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  1. It's no wonder many people get falsely accused with police officers failing to properly investigate. GH should get a wake up call to not jump to conclusions without investigating.
  2. @euraka I like that he's not that bothered by it and likes GH anyway. I think he respects for raising her daughter alone(well she her brother and mother) unlike his own mother who choose to abandon them. I think he misses a complete family deep down and that's probably why he's not that bothered by it. One of the biggest problem for them later will be the sister. I dislike her more and more. If anyone here watched "Only Love" she reminds me of that annoying spiteful girl that got married to the younger son. I'm glad that TJ finally met Woori and it was pretty early compared to other dramas. In some i've watched the male lead have met the child of the female lead but not knowing about the child and female lead connection so it feels like a nice change of pace. Looking forward to see TJ and Woori bond more in the future especially with Woori already taken a liking of him.
  3. About Woori running away : SH got a call from DH telling him to come(more like demanding). SH tried to reach GH but was unable to because GH forgot the phone in the locker at the police station. GH realize she didn't have her phone. She went to the locker and saw she had 10 missing calls from SH i think. She called him back and got mad with SH for not being able to go to the kindergarden. GH called the kindergarden and found out Woori was missing. She then made a call infront of her colleagues and they saw she was sick with worry and could barely hold it together. Seems like she made a missing child report and remembered what she was wearing. They didn't know the child's name was Bong Woori so they came to the conclusion after GH left with TJ. TJ driving her to the kindergarden. They are apologizing. GH and TJ go around separate with Woori picture but no one has seen her. GH looks like she's gonna collapse any moment. TJ sees a girl enter a building and recognizes her. TJ follow while Woori is at a phone about to make a call and TJ approach her and talk with her. asking if she's Bong Woori and she ask how he knew. she says her mom is a police officer. Woori contacting GH at the police radio. They are outside the building and it ends with GH and Woori hugging eachother and TJ smiling. In the preview it seems like Woori is at the police station and give a thumbs up to Tj. atleast they start on a good note Also about the woman who hangs out with older men. She ran out of the police station later. so i dont think she had accused DH yet but she will. She tries to call DH outside the company building but he refuse to answer and she is boiling.
  4. From SH and Bora conversation while drinking i heard something about car accident from Bora. So my guess is that Bora was in the car while DH was driving probably. Also tomorrow Woori gone missing and GH running around looking for her.
  5. The lawyer friend of DH represented the drunk guy. DH heard about GH lashing out. Later DH has a nightmare. You only hear the sound of a crash but this makes me more or less sure that DH accidentally killed GH husband. This will be what will make GH family against SH and Bora marriage and make them begging later.
  6. Now it's time for GH to be affected by a case. At the end they see a drunk guy in the car. GH is clearly affected by it. TJ i think ask her to drive the car to the police station while TJ take the drunk guy in the police car. GH stands still for a while. she is shaking while entering the car. At the police station GH is supposed to test the guy for checking the ammount of alcohol he has. GH is mad and the other female officer takes over. She watch the guy with hate in her eyes. TJ go out to check the car and finds dried blood i think. In the preview GH lashes out at the guy in the police station and she is furious. Her reaction makes me sure that her husband died in a car accident, most likely by a drunk driver.
  7. Today episode is interesting. GH gets through to Seohyun and she start crying at the police station. GH talk with her and Seohyun wants to see her baby. Everyone at the police station talk about it. Seems they all agree on something. Seohyun and the baby is at GH home. GH mom is holding the baby and they are talking with Seohyun. Haha, Woori says to GH that she wants a younger sibling GH and Seohyun sleep in the same room and they talk. Something at the police station regarding the baby. TJ nephew playing a game. TJ sister enters and comes in with a snack or something and she gets back. TJ nephew tell her to wait or something like that. She pulls the plug to the computer. TJ nephew get mad and smashes the keyboard in the table and it breaks in half(didn't expect that). He has his mom's temper. The kid also seems under alot of stress with her pushing him to study all the time. GH meet up with DH. She apologize. Seems like DH wants to take her out for a drink. GH tells him she has a child. The background sound and DH reaction is priceless GH getting complimented by TJ and she is in shock haha. You can tell that Bora really likes SooHyun but she is way too shy. Also i wonder if Seohyun will be a side character? she has no family and nowhere to live, i wonder if they are going to take her in or what will happen with her? guess i have to watch tomorrow episode to find out. I'm missing alot of scenes but i mostly write about what interest me
  8. I was initially interested in watching this. But i've been checking the last 3 episodes and when i saw today episode i decided to run as faraway as possible. I will keep to Lovers in Bloom. What's with the morning drama's and killing off children? srsly....
  9. Loving this drama more and more . Also i'm it's out early that everyone knows GH has a child. Seems like GH tells DH today. I've seen drama's with it being milked out to 40-70 episode. Atleast when the male lead falls in love with her completely, he knows what he's getting into. DH is growing on me a little. Same with TJ from time to time. I just don't like TJ outbursts towards GH all the time. I did not like the stepmom from the beginning since i read the description and knew she was TJ bio mom. She acts pitiful but you can also see her greed. I can't wait until that family finds out she abandoned her children. The one who will be most upset and shocked is Bora. The Grandmother is probably a character i will dislike even more. She's playing a similar character as in "Only Love" which i hated her soo much. It's not to the same magnitude yet but who knows later.
  10. Wow, finally a weekend drama since "Five Children" and "Flower in Prison" that makes me interested
  11. I'm really enjoying this drama so far. Especially GH family. The more heavy stuff have been quite okay so far.It was really sad with Woori crying. I think i will stay with this to the end.
  12. wow, watching the sub just makes me pissed off at her classmate. She went to help her and instead she gets framed in high school for being violent.
  13. Watching the past few episodes and seeing her past i feel really sorry for her. I dislike her colleagues they are really mean to her, especially the female officer talking trash. The cop that interrogated her in high school is really trash in my opinion. I hope this case get solved next week and her getting more confidence. The thing that makes her fight back for the injustice against her is her daughter. Like she said, she wants to be a proud mother so that Woori won't feel embarassed of her.
  14. TJ and GH is the OTP. BR is the only good person in that family. Doesn't matter how nice she acts, someone like her who abandons her children is no way a good person.Also the old saying "Like Father, Like Son" fits perfectly at the moment. Also at the moment im liking the main lead that much. Hopefully he gets better soon. It's one thing to scold/discipline but i feel like he's also acting on his grudge for GH missunderstanding him. It feels kinda childish. I feel bad for GH who already have a hard time as it is.