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  1. The preview for 49 indicates that JO takes the salmon leather, sells it, and when the investigation begins, the security guard implicates DS because she was at the office working late. More of the same. DS could spare herself some grief by just blowing JO's identity. Why be an enabler to this sneak?
  2. At least DS got rid of the pigtails and let her hair down, but this relationship is going to be rocky. The other thing I was curious about is why Choo Ja doesn't know that Gye Ryong is Mr. Jung's brother? Choo Ja was married to Song Bong Shik and Mr. Jung (Yoon Jae's dad) would be her brother-in-law, so it doesn't make sense that she wouldn't know the extended family even though GR's name was Jung Chung Ki. Some of that has to come out soon as questions are being asked about families. This is so atypical of Koreans who know everything about everybody within 5 minutes of meeting someone new.
  3. It seems odd that nobody is overhearing things behind closed doors. It would be pretty strange for the housekeeper to go to HJ's room and close the door without it looking suspicious. I'm disappointed in the aunt who doesn't like HJ anyway, that she's not eavesdropping to raise some doubt about this con artist. YH has it all figured out that HJ obviously plagiarized by submitting a one of a kind shoe design as her own, when it probably was YH herself who designed the shoe 14 years ago for her daughter. Funny, too, that the cousin doesn't have better resources for tailing HJ and noticing who and what she's discussing around DS. And poor Hyun Do is getting in pretty deep now, even bribing people with gifts to carry out his plans. In the end it will be DS and YJ who inherit everything. I'm hoping things start to pick up after episode 50 to allow DS to really get into the business and become the success she's destined to be. And the scenarios from the very beginning are getting more and more faint as the story is fixated on HJ and her jealousy.
  4. Oh, wow... DS found her shoe from when she was a child that was in Granny's box. I wonder if it has any markings on it.
  5. I'm guessing that the next trick for JO is to get Grandma fired for stealing, or some made up story, after Grandma is hired as a temp housekeeper. Hopefully nosy aunt will overhear something to nail JO. Is Hyun Do having guilt feelings about trying to play dirty? He overheard his uncle trying to convince Yoon Jae to give up medicine and work for him, implying he needed someone trustworthy next to him. And HD's Dad impressed upon HD how uncle bailed them out of poverty. I'm glad to see Mr. Han taking control and not fooled by JO.
  6. Well that was a quick end to the mystery of the burned shoes. HJ is really in the doghouse now. Thanks, Louise90, for the heads up about the preview. Yay!! DS will be moving on and up towards the career she deserves. And what Mr. Jung found out about HD was that HD switched suppliers and dumped a supplier they had done business with for 20 years. Mr. Jung is a sharp enough businessman to see that something is brewing. Looking forward to the next few episodes...
  7. @Louise90...yes, I thought that it was ironic that Tae Sung was more suspicious of the story involving the shoes than his wife, and when the Master shoemaker came to him and reported what he saw, it just confirmed his suspicion. Now the ashy blouse that the maid found... JO will have to dodge the bullet again and create another lie. He was suggesting she find her family a few weeks ago, so I don't think he's a big fan of the "adoptive daughter" anyway. TS recognizes the talent of DS, and in the end, she will hold more interest in the company which is why it is funny now that he is so supportive. Was Mr. Jung informed about the secret bank account of Hyun Do? Have to wait for subs tomorrow.....
  8. I continue loving DS's spunk, especially telling JO in front of Yeon Hwa,.. .. "yes, it's as though we'd grown up together." Zinger!! I won't mind at all if she breaks it off with Yoon Jae; he doesn't act like he's committed to the relationship by hiding her and telling her minimal facts about his background and family. I suppose JO will lie about the burned shoes and DS will get blamed. And Hyun Do... my goodness... setting up a secret account already!? HD and JO will be sinking together by the end. Funny how this writer has laid everything out already and we pretty much know what the ending will be. Usually there are a few surprises along the way to throw us off, but I don't see anything coming.
  9. I look forward to the day when JO actually has something to do at work that she's not shadowing and monitoring DS all day. Funny how no one notices that she's never at her desk and working. Yoon Jae's evasive answers about his family will surely make DS uncomfortable and start her thinking about whether or not she can trust him. As predicted by others, this will not be a smooth relationship. I hope DS gets going in the next several episodes and starts to bloom, and getting closer and closer to becoming a talented designer.
  10. This is getting hilarious. Soup lady is indeed the ex of Bong Shik. Mi Ryung (screechy aunt) bumped into soup lady and they were shocked at seeing each other, then had tea. I think soup lady would like to see her kids, so if that happens, she is getting closer and closer to Jeong Ok which will totally freak out JO. I'm waiting for a few more flashbacks to start jogging DS's memory; it looks like she's going to have an encounter with her step Dad soon.
  11. I'm also wondering if younger soup lady with Grandma is possibly Song Bong Shik's ex wife? There was an awful lot of dialog about her leaving the kids, then Bong Shik stating that his sister made him get a divorce. This could get interesting if they get back together. It's comical to see Mr. Han and JO plotting when, in the end, both will lose everything.
  12. DS saw the notice about the missing Eun Sol..... Is she going to figure out who she is this early?
  13. I don't think it was mentioned about the settlement money, unless it came from the sale of the shop. And we don't know who bought the shop so quickly. Some holes there....
  14. I really needed the subs for ep. 37 to get the full gist of what happened. Yoon Jae took out a loan and gave it to Bok Nam (young boy) to pay off the loan sharks and keep everyone in their place. BN told the family that he asked for an advance on his pay, so everybody bought the story and will stay. DS saw an ad for a sample shoe maker at Hangang with the international team, applied, and got the job. The end of the episode shows DS showing up for work with a new hairstyle (goodbye, soup bowl haircut) and introducing herself. The LOL moment came with JO in shock and Hyun Do grinning like a Cheshire cat. Lucky for us that DS is a much spunkier lead compared to what we usually get with a shrinking violet that gets abused for 100 episodes. She overheard the scam artist talking about the fake charges incident while delivering shoes to the campus. She knows that JO was behind it all and is determined to get in the face of JO. Funny how the name Hangang never comes up and the associations made.
  15. The drama is supposed to be 120 episodes, typical daily. I noticed, too, that the actress playing Jeong Ok seems to overact on the mean parts, but the more serious conversations with Hyun Do were totally awful. I think it's going to be a triangle, too. JO will be losing out on every front.