test... Mi Young is hiding from Joong Hee and he catches her beside the car, asking "what are you doing there?" We then hear Mi Young's thoughts "This is all too difficult, I can't do this anymore. At this rate, I won't be able to live in the same house together with him" She then breaks down in tears (So Min you finally got a chance to show your emotions and it is perfect) She then profusely cries at Joong Hee, "you could not understand my feelings and how long/much pain I've been dealing with"... Joong Hee then replies "I understand it" Cr: Mocmoc in youtube
  6. Because this is a shipper thread not her thread. Everything about her relationship with hyungsik will be discussed here. Because it's park bo young park hyungsik shippers thread. The drama itself just an addition lol
  7. Lol i think it's not like that. She was indeed has been offered the role for this project. But doesn't mean she was in relationship that time. I mean, it's kind of unrelated thing if the production team offered her that project because they knew she was in relationship lol. Her statement about that also just popped out recently. That more possible if she IS in relationship NOW. That's why she take this role, not two years ago. That's my opinion
  8. Feel like crying of happiness reading all positive thoughts and positive vibes that spreaded in this forums. Indeed, we should ignore and only focus with our puppy. We maybe haven't seen many hints or anything that lead us to make sure puppy is real,we eager about that. But just because it’s not happening right now, doesn’t mean it never will. I myself don't need their dating confirmation, i just need their wedding announcement. Because i'm 101% sure that THEY ARE REAL. Keep sailing, fellas!
  9. To my fellow shippers here, thanks for all updates about uri hyungsikkie fanmeet. Looooove them to bits! Ah @bongsoonie if you don't mind, would you translate what siwan said when he sang because of you song? Thanks in advance dear :*
  10. Director: Hey, hey, AeRa-ssi, did she not catch the signal? Someone: The signal that PD-nim gave, did you not catch it? [Oh no, seems like some famous broadcaster came and AeRa was supposed to handover but didn't know. Better not be puke-face! >:( ) Puke Face: Why aren't you dating that fabulous Choi AeRa? There's definitely nothing right? DongMan: She and I have 20 years (together). Puke Face: If 20 years has passed and nothing has happened, there's nothing. [NO YOU SHUDDUP!] JooMan: I'm, for a bit, going out. SeolHee: Where to? [Noooo...] AeRa: We're now... not friends, right? DongMan: Do you still see me as a little kid? Omoo thank @xxPeepsxx for translating it! So excited! Can't wait for tommorow!
  11. Ep. 10 preview. Someone please translate. Thank youu
  12. OMG..! You guys are so hillarious. I never get bored visiting this thread again and again. Keep it up guys ^^,