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  1. @maribella Do you mean Soomin,HS, the kids? if so, yes they live with Soomin parents because she didn't want her to move out.
  2. @jimb I agree with you. As a male myself, i feel ashamed of those who doesn't take responsibility.
  3. @jimb Well i dont remember exactly. but something about the twins couldn't be registered under HS cause the mother needed to be with him. They were registered under his sister or something like that because a father can't register the child without the mother because of some law. someone else who have watched the drama properly could clarify it.
  4. Ended well. Seems like ES also had given birth but they didn't show the baby. Seems like Soo Ho's dad had a conception dream of the aunt lol . The older twins had their surname changed to Park. Also they all live at the Yoon house because Soomin mom didn't want her to leave. Anyway i'm happy that ES was able to go back to teaching. Now i'm waiting for the new KBS1 drama that will air on monday
  5. Taken from : Genre is Family,Drama,Romance New synopsis : : A single mother struggles to raise her daughter while working as a police. A rivalry then formed between her and a valedictorian policeman who dedicates himself fully to his job. More or less the same, just a little different. Seems like from the preview that Goong Hwa's deceased husband was a cop. I hope it won't be anything like the main lead family has any involvement in his death or something like that. Been watching too many of those kdrama
  6. wow, the ending. NG and his sister go to the accident site. TJ is there. NG sister remember TJ being there. TJ approaches. NG tell her to be quiet about what she remembers. NG and his sister go to some place. NG rush home to find the necklace(i think?) and he finds it and takes a screenshot with his phone and go directly to MS. She verifies it belonged to Min Joon. ends with NG realizing he's the missing son. in the preview NG and TJ is at a beach and seems like he reveals to TJ he's Min Joon and TJ fall to the ground.
  7. @0ly40 I F5 the official KBS page for the drama like a maniac several times a day Hope it will be out tomorrow or this weekend
  8. @euraka My two daily this summer will be this one and Unique daughters-in-law probably hope i will see you in both threads.
  9. @euraka Honestly, i'm just watching for Soomin and HS at the moment while waiting for Lovers in Bloom to air after this. I also didn't think BN would do that. There were a conversation between ES and BN today before it got out. I think it was related to ES teaching and stuff. BN felt bad.
  10. Seems like Eunsoo have been getting ostracized at the office. I think the case of her hitting a student came out in the office. BN feels bad and finally it ends with her entering the prosecutor's office i think. In the preview i think there's a notice of the truth outside the office.
  11. New video, guess this will be the opening.
  12. Wow, i have no words for the ending. Soomin's mother throw her out of the house. i really hope it comes back to bite her.
  13. omg this is so funny. Soomin mom has met her match in HS sister BN call EH to her office at the end. Start being her usual bratty self but worse. BN dad overhear it from outside the office. He enters and tell BN to apologize. Finally he stop being passive.