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  1. In the preview I don't get why DH is so mad at TJ in the first place because GH was never actually his to begin with. It wasn't like DH and GH were in the relationship and TJ barged in, it's really the other way around. I guess it has to do with his possessiveness over her or something. Also, something might be going on with TJ's career as a cop since apparently Hwang has noticed his undercover sort of digging with his friend. Yay for SH for giving TJ some words of advice. He told him, in the preview, that TJ liked GH's courage and essentially told TJ that he should be courageous himself. Hopefully things start to look up a little bit for their relationship. I like when TJ and SH talk and bond with one another and share their worries. TJ could probably never really tell his family anything, they briefly mentioned it when they talked about TJ ever acting up or anything at home, but with SH he manages to open up a bit more about the things that he can't say to others, including GH. Kind of like a male bonding type thing. I do think TJ was probably a lonely kid. At least for GH she had SH, her twin brother with who she can probably share anything and everything with. But for TJ he was just essentially all alone. His older sister became his sort of mother-figure and he probably thought he shouldn't act out or be a bother because of their home situation.
  2. I agree with you that she probably doesn't know anything about DH or his family other than the fact that DH and BR are siblings. I do think that her mother is kind of keeping a lot from her regarding her brother's situation, and that family's situation. Maybe DH kind of knows or has a hunch that GH's mother hasn't said anything to her about his family, therefore he may feel as though he has the upper hand of some sorts when it comes to her. I guess that could go into the whole thing of him like forcefully wanting her to return his feelings. Perhaps he feels that if he gets everyone on his side, well especially GH's mother, then things could perhaps work in his favor. I thought that TJ told GH that he was abandoned by his mother when he was a child, I thought he once mentioned something about her appearance after 20 years or something like that. Communication is probably one of the biggest flaws in TJ and GH's relationship that they're going to have to fix. I get TJ not wanting to associate or point out his mother, first off cause she abandoned him and is considered dead to him, but it just seems like whenever GH had just like a little bit of desire to know he kind of shut her down about the whole thing. They both seemingly shut each other out of a lot of things and want to take care of things on their own, really. I guess that's what happens when you have two people who have been independent for such a long time try to be in a relationship with one another. I also get TJ not wanting to say anything about where DH comes from, cause now it may lead to bigger things involving the case that he's like secretly working on, and also because he just purely doesn't like him. Sure that could be something of spite, to tell GH who DH really is, but there's no reason for TJ to be that petty towards him. But I think GH should be more curious about the people around her at least. Isn't she curious as to DH's family and what they do? She doesn't have to be like digging into their entire family history, but kind of like just a simple question? Doesn't she wonder how he has so much free time to play with her daughter or hang around the neighborhood? If my memory serves me right, I think she can identify DH's mother, cause I believe she was the one who identified her to TJ, who then realized that his mother is DH's stepmother. But she isn't curious as to why she's seen her in front of the police station a couple of times or whatever?
  3. I guess a question, based on the preview, would be whether GH's mom will tell her that it was DH's father that came into their apartment and the one that GH yelled at. Either that or DH will probably give it away himself, perhaps apologizing in an attempt to get on GH's good side and hoping that she won't take his father showing up the wrong way. I don't think GH has ever seen his father before? It also seems like maybe, maybe there'll be something of GH standing up for TJ when it comes to her mother? It's just wishful thinking, once again based on the preview, but the scene with her and her mother seemed like her mother said she didn't like him and GH telling her to stop. Meanwhile TJ's father essentially did the same thing with TJ asking him what about GH he doesn't like.
  4. Her mom did say something about how she worked at their house, right? I believe she did recently, I don't really remember, but I don't think GH actually knows what DH does for a living or what his family does, ie what DH's father does. Also, I think that a separation on TJ's part would probably benefit him the most, maybe getting transferred or somehow not coming to work or having contact with her for a little bit due to something else. Maybe then GH would realize how much he actually does for her and how much of her every day life is comprised of him. Perhaps it'd be one of those "separation makes the heart grow fonder" type things that she would experience.
  5. Here's some of the dialogue of GH and TJ that was in the preview for Monday's episode (in the order that it was): GH: I went to Gangwon with DH TJ: How much longer must I understand? GH: Do I only have to look at you (TJ) all day long? DH: Because I'm never going to give up on you, you'll eventually come to like me (romantically) TJ: Let's earnestly rethink it (maybe their relationship) GH's mother: I didn't know you'd give up so easily Seems as though TJ is starting to get fed up with some of GH's actions? Also, I think that something is going to go wrong with that case that TJ has started to investigate, maybe someone'll catch wind of it (like Hwang) and then he'll somehow find himself in some trouble (either with DH's father like sending someone or something) and get into an accident. From that then GH will probably finally realize the type of family that DH comes from (does she even actually know?) and separate herself from him. If TJ does get into an accident of some kind, or injured, then I think she'll like finally realize her true feelings.
  6. I've been wondering recently if TJ ever used his wish that he got from his like judo match with GH. I know that he said they should go eat something good afterwards but was that him using his wish or just saying that?
  7. Hi everyone, it's my first time posting in this thread but I'm currently loving this series and share some of the same sentiments as everyone else seems to, that is mostly being annoyed with TJ's family, especially his sister and grandmother as well as DH and his parents. I know we're at the point in the series where the two separate, hopefully not for long, but my original thought was that GH was going to separate herself from TJ in a different manner. They mentioned earlier, and it's known, that GH's husband passed due to an accident involving a drunk driver and I always wondered if that was somehow going to come into play, like if TJ had gotten into an accident somehow and that sparked her emotions and thoughts of perhaps losing another person she deeply cared about, thereby pushing him away in some form as to not experience that pain again. Based on the ending of today's episode that aired in Korea, it seems as though TJ won't let GH get away with anything easily. It also looks like she asked for a transfer to another station and he approached her after work to talk with her, although she didn't seem willing. (That was where the clip, and episode, ended, I watch them on DramaKBS, the YouTube channel). I also have seen the preview and TJ offers himself up for the transfer while GH's mom tells him to give up and let her go, but it seems like he tells her, at some point, that he'll never be able to give her up like that. We also have DH hanging out with Woori again and some more SH and Bora interaction. Additionally, maybe HJ's husband is starting to get fed up with her seeing her mother as he asked her whether the thing she likes is her mother or her mother's money. I guess at this point it's nice to see TJ is still going strong regarding his feelings for GH. Let's just hope that GH comes around soon.