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  1. cynkdf

    Chi Yeol --[[치열]

    Happy Birthday, Gasu-nim! (37 on 3 December) Thanks to his awesome fans for celebrating his birthday!
  2. @rubie many thanks, your advice worked! Re "How Can I Forget You" - I never imagined someone could dance to it. But a dancer friend of HCY's did choreography for the song, and here's some of it
  3. Thanks to Sunshiners (especially @rubie )for updates. Korea Tourism Organization is organizing a "Sunshine & Love" talk concert on 15 December: Hoping for a translation in English ... I don't know which cast members will be present but since KMJ is featured on the poster, she will most likely be there. Let's hope so! Hwang Chi Yeul will sing his own OST for sure but I don't know if any other OST singers will be present. Edit: Made a mistake in my signature, can someone please advise me how to edit it. Many thanks.
  4. cynkdf

    Chi Yeol --[[치열]

  5. cynkdf

    Chi Yeol --[[치열]

  6. cynkdf

    Chi Yeol --[[치열]

    Can't wait for his single!
  7. Two OSTs from Mr Sunshine are nominated for Best OST at this year's MAMA Awards! Am so happy that Hwang Chi Yeul is nominated as "Best Male Artist" at the same awards in a category filled with great artists, especially Park Hyo Shin
  8. I haven't seen YYS in any other drama - IMHO he deserves an award for his role in Mr Sunshine. @writteninthestars09 yay, glad to see HCY's OST doing well in that poll, thanks to all who voted. A couple of hours ago, HCY did a Vlive and sang most of the OST. He also talked about how the music director (I think, please excuse me if I understand wrongly how HCY's fan on Weibo translated his talk into Mandarin) personally told him that the OST would be played during really sad scenes (HCY says it's unusual for a music director to actually go in person to an OST recording session). HCY said how happy he was to be invited to participate in the OST line-up, and he also highlighted two parts of the song, saying he was thankful for the very good acting by LBH and (I think) Gunner Jang's actor. 49:01 to 58:40 - relevant part of the Vlive:
  9. Thanks for that - Gunner Jang is my second fav character (after Hee Sung). Hope he gets recognized for his sterling work. Do you guys know Soompi has its own pop chart? HCY's OST is No: 23 this week and there's a poll for favourite new track - help needed in voting for "How Can I Forget You", thank you very much https://www.soompi.com/article/1245019wpp/bts-maintains-top-spot-idol-soompis-k-pop-music-chart-2018-october-week-3
  10. cynkdf

    Chi Yeol --[[치열]

    HCY was one of twelve acts (the others were boy groups and girl groups) at the SBS Super Concert in Suwon on 14 October. Thanks to his awesome fan for this video:
  11. Congrats to the Mr Sunshine team. I am especially happy for KMJ, she slayed in her role. Sharing this blog post: https://dakteoyibangin.blogspot.com/2018/10/a-brief-first-look-on-mr-sunshine-ost.html
  12. Good to see the Mr Sunshine OST album (no: 4 in the album chart), as well as HCY's OST (no: 4 in Downloads chart )for week no: 40 of 2018. https://www.soompi.com/article/1243627wpp/gaon-reveals-latest-monthly-weekly-chart-rankings HCY sang acapella a little of his OST:
  13. Script-reading: http://sports.donga.com/3/all/20181009/92322300/1 Oh Hyun-Kyung is part of the cast - I like her. Though I hardly watch K-dramas I've seen her in a few of the rare dramas that I did watch.
  14. @writteninthestars09 many thanks for the updated review by brad havens Do Netflix users post reviews on Netflix? Not sure if imdb reviews have been shared - here's the link anyway: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7094780/reviews?sort=submissionDate&dir=desc&ratingFilter=0