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  1. Only caught the ending. seems like DJ found out the truth about MG death. In the preview it seems like SJ tries to run DJ over. YW push DJ out of the way and is rushed to the hospital.
  2. i haven't been following this drama from the beginning, so i wonder : chairman shin isn't aware that DJ is his daughter right? and how did YW end up at the chairman's side. I've been checking a little of the earlier episodes but it's hard without sub
  3. Evil DH will resurface in next episode it seems. Furious seeing GH and TJ together. Seems like SH and Bora get married in secret in next episode. GH and TJ act is witness it seems like. Really enjoyed seeing TJ sister getting crap from her husband after HC was bullied. At the police station the mother's of the bullies acting arrogant and GH mouth off at them. TJ sister looked strange at GH.
  4. Some problems with the company. seems like a try at M&A attempt but fails. HJ and YR make piece with eachother. JW in a wheelchair and has lost her memories. She lives with DY. HJ gives birth to a son. Dramatic reunion between JW and YR at the end. While JW has forgotten everything she can still remember she has a daughter. YR call her mom at the end and JW realize she's her daughter i think. the episode ends with DY,DC,Bom watching them and Bom starts running towards YR and JW the end.
  5. hahah this is a complete circus. JW and HJ fightning at the sea. HJ is saved but JW is gone. YR is crying and collapses. HJ goes to prison and she's pregnant. A body is found at the sea and it's suspected to be JW. tomorrow this complete mess is done. Honestly, this drama is worse than "Only Love" in my opinion
  6. This entire episode was practically an excuse to bond YR and JW and Bom with HJ. makes me barf...
  7. srsly.... this writer. HJ escaping from YR DC and the police. She ends up hitting Bom by mistake while driving away. I will be so annoyed if they kill Bom
  8. Such a mess. YR was taken to the police station cause the detective is probably bribed by HJ. JW has the lighter that was used. At the end JW goes to confront HJ. JW leave and someone HJ tired steals her handbag. but atleast JW isn't stupid and had the lighter in her pocket, she was giving HJ one last chance by testing her which she obviously failed. ends with JW coming into the office where YR and DC is. Ends with JW handing over the lighter to them.
  9. JW saved YR. Seems like MY wasn't aware that HJ tried to kill YR. Seems like he was only supposed to hold DC at the company DC found evidence that HJ was at the place of the fire and he confronts her and MY. YR at the hospital with her father and sees JW. they conclude that JW was at the place. YR remember JW from the fire. She confronts JW who is barely able to stand and comes to the conclusion she was behind it. That's when YR father tell YR that JW is her real mother. JW yells Oppa!. YR can't believe it and turns around to JW and sees JW crying and realize it's the truth and the episode ends.
  10. JW overheard HJ and MY talk. JW intervened and stopped the sabotage. I hate JW but her making HJ miserable is awesome. The look on HJ and MY face when it didn't go as planned Ended with HJ and MY having YR lured to some factory. MY kept DC at the company and HJ setting it on fire ends with YR seeing everything blocked by fire.
  11. seems like there won't be an episode today. Edit : My bad, i checked the wrong kbs channel.