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  1. Hi guys! Here's my English cover if Juniel's Here I Stand for I'm Not A Robot OST! Check it out!!! Hope you like it! ♥♥♥ JUNIEL 주니엘 - Here I Stand 여기 서 있어 (I'm Not A Robot 로봇이 아니야 OST) | English Cover by Ann Cherry KOR| ENG Lyrics: 보는 것만으로 행복하다고 Just seeing you I am overcome with joy 그림자만으로 충분하다고 Just with a picture and even that will do 씩씩하던 마음에 With a heart that once was brave 자꾸만 눈물이 일어 Over and over my tears fall 오늘도 열심히 사랑했지만 And today, too, I loved you with all my heart 그대는 모르잖아요 But you still do not know, do you? 한 뼘도 One span of 한 켠의 맘도 A piece of your love 내 줄 수 없나요 Can't I be given those? 내겐 안되나요 To me, can't it be so? 여기 서있어 Oh here I stand now 늘 그대 곁을 지킨 사람 The one who's always been by your side 여기 서있어 바보 같은 사람 Oh here I stand now, the one who's like a clown 고개만 돌리면 If you just turn around 내가 보일 텐데 You'll see that I'm right there 그댄 왜 몰라요 My love, why don't you know? 그럼 내게 그리 웃어주면 안 됐어 If it's like that I will see you smile for me no more 눈으로 말하던 숱한 떨림들 Those strong heartbeats resonated through our eyes 아무 뜻 없었다구요 But you said it's nothing to you 설레임 Heart-pounding 잠 못 이룬 밤 Nights when sleep won't come 모두 나 혼자 쓴 Was I the only one 소설이었나요 Who wrote our book of love? 여기 서있어 Oh here I stand now 늘 그대 편이 돼 준 사람 The one who's always been on your side 여기 서있어 바보 같은 사람 Oh here I stand now, the one who's like a clown 고개만 돌리면 If you just turn around 내가 서 있는데 You'll see me standing there 그렇게 몰라요 You really do not know 그럼 내게 그리 웃어주면 안 됐어 If it's like that I will see you smile for me no more 정말로 그댄 Really, even if 내가 사라져도 I disappear from you 괜찮은 건가요 Will it be okay, too? 여기까지만 Up to this moment 나 홀로 써내려 온 사랑 The unrequited love I wrote down 오늘까지만 이 멍청한 사랑 Up to this day I will hold this foolish love 다신 안 올 거야 I will never come back 뒤돌아서지만 But when I turn around 난 한 발자국도 Even one step from you 그대 맘 밖으로 발을 떼지 못해요 I cannot walk away from this love I have for you Want to use my lyrics? Credit me by adding a link to this video on the description!
  2. AnnCherry

    Help me with the audition form (Big Hit Ent. )

    SNS means "Social Network Site". So you'll have to put the links of all your social media profiles there. It means you need to put in your home address. For the registration number, normally, in Korea, every person has a registration or national ID number. If you have that kind of ID number where you live, then put that in. For contact point, it's more likely that it's your contact number they're asking. This one's so vague. I guess if this entertainment company is accepting singers, actors, dancers, etc., those will be the categories to choose from as those are the things you can audition for. The categories could also be ballad, rap, etc., but I think the safer bet is the latter.
  3. Hey guys! Finally finished uploading this cover. This one's a request by a dear friend of mine, Yujong. Hope you guys like it!!! ♥♥♥ Minseo 민서 Yes 좋아 | Cover by Ann Cherry 체리 Feel free to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE on Youtube! https://www.youtube.com/AnnCherry ~ Social Media ~ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xanncherryx/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xanncherryx/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/xanncherryx ~ New to my channel? ~ Hi guys! My name's Cherry--some call me Ann--and I'm a Filipina Youtuber since 2010. After a very long hiatus and 4 years living in Korea, I'm back with song covers, travel and all-about-Korea vlogs so stay tuned!