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  1. Oh, Wow! Grandma goes into the soup shop and surprises Yeong Seon, who drops a tray of greens (at least it wasn't soup) and calls her "Mother". Grandma is shaken, much discussion (have to wait for the subs), then confronts Mr. Jang . At the end, YS is outside the flour company and sees TS helping Grandma into the car and SW comes out and calls her "Grandma". YS now knows that SW is her son! The preview shows SW apologizing to SI and crying like he's breaking up, so he must think they are related (??) Tuesday episode will be interesting while they sort this all out.
  2. TS did open up to SW a little when SW asked if SI's father had been in prison. TS said that he had been in prison, but that he was innocent. SW is still not giving up on SI, so we're creeping closer and closer to TS telling about Jung and his merry men. I'm pretty sure the sight "totally unexpected" as stated in the preview is Se Young seeing the little family together and little Ji Hun calling SW "Papa." This makes it harder for Se Young since everybody is denying JW is the father, so it will just eat away at her and drive her totally nuts.
  3. I am so sorry that I missed this drama. It looks fun and I'll marathon it as it seems to have 40 episodes. I like so many of the people in it. Too bad more people didn't find it.
  4. Wait a minute.... TS is hired by Granny even though he was an ex con, but somehow SI is chastised for her father being an ex con. Huh? It looked like TS may be getting more involved from the preview, and hopefully SW will have someone to confide in as the couple has more obstacles to overcome in the next several episodes. I'm looking forward to neurotic Se Young dealing with JW as she comes to realize that he fathered a child. She'll be ready to throw him to the curb, but Jung needs him for the scam they are involved in with siphoning money from the orphanages. Granny will be unknowingly one of the donors to the scam by donating more money to the orphanages. Oh boy... what fun.
  5. OMG! Se Young walked into the dress shop and saw SI and the little boy! I think she knows exactly who the little boy belongs to. There was no preview at the end of this episode.
  6. The plan to divert funds from the charities to the political campaign will put JW and Jung in the slammer for a long time. That's serious stuff, so I don't know why they are so stupid. SI admitting to SW that Ji Hun's father is actually alive gets a little off her chest, and SW was sympathetic in that JH's father abandoned them. It looks like the fireworks are starting as some of the characters are moving closer and closer to each other.
  7. By all means, the family meeting should be very interesting. I hope Grandma doesn't have a stroke. And JW has managed to hunt down the college kid and convince him to make up a story in order to clear Man Pyu's name. JW and Jung think they are in the clear now, so we'll see what else trips them up.
  8. Once Grandma gets over the shock of meeting Yeong Seon again, I see a Grand Bargain in the making with Grandma reluctantly agreeing to a marriage as long as YS never reveals that she is SW's mother. Grandma can just go to her grave hiding the fact that she hated YS from the start and never allowed her to be part of the family.
  9. I'm beginning to feel really sorry for SI as she gets pushed farther out of her comfort zone. Between SW and now her step mother who has met SW, SI will be thrown into the hornet's nest with Grandma's sticky attitude. And step mother, I'm sure, is going to blab about how she thinks the little boy is Choi's.
  10. You know, I was mulling over "the father died" story a few days ago, and wondered if that would hold up. I wouldn't put it past JW to get someone to delve into hospital records to verify that the boy could be his. But then, he would be opening up a Pandora's box and would have to resort to threatening SI to never reveal the truth.
  11. I think the papers the boy dropped at Man Pyu's feet were Communist flyers, so I'm wondering if any of Jung's political friends would dare take up the request to help. Jung could be the subject of rumors and false assumptions, so maybe his big dream just went up in smoke.
  12. So SW gets drunk on his apple juice and stumbles home and has a hissy fit in front of Grandma. I'm not sure why he is portrayed as such a child having a tantrum, but it was all there with the whining minus the foot stomping. Of course Grandma will give in when he becomes so distraught as to end up in the hospital. I don't think the woman she grabbed in the preview is her former DIL, but she did get a glimpse of DIL while sitting in the car. That should freak her out for a few episodes until they finally meet. It also looked like a new housekeeper was hired, but of course no one will really like her because they are used to SI's cooking and management. Cue the recovery team to bring back SI after some fast talking, and Grandma swallowing her pride with a huge gulp. Funny how the Congressman thought the end result was what counted after Jung pulled off the goon tactics of getting everyone in the slum to sign off their property and get out. Too bad that pesky peasant had to die in the process, but, hey, it's all about winning. It's about time for things to start heating up as we approach episode 80; it can't come too soon.
  13. We're now entering into the really stupid stage of this drama. The preview shows Dong Chul registering wife 2 as his wife, so if SI marries SW, wife 2 will be SI's step-mother and also her mother-in-law. I expect Grandma to be extra cranky for several episodes until she meets face to face with SW's mother, gets shaken up, and probably ends up with a bowl of soup in her lap or at least the crash of a dropped tray. Then when she finds out that SW's mother is married to SI's father, she'll be totally bonkers with such low class in-laws. I'm completely baffled by Grandma's character. Originally she seemed like a savvy business women, very capable, and no nonsense. She has turned out to be easily duped, a micro manager of everyone's life, and somewhat flaky and undependable. Where on earth is the "take charge " person that will save the day? There is no strong character to be rooting for who can step up to the plate and get things rolling. These characters are pathetic.
  14. I was curious as to how all of these people were going to get together, and it's starting now. SW happened to be visiting the noodle factory and went for lunch at the soup restaurant. He's face to face with his mother, but of course, they do not know each other. Grandma is planning a visit to her home town for a reunion, the same town that SI is from, so that will get her face to face with her DIL, I'm sure. Choi and Jung, with their grade school bully tactics continue to mess up, and I think the guy that was badly injured died. The criminal acts are piling up for those two. Grandma may reluctantly agree to a marriage between SI and SW, but I'm guessing the atmosphere in the household will change dramatically and SI's life could get less comfortable. That might be the time that SI shows her real capabilities and shows everyone what she can do against the plotting Jung and his merry men. I got the impression today that TS feels more like big brother to SI, and just wants the best for her. No romantic feelings were indicated.
  15. I think that would be considered a "blended" family if everybody was together, and SI and SW would be step siblings even though they had no blood relationship. Since SI's father and SW's mother are married, that creates a family relationship by marriage for SI and SW. The question is, is that O.K. in Korean culture to have this relationship (possible marriage) anyway? As was pointed out, Grandma got rid of Young Sun (SW's mother) during the Korean War when heavy bombing destroyed the area, they were separated, and the neighbor told YS that Grandma, YS's husband, and baby SW were all killed. YS was distraught and ready to commit suicide but got it all back together and survived. Had Mr. Kim actually found YS when he raced in the car to find her, Grandma would have had a lot of explaining to do. Oh my gosh, Grandma sure has a lot of secrets. Just wait until SW finds out. I agree about SW's acting... he's very stiff and not comfortable. I don't care for Jung's wife either; she seems to talk through her clenched jaw a lot.