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  1. Wow......l wish i could remember how i ended up in this thread. . Maybe a strong breeze blew me here, who knows? The only thing i remember is not watching the drama till episode 8 because i thought it would be cheesy, and the rest is history....well...forgotten history.
  2. I am in complete agreement with you on this..but i still wish i could get an example. I love to read your breakdown of things.
  3. If a celebrity says "i will never admit it when i am dating..because of such and such"....and that celebrity is asked point blank, are you dating so and so...that celebrity is dating so and so, but does not want to admit it. Will that celebrity: A. Lie..(it is not the public's business anyway.) B. Tell the truth...(despite the fact, telling the truth does them more harm than good.) PSJ and PMY's denials weren't harmed in the making of this survey. Simba is a lion? never heard of him.
  4. I would, but don't know PSJ and PMY's ring sizes. Plus, i'm not sure how they would feel about me buying their engagement and wedding rings.
  5. The only jewellry i'm interested in are engagement and wedding rings.
  6. This whole shippers thread is how rumors start. . We have ALL slipped down that rabbit hole, it is too late to turn back now.
  7. Okay excuse my ignorance, but could someone explain to me how showing a ticket and passport helps?
  8. What if we all laughing at this....and their 'wedding supplies' really ready.. PSJ: beating round the bush kinda sorta denial...mumble mumble Media: ..............Anyway, their 'wedding supplies' are ready guys!
  9. Sigh....I keep saying this. The agencies representing PMY and PSJ have already denied. So unless PMY brain is suddenly hijacked, I wouldn't expect a different answer from her.
  10. I have never really clearly stated this. This is PMY's and PSJ's own private business, however observing from my own little corner, based on the evidences/coincidences/drama filming, I think that they were involved before the drama. There countless amount of things that have caused me to feel this way. I mean i don't know anything for sure for obvious reasons, but i am pretty satisfied with what i have seen up to now that I am not really looking at anything else from them to support the ship. I just wish them the very best.