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  1. JW has the same idea as Mr. Jung about acquiring the flour factory and expresses that to him as a way of company growth. SW accepts a loan from Grandma, with interest, to help the factory get on its feet. Grandma has a fainting spell and SI was there to help her into the hospital.. She has a heart condition but has not told SW. SW is very prickly when Grandma brings up marriage and a family. Se Young and SI meet face to face in the city when Se Young's friends take her out for lunch. Grandma's asst. meets with Mr. Jung as Mr. Jung tries to weasel his way into Grandma's favor, and even takes money from Jung promising to notify him of family matters in which Jung could send gifts. Asst. is either very naive or a total snitch.
  2. Not too much in episode 44... TS gets hurt in the smuggling encounter with thugs. When Mr. Choi sees he is hurt, TS warns him about Mr. Jung. "Don't try to find out about Mr. Jung. Feign ignorance. He's capable of anything." Later in the episode, JW got medicine for TS and assures him that they are still friends. Is he sincere and will he secretly get the goods on his FIL? Grandma visits the noodle factory and is impressed with the operation. She'll sign contracts soon. SI gets the call to sort things out in the office of the sewing factory. SW is very appreciative. Grandma muses that she wants SW to eventually take over the flour factory also.
  3. JW passed SI while she was waiting in the car, but neither noticed each other. Kim Seon Woo visited with his grandmother but did not want her help. She stressed the importance of the workers and how he is responsible. SW and JW passed each other in the hall... first glance at each other. Madam Cho met with JW and asked about Taesan Noodles being investigated for tax evasion. JW said it actually was an employee who embezzled money, but their company asked for leniency for the employee. Mr. Jung is dealing in smuggled goods. Tae Soo is heavily involved and is very uncomfortable but does not snitch on Mr. Jung when JW presses him about what is going on. SI and SW are 0 for 10 on the first day of fence mending with clients. On day 2, she suggests that they approach new clients and take samples. Roommate Kyung Hee gave her several names of companies. On the way out, they spot a lost boy that they take to the police station. They spend 3 hours there waiting for someone to come and claim him. A Grandmother comes, is thankful, and tries to pay them which they refuse. In the office of a new client, Taeyoung Manufacturing, who should walk in but Grandma and little boy and notice SI and SW. She tells the story and the father of the little boy is impressed and gives them an order for 10 jackets. I don't think SI will have a miscarriage, but maybe the stress is too much and she will end up at the office level for an easier assignment. This will be interesting between Mr. Jung and Madam Cho since his technique is to bully a company then take it over. She is no pushover, does her homework, and really is no match for this crumb bum.
  4. @UnniSarah... I, too, skipped through that section so I hope someone will summarize it for us. She was accused because Mr. Jung was getting in hot water for tax evasion, so that was their tactic for blaming it on someone else so he wouldn't get charged. Did SI get out without any charges or criminal record? I hope it's not going to come back later to haunt her. Also, the sister has expressed a real interest in fashion, and Mother #2 will teach her how to use the sewing machine and help with a school sewing project. That seems to set up a future reunion with SI somehow.
  5. This drama is getting complicated with so many story lines. New CEO Seon Woo has to try to mend fences with the clients that have abandoned the factory due to the previous manager's mismanagement. Too many orders were taken and the manager ran off with the deposits. Kyung Hee suggests that SW take SI rather than her since SI is good at smoothing over the rough spots and also worked as a clerk and can deal with people comfortably. Madam Cho is informed of the situation and calls SW to her office where he stops before making the rounds with SI. Episode ends with SI waiting in the car, and notices Mr. Choi walking into the office for a meeting with Madam Cho about using their flour for the noodle factory. Mr. Jung has so many nefarious side projects that it's hard to keep up with them. Poor Kang Tae Soo is getting sucked into some pretty bad stuff that can only be real trouble. I stand corrected that he might be Min Jae.... I was not aware of the character description as was presented by posters, so maybe Min Jae will appear somehow, somewhere later. Side stories are just boring and require fast forwarding.
  6. Episode 40... definitely moving into the next phase of relationships and conflicts. Madam Cho (Grandma) fires the manager after hearing about the girls not being paid and even giving them drugs to stay awake to meet deadlines. She insists that her grandson, Kim Seon Woo, who was supposed to have been making a presence there but was skipping out, was responsible for what happened to the girls. He is a free spirit that would rather paint and photograph, not a business type to be a CEO. After Grandma threatens to sell the company, which was started by SW's father, he agrees to show up as the CEO. SI's first encounter with Seon Woo is outside a bar after she made a delivery. She bumps into him, he accuses her of taking his wallet, starts to pat her down, and she slaps him. His friend shows up with the wallet, so SW is embarrassed, but too cocky to apologize. They meet head on in the next episode. SI will have to be the taming factor for this guy, so let the games begin. Grandma (Madam Cho) is CEO of a flour factory. This is going to be the connection between Mr. Jung and the Noodlers. He has already made the comment that it looks like that flour factory is successful, so he's going to be picking a war with Grandma. Look out. Mr. Choi is uneasy with his future FIL, and asks Kang Tae Soo to fill him in. TS tells him he'll find out in time and was not going to help him out with the dirt. Should be a good week next week.
  7. If you mean little Min Jae, as of now I'm still placing my bets on Kang Tae Soo as being MJ. That may change as the drama continues, but there were a couple of things said earlier that hinted that it could be him. But, of course, that may have been the writer just throwing out a bone.
  8. From just the raw of episode 38.... now we're getting somewhere. SI and her friend, Kyung Hee, get into it with the mean manager concerning working conditions. It develops into a shouting match, the manager storms out and goes to his office, but SI barges in to confront him again. Who should happen onto the scene but the old, no nonsense Grandma (actress from "Blow Breeze") who obviously dislikes the manager. This is looking good.... and the preview showed the handsome new love interest. Too bad SI has the kinky family and a pregnancy to set her back.
  9. Episode 38... this drama is pretty much in slo-mo, but we're beginning to get to the real story. SI is pregnant. Of course no one knows, and she ran out of the clinic before confirming it. JW's poor family meets with Se Young's rich family, and pathetic rich Mom is at a loss since they will now be connected to such low class people, and "will have to support all 5 of them" as she mumbles out loud. Mr. Jung is setting up Kang Tae Soo for evil stuff; not sure of what his motive is other than to get the kid in serious trouble and put him in prison or kill him. Pretty sure that won't happen. Jung claims KTS will make him a lot of money. SI leaves home during the night and goes to another town where her friend is (same as "That Sun in the Sky") and stays with her. Friend gets her a job at the sewing factory ( yep, definitely same story line), boss is unruly (same again.). We should be meeting the new love interest pretty soon. Question is... what will happen to the child when JW learns it's his? WHY IS THIS THE SAME STORY AS WHAT WE JUST SAW?
  10. Funny how all of those weird outfits keep appearing, yet the dress form outside the family restaurant has the same plaid dress week after week. I'm getting used to the pearl balls on everything, and the earrings that look like paper clips or the rings from pop top cans.
  11. I just picked up the end of episode 35, and SI's mother approached JW to help SI get out of jail, which is a flip flop from when JW was completely rejected by Mother. JW does his own flip-flop by coming on to Se Young and asking her to date. Mr. Jung is very opposed, throws money at JW to get lost, and SY threatens suicide if she can't have JW. I cannot guess at this point what JW's real position is... is he just trying to get on the inside to ruin Mr. Jung, or is he sincere? And where is the money that SI supposedly embezzled? I hope the new character, Sun Woo, who is "eager to eat mustard" shows up pretty soon.
  12. Episode 34... unless this drama takes a dramatic and interesting turn, this episode is exactly why I'm not giving it much time. Mr. Jung is in hot water for tax evasion, but has the assistance of a Congressman helping him to avoid it if they can nail it on an employee as embezzlement. Guess who gets the call? SI of course, since Mr. Jung tells JW (Mr. Choi) that he has a bright future and couldn't be charged with such a crime. Mr. Choi is sick with guilt, but SI turns herself in to the police knowing that she is the "fall guy" for Mr. Jung's problem. Meanwhile Kang Tae Soo knows this is a frame job, and preview shows him getting physical with Mr. Choi for not manning up to Mr. Jung. Mr. Choi's family is quickly becoming owned by the Jungs, as they are bombarded with gifts, a telephone, and even getting young sister a job in an office. It looks like Kang Tae Soo will be the most aggressive in trying to settle the score, as I see Mr. Choi being pulled away to marry Se Young in order to keep his family safe and secure his position. Very predictable.
  13. When Kang Tae Soo came on the scene I was thinking he might be the long lost Min Jae, since it was mentioned that he had to support his adoptive father who was ill. I don't think anyone's age has been mentioned, but little MJ was several years younger than SI. And what's with SI and those hideous clothes? Plaid skirt, shirt, and jacket... yikes.
  14. Update... episode 25. Se Young is still chasing Mr. Choi, but faces a setback when she hears that Mr. Choi and SI are planning marriage. Mr. Choi and SI meet with his Mother to announce their plans, but brat brother confronts SI about her father who served time for murder, and the mistress that lives at their house. That was the end of the episode, so I suppose the wedding is off. Glad I didn't bother with those other episodes if this is all that has happened.
  15. We haven't seen a good body slam/flip since "A Wife's Credentials" when the wife flipped her abusive husband and put him flat on his back with a totally surprised expression. Priceless!!