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  1. @finebyme Ah, it was more directed towards ldy_gmerm and others. it's a type of chat room. used in the past to discuss drama while watching it live. i guess it isn't being used anymore
  2. @finebyme you don't have to be sorry at all. didn't mean to sound like i was mad or anything like that . well i believe it will be week 9 or 10. anyway, that HY is a psychopath. JS family deserve her There is no chatzy for this drama?
  3. @finebyme not really voting on week 10. just saying somewhere between now and episode 50 they will get divorced. With SE finding out next episode they will start pressuring YE to get a divorce. I think it will be either week 9 or 10. with YE current mindset it won't happen this week.
  4. I think she should be divorced by episode 50. after that we will have YE struggle in her work and finding new love.
  5. @tulip06 No it wasn't unfortunely. Which is a pity because it was a good drama. only became a little annoying towards the end. But it's like nothing if you compare to the ridiculous dramas that has aired the last few years. I really enjoyed YE and HJ scene in the last episode. it was a pretty long scene. Like it that he keeps giving her moral support from the side and just listen to her.
  6. well, atleast HJ has no feelings whatsoever for her and HJ mom doesn't want her as a daughter in law .
  7. @Ldy Gmerm This drama is different from most daily. SE and YE mother is great. She didn't care that the doctor already had a child. Also like her interaction with the 2 small children. I'm interested in all 3 relationships. SE and the doctor , YE and HJ and Manbok and the widower. No annoying obnoxious children in this drama yay. JH is really sweet and i bet she will be playing cupid between SE and her dad. The wedding night gift cracked me up . Hope HJ mother won't go ballistic later when HJ start dating YE. Since YE doesn't have any child it shouldn't be as frustrating. They should focus more on making JS family and HY miserable. Also curious who JH real mother is. I also find it funny with Manbok being nice. Considering he played a sleazy team manager in my mother is a daughter in law and took credit in the beginning for the main lead's(YE) contribution and bashed down on the women.
  8. @Ldy Gmerm Thanks. might have mixed SBS with MBC regarding subbing. I liked the female lead here alot in my mother is a daughter in law and it's a plus that this one is getting subbed pretty fast. I watched the first episode and i already like the future stepdaughter to SE. seems like she's aware that her father will marry just so she can have a mother?. Been burned by so many daily that turn to hell. so hopefully this one won't be too bad. I have gotten a pretty high tolerance from all the daily
  9. Hello! I wonder how is this daily drama? curious about the two sisters. been on a hiatus from live kdrama for a while cause nothing has interested me. the sister SE went into some contract marriage right?. Just checked an episode of My man's secret. but i'm not going to watch a drama with another child in coma which will most likely die. Also surprised that a SBS drama actually getting subbed.
  10. Only caught the ending. seems like DJ found out the truth about MG death. In the preview it seems like SJ tries to run DJ over. YW push DJ out of the way and is rushed to the hospital.
  11. i haven't been following this drama from the beginning, so i wonder : chairman shin isn't aware that DJ is his daughter right? and how did YW end up at the chairman's side. I've been checking a little of the earlier episodes but it's hard without sub
  12. Evil DH will resurface in next episode it seems. Furious seeing GH and TJ together. Seems like SH and Bora get married in secret in next episode. GH and TJ act is witness it seems like. Really enjoyed seeing TJ sister getting crap from her husband after HC was bullied. At the police station the mother's of the bullies acting arrogant and GH mouth off at them. TJ sister looked strange at GH.
  13. Some problems with the company. seems like a try at M&A attempt but fails. HJ and YR make piece with eachother. JW in a wheelchair and has lost her memories. She lives with DY. HJ gives birth to a son. Dramatic reunion between JW and YR at the end. While JW has forgotten everything she can still remember she has a daughter. YR call her mom at the end and JW realize she's her daughter i think. the episode ends with DY,DC,Bom watching them and Bom starts running towards YR and JW the end.