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  1. Director: Hey, hey, AeRa-ssi, did she not catch the signal? Someone: The signal that PD-nim gave, did you not catch it? [Oh no, seems like some famous broadcaster came and AeRa was supposed to handover but didn't know. Better not be puke-face! >:( ) Puke Face: Why aren't you dating that fabulous Choi AeRa? There's definitely nothing right? DongMan: She and I have 20 years (together). Puke Face: If 20 years has passed and nothing has happened, there's nothing. [NO YOU SHUDDUP!] JooMan: I'm, for a bit, going out. SeolHee: Where to? [Noooo...] AeRa: We're now... not friends, right? DongMan: Do you still see me as a little kid? Omoo thank @xxPeepsxx for translating it! So excited! Can't wait for tommorow!
  2. Ep. 10 preview. Someone please translate. Thank youu
  3. OMG..! You guys are so hillarious. I never get bored visiting this thread again and again. Keep it up guys ^^,
  4. @Mings30 do you mean this article? WHAT’S NEXT FOR PARK HYUNG SIK? HALLYU ACTOR’S JOURNEY BEFORE AND AFTER ‘STRONG WOMAN DO BONG SOON’ APRIL 24, 2017 Alexa Bacay Park Hyung Sik’s well-deserved time in the limelight has finally come. After the successful run of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, which hit 9.8 percent in viewership ratings on its final episode, Hyung-sik is ready for more challenges in his acting career. As a former member of ZE:A, the Hallyu heartthrob has shed his idol image and is now embracing his new role as a versatile In an interview with Yonhap, the actor revealed that he didn’t expect the ratings that they received for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. He also felt overwhelmed with the love he is getting now, not only from Korean fans, but from international fans as well. After this project, Hyung-sik shared that it would be interesting to play the role of a psychopath. His manager had joked that he would be really good in this role, as seen in his quirky portrayal of CEO Ahn Min Hyuk. “I actually want to play one too, if given the opportunity. I might give myself migraines trying to understand and portray such a character, but I think it would be a fun challenge,” Hyung-sik said. “I have quite a lot of character types that I want to play, so taking on various genres and roles is what I intend to do, if I can.” Before Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Hyung-sik played the role of King Jinheung in period drama Hwarang. While his role as the hidden king showed a more subdued character, his portrayal of Ahn Min Hyuk was more open and expressive. Dramabeans reveals that Hyung-sik almost did not accept this role, because he wanted to take a break after finishing Hwarang. However, aside from really liking the role that he would play, he also found out that he would be working alongside Park Bo Young. “I really liked the emphasis on his quirkiness rather than painting him as cool,” Hyung-sik said of Min-hyuk. “He’s childish but intelligent, and knows how to read people and situations well. He had his own personal trauma, but he doesn’t let it show, nor does he let it affect his life…He had so many unexpected sides to him that I found Min-hyuk so cool. I could never expect what direction he would go in.” “That’s why I decided to do this show, and then I found out that Park Bo Young was the female lead. I thought I would be really dumb not to take it. People around me were also jealous.” Hyung-sik has come a long way since his debut. His earlier projects weren’t so well-known. He was actually part of the cast of Heirs, which starred Lee Min Ho. The humble actor reveals that he had received acting lessons while he was filming his earlier dramas, but he could only perform what he learned in class. A director once asked him to portray his character differently and he didn’t know what to do. “I was so embarrassed when that happened that I just wanted to go hide. If I had really studied the character and thought about the life he had lived up to that moment, I would’ve been able to understand his actions and use that to come up with a different approach, but I wasn’t able to.” Hyung-sik then resolved to study his character for his next project, Sirius. Thankfully, he finished the drama with no complaints. These days, not only is he studying his role well, but he’s also consulting with his acting teachers. ‘How is she able to do that?’ Park Hyung-sik would often wonder of his co-star Park Bo Young. [Image by JTBC] “My teachers also tell me that while lessons are important, real-life experiences are even more so. What I feel, see, and learn from talking to various people are the most valuable. I think what they told me is right.” It could be this kind of dedication to his method acting that has led him to admit that he “loved” his co-star, Bo-young. “I really loved Park Bo Young. She’s that lovable. She really was Do Bong Soon and, because Park Bo Young truly was Do Bong Soon, I loved her. I wanted to love her more but [the drama] unfortunately ended,” Hyung-sik said. edit: oh, sorry looked @kimchikoala already posted it
  5. Oh, c'mon, my toddler also has black shirt with the word paradise. Does it mean they are couple too? Lol
  6. Calling @bongsoonie ^^,
  7. "when she made a little movement on her shoulder when he kissed her back after she initiated a kiss" I noticed that too...! Thanks for your thought. It's so me.
  8. No dear, he uploaded 7 hours ago. Which means the same time as Baeksang red carpet
  9. Well, i actually am shipping these two hahahha. Agree, i also looking forward jisoo interview and what will he say about pby..
  10. Well, i think these shippering things better be discussed in shipperworld. Just my cent tho
  11. Btw, when will the official ost MV released?
  12. Is JTBC trying to kill me? I mean those stills tho. And now i want so badly the bts video, jaeballll
  13. But i still want the bts kkkk *greedy me lol
  14. Invite me please ^^, *puppy eyes