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  1. For some reason my favourite moment is not aired yet. Hahaha. It’s when CWH asked YYJ permission to do what he promised, the protect her from whatever may come towards them. It made me think of Michael Bubble’s Hold On. It is an old song and I’m an old school so there you go. I’ll take the pleasure to silence her richard simmons wailings then. Lol
  2. I saw both episodes last week and while I am not really liking how the story unfolds, the episodes weren’t all that bad. The problem lies with all the inaction and filler scene that can be shortened I guess. But since long way before I knew this drama had editing problem so I came to embrace that. Haha. And looking at the preview, I hope ep13 is a kickstart for everything to fall in order again. Just that I’m having a bad feeling about CWH’s lawyer... he was threatened by KHJ about some accounting report and I don’t like the sound of it. Can’t wait for Wednesday to come. Till then fighting everyone. Hang in there! p/s: @Ameera Ali that gifs made me chuckle. Haha.
  3. Oh i thought you were referring to his character. I’m watching episode 36 and squealing so bad when Qianlong was touching her face!!!! Omg i literally squirm and biting my pillow like an idiot. Okay, off to episode 37. Bye. *update* a few minutes into ep37 i was like whattttt? Guess she wont be his until the empress dies. And I’m not looking forward to it. Ahh, my poor gentle empress. I so wanted to rip out Erqing eyes. The actress really did a good job.
  4. Hi! For me the emperor is not that matured but he is just as cunning as he accused WYL of. So they are actually perfect for each other. I’m at ep35 and was wondering what’s with Brother Yan. Can’t seem to figure out his motive... even though he told WYL his sappy backstory. I actually loved palace story but after Bu Bu Jing Xin I stopped for a while because it’s too painful to watch. Haha. Then pick up The Kings Woman, thinking Bin Bin is too young as the huang di (even though he put up such a strong performance). And then Nie Yuan came as QinLong here and I’m in love. Just like wine, men who aged gracefully is just delicious.
  5. I just started Yanxi a few weeks ago and cannot bear to spoil myself by reading all the comments. But still want to stop by this thread to fangirl hahaha it’d been a while since I watched a cdrama and boy... I’m glad I choose this one up. I’m at ep30 (and has such a looooooong way to go) but i’m enjoying the drama so bad! i was looking forward to how WYL became the emperors concubine, now that the emperor is noticing her more and more. And who else thinks that the emperor is even more good looking than Fuheng? Like tenfold? Maybe it was just me. LOL. Maybe these idol-like men are just not my type.
  6. Far^away

    [Drama 2016] Descendants of the Sun 태양의 후예

    I'm here after binge watching ep 1-6 past few days. Haha. I can't believe that I still cry watching the earthquake scenes... everyone nailed the emotion running high during the time before Captain Yoo came with his entourage. Bravo! Definitely worth it to rewatch!
  7. THISSS! i knew it! It seemed that the novel writer and I had the similar ideas but what the heck is scriptwriter is thinking???? they are letting the villain to do so much and the leads just watch helplessly. Or is it the writernim took my advice about WH leaving KHJ on the altar? Is he/she a soompi member/reader? I didn’t even realize this. Hahaha. Now that you brings it up, something surely doesn’t add up. And talking about the dongsaeng
  8. Wow... I had been missing for quite a while and the thread is on fire That aside... reading all the comments and all, I think a lot of us felt frustrated on YYJ's reaction. Some felt it was uncalled for, some felt it was natural for her to do. And for me, what'd happened, happened and while the preview is kind of leading us to believe that the two will be fighting alone instead of side by side... I beg to differ. As predictable as it is, this drama sometimes defies the 'rules of kdrama'. There's a few examples, I am sure every one of us notices some, if not all. What if.... in tonight's episode, they didn't missed each other? What if.... they met and brainstorm together what should and shouldn't be done? What if.... they decided to fight together, but making it look as if they are doing it alone? Let's just give the novel/drama writer a benefit of doubts. After all, they broke the couple for a episode and brings them back again in a matter of time. Till then, enjoy your popcorns.
  9. Hi all! I'm officially jumping into the bandwagonnnnnnn *throws confetti* I didn't have the luxury to go back and read other pages but here's my take on the first two episode. Both PBG and SHK really nailed the awkward first-meetings-falling-in-love-slowly scenes that my toes are curling up so bad (in a good way). I can't stop smiling watching the two that I was thinking why some k-netz were saying SHK's acting are the same. For me, how she characterized CSH is like a mix between Kang Mo Yeon and Oh Young... since Kang Mo Yeon was direct, sassy and spunky, Oh Young is reserved and quiet but spoke her mind too. I really love her subtle smile that appears whenever KJH is around. PBG, on the other hand, is making my face hurt from smiling along. He's so smiley and adorable and all that I forgot I only seen him in Reply 1988. And interesting tidbit (which maybe some people has pointed out) that I realised after watching is that CSH mom's is the same mom as Kang Mo Yeon. she was so cool there and whammmm. A really domineering mom in here... the actress did a good job! Can't wait to see how the story unfolds! Thanks for all the goodies shared. *waves*
  10. First they were introducing their characters... nothing new. Hahaha. They also talked about favourite scene from the drama. YEH talked about the beach scene, she loved it because the scene felt like a vacation. They surf, they hung out, they danced. As for CJM he liked their first meeting (car swap scene) because it can happened to actors he said. Then they moved on and talked about their chemistry and CJM went on and on about YEH’s charms in serious manner. YEH was sitting quietly listening with a small smile on her face. LOL she did say she was thankful for his compliments. When it was her turn, she basically repeats what he said about her but one that stands out the most is when she said CJM was actually very considerate and lovable.
  11. I did and it made me smile! Turns out CJM is a serious kind of person. Hahaha. I love the quiz segment, especially the drawing part. YEH was trying so hard that she made CJM smiled. Such cuties.
  12. You are right about revealing KHJ’s background and the best way to do that is CWH dumping her on the altar. Why? Because he became a celebrity on his own right by dating our YYJ and suddenly they ‘broke up’ even though he still love her. When the news of him marrying KHJ surfaces, media would pick up the story and do a background check. CWH left YYJ for a chaebol! I’m even imagining the headline And when something shocking like runaway groom happened, BAMMMM! All hell break loose. Reporters will have a field day trying to dig some juicy scoop! KHJ IS THE ILLEGITIMATE DAUGHTER OF KANGHAN GROUP CHAEGO GROUP TRIES TO HIDE ILLEGITIMATE SON CWH BY MARRIAGE THE REAL REASON WHY YYJ AND CWH BREAK UP! oh, such wonderful headlines! KHJ would collapse and I’ll just clap my hand when that happened. *gleeful evil laugh*
  13. Wow. I couldn’t agree more with your opinion. It would be interesting if the novel writer also has the same train of thoughts. Or better yet, CWH agreed to wed KHJ and left her at the altar. *evil laugh*
  14. The one born in chaebol family! wow... CWH are doing some serious brooding. Now KHJ is meeting CWH mom
  15. Giving google translate the benefit of doubt (LOL) i am wondering who could be the surprise person. At first glance I thought the surprise person is the man in black suit beside her but upon closer look its just KHJ’s secretary right? watching episode 6 woth sub today, i could sum up that 1. CWH somehow confirms he has feelings for YYJ (as we saw on last episode) and they seemed to agree to date (which happened off screen). 2. JK unnie put a stop on the ‘fake’ relationship based on KHJ’s word. 3. Mr lee’s birthday is the tomorrow but who’s mr lee? Did i miss something? this is my least favourite episode to date. Lets see if tonight’s episode is even worse (in terms of how the storyline/situation turns out, not the drama quality or anything) Somehow I do agree CWH would pull a noble idiot move seeing that it’s already halfway of the drama. But how he does it, i want to see. If i am the novel writer and want to change the drama into full blown makjang, I’ll have YYJ seducing CWH step brother and call it even.