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  1. Amen, Mel!!! I realize this thread has been overly saturated with IG posts, but I think I'll be forgiven for this one because this PSA from Ace Chingu is necessary. Those fake vows were more burdensome than people will ever realize. We're one fandom, one ship, no matter from what country ... but there's that saying that one bad apple spoils the whole barrel. We've been called delulu before, and looks like that'll still continue even with the wedding having taken place because it's low points like fake vows that show we bring the admonishments upon ourselves. Not to mention these fabrications reflect badly on the Songs. Anyway. Yeah, sorry, Mel for not fully bringing positivity. On another note, credit to Ace Chingu and @thm55 for helping translate parts of Kwang Soo's letter that was published here: http://m.jemin.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=477571#hi That LKS ... always a funny guy