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  1. Oh, so YH actually did give birth to ES. Thought she has adopted. I guess ET might be the spermdonor. It's a drama after all. If so, ES will live happily with both her biological parents in the end
  2. episode 114 with sub now. wow these 2 episodes has been fast.
  3. Yup, HJ has been amazing this whole drama in this aspect. He's not wishy-washy in relationships. Once he decided he sticks to it towards the end. This has actually been one of the better dramas in the last few years. Although i had to skip some cause of HY. Unfortunely there is no twins from the preview but now YE will live happily with HJ and their child in the end. We should be happy that JS was so cruel during the divorce and after since that made YE lose any lingering feelings at all. Can't wait until everyone finds out . Looking forward to tomorrow
  4. wow episode already subbed usually not atleast for 6 hours. The two last scenes are the best The Doctor telling JS that he's infertile. Female Doctor Telling YE she's pregnant
  5. @rolisrntex Hope she will be pregnant. Predicted during the early part of the show that YE would end up pregnant with twins which will be even nicer
  6. I so want YE to be pregnant. But i learned not to get my hopes up too much with these previews. i'll guess i wait until tomorrow.
  7. I hope that GY adoptive mom will regret all her actions soon and GY won't forgive her. Isn't it also time for GY bio mom to find out that GY is her daughter?
  8. Knew JH bio mom would show up sooner or later...
  9. @lclarakl I don't think you're harsh. She's been awful almost the entire drama to GY. Her daughter GB is no better. I only like GW in that family.
  10. As i said alot earlier in this drama, i hope YE will give birth to twins. A boy and a girl. The drama centering too much about HY has pissed me off, but atleast the least the leads stick together and face it whatever happens unlike most daily when they separate cause of noble idiocy. Just imagine MS face
  11. @Ldy Gmerm Honestly hope the chairwoman takes GY away temporarily after finding out that GY is her daughter and how she has been treated. Mostly been watching the previews as of latest. Have GY half-sister been shown? I hope she meets her and get along with her. Her current sister is awful.
  12. wow, all hell broke loose from the preview. Everyone found out. OSR is hell bent on throwing GY out. GY adoptive mom tells her that shes not her daughter in a cruel way. OSR threw water in her face.
  13. Yeah, really enjoying YH and ET progress.i don't think they will start dating until ep 30+