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  1. Simul-post with @hclover96!


    Would have liked to have posted this translation of another portion of Ki's W interview last night/this morning (my time), but I couldn't proofread on time. Fortunately, @lov3kikyo's wonderful translations made the rounds :) 


    Since @koreasongsongcouple did put the work in, here is her translation.




    @koreasongsongcouple also translated another part of Ki's interview that just recently leaked. Thanks to @khxy for giving us the heads up on this extra interview portion!




    Please credit @koreasongsongcouple if posting the translations elsewhere!


    With that out of the way ... The contributions in the thread are appreciated. It's great to see positivity. However, I do apologize if I offend folks when I say I do think lately, we've been in danger of being less than grounded fans in there. It's cool that we get lost in wishful thoughts and that we're hopeful, positive, and even kid around about what the future might bring, but reading the tea leaves as though they're backed up by any present substantial evidence is almost as bad as spreading false gossip or bad speculation. We are a lucky bunch of shippers since the Songs themselves have provided viable reasons to be excited about their coupling. So, it's the hope of others that some will just stick to talking about what is tangible, like Ki's interview, confirmed sightings, Sigang's posts, etc. :)  Again, I'm sorry if I offend some, but just a food for thought, okay? :) 


    1. FairyKiKyo


      Song Jong Ki, Song Joong Ki... you are every mother-in-law's dream and every girl's dream of course. And our ultimate dream is for you to marry Song Hye Kyo :wub:


    2. FairyKiKyo


      and we are very sure our ultimate dream will come true (forgot to add earlier :) )