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  1. Did anyone start the thread yet? I’m going to cement myself there ASAP. LOL is it too much to ask for them to kiss in ep6? (I’m being greedy)
  2. @stroppyse thank you for translating!!! Reading the description do help us to understand them better. So thank you again. and that preview. I was lol-ing at Hot and Cold Jin Shim. Hahahaha. It started in Ep4 and JR bewildered expression made my day! Poor JR. To be the receiving end of JS jealoury-wrath!
  3. @bebebisous33 I really hope JR moving on will not trigger anything to YR. I personally think that a case lead by YR went horribly wrong 2 years back (remember YR superior mentioned 'don't stir up problem. I don't care what you do anymore, but I won't tolerate embarrassment in front of the prosecution a second time' when they told her SW is coming back to Seoul) and I speculate SW did something to save his girlfriend from disgrace and got transferred. But of course, this is just a speculation so we shall wait how the writer dish out this arc in later episodes. I agree on the foreshadowing... I noticed that when JS and JR leaving the court after YoonHa case, there were a split second where the camera seemed to shake and filmed from back of a tree. At first I didn't really think much of it until the latter part where JR and JS is exchanging text and suddenly it cuts to a hacking program. So creepy! Sent shiver up to my spine. I really hope this will happen eventually because in real or reel, no one should be terrorized just because they rejected someone's advances. I find it heartwarming that JR tried to pull JS out from the stalking case because he was worried about her. And while JS wears her feeling on her sleeve (even though she kept denying it), JR's changing feeling is more subtle and I don't think he even realised it. In Ep4 itself, there's so much clue left how he actually had some feeling towards her... and I was left smiling watching each and every one. Shall we listed out those scenes? My favourite one is... when he addressed JS as 'uri biso' (our secretary) while talking to SW when he was asked about the drive through movie study-date. It felt so close and intimate when he addressed her as such.
  4. JS is worried for that small scratch! Omo omo omo... no wonder JR has no choice but to open up his heart. JS is too lovable. P.s. I really hate my stream today. N.B. I gave up
  5. My stream decided to be mean tonight. Hmph. But glad I catched that scene where Jung rok was laughing at JS who’s trying to drink but didn’t open the tab. Hahaha.
  6. I saw the episode just now and they didn't include that construction cone scene! Such a waste of time filming huhu. Or maybe during editing the PD think it is unnecessary. But the following scene breaks my heart! Before I knew it my eyes watered. Once again I'm appreciating YIN strength as an actress. She nailed that sad scene. Even without anything to say... Yes I was wondering of that as well. Can we trust the writer to flesh out this arc in the later episodes? It would be nice if that 'relationship' made KJR felt jealous and as far as Kdrama is concerned, jealousy is what propelled main leads to acknowledge their love. hehe. In my opinion JR immunity has been depleting since he saw how troubled YS was after hearing Always employees talk behind her back. He kept thinking about her, and who can miss his small smile after looking at the messages and pictures sent by YS! In episode 3 I think he is already bothered when YS act up and throw his words back at him to show that she was really upset.. I was laughing like crazy when JR had a taste of his own words with 'geurom.' and about that woman killed her husband, I do agree with @Ameera Ali The case will arive at JR's desk. It made no sense if they hype the case up just for YR. But I might be wrong as well. Haha. Can't wait for tomorrow episode! Weeee... keep it coming!
  7. Joo Ji Hoon and Kim Kang Woo! Seems like I have to watch this one. I watched The Treacherous and was blown away by their chemistry and acting so its good to see them sharing the screen again.
  8. The fact that the scene is included in EP2 preview, I thought they are going to air it in! I was fooled. Haha. Your word 'intimate' made me smile. The way he looked at her! SUch chemistry. Can't wait!
  9. I got some free time so I guess I’ll try to answer your question as accurately as I could. :-) https://www.soompi.com/article/1302089wpp/shin-dong-wooks-grandfather-admits-fault-in-fraud-controversy the issue has been resolved so it’s a pity for him to loose his chance to appear in the drama but LSW is good too so it must be fate that the character went to him. As for why JR is calling YS as Jin shim, (this is a personal opinion) Oh Jinshim is her real name. Yoonseo is her stage name for almost 14 years so I think she got attached to the name. It was hillarious to see how she became flustered when he called her by her real name. I bet in these 14 years, nobody has addressed her that so in a way, JR has become a bit special.
  10. Sorry to cut your post short but very well said! I love how you pointed out that the two leads is good people from the start and they don’t need anyone to change... i too love the supporting characters. They complemented the lead couple well. As for the second couple... they didn’t have enough screentime yet for me to gauge them but Lee Sang Woo is kind of good playing sad mopey characters so I’m hoping they hold up alright. But the mama boy! Hahaha. I loved him! Who can forget how he disgustingly-adorably stomp his feet when his mother said over my dead body after he asked if he can date a celebrity. Shim Hyung Tak really is a comic genius. As for the rating, what can I say. K netz has been pampered with so many mind blowing dramas that some of them forget to enjoy lighthearted drama as it was and nitpick just about everything. But reading comments on Naver, this drama certainly has its following. Word of mouth is even more powerful than any other form of promotion so I hope the drama can deliver and kept us entertained till the end. fighting!
  11. Thank you for the BTS guys! Really really appreciate it. Today I had the chance to watch ep1, this time in Viki and boy... I realised I missed few details and noticed something strange too. I downloaded the 1st episode and the episode started with Buble’s Haven’t Met You Yet and yetttt! In viki it was totally different song with better editing too! I realised when YS arrived at the court, JR just arrived too but they went separate ways. nice touch Director nim! now i wonder if there are two versions aired... and after watching BTS with Jang ki Yong i wonder if he and YIN really kiss or is it just camera angle. Lol i actually had a hunch but i can wonder that much here, can’t I?
  12. Far^away

    Having A Bad Day? Wanna Rant? Right This Way!

    I’m getting fed up. Being told what to do when I want to do things at my pace really pissed me off. You want it done fast? Do it yourself. Or else shut it and let me do my work. richard simmons off!
  13. Oh, i thought oh jin shim is her real name while oh yoon seo is her stage name. That’s why he kept calling her Oh Jin Shim shi... because after all its her name. I totally missed this! Did he just pretended to press the lift button? Must watch episode 2 again to look into more details. Hehe This drama, as lighthearted it is (as of now) tugged my heart when the scenes where YS is putting up a brave face and JR realizing it. He’s not a cold person... he is actually thoughtful, honest and straightforward. His boldness may seemed to be harsh but I think our adorable YS is succeeding in cracking his exterior iciness. I don’t know how to make a gif but him trying to shield YS’s eyes from seeing her poster piled up with other garbage speaks volume on how his character is. Furthermore, the dynamic between the two is not really how secretary-boss would behave. Had she is a real secretary, she might not been able to stand her ground and speak back at him without losing her job. So kudos to the setup. As cliche as it is, I’m buying it.
  14. Seems like JR is warming up to YS! watched the episode live, and I still laugh even though I can only understand 20% of the convo. That’s a good drama in my book. Can’t wait for the eng sub tomorrow!
  15. I managed to watch the first episode today with english sub thanks to Viu. The premier certainly did not knock my socks off but it was fluffy and enjoyable. It did make me cringe in some part (out of embarrassment due to Yun Seo moments of bimboness lol is that even a word) and but I do smile a lot while watching. YIN did a good joob even if I think she's kind of awkward in some scenes. Overall, things that I love 1. They used one of my favourite track from Buble 'Haven't Met You Yet' as opening 2. DOTS reference! As a big fan of DOTS I think they did a good job parodying the sexy walk from helicopter scene! 3. And that being said, Jang Ki Young made you swoon but hillariously when YS is delivering her lines *facepalm* 4. She tried her best to make things work at the firm. Nobody tells her to do it but she did anyway. Even if Jung Rok thinks she's a lost case 5. How YS brushed off the older secretary was hillarious. The scretary might have her bias but how YS handled the situation made me like "you go girl!" Things I do notice and agree (after reading those comments by Knetz) 1. YIN really need a makeover. She look the same in few of her latest drama. Which is two or three years back. 2. YS feels like YIN's role in Queen In Hyun's man, which is also an actress. I hope in the coming episode there would be differences potrayed between the two.