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  1. Didn't get much out of the raw 101 episode, but everyone is still in panic mode as the Miseong program presses on. All of the usual snarky, abusive characters, are still at it, and it looks like Pres. Shin has turned over more docs to Woo Jung. Couldn't tell if WJ knows about DB or not, or whether she is still in the dark. Crazy Mom set up HJW to catch her in taking docs, so it's getting more dangerous for HJW.
  2. According to the preview, DB said, "the program must be aired." So despite HK's warning about the consequences, he's going ahead with it. That should be fun.
  3. Episode 100 is going to be the turning point as to the strategy of DB and where he goes from here. After crazy Mom drops the truth on him, he approaches his parents, and of course, they apologize, but that is no comfort. DB even threw it at JB who initially laughed it off and tried to bluff his way through a silly explanation, but that didn't fly. Everybody knows where HK is on the subject, and is going to push on no matter what. Now it is Chairman who is still in the dark. DB is so tormented to be associated with the scum he is trying to expose. I wonder if he will rush to a wedding with Woo Jung to cement their relationship before all heck breaks out with Gramps.
  4. I'm curious as to what leverage meddling corporate Mom is going to have once CW is back in the fold. It looks like next week the DNA results confirms she is the lost daughter. CW has already shown that she is capable of being a part of the company, so evil Mom is probably going to have to undercut her somehow. I don't even bother with all of those side stories, and FF through them because the characters are not worth the time. The real story isn't even beginning until episode 37, so all the more reason to skip an awful lot of the past episodes.
  5. Crazy Mom has managed to slip into the President's position, edging out JB. HK petitioned frat boy to convince Gramps that HK was needed as head of their partnership, as JB was too inexperienced. So now she's back at the company and the confinement/boot out of the house is null and void. Too bad. Yes, crazy Mom has confronted DB that a grandson should not attack his grandfather with that program about the slush funds. She said JB is a fake, and DB could ask his parents.... that they know, and that DB is the real heir. Preview shows DB very tormented. Crazy Mom hates everybody so much that she just put it out there. She can't stand HK and JB, HJW and daughter, and her ex husband. I have no idea how this is all going to play out.
  6. HJW had planted a recording pen in the Chairman's office, so she was able to get the safe combination and documents of Miseong. Unfortunately (and predictably) HK weaseled her way out of confinement, and saw HJW in the office. The documents got in DB's hands, and that prompted counter action in sending the thugs after DB and beating him up. I'm not sure who gave the orders, Chairman or JB, but JB witnessed it and is digging in to the really dark side to "protect" HK. @sava2sava... you may be right about the evils of JB. He has totally lost his mind and any sense of a moral compass. Both JB and HK should be locked up in the end.
  7. If you've been skipping episodes, 97 is the one to watch. HA! HA! I've never seen so much drama at the breakfast table! By the end of the episode, Gramps knows the whole story of HK trying to run down HJW and daughter, and HK is banned from leaving the house and is locked in her room . She's getting kicked out in the next episode. And the herbal medicine was to keep her from getting pregnant. Mwahahaha!
  8. From the preview, it looked like HJW turned over the papers to Do Bin. DB and Woo Jung are really going to think she's in danger now, and might insist she get out of that house.
  9. @sava2sava... Thanks, I haven't watched yet, but without the preview, I wasn't sure what HK was going to do. Maybe we're at the turning point now to convince JB that HK is bad news. I sensed he was getting very uncomfortable as things progressed, but he just wasn't there yet. Maybe this is it. What surprises me is, of all the people around crazy Mom, only Gramps is related and yet, crazy Mom doesn't give anybody the boot! Pres. Shin, fake daughter, and fake nephew still play a role in Miseong, which is her livelihood, but she is not very aggressive in getting out the imposters. If HJW actually found incriminating papers, then the company is going down in flames.
  10. Crazy Mom is ready to spill the beans to Gramps about them being duped. Don't know if will actually happen, but we're left on the edge. I don't mean to outguess the writer, but isn't it about time for the "real" daughter to show up? Was the little girl's body ever found when she supposedly drowned? That's a typical story line in this type of drama.
  11. There's so much wild stuff being thrown out there that this is beginning to get hard to follow. The wheels are definitely coming off the bus, and it's going in every direction. Frat boy meets with crazy Mom and we have dueling blackmail threats. Frat boy wants a better deal for his company with the threat of exposing the fake grandson. Crazy Mom threatens him with knowledge of improprieties in his company, so they end with crazy Mom wanting frat boy to make HK divorce JB. Pres. Shin is back at the company, evidently at the insistence of JB who really doesn't know the job. The episode ends with a big blowout with crazy Mom erupting and blowing up at HK for being so deceitful . Mom is ready to give HK the boot, but the preview shows HK pleading with Pres. Shin not to divorce, because she will help him take the company. DB officially proposes to Woo Jung, and they both know that Pres. Shin has talked to HJW. Earlier in the episode, restaurant Dad explodes once again at HK, conniving Mom, and JB for their scheming. Surely Gramps is going to find out pretty soon, as I'm not sure Chang Soo can keep quiet.
  12. Woo Jung and DB heard that HJW was at the Miseong house, so they rushed over to get HJW. The family hid her so she couldn't be found, but HJW slipped out the back and met Pres. Shin at a cafe. She seemed normal with him, so I think they are working together. Crazy Mom presented the letter to restaurant Mom and Dad, just to let them know that she knows. And HK knows that crazy Mom knows, too.
  13. Curious segment about the "medicine" that Chairman Oh has instructed crazy Mom to give to HK. HK was going to drink it, then crazy Mom grabbed it and said, "You don't have to take that.". Chairman was annoyed that HK didn't take it, and crazy Mom said , "She thinks it will help her get pregnant." It sounds like Chairman is slipping HK some kind of poison.
  14. I skipped to the end of the raw episode 92, and HJW is cleaning HK and JB's room and knocks off a bunch of books. The letter falls out, she reads it, then in walks crazy Mom who also reads it. So now crazy Mom knows JB is the fake, but I doubt that is going to make any difference. The last thing she wants is DB, Woo Jung and HJW entering into Miseong and having to deal with them. HWJ sneered and muttered as crazy Mom left with the letter, which still makes me think she is faking it and maybe doing undercover work.