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  1. Thank you for sharing my videos here..I used to share it here but it' getting harder to upload so I use my ig
  2. noerul20

    [Drama 2018] My Mister, 나의 아저씨

    the cliffhanger thou..anybody knows what ahjussi says after "lee Ji An" is it "Listen"?
  3. And even with our chefeu-nim..he did a hot one..XD
  4. waahh my video reached soompi forum thank you for sharing here I used to share here in soompi forum but it's getting harder to upload a video here.. Anyway..the first ep is totally hillarious..I was laughing hard even without sub XD Hope the rating will be good and so does the story XD
  5. noerul20

    [Drama 2018] My Mister, 나의 아저씨

    My streaming link for tvn doesn't work again Anyone can send me one?
  6. I hate you jtbc..why is it so hard to get the streaming link? Can I have the link? I wanna try if it works for me