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  1. I haven't gotten around to fully watching episode 15 and 16 (stupid work), but based on the clips that I've seen thus far, it seems like it was a beautiful and satisfying ending. I feel like there could be numerous storylines taken from this drama to continue it. We have the 3 main females and now their love lives, but we also have the past of SH and JM, which I have to admit that I'm still very curious about knowing. It's also with their storyline that made me think that perhaps SH's Room 19 wasn't exactly his relationship with JM. I thought about this from the clip from ep 15 of when JH told SG that he got to see SH's Room 19, as in his emotions. And then in the clips for one of today's episode, she apologized to SH for opening his Room 19 when he was angry. Perhaps all along it was his emotions that were actually Room 19, not his relationship with JM necessarily. She wanted to understand him but because he was holding himself back emotionally JH probably felt like she could never connect with SH, that there'd always be that wall between them where she wouldn't be able to fully know what he was thinking or at least have the confirmation that she wanted. Even though the Room 19 was a place, in the novel, that the woman lied to her husband about, that was sort of the blockage of the marriage. The wife couldn't be honest with the husband that she just wanted a place where she could do nothing and essentially just kind of be herself. I don't think JH wanted that for herself or for SH. She probably didn't want either of them to lock themselves away or to escape into their own space where they wouldn't be able to tell anyone anything. She probably wanted to become someone that SH could rely on, but since he never really opened himself up, his Room 19 still locked, she could have felt like that was going to become their downfall one day. If he never opened up and kept that room closed, then he was never going to come face to face with it and their life, as many have pointed out, would just have continued as if it didn't exist at all, as if it were from before she even knew about its existence. It would be the same thing about JH as well. I believe her Room 19 was her feelings about the assault from the director, about her not confronting them before because in order to continue to write, she probably had to confront them one day. However, JM opened her Room 19. JM gave her an offer about signing a contract for writing and JH had to come to terms with the truth about why she stopped in the first place. JM could have also brought SH's Room 19 to light, but it wasn't opened until he was worried sick about JH and told her that. I haven't read the short story and don't know anything about it besides through this drama, but I don't think JH wanted their Room 19s to take a hold of them. The room staying closed would be like a wall preventing someone from being close to the other person. As through the conversation with SJ and JH, the woman told her husband that she was having an affair in order to not sound crazy that she just wanted a space by herself or to tell him the real truth since that would look bad. The wife, therefore, was keeping secrets from her husband and may have felt like she couldn't be herself around him anymore and I don't think JH wanted that for her relationship with SH. But hopefully I'll have time soon to watch the final two episodes in their entirety and have other thoughts to write about here.
  2. I totally agree with all of this. While I haven't watched the episode in its entirety yet, just from the clips that were on YouTube that I managed to watch today, I can just see both of their hearts breaking and the uncertainty that they both have of their position in their relationship. I do think that a part of them may lack the confidence to try and voice what they say, but I think that that's only because they don't know where they stand in the relationship and are unsure of themselves. For SH, he doesn't want to block what he believes is JH's happiness. She's finally going to write again, something that her mother had asked him to allow her to do, and he's allowing her to do it, because it's her dream, because it makes her happy, and because he probably thinks that that'll bring her more happiness than he can. I think there's a part of SH's that's not confident in himself to be able to give JH the happiness that he thinks she should have and her crying only like cemented that fear of his that he's going to hurt someone. However, that's a fear that he's going to have to try to get over, and hopefully he will now that the reality sets in that JH is really gone. Even though SH may be over JM and no longer attracted to her, when it comes to his emotions he's closed off and kind of still stuck back there. A fear of his was to hurt someone again because of him and in his mind he may want to try to end their contract cleanly, as he believes JH wishes, in order for her not to have any lingering feelings to hold her back and prevent her from pursuing what she really wants. SH probably believes that her not pursuing her dream would make her unhappy, and therefore hurt her. JH, on the other hand, at least I felt, seemed as though she was slowly giving up hope. With everything she found out from other people that weren't SH just sort of made it more evident to her that perhaps the relationship isn't exactly what she thought it was. It did seem like she was waiting for SH to just say something, to just tell her that she was wrong in thinking the way she was, but no matter how often it seemed like she was just waiting for him to say something, he didn't. He maintained his closed-off ways and it only made her even more self-conscious to think that she may have been thinking more deeply into it. Even though she knew about the confession in the end, it didn't make it any better for her because he never said the words. It's like what SG said to SH, it's not that he couldn't confess, it's that he didn't and he still didn't, but for reasons that were entirely on basis with being SH. But I don't think JH is leaving because she doesn't understand SH's feelings, it may be because she doesn't want to second guess herself and continue to live in a life of doubt and convenience, where SH is only cordial to her because they're supposedly married. Where she thinks he may have acted that way because of the moments that they were caught up in. JH probably wants the confirmation that his feelings are separate from the contract and feel, for once, that she is not alone in feeling those feelings.
  3. After finally getting around to watching the complete episode, at least episode 13 as of now, I think that perhaps only SH and JM knew about the pregnancy. During the scene at the bar with SH and SG, and a sleeping WS, SG asked SH if there was something else going on at that time, 12 years ago, between the two, something that he didn't know. Of course SH didn't answer, but SG said that they both applied for a break from school and JM ended up not returning at all, thinking that it was strange. If only the two did know about the pregnancy, then I guess that could explain the sort of lack of knowledge that SG seems to have about the situation as well as SH's parents. Perhaps his parents didn't know and may only think that the reason SH is so angry with them is because his father kicked him out of the house and was against his relationship. Everyone around him could have thought that SH was just trying to get over his broken heart over losing JM without knowing anything about the baby and what could have been the depth of his actual pain and suffering he was going through. The harsh words that JM left him with and the pain about losing his very own child. I also do agree that JM is the key for the two regarding their respective Room 19s. With the assault against JH, she sort of forgot about it by giving up writing altogether in a way to sort of try to get over that, but then JM came and opened that by giving her a job offer. For SH, he may have just tried to forget about everything and therefore sort of became a recluse, wanting to live every day plainly without much happening so he didn't have to deal with that again. In the beginning of the series he said he only came out of the house to go to work, essentially, and that he hated going out at night and gatherings. He probably didn't want to think much about the situation that happened years ago, at least that deeply about it. JM coming into the picture allowed both sides to know the others' story a little bit more, even if they don't necessarily want to say the experiences that they had been through aloud, since it might still be hard for them to say it to people that they are comfortable to. It could be easier for JH to tell JM about the assault because she is a woman and because she's in the same field in a way, but it's probably difficult for her to tell SH, the same way that it's difficult for him to tell JH about his past. It seems like for both of the situations they're events that have happened in their lives that they haven't actually addressed their feelings towards. While SH seemingly may have gotten over what happened 12 years ago, if it is true that only he and JM knew about the pregnancy, it is quite possible that SH never really got over those feelings and compartmentalized them in his mind, trying to put logic behind it and giving himself a reason for it happening instead of being emotional and allowing himself to properly experience those emotions that he should have been feeling at that time. If not even SG knew about the pregnancy, then there was no one that SH could have probably talked to regarding any of that and instead just internalized his feelings. I believe that that's a hurdle that the two of them are going to have to get over in their respective lives. For JH to write again, she has to come face to face with the fact that she was assaulted by someone she had a crush on and by someone who worked in the same field as her. She might have a hidden fear that the same thing is going to happen to her one day or she may associate writing itself with that event and it has now become something unpleasant for her to do. Looking at her writings and beginning to write could just potentially bring up those memories, which is why she could have been avoiding such a thing. For SH, it's the fear that he's going to hurt someone from the experience in his past that could potentially be holding him back a little.
  4. That actually reminds me a bit of one of LMK's previous series, Dalja's Spring. There's a scene, around one of the middle episodes, where LMK's character gives the female character (Chae Rim) her money back, he was paid to be her boyfriend, and said that essentially anything he would say would only be worth the amount of money that he gave her. As in like the fact that she paid him would always be the barrier in their relationship, she would never be able to take anything he said as his serious feelings because she could feel like he was doing it out of obligation to their contract. I sort of feel like that is the same thing here. When I first saw the ending scene of episode 14 I did think that perhaps JH wanted to say that they should stop their contract, but not their relationship, since she only mentioned the contract. But I wonder if maybe SH will jump to the conclusion, being the logical person that he is, that she means she wants to stop everything, and perhaps say something about canceling the contract altogether and bring up money or something, signaling that it seems he is fine with giving up everything. Of course JH could mean that she wants to stop everything and sort of evaluate where they are, sort of get herself together first, but with SH's logical brain, he may end up saying something that's far worse, or maybe mention that clause about them developing feelings, perhaps going back into a defensive mode. In the episode we were able to see that SH isn't someone to express himself with words. We could see it when JM mentioned that he never confessed to her and he wondered if he needed to do such a thing. They're people who have different outlooks on ways that things should be done, and that's kind of been evident throughout the entire series. I do wonder if, based on the preview how SG brings SH home drunk, if SG will talk with JH about him. I wonder if he'll say something about SH to JM, perhaps about something regarding the past or the way that SH acts, like he did with SJ when they were eating, the episode with the kiss. I really loved that part of the episode, where SG gave some insight into SH, because it just showcased their friendship, even though we may not have seen many scenes regarding it. Who knows, maybe JM will be the one who convinces JH to kind of go back. Maybe she'll mention something about SH coming to speak to her about JH and about how much it seems like he cares about her. That could possibly give JH the peace of mind about SH that she may be experiencing. However, it's probably best if the words and story come from SH himself to give her the boost of confidence in his feelings for her.
  5. I love how the writer is slowly giving us the characters and is sort of putting a nice spin on the common tropes that are found in dramas. We see it one way during one episode but the next we get the other side of the story and it's something that continues to make perfect sense instead of something that's thrown in there just to be thrown in there. Even up until now there have been many different thoughts about what SH's past relationship with JM may have been like, and while we don't have his side of the story yet, if JM's holds true, then there was definitely a lot of stuff that went on between them at a young age. While I'm not entirely sure of the entire time line that things happened back then, they would've been around 26 when they broke up 12 years ago considering that SH is 38, and they're like the same age. If they broke up then, and she mentioned that they were a CC (campus couple), then that means that they dated during college, so they had to at least be together 4 years before that. The next thing is the report about the miscarriage or losing the baby. Like others, I'm not sure if she means she gave birth to a child and then they lost the child or if she had lost the child while pregnant, a miscarriage. Either way it's a traumatic thing and I think there have been other shows, not necessarily Korean dramas, where that's sort of like the whole basis, a couple loses a baby and is unable to get back to where they were in the beginning because of the fact that it's such a traumatic event in a person's life. I did write this in the comments on the YouTube clip, but I'm curious as to how SH's father and family may have played a part. I wonder, if it was a miscarriage, if they blamed JM for the death of the baby somehow. Perhaps they coerced her into working things, like the ancestral rites with JH, or something else stressful and she lost the baby that way. SH's comment about JH being a good defender might tie into that, JM may have had to do many things for his family that a daughter-in-law would be expected to do and may have been overworked, depending on what her job was at that time and other factors. Or perhaps there was an accident or some random occurrence somehow that caused her to lose the baby, because there are some things like that that happen in real life, even if they are rare. I wonder if they blamed her for everything and SH was unable to sort of stand up to his parents at that time or defend JM. That's where I think that the writer is doing a nice job showing us the different sides to a story and also showing us things we may not have seen before. Up until now I didn't entirely know where to place the vet's story to JH about SH coming in and demanding that they save the cat. But now, with JM's pregnancy and losing the baby story, depending when SH found the cat, he could have somehow saw a situation, if the cat being saved, as mimicking the situation that he experienced of losing JH and the baby. By saving the cat, he could think that he was at least making up for doing something that he didn't, or couldn't, do in the past. Additionally, the cat could also represent himself. SH saved the cat, protecting it and providing it a home, and in a way, he could be doing what he wished his father would have done 12 years ago. His father had kicked him out of the house, for some reason that we're not entirely sure of yet, essentially leaving him on his own. Also, when SG asked SH if JH reminded him of her (JM), I think it was more in the sense of JH being helpless in the situation and sort of needing help. Even though SH doesn't know, yet, of what exactly happened, he could probably sense that something was amiss with JH, with the way she was dressed and how she came in the middle of the night, and offered his assistance. I think that offering his help through the marriage could have been another way SH was kind of making up for the past with JM, especially if, as I previously mentioned, he couldn't or didn't help her before. While we don't know the entire story of what happened back then, SH may have felt guilt more so than just the letter and words that JM told him. There is the possibility that his family played a bigger part in losing the baby than we know so far, which would explain the deep resentment that JM seemingly had towards his family at that time. Depending upon the extent of their involvement, it would be reasonable that she would definitely not want to hear about them in the moment. During the 12 years spent without her, SH may have been trying to find ways to slowly make up for the time when he wasn't able to defend or save what was probably his entire world back then.
  6. Yes it does seem like everyone became really good friends throughout the duration of the drama. And yes, both Do Jihan and Im Soohyang, I believe, mentioned how they became really close and like how they weren't as close with the other co-stars of theirs during other projects as they were with each other. It does seem as though they are comfortable with each other. Also when Im Soohyang mentioned going on a trip as a small break from projects and how Do Jihan already said he was already planning to go on a trip, I thought they might as well go together haha.
  7. I put some of the interviews below in the spoiler tags. There actually weren't that many from Im Soohyang that I could find in the style of like the Q&A that I like better than just the paragraphs so I did some of the paragraph style for her. I could, however, find a lot for Do Jihan of Q&A. I did put the links to the interviews because they do have some pictures there. I guess if anyone sees any other that they want me to do, just tell me and I'll see if I can get to it. Do Jihan Newsen: Part 1 - http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201711080955166710 Part 2 - http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201711081048566710 Sedaily: http://www.sedaily.com/NewsView/1ONIG9AHL5 News1: Part 1 - http://news1.kr/articles/?3148500 Part 2 - http://news1.kr/articles/?3147078 Im Soohyang News1: Part 1 - http://news1.kr/articles/?3142946 Part 2 - http://news1.kr/articles/?3146082 Sports Chosun: Part 1 - http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype.htm?id=201711120100096400006787&servicedate=20171111 Part 2 - http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype.htm?id=201711120100096380006785&servicedate=20171111 Part 3 - http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype.htm?id=201711120100096390006786&servicedate=20171111
  8. It seems like a lot of interviews from Do Jihan and Im Soohyang have been released upon the completion of the drama. I'll try to translate some and then post some here. Some of them involve questions about the drama and about their experiences, so there should be some interesting reads.
  9. The show has officially come to an end. This ending episode seemed to bring back the feelings that the show first had in the beginning, kind of like the lightheartedness, before we began to be boggled down by the mole plot, which was seemingly resolved fairly quickly. I think if the writer had included it a bit earlier and then gave way to more episodes like this in the end, it may have been a more satisfying ending. Not that it wasn't satisfying, it tied up almost all of the loose ends, but that there was just so much kind of information that they could've gone on in the last episode to continue that it just feels a bit like a waste. I do understand that this is the way daily dramas are, though, that mostly by the second half they become immersed in the plot and start to become sort of on the heavy side in order to resolve the plot. But there were just a couple of things that I'd wish to see throughout the course of the drama. For one thing, WR and TJ's relationship was never really there. When TJ went to GH's house to ask for permission to get married from her mother, her mother said that they should get permission from WR. She then randomly comes out of the bedroom and says that she's okay with it because she likes TJ. Then that's it. That's like her only scene of the drama, besides going to the chicken shop. There definitely weren't many bonding moments between them and in the end, it just feels like she had a bigger bond with DH. Who knows what they're going to do when he gets out. I don't think DH ever expects to see WR again, he may have just told her that he'd see her later just to placate her for that moment and because she's too young to understand. But I don't think he'll be able to disappear from her life that easily if WR knows that BR might still see him since BR said that she got a surprise present, and it was WR's drawing. As a sidenote, I also wanted to see a bit of HC and WR being together. Secondly, I know that it wasn't really a part of the plot or main story, but we never really got to see JY together with his mother and new family. TJ's grandmother said that once TJ moves out of the house, he's going to be moving into GH's house, that JY can have the room since he doesn't have one and now they just conveniently do. But he didn't really have much of a relationship with them either, well at least with HJ or the grandmother I guess really. I guess it just would've been nice to see once in a while. Finally, the chief and GH's mother. I think their friendship and/or relationship could've lightened the atmosphere at some points and have been a fun little side plot because then there could potentially be the possibility of him being GH's stepfather thereby being TJ's father-in-law. They did agree on being coffee friends, to meet at the same coffee shop, which could spark their friendship and perhaps something more. But I think that a plot like that could've been a small distraction from the heavyness of TJ and GH pursuing the Jin family for a while. Anyway, when it came to the marriage between TJ and GH, it just feels like their families were just kind of agreeing to agree, kind of like they couldn't find a reason for them not to be together because of all of the things that they've been through, like GH helping TJ's family probably being the most important part. During the family meeting in the beginning GH's mom and TJ's grandmother still seemed to be kind of against the marriage, but in the end, at the chicken shop, it seemed that they came to a general understanding with TJ's grandmother saying that she'll treat WR as if she were her own granddaughter and even complimented GH. GH and TJ didn't have any problem regarding their housing once they're married. Although at the meeting it was said that TJ was looking for apartments, he asked GH's mother if they'd be able to move in, if she'd allow it, because it's close to the station and because WR is comfortable there. TJ's family generally agreed with that statement that they shouldn't uproot WR into a different home. Am I the only one who found it kind of funny that all of the sons in the drama are or are going to be living with their in-laws? HJ and her husband, SH and BR, and now TJ and GH. I do think that GH set up the meeting between TJ and his mother because she told TJ that she'd buy him a meal and at the restaurant his mother said that she came to see GH. GH says that it's because, since they're getting married, she also wants to get permission from her as well. They at least were able to patch some things up, or come to a mutual understanding, which seems to be the resolving point of the final episode. His mother tells him that she won't live so she's an embarrassment to him and he brings up the hospital and other things, thanking her and calling her mother for the first time. His mother then complimented him, earning her a slight smile from him. On the plus side, at least they're able to eat together in the same room peacefully. GH did bring up their bet, about them each betting their jobs and name or whatever it was they did and said that they must've come to a tie. I'm glad that it wasn't completely forgotten at least. They also told each other that they learned a lot from each other, GH said she learned how to be a better cop from TJ, about being like objective and whatnot. TJ says he's going to try to become a warmhearted cop. I guess it was to be expected that TJ would take over the chief spot at the station. When I saw that in the text preview, about a young and handsome new chief coming, I was kind of wondering what it could be because I found that typically the last sentence of the preview would be what the episode would end on and wondered what in the world it was. But before TJ entered the other three were talking about the new guy and they mentioned that they heard that the new guy was stricter than Hwang, which would've probably been true for the old TJ. Chief had been appointed as like a regional chief. All in all though it was an enjoyable drama. I enjoyed the story and watching the characters. Sure there were times when it seemed like the story wasn't moving or that they story became rushed, as with a lot of the dramas that air, all in all I did like it. I do hope that I'll be able to see some of the actors and actresses in other projects in the future. Well, we made it 120 episodes guys. Here's to the end!
  10. I can't believe that we're down to the final episode. It does seem clear now that the last episode will be full of tying loose ends and perhaps a time jump into the future so we can see how everything I guess is going to play out. Here's the translation of the text preview for the final episode tomorrow: GH and TJ have the formal meeting between the adults (I guess in preparation for their wedding). DH meets with his family in visitation (perhaps BR comes to visit him or SH? Maybe even his kinda stepmother that he once despised so much?) SH moves into his in-law's home (I think so BR can care for her father and whatnot, they discussed it in today's episode) GH's mom finally meets the Chief (finally discovering his identity as the one who has been writing the comments) Meanwhile, at Chamsuri there is a young and handsome new chief appointed... So it does seem like an episode full of like tying loose ends. I was happy that the kidnapping didn't take the entire episode, thereby leaving everything to be rushed tomorrow and was frankly okay with today's episode, although it does seem like everything was kind of pushed into the first half was taken care of with relative ease. I think some parts of us knew that WR was going to be the one to convince DH to turn himself in. Her phone call with him in the beginning of the episode only really sort of hit that idea home. I wonder if GH will one day tell her what really happened to her father or if she'll think it'll be better for WR not to know. DH did tell WR that he'll come to see her later, though, and nodded his head when she asked him if he was being serious. I guess they were really trying to redeem him, though, by having him be the one who called the cops and made his meeting with the mole be a setup so they could capture him and then turn himself in. It also seems as though he sort of had a reconciliation of some sorts, as much as one could go, with TJ when they had their discussion in jail. The same with GH, a sort of reconciliation or at least like the same ground, as he told her that he didn't know he could love someone like that, as in her and WR, that a person like him was capable of something like that. He also apologized to GH, saying that he knows it's useless, but he thought that he should say that to her, which is why he asked to see her. GH did say that she can't forgive him but thanked him for saving WR and not pretending like he didn't know anything, since the mole had texted him about WR. It seems like Chairman Jin is opening his heart to SH as his son-in-law. As BR and SH were leaving his room they said that they'd be back tomorrow and only once they left did it seem like he was finally opening up to it. SH also did tell BR that he didn't want to go abroad, and it seemed like BR didn't want to either. SH said that there was a project that he wanted to do that he and JY could probably do well on, and BR didn't want to leave her father. I liked to see the banter between GH and TJ back. Like GH trying to make TJ praise her and then later when she finds out about the ring and tries to discretely ask TJ about it, but ultimately failing. TJ even gave in a friendly dig to her back when GH said that she must've aged ten years because of the ordeals, since TJ was unconscious, and TJ told her "No wonder your face..." All of the talk about proposing was pretty funny, I thought. The station talking about it and then TJ awkwardly asking YS about it. Their planning of the proposal was fun, too and the scene of them trying to act normal when she re-entered with the food was even more hilarious. I also thought it was hilarious when TJ's stepmother found the ring and excitedly told GH about it. She also did say to GH and her mother that TJ's grandmother wanted WR to come over and hang out with her, further opening the doors for their relationship. But GH probably became more suspicious about the proposal from the people at the police station, too asking her and bringing up TJ. I guess that's what made the scenes in the police station and the actual proposal kind of funny. GH knows that TJ has a ring and is probably going to propose again and then there's TJ and the rest of the police station attempting to be discrete about the entire thing and neither knows that the other knows. It was also entertaining to see a nervous and flustered TJ. In the police station their conversation was something like: GH: Do you have anything to say to me? TJ: What? (drinks coffee) The coffee's good GH: There probably won't be any time for just the two of us on the day of your farewell party TJ: Those parties tend to be like that Dialogue at the actual proposal: GH: What are you staring at? Is it the first time that you've seen a pretty Moo Gunghwa? TJ: Sit down GH: No thanks. Do you have anything to say to me before people come? I think there's something I have to hear. I mean, why is someone who is so headstrong beating around the bush on this problem? Did I misunderstand? TJ: What problem? GH: What I mean is this problem. The two of us TJ: So I'm asking you what the problem is GH: Yah, Cha Taejin! You're really going to be like this! I was going to hold myself back until the end but I can't. Are you just going to run away like this you jerk? TJ: What? GH: Are you going to marry me or not? TJ: Sure, let's do that. Let's get married GH: You should have said it sooner TJ: (when GH attempts to kiss him) Wait...over there... Now that we're at the final episode and everything is pretty much resolved, besides some family relations, let's just hope that we'll get some cute moments in the end, like GH, TJ, and WR being a proper family and maybe everyone getting along to some degree. Although I still do think that the writer is going to continue to redeem DH a little bit in the end, I'm just going to hope for the best. Here's to the last episode!
  11. I agree that there weren't many moments during the drama where they created the chemistry for the viewers. They had a couple but they were very sparse, as in only happening when large things needed to happen for the drama. Most of the drama, I think, was probably spent with them arguing and yelling at one another than them actually being a couple. I actually saw Do Jihan for the first time in Real School, where I totally didn't actually remember it was him, all these years later, and just thought he seemed familiar when I started watching this drama. I've actually never seen Hwarang. His character was the same in Real School as it is here, kind of, as in the smart guy who doesn't show emotions. There were way more funny moments there, though, but that's because it was like a teenage daily drama I think, so things weren't taken too seriously ever. I really liked Tales of New Gisaeng. I did think the chemistry there was really good, too. Maybe there were some more impacting moments in that drama that happened, although the last couple of episodes were a bit lackluster in that one for me.
  12. Honestly, I don't know how everything is going to wrap up. I feel like things regarding everything might, for the most part, come to at least somewhat of a conclusion tomorrow and then Friday just kind of puts the finishing touches? Unless something big happens tomorrow, which brings me to the text preview, translation of which follows. Chairman Jin sends DH to the States and says that he was the one to do everything (perhaps he thinks it's his last saving grace after TJ's bio-mom told him that he essentially ruined his son's life). DH meets WR for the last time and the mole takes WR (I'm thinking like maybe kidnapping). Meanwhile, TJ is preparing to move stations and GH throws a beautiful farewell party. Is the show setting it up for DH to save WR one last time? Are they trying to redeem him? I don't know why, but a part of me feels like he isn't possibly going to get out of it alive this time, or that the chances are going to be small. Perhaps he's going to end up giving his life for the little girl whose father he killed? That being the case if WR is actually getting kidnapped by the mole. Maybe DH will think that enough is enough and finally come to his senses when she's involved? I know they tried to give him a redeeming point at the end of today's episode when he calls the hospital to ask whether TJ has woken up or not, but that was after GH yelled at him in his office, which was a great point by her today, I thought. In his office, GH told DH things that he would eventually need to hear, that everything was his choice. There was some great dialogue in their scene, but one of the best parts of it for me was this: GH: How did you become such a monster? DH: If I became a monster, then it's all because of you GH: Because of me? It wasn't. It was all your choice She then listed the crimes, like her husband's accident and hitting TJ with the car, reinforcing that it was his choice to do those things. As expected, though, TJ woke up this episode, although they did mention that he was out for a week in the drama, so I guess it wasn't like he immediately woke up the next day. I do kind of like how GH is sort of the bridge between TJ and his mother. She told her to stay when she visited the hospital when he was still unconscious and she passed on the key that his mother gave her, which evidently opened up the safe with the ledgers she threatened Hwang with yesterday's episode. But still, I can't imagine how they're going to end it. It kind of feels like the rest of the episodes were lackluster and now they're just cramming a whole bunch of things in at the end. I always thought TJ's accident was going to come sooner and that they would do something else with it since GH's husband passed away from an accident and, like they mentioned in today's episode, it would be like a flashback for GH that she would have to deal with. I previously thought that that would be the reason for them breaking up, that she wouldn't want to have to go through that again, if something did end up happening. It also doesn't seem like they really dived too deeply into things, like with HJ meeting her mother and the family finding out about that and then another instance being TJ's grandmother and WR's friendship. There's only 2 episodes left and I just hope that they don't try to resolve everything in the very last episode.
  13. Am I the only one who feels like some of the things that are happening this week should've happened last week, ie TJ's accident perhaps being the weekend cliffhanger? Because based on the text preview for tomorrow, things are probably going to get resolved last minute. Here's the preview: Although TJ receives an emergency surgery, he's unconscious and GH goes to find DH who ordered the accident. BR and SH return home together. Meanwhile, TJ's bio-mom gives an important key to GH. Chairman Jin receives a search and seize warrant from the prosecutors. The fact that TJ is going to be unconscious, although we don't know for how long, doesn't seem like good news and I feel like the writer could've probably done more with it if they had more time, which is why I think they should've had the accident happen last week sometime in order to give enough room. It just kind of feels now that they're starting to rush some things now and that some things probably won't even have a proper ending. I get that daily dramas are, of course, daily dramas and long, but it seems like there was just a lot of dragging in the middle with too much focus on the love triangle that everything else kind of moved to the back burner and just stayed there until now. We did get some movement, though, at least seemingly. But since TJ has the file that the mole was looking for and now he's rendered unconscious in the hospital, I wonder if anyone else will be able to get their hands on it or even know that he has it. Maybe the key that TJ's bio-mom gives GH will be part of the answer, and maybe she'll mention something about the file to GH. It seems like she's actually starting to move against Hwang, presenting the ledger to him and giving the file to TJ in the first place. But then again DH and his father both know that his mother was giving him that file, but BR knows, too, after hearing the conversation her father was having on the phone, so maybe she'll say something? The issue between GH's mother and BR was fairly easily resolved. She went to visit her to talk about things where BR said that she can't break up with SH and wants to stay by his side. GH's mother did ask her if she was the one who did something wrong, asking her why she can't lift her head, seemingly lightning the tension between them, I guess and thereby showing her approval a bit. SH even tells her the same thing, he can't break up with BR, when she goes to visit him. His mother tells him to leave with her, though, for a couple of years. Even though TJ shuts out his family from the stuff that's going on in his life, at least GH reached out to his family to tell them what's been going on, about the reporter and the article and about how it was because the reporter kept asking questions about his mother. That was the reason why TJ's father reached out to her to tell her about the situation and tell about the suspicions that they have against DH being behind it, of which she is able to confirm. Additionally, it seems like TJ took the advice from GH and opened up to her a bit. He told her that he didn't like eating alone and once she sat, he told her that he was even more embarrassed when it came to his mother and that house. He also slightly opened up to his mother when he met her. Even though it wasn't much, he did tell her thanks. I don't know how the writer plans on ending the series, though. It does seem like things are beginning to kind of get rushed but that's to be expected since there are only 3 episodes left and a lot of ground to cover. I feel like there'll just be some sort of time jump in the end and a short epilogue to kind of show where everyone is. And it feels like we haven't seen WR in a while.
  14. I can't believe that we're in our last week, our final 5 episodes before the end. As always, let's just hope that the end will be at least a bit satisfying. It seems like TJ and GH will be playing like cat and mouse with DH until the end, at least based on the text preview for tomorrow of which the translation is: Although TJ and GH noticed that there was evidence (regarding the case), DH first gets Hwang to remove it (I'm assuming that this, and the fact that Hwang has like hidden accounts or something will result in his downfall and eventual firing from the police). TJ's bio-mom meets with Hwang and suggests a deal (maybe to save her son, or rather both TJ and DH somehow?) Meanwhile, TJ is accused of assaulting the reporter (from today's episode) and DH tells TJ that he's going to kill him. It seems like Hwang and DH might be starting to turn on one another. From their meeting in today's episode it seems like DH doesn't really care if Hwang gets caught, with Hwang worried about the dirt that TJ's digging up on him and asking DH to do something about it. Who knows, maybe they'll explode from the inside, with Hwang turning against DH and maybe taking the deal with TJ's bio-mom, whatever that deal may be. As expected the reporter was sent by DH as a setup, probably both because he's angry at TJ and now at TJ's bio-mom because of his father's sudden change in supposedly wanting to include her in his will. But now GH knows more about TJ's life because of the reporter confronting him in regards to his parents and the past case against them. Even if it's not in a conventional way, at least she's learning a bit more about his life and what he's been through. But still, it seems like TJ is still having a hard time expressing himself, continuing to lash out. I guess it makes sense because he probably feels like he's backed into a corner and he acted like that before when he was throughout the series, but I just hope he finds a way to open himself up to those around him. He kind of lashed out at both his stepmother, sister, and grandmother when they were talking about praising him, and when his grandmother compared him to his mother. Thinking about it, though, that was probably his problem ever since his mother left him. As they stated before in the drama he never really complained or anything about her, never really expressed himself about her. Holding it in definitely never did him any well, especially now that she's kind of like the one thing that's holding over his head, his one weakness in a way. Since he always kept it inside, he probably doesn't know how to express himself about her and never probably really got over it, just burying it and hoping that it'd never come up again. At least GH told him that it upsets her that he's essentially blocking her from getting closer to him, emotionally, and recognizes that he pushes her away when he's struggling, trying to handle it all alone. It also happened sometimes with their relationship. Back when he was talking about getting married, he never really told her anything about his family, even though she already basically knew, and just kept saying that he'd take care of things himself. Perhaps that was another problem in their relationship, though. They both blocked one another out during their hard times with the wall they built around themselves. I wonder how DH will find the evidence first, though and ask Hwang to get it if GH has it. I know that the mole told him that GH has it and told him that it's a video recording, but I don't know how they'll be able to pull it off since he's not exactly a welcome guest in the house anymore. There is the possibility I guess that Hwang could go the police route, but there's no basis for a warrant, but then again, it's Hwang and he could probably fake one so they'd have access to the house to look. But TJ seems to know that there must be something in the stuff since he was also asking where the stuff was. It's just a race against time now.
  15. I guess my confusion in their interaction comes in the reason of why does the writer decide to have them meet now with 5 episodes left? TJ's bio-mom knew that GH was the woman that DH liked and knew that she was the woman that TJ liked as well, and even knew that they were dating at one point. There were plenty of other opportunities for her to speak with her, but because of BR and SH, now she seeks out GH and talks to her, that part is just kind of weird to me, I guess, kind of like why now? Did TJ's bio-mom know all of the details or did she just figure that, based on DH's undying 'love' for her and her dating TJ, that GH was kind of leaving them on? I don't know, just some of her actions make it seem like she doesn't know whose side to be on, DH or TJ's. It's like her and DH were head to head at one point, and still kind of are, but it seems like she'll kind of do anything to protect him as well? As far as TJ goes, she knows that he hates her and we know that they may have to come to an understanding later, but it seems like that might be rushed as well. I do understand why she said those things about GH sort of like two-timing both of them since it is kind of true, although DH's sort of obsession with GH did play a part in that, but GH was never really firm with her answer until way after the point she should've been. I just feel like it's the wrong time for her to be mad at GH for that? If anything, I think she should've been angry at her for that sooner, back when DH was having regular interaction with GH and WR.