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  1. It is irrefutable that Ki is a good actor, but it is quite funny that Kyo could tell that he was trying to stifle a laugh. LOL. Those flared nostrils gave him away again. Haha. Can't believe he forgot all the NGs they had for this scene.









    Here's a reminder of those NGs, Ki. :D



    Cr. to YT uploader


    Of course, huge credit goes to @thm55 and Ace chingu :wub:


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    2. dlvelasco


      SHK really has a good memory. She also remembered when Ki got a "good looking zit" after they had chicken and beer. Haha! Too adorbs

    3. coffeedizzy


      Hmm they kept glancing to the right of the camera, trying to keep their faces straight. Is there people there  (their managers?) laughing their a** off while they watched them trying to remain professional and stuff? I know I would.