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  1. @hclover96 Here's a wall post you've been waiting for. LOL. Ace Chingu wanted this shared here, too :) 

    In a July 2015 interview for her movie "The Crossing," Kyo talked about her ideal husband type.


    One person perfectly meets all her criteria :D *cough*Ki*cough*





    Part 1

    Uh … of course, the appearance cannot be ignored, but more than that, I prefer someone who respects my job. (You can think) I may be selfish, but while I am working, I want him to make me feel comfortable, and someone who is a warmhearted person. First of all, I want us to share many hobbies and communicate well. So, when we travel together, there will be no conflicts with each other. I wish we'll have many favorites in common.



    Part 2

    When I am single, my career is a priority. It is because I have to support my family. It is because to keep my family, I cannot leave out my work. My work makes it possible for me to protect my family. So, my work is important. After marriage, still … but after marriage … when I marry, it means I form a new family for whom I will take a whole responsibility, so, I will leave the big part of that responsibility (means making money) to my husband, and I will pay more attention to my family.






    Credit to Ace for the translations & @merrysongs4love2 for the video clip!





    Be gentle with me @hclover96 and ummm, others. Hehe. @thm55 shared my trauma 3x. Ehe. Sorry.





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    2. zashibear


      Thank you for this. We have a good candidate for the job. 

    3. hclover96


      @thepixies, hahaha, I totally forgot about our angiesoo ship.  Yes, I really ship them too.  In fact, I don't think there's a thread created for them yet on soompi  :phew:


    4. angieknows


      @hclover96 Noooooo! Don't you even think of doing that!

      @hclover96 and @thepixies Forgive me! I guess I deserve this punishment. Lol. I did not think about the consequences of my actions. :crazy:





    Nothing to see here. Just being very, very comfortable with each other while waiting to start kissing again ... you know, for the scene, that is.




    1. profiler


      Kyo looks like she's trying to get her blood circulating again - and one can only imagine it can't have been too good for circulation to be kissing that long.

  3. It is irrefutable that Ki is a good actor, but it is quite funny that Kyo could tell that he was trying to stifle a laugh. LOL. Those flared nostrils gave him away again. Haha. Can't believe he forgot all the NGs they had for this scene.









    Here's a reminder of those NGs, Ki. :D



    Cr. to YT uploader


    Of course, huge credit goes to @thm55 and Ace chingu :wub:


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    2. FairyKiKyo


      look at his hand on Kyo's chair..... hhmmmmm...


    3. dlvelasco


      SHK really has a good memory. She also remembered when Ki got a "good looking zit" after they had chicken and beer. Haha! Too adorbs

    4. coffeedizzy


      Hmm they kept glancing to the right of the camera, trying to keep their faces straight. Is there people there  (their managers?) laughing their a** off while they watched them trying to remain professional and stuff? I know I would. 

  4. This ...





    makes me think of this ... (One of Sigang's final two posts of 2016. HUHUHUHU. Damn. I hope she returns this year!)


    On August 3, 2016 at 9:23 PM, SSulleim said:

    a little rough trans and sorry to make a long story short(focus on kikyo  part)






    since the interviews went underway in two different rooms, they didn't have chance to see Jiwon(cause they waited for Kyo), but luckily kyo's interviewing room was the same floor where they waited, so they had a good chance to give gifts to kyo in person,  when they walked straightforwardly towards kyo with their hearts pounding so hard , out of the blue, Jk popped up and stood making his wondering look beside them (they didn't even notice there was jk cause they didn't expect jk to show up and their eyes were all for kyo at that time)they realized then that ki came upstairs with kyo. they tried so hard to stay calm and hold back their excitement cause they saw sigang(kikyo) together and when they gave gift bags to kyo, ki seemed still wondering and searching for his gifts, so one of the members kindly told him that they've already given his gifts to his manager, and then he said "Ah~" and looked very pleased .



    p.s: the dvd commentary support team told us to expect the couple commentary cause its vibe was so good , the running time would come out as we wanted.

    the best part for me was ki escorting kyo and ki might wait until kyo finished her interview.






    A big thank you to @thm55 and Ace chingu! You guys always come through for the gang and the rest of the shippers!


    And I bow down to your very keen/perceptive ears, @thm55!


    "I'll show you later" ... Heh. Yes. You do hang out pretty much all the time! :wink: 




    1. louiseeee1114


      Thank you for sharing this @angieknows.

      I didn't get to backread the whole thread to see sigang sunbaenim's posts so I really appreciate your posts. Keep em coming chingu!

    2. fascinatingly complicated

      fascinatingly complicated

      I still support the #bringbacksigang movement lol 

    3. kdrama12


      Yes me too..miss sigang insightful story

  5. Simul-post with @hclover96!


    Full translation of Ki's speech at the Korean Producer Awards, courtesy of Ace chingu!






    Hello, this is SJK. I am glad to be here. A lot of thoughts occurred to me while I was watching the Korea Producer Daesang ceremony from my table. I have received a lot of awards thanks to my appearance in DOTS, but this PD award made me the happiest. It is because winning this award means I am acknowledged by PDs. The most important thing is while I enjoyed glorious moments (at other award ceremonies), this is the first award ceremony with our two commanders. That makes me so happy. I really appreciate them. I thank you, KES and KWS, two writers who make Korean hearts flutter with such good scripts.


    While listening to the speech by Dong Yup Shin sunbae-nim, I realized mutual praise between cast members and crew members on the set is important ... but I did not practice it. I complained but never gave a compliment to PD Lee, who endured a lot of hardships at the shooting site. Taking advantage of this ceremony, I offer him my praise. (Hahaha) PD Baek Sanghoon, I really appreciate your great help. And I want to deliver my thanks to other cast members on the set and the crew, who supported silently behind the scenes.


    Uh ... Is this ceremony going to be aired? My father and mother ... I received the big award again. Hope you congratulate me together ...


    And lastly, in Korea when the drama is produced, actors have more spotlight than actresses. To me, this drama was really a big project and the very first drama that I appeared in as soon as I was discharged from the army … such a big project ... I want to share the glory of this award with my partner SHK-ssi, who lessened my burden and being together with me made me feel so reassured.


    While watching the ceremony, I listened to really diverse professionals ... many veterans from various fields---directors, writers and staff. And I’ve learned a lot from them as a [still] young actor. I am fortunate to be here. I learned a lot from them. A while ago, the speech by Kim Mun Suk, the radio scriptwriter, touched me so much. She said, "The scripts always vanish into the air.” While watching her tear up … I will try to be an actor who makes writers’ precious scripts come alive.







    Full translation of Ki's speech at the Korean Producer Awards, courtesy of Ace chingu!


    Original ... scapped by @khxy! Thank you, khxy!





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    2. jonghyeSOng


      :) so happy for this.. slowly slowly

    3. annabai5


      Got it. I also thought of it as acting together but wanted to hear your thoughts since you get to objectively discuss such with others. Thanks for clarifying! :)

    4. jonghyeSOng


      hmmm hehe i juz love them.. :)




    The caption: DOTS' 1st anniversary party. Thank you!




    Thanks to ace chingu for the caption translation!



    1. FairyKiKyo


      Lovely partner Kyo is. She always keep us well informed if we wait patiently ♡♡♡

  7. Well, it was all going so well ... People were actually ignoring that person, but I guess it was too good to hope that everyone would have enough common sense to ignore such nonsense! By replying to the troll, you've done the thread, the Songs, and PBG a great disservice. Good job! And if anyone doesn't follow that last part, that was sarcasm. *rolls eyes*



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    2. profiler


      On second thoughts, I am VERY tempted to post something on the importance of sorting our  gaydars for females. Imagine the agony if we can't figure who's gay and who's not. A gay chap will never place his hand on the waist of a female friend? What's in it for him?

      (Can I post something like that? A research piece on sifting out gays - so at least we can all have a good laugh). 

    3. coffeedizzy
    4. kyooo929


      @profiler I though JK already clarified it during 'sexy Valentine' comment....he's healthy!... He clearly isn't  *** , otherwise he won't have conjured jealousy KMY/SHK that easily lol....

  8.  @thepixies wall! To anyone tempted to reply to that troll ... please read P's wall :) She gives good advice.



    Resist the temptation!


    1. thepixies


      Hahaha *takes cover* 

    2. kyooo929


      The temptation is like when someone dieting and a delicious pretty wrapped chocolate is in front on her ! "not delicious.... not delicious... cont. on and on..."

  9. Hmmmm ... we're reading too much into Ki and Kyo's relationship? Never mind that it's the Songs who actually provide the hints at times. But ... it's okay to read something malicious into PBG and Ki's friendship? *rolls eyes* Not all right ... 


    Sigh ... okay, well, clearly, someone's aching to be engaged in there. I shouldn't even be referring to it here. But I hope the folks on the thread do well and just ignore that person. Treat it like a fart. It'll go away. LOL. I hope people will bury that comment by just going about daily shipping business and continue talking up the good stuff. :) 


    @hclover96 and the others will share more stuff :)



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    2. angieknows


      @kyooo929 Hmmmm ... the motivation to share has been drained ... it's not even the attention-seeking, trollish post, but just the responses to it ... others should take it upon themselves to maintain the good atmosphere by simply ignoring one ugly post. it can just die in one page, but others would rather challenge it for extra pages, and so, whatever ugly mood is in there now, it's partially self-inflicted. 

    3. kyooo929


      Yeah, you probably right... I've tried once and it didn't work, somehow..oh well... Anyway, still hope to see some happy posts tomorrow since captain seems to fire some missile yesterday... The fight shall not end yet! Meanwhile I better dwell in somewhere happier to kill this desire of eating the nasty chocolate!

      Captain is here to save us! Thanks Kyo!

    4. zashibear


      gIf they don't take the bait of that troll post. It will just get buried  by the sweet shipping. But if said troll has back up they will try to always get the issue on and have anyone react to it. Just best to ignore and continue with positive shipping vibes. It will get them.

  10. Seven. SEVEN! Seven takes of the bell tower kiss scene ... Is it really only seven? :grimace: :tongue:B)


    TAKE 1



    TAKE 2



    TAKE 3



    TAKE 4



    TAKE 5



    TAKE 6



    TAKE 7






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    2. zashibear


      I would not mind NG on take 5 and 6.

    3. kyooo929


      For JK/HK, take 7 is the best! (JK; yes, yes, all of you shoo shoo, give us some private time) :tongue:

    4. kyooo929


      Suddenly I remember the 'tiptoeing feet' excuse.. hmmm... what was that again? Lol

  11. chaztd.gif



    Hmmmm ... what ad-lib ideas did you have, Ki? Had there been more time to film the truck kiss, what ad-libs would we have been in for? Juicy ones? :D 







    Of course, big thanks to @thm55 and to Ace Chingu! :heart::wub:


    Please check out @Amy Phan's and @thm55's respective walls and @hclover96's posts (on the thread) for more great stuff from the DVD. :) 



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    2. angieknows


      @Amy Phan Haha. I didn't tell them more ... I just ... quoted you. hahaha. And oh dear ... LOL. Are you going to personally conduct these studies? Hahah.

    3. Amy Phan

      Amy Phan

      Hell yeah! make sure to let me know your MUST-KNOW celebs hahaha @angieknows there with be 2 measurements: one 'regular' man and one 'standing' man :D

    4. angieknows


      @Amy Phan I am speechless ... LOL. And hmmmm ... I'm not curious about any measurements of any celebs' ... LOL. Some things are better left unknown. Haha.

  12. Poor @hclover96. You've had a very long day. LOL. Hang in there. There's more. LOL. Good thing our friend has been very detailed.

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    2. hclover96


      @Amy Phan, I don't think you'll be able to top your last rankings list :lol:

      Just want to declare my love for all you lovely ladies.  @angieknows, @thm55, @kikyoislove, and @Amy Phan, thank you for all your help and your generosity, you girls are truly wonderful :wub:

    3. thm55


      :heart::heart::heart: me too 

    4. angieknows


      Ditto! LOL.

      Thanks for the love, @hclover96! You've been great to us, the thread, and pretty much the whole ship! :wub:

  13. Just quickly chillin' while waiting to continue filming the landmine scene. Heh ... so comfy around each other even back then :D 






  14. Forgot to post this before going to bed ... This was their 2nd shooting day in Greece. 


    That kiss also made us go "heol" when it first aired :D Ki seemed shy (and maybe a bit giddy?) watching it with Kyo ... LOL. Look at him bite his thumb. Meanwhile, Kyo is the queen of cool.






    Credit to @thm55 and Ace Chingu!


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    2. coffeedizzy


      If there's anyone who has earned the right to scold away and get the shippers in line it's definitely you guys, the seniors who have been there from the beginning. And I doubt anyone would mind it lol, scold away (seriously, some of them seems like they really need it). Yep, its up to all of us to defend this ship against naysayers *inserts gif of Alpha & Medic Team power walking at the end of ep16 here* fighting! 

    3. annabai5


      When is their first kiss again?

      It is this, right? I forgot who posted the Kiss timeline. :wub:

    4. coffeedizzy


      Yeah @annabai5 i think so

  15. K, last post before a long overdue snooze ...


    Yes, Yoo Shi Jin is cute and definitely the guy who played him. B) 







    Gracias! Merci! Danke! Many, many thanks, Awesome Twosome--- @thm55 and Ace Chingu! :wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub:


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    2. FairyKiKyo


      SJK looks so shy.... Keep on twisting the ring on his iPhone. I think it came loose already. Thanks so much for all the clips and translations. love & adore each and everyone of the them. Keep in coming :wub::wub::wub:

    3. thepixies


      Yep! I LURVE how Kyo forgot she is supposed to stick to YSJ and lapsed into "you". HAHAHA Aaaannnd she kept playing with her hair. *raises brows* Girl is turned on??? Hee hee

    4. angieknows



      @thepixies Haha, right?! She kept playing with her hair because she liked what she was seeing and because was about to hand Ki a "cute" compliment. LOL. Remember reading something the other day about how body language shows intent. Hehehehe.