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  1. Soomin at the end is vomitting at the dinner table. busted? ES grandma hurts her back. seems like it was BN grandmothers mistake. She was taken to BN dad workplace by bn grandmother i think. ES mom came and have a stare off with BN dad. Soo Ho finds the ultrasound picture of Soon Min high kick the single dad.
  2. In the preview JK is talking with HY. SJ is threatening the driver in prison it sounds like. There were some call at the end of the episode. It was crazy ahjumma. Either it was someone playing a message or her spilling some stuff to Sojung.
  3. Well, tbh. EH had alot on her plate as of latest. Both crazy ahjumma and SJ has done so many despicable things so i can understand the focus has been on that.
  4. @samzi85 When you write a message there is several icons above where you write. furthest to the right there is an eye icon. press it
  5. @farhah_1986 Probably. I though EH first would fall for her sobbing. Is gw brooding because EH isn't paying him enough attention or what? he seemed in a bad mood the entire episode more or less. HY being a good child told his mother instantly about crazy ahjumma seeing him. EH following her. She walks out in the middle of the street
  6. seems like crazy ahjumma is losing her sense of taste? Wow that shameless piece of trash(MS bio mom) went to EH restaurant. shameless!!. EH ended up throwing her out. EH started crying for her friend
  7. @euraka I would like to know how long until she will be taken in by that family? I'm sure the beginning will richard simmons me off. It's usually always that with those kind of daily. I know she will regain her memory very late, around 80 episodes or something like that right?
  8. @euraka I sat through "Only Love" and that drama was a trainwreck. The only part that got me going was the single mom and her romance in that drama. So i usually have high tolerance, i usually just swear in my head when i get mad at the characters Anyways, i checked a random episode(40) and the family that took her in seems really warm and fun am i right? I guess i start watch it later today.
  9. Oh, i recognize some people here. Is this drama worth to watch?. kinda afraid to watch daily except the one i'm watching at the moment. Especially morning daily like always spring. Watched 84 and 85. From those 2 i really liked the former sister in law
  10. @stroppyse Thank you very much. It is indeed to correct scene, i should've been more clear.
  11. @lclarakl I felt the same at that preview. Stupid writing in that regard. But i guess it's acceptable for some errors. Most dailys is a wreck compared to this. @stroppyse or someone else that would translate the scene between JK and MS? that would be highly appreaciated
  12. @farhah_1986 If GW demanding SJ to sign something it's probably SJ giving up all his rights as HY father to allow his name to be changed to Lee Ha Yoon. In court they gave EH sole custody of HY but the judge never said that HY would go back as Im Ha Yoon. I guess after SJ rots in prison he will give in.
  13. Most other female characters in kdrama that's not evil would have given the birthmom the money. Glad MS is not that kind of person. She's strong and won't take crap from anyone. That's why she fits so well and get along with JK family. I will most the clips in like 20 mins right before shining Eun Soo starts. The clips are late today