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  1. @dito Yeah, i just watched the last part subbed. But the sister in law is gonna send her divorce papers. She says to herself that something is fishy and she need to do a DNA Test between Sung woon(YH Husband) and Eunsoo as fast as possible. It's not just Yoo-Ha that's nervous. Sung Woon knows that Eunsoo isnt his biological child. I hope they are divorced by episode 6.
  2. @dito Well, i still have to wait for the subs to confirm about what Yoo-Ha told sister in law.
  3. Yoo-Ha went to some doctor. she called her professor so i guess it's some teacher from when she went through medical school? or somekind of mentor. She got something, looked like documents. It was regarding Eun Soo. Afterwards she sat down, she had gotten blisters from her shoes. This is where she meets the male lead. They have a fast talk, he insist to help her. She gives in and he cover her skirt with his jacket and start treating it. Well, from the conversation i think they both find out that the other one is a doctor. Yoo-Ha finds the shoes for Eunsoo and is upset. She also calls her father and thanks him. Later in the episode i think Yoo-Ha made up her mind and went to her husbands office. they argue and sister in law comes in. She says something to her sister in law about Eunsoo. It's safe to say that Eunsoo is not the husbands daughter. It ends with her going to her fathers house and tells Eunsoo to greet them and she tuck her to bed after that Yoo-Ha tells her family that she's getting divorced. The family is shocked and the usual happens with a parent holding his head and almost fainting.. Atleast she's decisive. So hopefully we get a divorce next week and that family will be out of the picture.
  4. @Yippeun_eonnie Do you mean Five Children? that one was the last weekly i was really interested it. Seems like the husband in the beginning had to give up his dream about being a doctor and was good to her in the beginning but later turned cold. They decided to have a baby while they were overseas cause of the family pressure. seems like Yoo-Ha had to give up her work. Yoo-Ha married her husband with much oppositon from both her family and her husbands family so i guess her relationship with her siblings might be a little strained when she get divorced. I'm pretty sure Yoo-Ha's daugher Eun Soo is either adopted or they went to a clinic for it to get her pregnant. From the way they talked about it im about 80% sure she was adopted. Yoo-Ha's husband is cutting off her in-laws. She is barely able to meet her family which is sad. The easiest way out for her is to say that Eun-soo is not her husbands daughter. Atleast we get information from the very beginning why Yoo-Ha will be indifferent towards love. As she already tried it before she doesn't believe in love anymore. I'm really impressed with the cast so far and the main family is actually normal for a change. The youngest daughter might be annoying. But other than that the twins seem pretty normal except they are immature. But atleast they arent mean to their parents. I recognize most of the parents in this drama which is nice. They are all good actors and actresses in my opinion. Also looking forward to watch Han Hye Jin in a weekend drama. Haven't watched her drama since The Legendary Witch. Lee Sang Woo is someone i like also so i hope he and Han Hye Jin will have a good chemistry in this drama.
  5. @larus There are other sites that have it. I generally dont use KBS World cause of the delay in posting subbed episodes. Atleast with the first episode we understand why Han Hye Jin's character Yoo-Ha will be indifferent towards love. After experiencing her current marriage and awful in-laws she have had enough. We will learn more about LSW character background later through flashbacks i guess. We already know that his father prioritized his job over his family when his wife was dying. Might be more to it or his father is just a richard simmons. I was not expecting Han Hye Jin to be a mother in this drama. I guess she had gone through medical school before or during her marriage and she will start as an intern at the hospital after her divorce. I guess she will have custody over her daughter since the father doesn't seem that interested in the child. Edit : First episode is subbed. From watching the subbed episode, the husband is trash. There was a talk about having a paternity test since they want Eunsoo to have some of the company share but told the son to make sure Yoo-Ha won't be able to get a single penny. Yoo-Ha husband want to send Eunsoo(Yoo-Ha daughter) overseas with her cousins. Seems like they had Eunsoo overseas so i think that Eunsoo is adopted cause they were nervous about the paternity test. Yoo-Ha says even if you give up on being Eunsoo dad i won't give up on being Eunsoo mom, Yoo-Ha husband says the only way to stay as Eunsoo mom is to get a divorce. Yoo-Ha asks for divorce at the end. In the preview she finds out they threw away Yoo-Ha's father gift for Eunsoo(Shoes that he made). Yoo-Ha husband says that there will be no divorce and she will be sent overseas. Yoo-Ha only way out will be to tell them that Eunsoo is adopted which im pretty sure she is.
  6. @dito Yeah it's 50. I found out about this drama coincidentally like 1-2 days ago. I'm glad i did. I find it interesting. Compared to "What's up with this family?" i don't find most of the children annoying. Sunyoung plays the eldest daughter and i really like her so far. Haven't seen much of Han Ji Hye around other characters except her daughter. I don't count the in-laws. The backstory between the father and the future stepmother seems pretty interesting. I got no other dramas to watch anyway.
  7. @dito Hopefully she gets divorced soon. Since the husband doesn't seem to be in the poster maybe he won't appear much. Also i'm having doubts he's the real father of the daughter, considering how he treats her. @hell59 Weekend drama always get subbed so there should be no worries about it
  8. Was alittle surprised how it started. i thought Han Ji Hye would be a doctor from the start (cold type). But she is married and lives with her in-laws and even has a daughter. Typical daughter in law gets bossed around. The husband is cold to her and the daughter. The episode ends with her asking for a divorce. I personally like both the leads and the older leads as in the female leads father and the future step mother. Seen both of them in alot of dramas. Was greatly disappointed with My Golden Life so i didn't really bother to watch it much. I hope this drama will live up to the expectations considering it has several good actors/actresses both young and old. Considering this is a family drama and the daughter of the female lead is credited in the opening, there will be no dead child. That's my greatest fear when watching a drama, luckily it doesn't happen as much in weekly like in daily.
  9. [Drama 2018] Mother, 마더

    So, i never watched it since the beginning cause i was afraid of the japanese ending. I've been watching the last few episodes since i heard alot about the drama and i was curious of it. Anyway, Yoon Book suffers alot through the episode by not being able to be by SJ side. SJ tries to convince the woman to let her adopt YB. The family that want to adopt her, returns her cause she gave them a note. I think it said : please return me back, i already have a mother. The woman in charge of the children read the book i think describing the case and changes her mind. YB is reunited with SJ. They go to a place where YB had buried a treasure box with some stuff that have the memories of her and SJ. They meet up with SJ sisters, sisters children and SJ bio mom. They have a good time reuniting with YB. SJ youngest sister does a reportage on the adoption i think. interviewing her sisters, SJ bio mom and Yoon Book. We see it broadcasted on television. several different people watch it like HJ bio dad and the doctor. Several scenes with SJ and YB spending time together talking. Really a beatiful ending. I will definitely start watching it from the beginning.
  10. As i thought, it was either fake dad or fake mom. The brat entering HJ office again smdh. Ye thinking about HJ from when he cooked for her . Them playing Soccer together was also nice. Honestly, if anyone saw them they would think they are lovers from how they acted, especially when HJ carried her. Fun with HJ digging up more stuff on HY now
  11. Getting better. I loved HJ conversation with YE when he presented the full course meal he had made. He even brought a recipe to make it. So satisfying when he called SR vulgar infront of her face. She was so shocked seeing how HJ treated YE and she also got a taste of how he can be when he's pissed off. Also in the preview, i think it's either fake mom or fake dad HJ meets.
  12. tonight and tomorrow episode will also air at 8.15am in korea.
  13. [Drama 2017-2018] Jugglers 저글러스

    how could i not realize it was haru mom. used to watch alot of return of superman during the first 100 episodes xD
  14. @Ldy Gmerm Thanks. I though it ended how the tone was at the end. including the music after the episode ended. But yeah, DN had promised that she would get married. It's too bad that Lara wasnt there to see it. According to fastdrama it ended though.