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  1. @17ncbm these pics if only can say, it tells a thousand words for us to understand what these MinWon couple are talking (or is just me). Funny is Ji Won was submissive to Min Hyuk's sweet request and it's so sweet and nice to think about those days when they're together.. These were also my favorite pics to our MinWon couple... thanks for reminiscing..17ncbm cto pics VALC Hope to hear real Sweet Holiday soon....
  2. Moon Talk while Ji Wonnie is at the moon... "it's just so nice to think about moon connections"
  3. Hello wondering why my two accts can't received any update from this thread so I take a peek for while. OMG I was behind so many pages I missed our MinWon couple hoping for them the best and for us shippers... I'm busy with my work since I started on my own and was only depend on the notifications of my accts but can't received any sorry for being gone and lost though I only contributed only "Likes" "Loves" for the this thread my dear shippers.. So glad this ship was still on fire...
  4. rutch204

    IU (아이유)

    cto Happy Birthday IU..
  5. I am also in a Tanyang ship before but idk why I'm not as giddy as MinWon couple..JCW were also handsome and I think a warm hearted man.. Seeing these three actors together in a drama I can't imagined behind scenario. Will the real warm hearted man be as warm as Dr Kwak?
  6. @17ncbm (sorry for my late response) yes the pic you pointed out is right...sorry thought it was black but the style is the same, the half way pose of MH face was similar like this one there was also a video in this scene taken by JiWon in vlive but I just can't find it..
  7. gals have you remembered the pic discussed in previous pages (not sure what page tho) it was during the beach scene (morning kiss) where JiWon vlive on a very bright morning somebody here spotted a tall guy wearing black hoodie (maybe the color is black not sure also) and black shoes? I think it's the same hoodie MH wearing above pic..correct me if I'm wrong..
  8. good night chingus...hoping a finer and greener for us to MinWon couple...still some paper works to be done...
  9. cto: Reading this article (fr Ji Won twitter), I remembered MH posting his ig about interior designing... " Love to see beautiful things, especially preference for interior decoration and purchase of furniture for the house. I think if I really am not an actor, maybe I can engage in interior design. It's work! Haha." things getting nsync to our MinWon couple...
  10. I was just thinking while looking at this pic, MH face was sulking mb his proposal or him declaring love to JW were turned down??? And mb JW tested MH if he's really serious that he's not carried away his character as Dr Kwak.. Looking at JW facial expression here was like "Hey, MH ssii take it easy or mb JW was playing hard to get"..lolz... sorry chingus I just can't get enough with this MinWon couple, as I opened my computer this is the first thing I do was "backreading" and to let my heart from pumping whatever news I got was to read first the end of our thread..or mb just mb an after effect due to my long hours of work mixed with MinWon works..hahah forgive me..
  11. lolz.. makes me giggle..JiWon with PHJ whose face gonna sulk...???
  12. Can't wait to see PHJ reaction if he saw JiWon during the Premiere and also to MH whose far from his Saemwon (if they truly dating) was going to met her long time admirer PHJ...
  13. sorry off topic: I wonder who invited JiWon? One of the male lead is Park Hae Jin (correct me if I'm wrong)..
  14. thought at first I saw a heart logo but it's like a cutie cat...min hyuk ssi..
  15. "cross finger" ohh! How I wish the "green" sign will bring us all to final destination...I think as for myself don't need confirmation from MinWon couple I'll wait till the bell rang...