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  1. HCY wrote the lyrics for "Alone", and co-composed the music. Love this song:
  2. Many thanks for this. Waiting for Eng subs for this .. meanwhile still tearing a little: ICSYV, thank you!
  3. At last! Love the MV and song "A Daily Song"
  4. HIghlights medley of "Be Ordinary" - love No: 6 in particular!
  5. D-1 So glad to see messages of support for Chi Yeul's album from his friends:
  6. Hi Monarchs, I wish to thank you for your forbearance of my always mentioning my bias' OST instead of discussing other aspects of "Ruler". The following has most likely not been mentioned here so can I share what a wonderful Korean fan of Hwang Chi Yeul wrote on her FB: Posting screencaps of her FB post (because her FB posts are seen only by her FB friends :)) This is the article referred to: Edit: In his Vlive chat, so I read, can't remember which day, probably before Ruler premiered, HCY encouraged his fans to watch Ruler and when he encourages them to do this, they will support the show whole-heartedly (provided they play his OST, just kidding) Maybe that is why HCY's OST was played again this week HCY and Ruler fighting!
  7. BSB is starring in a musical "Contact" with Kim Gyuri. Guess he won't be returning to k-drama anytime soon Awesome pic - press call today:
  8. Teaser for "A Daily Song" from Chi Yeul's mini album "Be Ordinary" Can't wait for 13 June!
  9. Yay! Thanks especially to his fans in South Korea and China for their awesome support.
  10. D-6 Hwang Chi Yeul's handwritten tracklist plus translation by abouthessi
  11. Dear Monarchs, as I've posted before, I started watching Ruler because of Hwang Chi Yeul joining the OST line-up. Am still enjoying the drama despite being behind on watching the last few episodes with subs (I watched live online but don't understand Korean at all). Though I am not fully up to date on what's happening in the drama, I am frankly taken aback at the negative comments I've read on sites like DB. As @maryofbethany (great username and awesome insightful comments by you, thank you) wisely said, retain the positives ... This guy is an icon of positiveness and he said (in a Vlive broadcast on 23 May): I agree with what he says here and am especially glad that KSH has increased screentime in the latest episode. During his fan-meeting/concert in Singapore (I was there! I was there!) on 28 May, HCY sang a little bit of his OST "Even A Little While" : Please keep up with photos, gifs, updates, thoughts, insights etc on Ruler, thank you
  12. Hwang Chi Yeul's mini-album will be released on 13 June - can't wait!
  13. BSB at the VIP premiere of "Warriors of the Dawn" on 25 May.
  14. @maskros Hi I haven't watched Thursday's episode and was away from this thread for several hours. I love reading your wonderful posts here. Never watched Kim So Hyun's dramas before except for Based on what I've watched so far, IMHO KSH's screentime is less than what I expect for the first female lead. I find KSH's acting impressive, and would like to see much more of her in "Ruler". Hope you'll change your mind.