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  1. butwhatever

    [Drama 2018] The Third Charm, 제3의 매력

    Hi, I finally caught up with the episodes and I'm loving the show so far. Seo Kang Joon is sooo adorkably cute and awkward. I just wanna squish him. Hehe Esom is also doing a fine job at being the "tough on the outside, softie on the inside" type. She's giving me the Manic Pixie Dream Girl vibes here, too. Hhhmmm I don't think it's the brother who dies. Maybe his GF gets killed by the serial killer and he was trying to fend off the attack? Remember he was still in the long preview and he already had longer hair in Year 2013. I didn't want to invest too much in his relationship wih the girlfriend bec it felt too good to ve true. Something bad's gonna happen to them soon enough. T__T (Or maybe it's just me? Hehe) I'm also thinking maybe he got framed for it? Nooot sure. Anyway, I can't wait to watch the episode today and see how much they've grown over the past 7/8 years.
  2. Ahhh I'm so relieved Hong Shim finally got to meet her brother. It's satisfying that she cried in front of him, given that she waited so long and was disappointed for not meeting him at the bridge many times. I really really do hope Brother would redeem himself at the end, although the only way probably for that to happen is if he dies. :((
  3. I can't wait for tomorrow's episode! We might be getting the first kiss and we're only in Episode 6!
  4. Hi, I told myself I will be taking a break after watching 2 ongoing dramas but this was too good to resist. Hehe I was confused, too, about Hong Shim making up Won Deuk because it seemed like she was just panicking and made something up to prevent herself from getting married off to the creepy merchant. Maybe her dad believed her and just went along with it and now they're just confusing each other? haha But your explanations make sense. I can't wait how everything plays out. I'm excited about Kim Seon Ho's character (aka Mr. Dimples). I liked his previous work in Strongest Deliveryman and now I'm glad to see him again. I doubt he has a greedy side. I mean, I think he's more of a I-will-work-hard-to-prove-myself kind of character. Clearly, people are looking down on him because he's a concubine's son despite his intelligence. He even impressed Lee Yeol. Also, he was in the (intense) opening scene as part of LY's party so I'm kinda sure he will play a big part soon.
  5. YSJ looks so fresh. <3 It must be on one of their breaks during days of filming???
  6. MAAAAAN I can't believe it's over. (No more YSJ T__T) I love how every character got healed at the end. But where was Ri an though? Hehe I was laughing when SR thought WJ was gonna propose. Haha I knew it. TR and SR would eventually perform together. It may not be at a big concert but it was meaningful for Seo ri to play there. Also, it was so cute when they showed young Woo Jin and young Seo Ri at the window scene. Kind of gave a visual on how cutesy they can be if they got together when they were kids. I squealed when they showed them sleeping on the couch together. Soooo sweet! <3 I'm gonna miss this show. Everyone did a great job! *claps* Congrats to us for finishing it, too. I hope we may find the healing we all need, just like Seo Ri and Woo Jin.
  7. @j9sshi @aisling hhmmm I think it could be because in her head, HT was this fun dude who aspired to be a singer/hiphop artist. She asked for Jennifer to look up if there's a singer named Kim Hyung Tae, right? So I guess that's how she remembers him. Now that Present HT is different from her expectations, I guess she was surprised, too. He seemed like the sweet troublemaker kid so I guess she didn't see him as a doctor type.
  8. Isn't it ending on September 25, so it'll be 18 episodes? Today we got Episodes 25-26. Fox Bride Star is still starting on October 1. Am I missing something?
  9. I guess it was a natural reaction for him. I mean, he knows how much Seo Ri loves playing the violin. Seo Ri might be alive but he must still be feeling immense guilt from robbing her of her dreams. :(((( Ahjussi, go back to your senses. I'm sure Seo Ri doesn't blame you. :((( (Also, imagine when Seo Ri finds out he's her crush aka guy who was watering the plants?????)
  10. I don't think it was that instant though. She did have the big realization in the previous episode. But I hope to see a happier side of her in the last episode(s). Maybe she can sponsor Seo Ri's first show or something?
  11. OH MY what if Seo Ri meets Hyun Tae because Chan got admitted in the hospital where he works??? Anyway, will stream now! Happy streaming!
  12. Isn't it 18 episodes, since it'll probably end on the last week of September? Tbh, I kinda felt frustrated at the sloooow pace of the show and the repititive almost-meets but thank God we got the kiss scene last week. That made me decide to finally catch up on the episodes. Haha I just hope they tie up the storylines cleanly and doesn't make it feel too rushed.