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  1. A lot of " Boo Hoo, we're so sad, we're losing our company" stuff in episode 86. TS is behind the lenders not allowing Mr. Jung to have loans, so after Mr. Jung meets one of them face to face and is told "forget it", Mr. Jung collapses and ends up in the hospital. Chung Ki (brother) is attending to Mr. Jung and TS, who is gloating and taking a fruit basket to the hospital, sees Chung Ki and is shocked. I think he thought he was dead. The preview says TS is surprised and not happy to learn that Chung Ki lives at the same house as DS.
  2. Things are definitely beginning to click, and Gye Ryong has opened up to DS about his involvement in the fight for independence and his association with Jae Ha. He presents her with the book of poems that served as a lucky charm to them both as they fought together, and tells DS that she reminds him of Jae Ha because of her talent and commitment to shoe making. GR has tremendous guilt for not being more careful which resulted in JH's death which changed the future of Songin, and has resulted in his brother's company being swallowed up by TS. I don't get why GR doesn't seem to know that much about TS, when TS was a pretty big player in Songin from the beginning. Also, as a close friend of JH, he surely would know of YH and their companionship. Preview indicates that a memorial service will be planned for Jae Ha. DS is mulling over the names and seems to have a glimmer of past memories.
  3. Just a thought, but HJ seemed disturbed about her Dad's possible involvement with the troubles of Hangang Leather, so would she flip? Despite her hate for DS, she could still have a piece of the pie if she started working with YH and cousin. That would mean she'd have to come clean about her knowledge of DS. She already doesn't like Dal Rae, so which side will she pick?
  4. Mr. Jung hates TS so I doubt he would want his son to be married to HJ so they would be connected through family. TS is destroying the Hangang Leather company so he can eventually take it over. Mr. Jung better get some clues pretty fast to thwart TS from any more business dealings.
  5. I skipped the episode 83 to get more of what YH and her cousin were finding out while doing charity work. They went to the house where the couple who claimed they had Eun Sol (complete with clothes) lived only to find out that they moved suddenly after coming into a large amount of money. The landlord told them that they moved to an upscale neighborhood with their son. That conflicted with info previously given that they could not have children. YH and cousin now believe that ES could be alive, that the couple lied, and realize that they have done some things financially that involved TS that were premature. They agreed to keep it quiet and not let TS know of their findings. This isn't much for "moving forward" until other indicators come up to get them going in another direction. @joccu... you are right, the couple is breaking up. The preview indicates that YJ finds out about all the suffering his family has gone through, so says he will break up with DS. Whatever.
  6. I can't even stomach this drama now. If anyone wants to add quick summaries, take it away.
  7. The deal between TS and Mr. Jung was for the transfer of debentures (type of loan and a sizable amount of money) to TS for the release of the kids, since TS had connections. In the meantime, the kids were set to be released because the superiors got wary of the media and told the CIA to release everyone who isn't a core member. That got back to TS who bribed someone to use DS as bait and get YJ to sign an admission of guilt in order to release DS, and secure the deal with Mr. Jung. Unless something happens before YJ actually signs the paper, he's toast.
  8. This would be an episode to skip. We are now 3 for 3 with these novels where the lead character is thrown in jail on false charges. Don't think I will be watching any more daily "novels".
  9. One extra twist here is that HJ was not officially adopted and put on TS's family register. TS and YH had originally agreed to wait until she was 25, then do it if her parents weren't found. TS is realizing now that HJ has no right to Songin if she is not registered. YH is objecting, saying that HJ is not capable of running the company, so she is going to be the holdout. In the end TS will probably go to prison and HJ will be left with nothing except her gold digging mother, Dal Rae.
  10. So episode 80 is so predictable that any of us could have written it. Our couple has solidified their relationship to the point of openly wearing their rings and admitting to others that they are engaged. The two baddies (YJ's mother and HJ) are outraged and spring into action with the usual insults and denials, but are quickly snuffed out by YJ himself who tells his mother and HJ firmly that he is committed to DS. HJ has no choice but to do the most desperate action she can think of, which is tell the police that YJ is treating a Communist and where to find him. End of episode shows YJ being hauled away from the little cubbyhole where DS's friend was hiding. This was meant to be the weekend cliffhanger, but what it will do is move to the next phase where the families are more "out there" and TS and Gye Ryong will eventually get a glimpse of each other and the old associations start unraveling. I wonder how desperate TS will get.
  11. Yikes... do we really need to know about TS and YH's sex life? Seems she was getting contraceptives in order not to have his child, so now he's super ticked and knows she was toying with him. The injured girl, friend of DS, participated in a protest and now the authorities are after her. The discussion at breakfast was about dragging people in as Communists, and HD said he would be careful. Not sure where this is going.
  12. Yeah, no kidding. The "flashbacks" have all but disappeared. So much for pacing of the story line. I'm completely confused by the end of the episode... who is that girl that was being chased and bleeding? And TS at the Dr.'s office "buying" some information. At almost episode 80, this just has to pick up and get going. HJ will have a fit when she sees DS's ring!
  13. I think it's official now that Dal Rae is dumb as a box of rocks. When DS introduced herself as Go Dal Soon, it didn't seem to occur to DR that that was the same name as her dead sister. Even YH pointed out that they had the same surname. And how long will it take HJ to point out to DR that HJ was abandoned at birth and left for Grandma to raise her? I don't see HJ warming up to DR anytime soon. Mr. Jung is off to the prison with his pictures to find out who paid off the employee to change documents.
  14. DS is very distressed by the sticky relationship with YJ, and HD senses that something is wrong when she is barely eating and quiet at home. He follows her out and she admits that she met YJ, and their feelings are strong. HD knows that DS would not get involved with him. The secret is out! HJ overhears TS and DR arguing loudly about how HJ is treated, and something is said about DR being her mother. HJ walks in on them with a shocked look on her face. The little "family" is there together. I sure hope YH gets some support quick.... this is getting ugly. Bong Shik has taken pictures of men coming out of Songin to show to Mr. Jung, so they are trying to nail down the accomplice to TS. HD's sister overhears Bong Shik talking to Choo Ja on the phone about HD, and she now knows that HD is living with their Mom. I think she is crushed by being left out of the loop...I don't blame her.
  15. Yep, YJ is not letting DS get away! He was really ticked when his mother was bad mouthing DS. I think he is determined. Thanks, orangeluv, .... I was wondering who that was that Mr. Jung was visiting in prison. He's still focusing on TS. And I don't understand why the name Go Dal Rae doesn't ring a bell with HJ. She surely knows that her Grandmother mentioned "Dal Rae" often, unless that is a very common name.