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  1. On 25 April, BSB attended the "Warriors of the Dawn" press conference (?): Great pic: Thanks to the uploader of these videos: Keeping my fingers crossed for the movie which has a cast of great actors
  2. Cut from Ep 2 of "Boat Horn Clenched Fists" - HCY is hilarious here, he is soooooo scared of octopus and other sea creatures. Thanks to uploader :
  3. Add to that he is so humorous and not least, he is for many people an icon of HOPE. You are lucky to have been a HCY fan since ICSYV. I only got to know about him by accident because one of the cable TV stations here in Singapore aired live "I Am A Singer 4 - China" last year and I watched the show because of my sister who was channel-surfing at the time. I doubt I'd have known about HCY otherwise since I don't really follow K-entertainment except for the K-dramas that my fave K-actor appears in. Counting down to 28 May when I'll be able to watch HCY live for the first time - at his mini-concert in Singapore I think it's unlikely MEC will be subbed in English unless there is a great demand for Eng subs. I tweeted OnDemandKorea to ask if they would consider subbing another show that HCY is in (he's in the first two eps) and they said sorry they won't be subbing because of low demand.
  4. Happy to hear you love the HCY-JSM pairing. I watched some of the interaction of the CJW-BSW pairing and thought they were charming. The first episode of Season 2 was aired on 18 February and had the highest rating of the ten episodes at 1.761% (fortunately "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" in the competing time slot hadn't had its premiere then). The second episode recorded the second highest rating, 1.093%. So the episodes featuring CJW-BSW and HCY-JSM had the highest ratings,and I am pretty happy about that. Source:내+귀에+캔디+2
  5. On 15 April TVN aired BTS of Hwang Chi Yeul-Jung So Min combo. Thanks to Sumi Totorozang for subbing this: Chi Yeul sang in full the song "Around My Thirties" (original song by Kang Seung Won) in 2015 and here
  6. BSB is mentioned in this article - hope the movie does well!
  7. Chi Yeol is so adorable here - thanks to uploader for this fun clip :
  8. Teaser 2 of "Boat Horns Clenched Fist" ep 1 to be aired on SBS this Saturday (15 April). Thanks to Totorozang for Eng subs. LMAO just as well HCY will only appear in the first two episodes ...
  9. Thanks to Sumi Totorozang for Eng subs for Chi Yeul's interview with the Korea Herald: Anticipating Chi Yeul's third appearance on "Hello Counselor" and his performance in "Immortal Songs" Ep 299 to be aired on 15 April, as well as the first episode of "Boat Horn Clenched Fists" which will be aired this Saturday (8 April)!
  10. BSB at the press call of "Pride" on 29 March - he's reprising the role of Philip which he played two years ago. Great photo:
  11. @Jillia no need to apologize at all, please take your time. I am sure your posts will be well worth the wait (especially anticipating your OST post, of course ) Yay, Hwang Chi Yeul did sing "Because I Miss You" today in Daegu Thanks to uploader of the fancam:
  12. What a pleasant surprise - BSB attending the wedding of Bada (SES)! BSB has also been cast in a new movie by Yoo Ji Tae - need more details in English:
  13. Love the pairing of Chi Yeul and Jung So Min in "Candy in Your Ear" - wish they appeared in more than two episodes. Thanks to Sumi Totorozang for Eng subs for Chi Yeul's preliminary meeting with the producer of the show. So cute!
  14. Thanks to the fans in Taiwan for giving Chi Yeul such a warm welcome: Thanks to the uploader of this clip:
  15. Hi folks - two of MDBC's OST singers will be appearing at the same event but on different days. Hope they'll both sing their OSTs from MDBC! World Masters Athletics Championships in Daegu (19-25 March) World Masters Athletics is the worldwide governing body for the sport of masters athletics – which includes track and field, cross country, and road running events – as participated by people over 35 years of age. Cr: Wikipedia Opening ceremony on 19 March: Gummy will be one of the singers at the opening ceremony. Closing ceremony on 25 March - Hwang Chi Yeul will be performing! So proud of him.