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  1. well..I think I'm kind of expecting such "richard simmons" ending but still hoping the writer to surprised me but... I'm overestimated the writer... it's HB and PSH bring me back to soompi but I need to cooollllll down now... [[Switch off the server]]
  2. suddenly it became a "heavy" K drama.... I believe Emma was a bug after watching Marco stabbed SJ...
  3. I was told by my K change that this is the most "cry scene" for HJ/PSH from the beginning to the end (OMG)... I really want a happy ending -- not some kind of "happy ending in the game world"...
  4. at first, i though prof cha was the one behind the game but now i don't think so.... maybe it's JW's partner (sorry forgot his name). Who will benefit if all directors die?
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