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  1. We also know now that Ah-Jin is just as conniving as Bok-Ja, just not as obvious. The fake medical document that Ah-Jin produced saying that the old man had dementia when he signed those papers turning everything over to BJ is nothing more than an attempt at undoing Bok-Ja. Ah- Jin is still stinging over the fact that she is no longer in control of the family finances, a pretty good gig for a long time. Who really knows what she may have pilfered out for herself over the years? And she's so sneaky about everything, she has the family completely fooled. The rest of the family is so dysfunctional that, at this point, I don't see any of them pulling off a murder. The detective was really questioning Ah-Jin; I wonder if he thinks she's the prime suspect.
  2. Oh wow. They even killed off TS? This drama is really cruel and violent.
  3. I'll have to echo that sentiment about SI and SW not being together. Their actions toward each other at this point seem pretty platonic, and the elders were against it anyway. So poor, pathetic SI is left with nothing other than the association with Chungil Flour and her family back together again. Sure hope she can find someone else to love and carry on with a more normal life.
  4. @baduy... Did Jung tell JW that the boy should be killed? JW had such a shocked look and very uncomfortable with whatever he said.
  5. I noticed that too, although I didn't recognize the drama. No site that I usually use had today's episode subbed. Preview for Monday looks good.... boy is reunited with his family and Jung is in jail.
  6. The LOL part of today's episode is when Jung asks, "What could go wrong with a government project?" HA ! HA! HA! He's really taking the bait. And Mr. Kang tells stepmother, "If you want, I will return the money I took." Good grief, what's wrong with this guy? Yeah, return it with interest and punitive damages. If he's the one who is supposed to be upright, why would there be any question about compensating the family?
  7. Those ratings are super! I'm wondering if Ah Jin will be the only one to end up with money by divorcing her goofy husband and getting a big settlement before the fortune is gone. And I'm not sure if Bok Ja is purposely trying to lose the family fortune, or is she just ignorant about the "investors" that will probably dupe her so the money is gone. Usually wealthy people are more protective and cautious about their investments, but old man and his 3 worthless kids will be penniless.
  8. I'm not sure unless it's the tonic she's taking to get pregnant. She was told to stop taking it by her family because it made a lot of people sick and was a fraud. Preview shows JW in jail... HA! I wonder if his FIL is going to throw him under the bus.
  9. What idiot stands in the street staring at the approaching car and shields his eyes straining to see who is going to hit him!? Dumb Dumb Dumb. Looks like Jang actually pushes SW out of the way and takes the hit since he's laying there in the hospital. Ho hum, more of the Noodler's dirty tricks and attempts at putting a few more items on his rap sheet that should get him life in prison.
  10. It looks like SI's brother is having flashbacks of the drowning incident, and wondered in the preview, "Who pushed me in?" Slippery Se Young may get nailed yet for being involved, so let's keep our fingers crossed. Mr. Kang doesn't have very many episodes left to discover that nosy, meddling Jang is very suspicious, especially wanting to "clue in" Kang about his employees. Red flags everywhere.
  11. Good grief. I've lost count of how many people have been killed in this drama, but that was a short stint for the actress playing the bookkeeper that clued SW in about some creative math in the account books. Jung already bumped her off. This week will be "manual labor" for everybody as the family fortune is now gone. The red tag team have already been in to claim the noisy vinyl furniture (it talks when they sit on it) and the Frenchy phones that need a good cleaning. Maybe working up a sweat at the construction site will jog the brain cells and SW will figure out just what happened.
  12. It's definitely getting better and better. Still waiting for the subs, but the end of episode 11 has some interesting filming clips.
  13. So maybe this is the tipping point where YS plays a part in exposing the thief and gets in better favor with Grandma. This could be the beginning of the end.