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  1. Coming out of lurking to just suggest to please refrain from posting articles or links to articles that are clearly dubious, especially links to sites that have long been established as click-bait and tabloid-like ... Among the culprits is The INQUISTR. We're great shippers, but this thread is also better than this ... We're having quiet days, but no need to entertain what is clearly questionable material, like the Korea Portal / DF article. As the saying goes, no news is good news, and really, no news is much better than having tabloid material spreading in this particular haven. Continue to be awesome and responsible!


    Simul-post time with @hclover96!


    Thanks to @merrysongs4love2 for finding the MBC Section TV video on Kyo and her radio interview back in 2011. As usual, thanks to Ace Chingu for translating and subbing!



    Per Ki (W Korea, May 2017):




    I like travelling. I take a walk here and there instead of doing something special. I cannot do it in Korea. So, it will be hard for my friends or manager who go with me. I really like taking a walk, but it will be hard in Korea. So, when I'm overseas, I walk until I get sick of it. Well ... a kind of aerobic exercise.




    Per Kyo's radio interview back in 2011:






    SHK: When I have free time, I’ll impulsively go on a trip alone.


    MC: Oh, really? Alone?


    SHK: Yes. I fly on trips. Sometimes, flight attendants pity me and let me get off the flight first. They’re embarrassed (for me because I would be alone).


    MC: Oh, you do?! Where have you gone suddenly? Any place you remember?


    SHK: I like New York so much. I would go there alone if possible.


    MC: What do you do there?


    SHK: I continue to walk there. While walking, if I feel tired, then I would stop to drink tea, take a rest, and then start walking again.





    And per MBC Section TV this year:







    Reporter: This is from the party from her agency.


    MC& Reporter: SHK-ssi!


    Reporter: If you look at her in person, she really looks like a doll.


    Reporter: One day, I was so impressed by her beauty so I asked her, “May I take a picture of you?” And I took her picture like this. (The photo on the screen is the one that Reporter Nam Hye Yeon took at that time.)


    Reporter: I asked the party to tell the secret of how she keeps her perfect bodyline figure. The party said SHK-ssi doesn’t go on a diet at all.


    (MC looks surprised)


    Reporter: Basically, we know SHK was a little chubby when she was young. At that time, she was only a middle school student.


    MC: What is her own secret method in maintaining her weight?


    Reporter: Doing exercise steadily, and she really loves to walk. So, when she goes out while shooting abroad, she comes back having lost more weight—because she walks so much! We always ask her about her eating habits. She does not eat any snacks between meals. Her favorite food is Korean food.


    MC: She controls herself so well ... She can stop eating at certain moments. It is possible for her to keep her figure because of this self-control.




    Yep, Kyo loves walks and does exercise, and so, she's able to maintain a svelte figure :) What was that about walks being a form of aerobic exercise according to a certain someone? :wink: 


    Heeeeh ... I imagine the Songs have done a lot of walking together in California and New York :) 



    1. hclover96


      @angieknows, let's not forget about Japan too :D

    2. angieknows


      @hclover96 Ooooh, right! Japan! How could I have left that out?! :lol:

    3. kikyoislove


      What about Sweden? B)

  3. Simul-post with @hclover96!


    Would have liked to have posted this translation of another portion of Ki's W interview last night/this morning (my time), but I couldn't proofread on time. Fortunately, @lov3kikyo's wonderful translations made the rounds :) 


    Since @koreasongsongcouple did put the work in, here is her translation.




    @koreasongsongcouple also translated another part of Ki's interview that just recently leaked. Thanks to @khxy for giving us the heads up on this extra interview portion!




    Please credit @koreasongsongcouple if posting the translations elsewhere!


    With that out of the way ... The contributions in the thread are appreciated. It's great to see positivity. However, I do apologize if I offend folks when I say I do think lately, we've been in danger of being less than grounded fans in there. It's cool that we get lost in wishful thoughts and that we're hopeful, positive, and even kid around about what the future might bring, but reading the tea leaves as though they're backed up by any present substantial evidence is almost as bad as spreading false gossip or bad speculation. We are a lucky bunch of shippers since the Songs themselves have provided viable reasons to be excited about their coupling. So, it's the hope of others that some will just stick to talking about what is tangible, like Ki's interview, confirmed sightings, Sigang's posts, etc. :)  Again, I'm sorry if I offend some, but just a food for thought, okay? :) 


    1. FairyKiKyo


      Song Jong Ki, Song Joong Ki... you are every mother-in-law's dream and every girl's dream of course. And our ultimate dream is for you to marry Song Hye Kyo :wub:


    2. FairyKiKyo


      and we are very sure our ultimate dream will come true (forgot to add earlier :) )

  4. @hclover96 You're sooooo nice! Thanks for sharing the comparisons! They have so much in common! And here, I'll be the firm brat for you. Haha.


    PLEASE! Please respect @hclover96's request! If re-posting her latest update (comparing Ki's and Kyo's interviews) on IG or anywhere else, then please credit her and the people who provided the translations---@khxy, @smiletall, and @koreasongsongcouple!


    Otherwise, the Internet super troopers will be putting guys on notice! 





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    2. utkim


      Who is angiesoo? Hmmm lol

    3. angieknows


      @utkim hmmmm ... i. don't. know. 







    4. hclover96


      Sigh, our requests for proper credit just went over some people's heads <_<  If they are going to re-post, at least give proper credit, especially when it was specifically mentioned in the post, sigh

  5. Simul-posting with @utkim and @koreasongsongcouple! Thanks @koreasongsongcouple for taking the time to translate the whole interview! 


    Anyway, here's Ki's W Korea interview, which is featured in the May edition. I apologize if I overlooked some typos/grammatical errors when I proofread.












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    2. coffeedizzy


      So many goodies here omg bless his soul

    3. FairyKiKyo


      Joong Ki is such an old soul with a Peter Pan look (forever young). Just perfect for Ms Song Hye Kyo. Both physically and mentally.:wub:

    4. realitybytes


      Thanks @angieknows  for this  .

  6. Sorry @thepixies! I just had to crop in close! lol.











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    2. angieknows


      hahaha @thepixies how is that mean?! teehee.


      and as for that hashtag, i still dunno what you're talking about.




      @hclover96 i'm innocent!



    3. nozaroc


      hi some translations regarding JK's interview with WKorea...don't know if it is what it I'll be waiting for your version or from our other reliable chingus here:unsure:

    4. angieknows


      @nozaroc I'm proofreading our friend's translation now. Haha. I just woke up, so, might take me a bit of time. 

  7. Thanks, @khxy for the heads up!


    Credit to











  8. Ki is the May cover boy for W Korea!


    Thanks, @khxy for the heads up and all the info! Also credit to W Korea FB and DC SJK.


    Supposedly, this was taken in LA. Hope he doesn't let his hair grow out longer than this. 







    More info here:  




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    2. angieknows


      @thepixies thanks for the link! 

      And LOL ... yeah, i feel ya. some are very careless. we already have so much and more viable stuff to go on, so, why do people still play loose with their assumptions and speculations. there's simply no need to. 

      @hclover96 hahaha. hope the interview will be innocuous. no more panicked reactions! lol.

    3. FairyKiKyo


      Thanks for the updates @angieknows

      Handsome. Very handsome... just that i still prefer the short hair and chubby cheeks. He was super dashing at KBS award on 31 Dec 2016. Maybe because the cherished one was beside him the whole night and he oozed out sexiness and radiant like a Prince Charming.

    4. angieknows


      @FairyKiKyo Haha, you're not alone having that opinion. Others share your view, including me. I liked all his looks last year, actually. He was quite extra manly with the DOTS/BI hair. I hope he doesn't let his hair grow out any longer. :) 

  9. Dongsaeng and dongsang are the same thing. Per Ace Chingu, dongsang is the dialect for dongsaeng. Specifically, dongsang is Jeolla-do (전라도) dialect; however, dongsang is a commonly used (dialect).


    Also, that picture of Ki with the SC shirt is an old one. It is not a picture of Ki being spotted at the bakery. The person who posted Ki’s salad order said that she could not take his picture because he didn’t allow it. The IG owner also said his teeth are very white and he talked quite a lot.


    As for Kyo’s deleted IG update, the identity of the person in the picture is still questionable. “Brother, good night,” is not completely accurate since dongsaeng (dongsang) can mean little sister or brother, and the gender of the person under the blanket is very debatable. That picture is too obscure to provide a solid conclusion. At this point, just translate the caption as "Good night, dongsaeng."


    Anyway, let’s continue to be awesome fans, but let's be careful out there about what we consume as good information. Some information is really just speculation. So, have the wisdom to use common sense when it comes to reading stuff on SNS.


    Thanks, Ace Chingu for all your help!

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    2. angieknows
    3. fascinatingly complicated

      fascinatingly complicated

      @angieknows regarding the LA rumors 

    4. angieknows


      @fascinatingly complicated ... rumors? That they were there with their friends? I think that's widely believed. I'm inclined to think so. :) 

  10. Simul-posting with @hclover96. Hehe. Thanks for translating and for pretty much everything! And thanks to the others (you know who you are), who keep us updated faster than @Amy Phan can say cheesesticks. :D










    Credit for all/many of the new info/updates that everyone has been seeing on SNS (especially IG) the last few days go to C fans, who are actually the resourceful and patient detectives. They're the original source who are always on top of things. Meanwhile, some folks just like to piggyback on their hard work afterwards. Sigh. -_-<_< Really, it's all right to give proper credit. Just typing "Cr. to Weibo or Baidu" would even suffice. Sigh.

    Also, AGAIN, the INQUISITR is an unreliable source. It's a tabloid.



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. angieknows
    3. hclover96


      Hehehe, I think he has to film RM on Mondays so probably has to come back to Korea early.  Must have been an important event for him to fly all the way to LA just for a short few days :D

    4. kdrama12


      Angie I loved the kronology. Are we going to hear wedding bells really soon. Thank you for all reliable source like u said c fan..agreed with u they are resourceful source.stil waiting the news patiently even my heart are really putong2:D. And lks already fly back to korea woww he is only there with a short time?.on 14th April lks and rm cast will be in Malaysia.

  11. Regarding Ki's speech, SBS edited out the part about Kyo. Please see @hclover96's wall for a bit of info. Despite that, newspapers already reported Ki's whole speech about Kyo. And thanks to Ace Chingu for one of the links to those articles---from Sports Chosun: "너무나 든든했던 파트너 송혜교 씨와 이 상의 영광을 같이 누리고 싶다" ... That's the article's headline, which is the part of the speech that specifically mentions Kyo. 


    Again, here's the speech ...




    And lastly, in Korea when the drama is produced, actors have more spotlight than actresses. To me, this drama was really a big project and the very first drama that I appeared in as soon as I was discharged from the army … such a big project ... I want to share the glory of this award with my partner SHK-ssi, who lessened my burden and being together with me made me feel so reassured.




    And as @thm55 pointed out, they left out that particular paragraph, but the people who went there are very sure that he mentioned her. And yes, the transcript of Ki's speech that was released days before [the broadcast] matches exactly what was aired. 


    Okay? It is what it is. SBS sucks, and I'm as ticked off as the next SS fan, but I don't think the thread needs to be dwelling over the snub/disappointing edit for 2 pages or more. This is what I mean when I say the negativity in there is sometimes self-inflicted. If you need to continue venting, I think it'd be wiser to do it via PM or your respective walls because the thread is much more open to many eyes. 


    Also, we fans still have it good. Ki still shared the glory with Kyo and mentioned the inequity between actors and actresses in the K-ent world. Moreover, the media didn't snub Kyo; outlets reported her inclusion in the speech. On top of those, Ki partied with Kyo and the DOTS gang after the event, and of course, Kyo made sure to share evidence of the happy gathering! And rather interesting that 3 out of 4 of those pics include Ki, who seemed to be the focus. So, there are too many things to be grateful for! So, power on and don't let one bad thing drag the thread down.

    1. angieknows


      Correction ... that wasn't the headline above, but the first sentence of the article: "너무나 든든했던 파트너 송혜교 씨와 이 상의 영광을 같이 누리고 싶다."


      Per @thm55, the word-for-word translation of that is this: "Very reliable/trustworthy partner SHK-ssi, I want to share the honor of this award with her."


      Meanwhile, the headline talks about giving the glory of the winning the award to Kyo.


      Thanks, Ace and @thm55.

    2. realitybytes


      Thank you so much ..

  12. @hclover96 Here's a wall post you've been waiting for. LOL. Ace Chingu wanted this shared here, too :) 

    In a July 2015 interview for her movie "The Crossing," Kyo talked about her ideal husband type.


    One person perfectly meets all her criteria :D *cough*Ki*cough*





    Part 1

    Uh … of course, the appearance cannot be ignored, but more than that, I prefer someone who respects my job. (You can think) I may be selfish, but while I am working, I want him to make me feel comfortable, and someone who is a warmhearted person. First of all, I want us to share many hobbies and communicate well. So, when we travel together, there will be no conflicts with each other. I wish we'll have many favorites in common.



    Part 2

    When I am single, my career is a priority. It is because I have to support my family. It is because to keep my family, I cannot leave out my work. My work makes it possible for me to protect my family. So, my work is important. After marriage, still … but after marriage … when I marry, it means I form a new family for whom I will take a whole responsibility, so, I will leave the big part of that responsibility (means making money) to my husband, and I will pay more attention to my family.






    Credit to Ace for the translations & @merrysongs4love2 for the video clip!





    Be gentle with me @hclover96 and ummm, others. Hehe. @thm55 shared my trauma 3x. Ehe. Sorry.





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    3. thepixies


      @angieknows To jog your memory, here's a ditty for #angiesoo. Begins like this: Angie & K----soo sitting in a tree, k i s s i n g....


    4. angieknows














    Nothing to see here. Just being very, very comfortable with each other while waiting to start kissing again ... you know, for the scene, that is.




    1. profiler


      Kyo looks like she's trying to get her blood circulating again - and one can only imagine it can't have been too good for circulation to be kissing that long.

  14. It is irrefutable that Ki is a good actor, but it is quite funny that Kyo could tell that he was trying to stifle a laugh. LOL. Those flared nostrils gave him away again. Haha. Can't believe he forgot all the NGs they had for this scene.









    Here's a reminder of those NGs, Ki. :D



    Cr. to YT uploader


    Of course, huge credit goes to @thm55 and Ace chingu :wub:


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. dlvelasco


      SHK really has a good memory. She also remembered when Ki got a "good looking zit" after they had chicken and beer. Haha! Too adorbs

    3. coffeedizzy


      Hmm they kept glancing to the right of the camera, trying to keep their faces straight. Is there people there  (their managers?) laughing their a** off while they watched them trying to remain professional and stuff? I know I would. 

  15. This ...





    makes me think of this ... (One of Sigang's final two posts of 2016. HUHUHUHU. Damn. I hope she returns this year!)


    On August 3, 2016 at 9:23 PM, SSulleim said:

    a little rough trans and sorry to make a long story short(focus on kikyo  part)






    since the interviews went underway in two different rooms, they didn't have chance to see Jiwon(cause they waited for Kyo), but luckily kyo's interviewing room was the same floor where they waited, so they had a good chance to give gifts to kyo in person,  when they walked straightforwardly towards kyo with their hearts pounding so hard , out of the blue, Jk popped up and stood making his wondering look beside them (they didn't even notice there was jk cause they didn't expect jk to show up and their eyes were all for kyo at that time)they realized then that ki came upstairs with kyo. they tried so hard to stay calm and hold back their excitement cause they saw sigang(kikyo) together and when they gave gift bags to kyo, ki seemed still wondering and searching for his gifts, so one of the members kindly told him that they've already given his gifts to his manager, and then he said "Ah~" and looked very pleased .



    p.s: the dvd commentary support team told us to expect the couple commentary cause its vibe was so good , the running time would come out as we wanted.

    the best part for me was ki escorting kyo and ki might wait until kyo finished her interview.






    A big thank you to @thm55 and Ace chingu! You guys always come through for the gang and the rest of the shippers!


    And I bow down to your very keen/perceptive ears, @thm55!


    "I'll show you later" ... Heh. Yes. You do hang out pretty much all the time! :wink: 




    1. louiseeee1114


      Thank you for sharing this @angieknows.

      I didn't get to backread the whole thread to see sigang sunbaenim's posts so I really appreciate your posts. Keep em coming chingu!

    2. fascinatingly complicated

      fascinatingly complicated

      I still support the #bringbacksigang movement lol 

    3. kdrama12


      Yes me too..miss sigang insightful story