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  1. Agree. This is another gem that has a strong, very professional cast with a serious, dramatic story line. It's more like a movie that exposes the personalities and struggles of many people. Definitely not a "fluff" piece. So Jung Ho's father must have wanted the baby so bad that he chose putting his wife through a dangerous pregnancy instead of aborting and protecting his wife. That's a tough decision, and now he is suffering with guilt. Anyway, that's the way I interpreted it, but I could be wrong. Everybody involved with Jung Ho has issues, so she has to work through it all with the mess around her.
  2. What a crazy ending! It was a lot more creative than I was expecting, and very satisfactory to me. The miracle referred to banker and angel meeting, and angel asked him if he would like to go back to pre- accident, or continue on. Banker chose going back to before the accident with all the memories and his diary of the past and future events. So he got to re-direct the events, even telling chef not to drive his car that day, and getting information about all the crooks to the right people. It made for a softer, more caring banker that started over with his family, and chef and his family were together with their successful restaurant. Totally nuts! There were plenty of light moments, including the angel and a girl angel doing a dance routine that took them to quite a few different places that was real cute. I enjoyed the cast even though the story often got bogged down and slow. Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.
  3. I , too, was confused about the CEO played by Joseph Lee, and noticed that in his bio, he was raised in Los Angeles and this is his first role in a drama. That really is his artwork, and he has a studio and business in Los Angeles. It all seems pretty planned as extreme product placement to show off his art. Maybe he is a friend of someone in the production.
  4. I don't think there was any implication that he was cured, just undergoing some extended/new treatments to prolong his life. That allowed this couple to have more time together and cement their love for each other and the people around them. I loved this drama, like so many of you. The side stories never detracted from the original theme, and the characters were merely there to show how others impacted the lives of the main couple/theme. That's just good writing. I also loved the format of 40 episodes/4 short episodes over 10 weeks. That works well and I hope to see something like that again. Too bad some of the dailies can't be shortened by about 40 episodes. I'm never disappointed by the work of Kim SunAh..... can't wait for the next.
  5. [Drama 2018] Mother, 마더

    I'll have to second that. The writer so brilliantly stuck to the motherhood theme, what it meant to be a mother, and the memories a child receives from their mother. There was never a "veering off" of that theme with romantic relationships and other scenarios that come with the other fluffy, silly dramas we usually get. I know some people were pulling for the handsome doctor to make some headway, but that wasn't important in this story. And it wasn't about sons, it was about women.... being a daughter and being a mother, and the strong bonds that are created.
  6. [Drama 2018] Mother, 마더

    I only watched the last section of the Japanese version where SJ must have been separated from YB until she was 18 (?), legal age, and then they were reunited. In the Japanese version, SJ mused that they would be reunited one day, just like she and her mother were after 30 years. The last scene showed 2 obscured adults, one older and one young lady in very high heels. That was their reunion. So it sounds like the Korean remake took some liberties and changed the ending, which is O.K., too. I've enjoyed this artistic performance.
  7. [Drama 2018] Mother, 마더

    So Soo Jin got a year and a half of probation, so is she not allowed to see Hye Na at all? There weren't any explanations of what the limitations are with the decision.
  8. [Drama 2018] Mother, 마더

    Like some of you, I'm just catching up and have enjoyed the 6 episodes I've watched. It's more of an artistic gem with strong performances and a serious message that sets it apart from the usual fluff. I'm amazed at the little girls' coping skills after being in such a toxic home, and how seemingly well adjusted she is compared to the abusive boyfriend who turned out to be a horrible adult. Anyway, I enjoy your comments.
  9. Thanks, everybody, who kept this thread alive and made comments to keep us going. The ending was a little odd, but whatever. I would have liked to have seen less of TS and Sec. acting like bumbling criminals on the run; it almost appeared to be an attempt at a comedic encounter which was totally inappropriate for the numerous and serious crimes committed. The poem book, HD's possible family reunion, the meeting of Kenta and the new family, the future of Songin..... all put on ice. The numerous new characters toward the end was unbelievable. See you soon on another thread.
  10. O.K. ending ... looks like DS wants to spend time with HD. Surprise, surprise... "dead" cousin appears in the final scene with the main characters. Nobody knows what happened to him.... more later.
  11. I have to say that the tough guy stuff is pretty impressive; the casting of some veterans helped to pull it off. At this point I'm reluctantly willing to accept the "twin" story line, but there should have been some indications, hints, etc., dropped way back when Granny was alive and talked about taking in her friend's son to raise. I'll repeat myself in saying the whole kidnapping episode of DS as bait and a bargaining chip for the criminal acts of TS and Sec. Oh is just lame. There are plenty of loose ends to tie up in the last episode without this extra scenario. What the heck with the "recording"? This is supposed to be in the 70's, so where did that tiny recording come from?
  12. So Kenta, with all his power and resources, didn't have enough sense to have security there at the meeting so TS and his goofy secretary couldn't escape. My, my.... And a kidnapping here in the 11th hour.... like we didn't expect that. YH awoke and told DS/ES that LJH was her father, not TS.
  13. Thanks again, chasen8888, for your summaries and thoughts. This writer has truly jumped the shark in order to create an unexpected ending. I think most of us would be satisfied with just a clean, tie up the loose ends, happy reunion that seemed to be in the outline. Throwing in such an unlikely 'twin" idea is just crazy. The story that Lee Jae Yeol got from the older lady was that his adoptive parents, relatives of his birth mother and who were fairly well off, became poor and sent him off for schooling. Funny how Granny, who took in LJH, her friend's son, did not seem to know of the twin. I think you would know if your friend had twins. Also funny is how fluent Kenta is in Korean after being raised in Japan, and how the people around him are Korean speakers. Totally nuts. I thought the poem book was still in TS's office, so maybe the prosecutors took it in the raid, but then, maybe DS will find it also. Anyway, hang in there, everybody, and we'll tough out the last hour.
  14. Well, the "twin spin" makes no sense at all. Grandma told how she got LJH from her friend who died, and raised him as her own. There was no mention of a twin. And we heard the tale that LJH had lost his memory and was trying to put the pieces together. Why would he say to YH, as she lays unconscious, "I'm sorry I couldn't protect you." He wouldn't even know her. So is the "twin" idea symbolic? He wants to take back Songin that he started, so the "twin" might mean something symbolic...... I can only hope.
  15. chasen8888 will give us a great summary, but at the end Nakamura is caught by LJH and they are beating the crap out of him.