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  1. I'm afraid poor SW has a liver disease or hepatitis. His symptoms are getting serious and he's quietly fighting pain. His mother mentioned his drinking but he blew her off. NJ explained to Mr. Han that it was actually SJ who suggested loaning money to JA, and that's why he loved her. He earned a lot of brownie points today with Mr. Han as he praised SJ and told how much he appreciates. her. Ex-con brother Seon Gyu was sent to pick up the redesigned clothes at JA's shop, and there he saw the sonogram picture and baby diary. He realized what a creep Ms. Choi is, and apologized to JA and offered her help. Looks like he could flip to the good side. Lawyer Heo has mistress Mom and Mr. Bang in a corner, and before they could do anything, lawyer has already contacted another nurse who was at the hospital during the kidnapping. He emphasized once again that the statute of limitations starts when the child is found, so there is still time to nail Ms. Choi and Mr. Bang. I meant to say something as some of you have about Dae Sik's parents and how funny they are knowing DS has a girlfriend. They came today and want to buy Yeon Ji a car, so they were all excited. She never impressed me as a gold digger, so I think she is sincere and will not break DS's heart. I find those boutonnieres that the male designer on team 1 wears is comical. The white one looks like styrofoam... maybe an upcycle?!
  2. Episode 74 is pretty awesome. JA's shop is called "Needle and Thread", and she redesigns clothes to update them. She's now "outed" when Pres. Han's wife takes clothes to the shop, and ex-con brother is a cab driver that took her to the shop and recognizes JA. Trouble ahead. SJ is really assertive toward SH in defending NJ, and also gets pretty "direct" with SW when she tells him that it was his mother who caused trouble by playing dirty with MinHan. She accused him of being of the same cloth, and said she didn't blame JA for dumping him because his ethics were shaky. Lawyer has the goods on SH and Mr. Bang, including a video of the nurse accepting the bribe from Bang, and the copy of the receipt that was delivered to SH. They are both dumbfounded and searching for an excuse. End of episode. I know we usually complain about awful side stories, but Dae Sik and Yeon Ji are so cute...
  3. Same here with login... finally changed my password and that worked. I didn't think there was that much, though, in episode 73 to comment on. I agree with you, @O about Mom... she knows that people will take advantage of NJ's good heart and is encouraging SJ to be aware. SJ is pretty sharp by having her Dad in the business, so it's good that she's close to NJ and knows what's going on. Evidently NJ has a strategy to deal with Pres. Han's situation with evil mistress Mom. NJ said to go ahead and produce their products and later get more work from other countries where she can't interfere.
  4. Several things came out of episode 72....SW's elevated liver enzyme level is not a good sign. Don't know if that will be a factor in the future, but that is what was discovered when he ended up at the hospital thanks to NJ and SJ. Lawyer Heo found out that Bang went to another city to visit on his day off, the same city where former nurse is working at a hospital . Lawyer took a picture of a "receipt" that Bang left for Ms. Choi. More evidence that the nurse is being paid off. JA took on a shop with a $30,000 loan from NJ. His mother is furious that NJ did that. JA is looking at the sonogram of her baby, so I don't think she had the abortion, and will go through with the pregnancy. Ms. Choi is making big trouble for Pres. Han of MinHan group after he denied producing items for team 1 as he has too much work. He did not mince words with her about her past bag of tricks, so she is throwing her weight around and blackmailing him. @sava2sava... I think you are mis- characterizing NJ's Mom. She is not the bad person here. She was not involved in the kidnapping, and was told by Bang (her former unregistered husband) that the baby was that of a relative. She was depressed after losing her own baby, so it was a blessing to her to be able to raise NJ. NJ loves her for that, and he had no idea that he was adopted until recently. The bad people here are mistress Mom and Bang, who planned the kidnapping.
  5. @sava2sava....NJ already knows that. Lawyer Heo told NJ privately what he knew prior to the big family meeting that pretty much laid it all out to everybody. NJ later took a real dig at mistress Mom by pointing out that it was odd for some people to be living in luxury when they didn't earn it. At this point, I think lawyer is gathering the evidence to substantiate what he already knows to stick it to Bang and SH. Other posters here can clarify it, but that's my understanding.
  6. Haven't seen the sub yet, but NJ and Seung Joo met JA at SJ's apt. I think JA did say she had an abortion. Not sure what her plans are, but the preview shows her in a shop(?) I'm guessing that lawyer Heo tried to impress on former hosp. worker that what she was telling was somewhat skeptical. He left his business card with her and she seems pretty nervous, so maybe later she will come around to telling the truth after she thinks it over. Lawyer takes a picture of a note delivered to mistress Mom that was left at the secretary's desk. As the saying goes, "he could charm the birds out of the trees." Love him to death.
  7. Lawyer Heo is looking for someone who worked at the Hope hospital 30 years ago, and the asst. seems to have found someone. Preview shows lawyer approaching a woman who denies working there, so I think Ms. Choi has gotten to her first to shut her up. Mr. Bang told Ms. Choi what the lawyer was doing, and Bang said he knew of someone who worked there and they would have to pay her off. Mr. Bang has found an ATM machine in mistress Mom, so he's hitting her up for more money to keep quiet, and eventually plans on running off. JA calls NJ at the end of the episode, so that should be the beginning of the next series of showdowns on Monday. Nobody believes she had an abortion, so we'll see if SW can man up and protect his woman against his two-faced Mother. I, too, think there is going to be some more to the story about what went on in the past. Mistress Mom seems to have a different story than what we heard from Chairman Ahn. She told JA that NJ's mother was chosen over her because Hyungang was in financial trouble and that NJ's mother came from a wealthy family and could save the company. As sneaky as she is, I wonder if that is even true, or could she have caused trouble for the company?
  8. Mistress Mom is such a piece of work that she threatened JA with, "If you don't leave, I'll die!". Then she pulled out a bottle of pills and asked, "What will you do?" If JA had an ounce of brains she would have said, "Wow! That's a lot of pills! I'll get you a big glass of water!" But no, she folded like a cheap tent and agreed to leave SW a note and her cellphone behind, taking all of her clothes and leaving. The big fight then erupted at home between SW and NJ going at each other with SW claiming NJ took everything from him... Hyungang, the house, and now JA, to which NJ responded, "No. You took everything from me 30 years ago!". End of episode.
  9. SW consulted his lawyer, but lawyer Heo did everything properly and within the law. SW tries to act tough, but he has no case and looks foolish and scared in front of Nam Jin and lawyer. NJ knows that the motive was to gain Hyungang so he tells lawyer that his primary focus is to not let them have the company. That seemed like one of the rare times that he was determined to fight and not let the shysters get away with stealing what is not theirs. Lawyer said the one to be hurt will be SW for what his mother has done. Team 1 is giddy after hearing the problems team 2 has encountered with the Chinese stealing their designs and manufacturing them. Fortunately Mr. Lee knows all about those problems and has experience dealing with the authorities in China to get it sorted out. Easily solved. Mistress mom sends SW to Japan for a few days to attend a fashion convention, which gives her time to get rid of JA. The note JA left for SW says she was pregnant and had an abortion and is leaving.
  10. Haven't seen the subbed episode of #68, but I skipped to the end and JA is pregnant and mistress Mom has managed to kick her out of the apartment in the preview. JA left a "Dear John" note for SW.
  11. Lawyer Heo lays it all out at a family meeting with everyone there. As a former prosecutor, he is not intimidated by any challenge, and by the end, mistress Mom is playing the "pity card", "how dare you accuse me when I had a pitiful youth." SW and JA walk in late to the gathering, and hear the accusations which prompt SW to foolishly lash out in defense of his mother and state he will sue Lawyer Heo. Lawyer Heo welcomes the challenge, which is bad news for Mr. Bang, who would have to testify under oath after denying the argument of lawyer Heo that Bang accepted money twice from mistress Mom, most recently in the past few days. Later in the evening, mistress Mom has a nightmare that Chairman Ahn visited her and mocked her, and touched her with his cold, dead hand. Mr. Lee was summoned by designer friend to check on mom as he couldn't get her to answer her phone. Mr. Lee is shocked. Seung Joo is just as outraged as lawyer, but NJ is still playing it down and acting like he is afraid of the conflict and wanting to move on. Preview shows some problems with round 3 orders and NJ is scrambling to find a solution.
  12. As was mentioned in the preview, Mr. Lee and his daughter are reunited when Nam Jin recognizes her at the cafe. She is a nice girl that is studying nursing, so mistress Mom offers to get her a scholarship through the company, as financial aid is offered to children of employees. Her kind gesture surprises everyone.. Mr. Lee's daughter has had a similar experience to Ms. Choi with a stepfather that was abusive. Lawyer Heo called in NJ and laid it all out about what he found. NJ is reluctant to let it be known that Ms. Choi had a different name and was behind his kidnapping for fear of hurting many people. Lawyer Heo said he will expose it anyway in the future as a matter of respect for Chairman Ahn and his wife who suffered for 30 years. Funny how NJ is overly compassionate for one side, yet lacks the "tiger" gene to get outraged by injustices. I hope he gets a clue pretty soon.
  13. There were plenty of "chuckle" moments in episode 65, especially as ex-con Mr. Bang is not going to be threatened by mistress Mom. She's met her match with him as he comes right back at her when she puts on her "threatening" act. And lawyer Heo is deliberately dropping comments about "Choi Geum Soon" within earshot of mistress Mom in order to make her squirm. Lawyer Heo is no dummy and will get to the bottom of it.
  14. Well, for all of the skeptics out there who wondered if SW was really changing or putting on an act, you were right about not being able to change a leopard's spots! The rivalry is heating up and Nam Jin is toughening up... Yay!! Seung Joo is being petty and whiney about NJ not paying attention to her. She knows his feelings toward her and needs to cut him a little slack. I know he gets the message, but why needle such a great catch? Mr. Bang is trying very hard to find someone to confide in to divulge what he knows about mistress Mom... should be soon.
  15. I can understand why the ratings are so high... plenty of cute again in episode 62. Usually by this time in another daily we'd be screaming at the screen and complaining loudly to each other about the OMG! writing. I hope it doesn't come to that with this drama. Anyway, mistress Mom has made her move. She has decided to "accept" JinAh if SW wins the 3rd round, and insists that he move back home because it doesn't look good for him to be out and that wasn't how she raised him. So obvious was her non-apology to JA for the way she treated her, but glossed over it as "Well, that's what a parent would do to protect their child." Her character flaws run really deep. She has contacted crook/brother Seon Gyu to find where JA lives and "get rid of her." Wow.