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  1. I believe that any character in a story is important, whether they are the protagonists, antagonists, or side characters. I've always been interested in antagonists with some meat in them. They're not "evil" for the sake of being evil. There's a reason why the character turned out that way. In this case, TR was struggling with pressure from her mom and from her insecurities. Like what happened to WJ, the trauma that the character experienced during childhood was still present even when they're already adults. Now, I'm interested in how TR overcomes this and how her character development will go. Anyway, the cast are doing great in owning their roles. Can't wait to see where the story goes in the next episodes! I hope they start solving some of the puzzles so at least we know that SR and WJ's relationship will move further. Haha
  2. @Mau_Cherry I have a feeling too that that is how it will end. Like some stories, we start at the end and backtrack from there. At least we're assured of a happy ending. Now, what we have to figure out and enjoy is how the story got there. Ahhh great catch about the pawprints in Episode 1. Like many of you, I agree that WJ may have bumped in Jennifer at the hospital then. I was wondering why the camera seemed to stay on that scene for a few seconds.
  3. ^^ read that from Drama Milk. Is it true? Oh noooo. Long days of waiting! Ahhhh I really love how SR and WJ are healing each other from their past wounds. I mean, WJ is now opening up. SR is now coming to terms with her being an adult. I also can't wait to see how the others will get healed.
  4. I was gonna post this link also. I read the recaps here when the subs are not yet available. Saw today's episodes and I gotta admit I can't ignore how they've all been sweating a lot. @__@ It's nothing bad, just an observation. Hehe The heat in Korea must have been really strong during filming. Anyway, good job Paeng!! Seo Ri got in the storage room!! She saw the painting, right??? Ahhhhh I wonder if she saw the keychain, too. :O I think they're going to Jeju/on a trip in the next episode, which is what the realeased stills must be from. I'm so happy to see GWJ open up and act more normal and smiley huhu
  5. *raises hand* Me! Haha Although I have seen only one of his other work (tee hee). He was really good in Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim where he played a doctor who was quite arrogant and was his first role on a show. It's a bit different from his character here which just shows how good he can be. *swoons* Give it a shot when you have time. Hehe The drama's really good overall--plot-wise and acting-wise. :)
  6. Hello, I've been itching to post on the discussion also but some things have been holding me back. I got interested in the show because of Dr. Do In Beim/Yang Se Jong but I'm also enjoying everyone's performance. It's my first time watching Shin Hye Sun as lead and I can't believe I didn't remember her from She Was Pretty. Speaking of, the show has the same writer as She Was Pretty, right? There weren't really bad/evil second leads in that one. I mean, *SPOILER!!* I thought the Girl BFF would be evil and mean but although she served as foil to the main leads, she wasn't bad per se. That might also be the case here. Maybe Rin Kim will seem as the antagonist but I believe there's still some good in her. She did say she hasn't connected to anyone in a long time, right? Of course, there would be some initial struggle at first. She was her rival after all. But I bet once she learns of the misfortunes Seo Ri had, I'm sure she'll soften up. She's had her time to shine, right? Heck, she might even help her get back to performing. (I really wish for this to happen huhu I don't want her to turn bad.) We're only halfway (or more than half) through the series and the stories are all just getting unfolded even more. There's so much to uncover from the leads as well as the others. Maybe since we've all watched and enjoyed too many dramas, we might have found some patterns on how shows often go but as in some of our previous experiences, they can happen or they may not. Let's just all look forward to the episodes every week and, if there's something we might not be satisfied about, then I guess that's fine. To each his/her own. But I hope we don't rain on other people's parade. There's still some good things to uncover.
  7. I was also wondering why there was no sound in all of the videos she posted! I mean, wouldn't it be a cute post if we can hear her laughing while she's being chased by the deers? But nooo, it was on mute. Afraid that someone else's voice might be heard? Hehehe
  8. I'd like to think CSB really was with YSH in Japan during the Ruler promotions. Maybe that's the day when he forgot to take off his ring?? Because they were playing around together that day/before that day?? haha I bet it was just a late post to not make anything suspicious but his ChaeYoo shippers are quick to notice the details! :))
  10. "A Walk to Remember" is one of my favorite movies! :(( Even though I was still young when I first watched it, I still cried so much. haha I'd like to imagine YSH and CSB in that type of story where the bad boy falls in love with the shy, simple girl. Hopefully it won't have a sad ending, though. Or if it does, that's fine because that's what made the story special. I bet both of them can pull off those characters well.
  11. Waaah I can't believe it!!! We finally get to see a pic of them together post-IANAR!! It means they still keep in contact, including everyone from the cast. I wonder how their convo went. YSH just arrived in Korea, right? Or has it been a few days already? Thank you, Ki Joon sunbaenim. At the end of the series, Baek Hyun acted as like a wingman so KMK and JJA would get back together. Now, he's also acting as one, inviting them all to his show. Haha I'm happy they showed that pic to us! <3 P.S. I wonder where Seung Ho's other hand is. Is it on CSB's back or left arm? Hahaha jk
  12. Hi, I was just wondering. Did they ever acknowledge that IANAR is their second time to work together after the DMZ Film Festival? I was just randomly wondering about it. Haha I can't remember if they already said it in an interview or something.@___@
  13. It's funny because my initial reaction when I saw the MBC Awards Red Carpet was that they were trying to avoid each other. My friend, who's a long-time YSH fan and a ChaeYoo shipper, also agrees. haha They were too far apart and I wanted them to hold hands or do some kind of skinship. haha Looking at this now, I feel like they were just trying to control themselves and not give too many hints. I guess this is to drive out rumors that may harm them/their careers. I can sense that YSH was really trying to stop himself from assisting CSB. I feel like there were times when he was trying to hold out his arm so CSB can hold on to it or that he wanted to arrange her dress but CSB was like "gwaenchana". Nice save from her so their plan of not getting uncovered won't get ruined. haha He always kept stealing glances at her, asked her if she was okay, and stood behind her, making sure she was okay. <3