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  1. Amen, Mel!!! I realize this thread has been overly saturated with IG posts, but I think I'll be forgiven for this one because this PSA from Ace Chingu is necessary. Those fake vows were more burdensome than people will ever realize. We're one fandom, one ship, no matter from what country ... but there's that saying that one bad apple spoils the whole barrel. We've been called delulu before, and looks like that'll still continue even with the wedding having taken place because it's low points like fake vows that show we bring the admonishments upon ourselves. Not to mention these fabrications reflect badly on the Songs. Anyway. Yeah, sorry, Mel for not fully bringing positivity. On another note, credit to Ace Chingu and @thm55 for helping translate parts of Kwang Soo's letter that was published here: http://m.jemin.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=477571#hi That LKS ... always a funny guy
  2. "After the prayer ..." 


    It wasn't a religious ceremony. They didn't even have an officiant, priest, or pastor, so, how could there have been a prayer before they exchanged vows?! 


    Ugh ... People get some sense!

  3. @utkim and @melleri Guess we are haters now ... oops. Or is that hatters? LOL. Right ... because we want to be sure that fake stuff about the Songs do not spread. Ugh. People can be so ugly when they can't prove sh y te. Do they need that much attention that they have to fabricate? If they're a real fan of the Songs, then they would know the Songs wouldn't be that superficial either or backwards! 


  4. The Songs are already married! YAY! Now, if only people would stop spreading fake vows. It's also unbelievable that there are fans who would fawn over simplistic, superficial, and misogynistic drivel like that. Ki and Kyo are much more poetic than that. They also have more depth. Chagiya my foot ... 


    I wish some fans would just be satisfied that the Songs are already married that they would stop creating and spreading fan-fiction.


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    2. angieknows


      @melleri Bwahahaha. That's HATTER! lol.

    3. plaka1123


      Yeah, I dont think it is SS's vows especially all of us have read their sincere letters dated 05Jul. 


    4. utkim


      Those vows are so BS :crazy:

  5. Congratulations to you girls!!! Thanks for spearheading the GSSC project with the other groups :) So proud of you girls!

  6. @kyonim and @worlwrld, thank you! lol. was talking to apple, wondering about what kyo must think about ki being so openly gushy like this. lol. she must say in an amused way, "this crazy guy." or like kang mo yeon, doing her shocked but smiling gasp as she says, "bichoso ..." lol. anyway, from @koreasongsongcouple / Ace Chingu ... Translations should be credited to @koreasongsongcouple / Ace Chingu. Thanks.
  7. Thanks, @khxy, @kyonim, and @sns25129 for all those translated goodies! @USAFarmgirl and @melleri, thanks for reminding us to vote! I just did From Ace Chingu ... Per Ace's friend, the interview only lasted 18 minutes, and Anchor Sohn seemed nervous and his questions could have been better (guess he wasn't well-prepared). However, Ki did a good job, especially when he was asked a few difficult or tricky questions. Ace Chingu is working on subbing select portions of the interview ...
  8. Not sure if it's been shared here, but per Ace Chingu, from this article: @kyonim, @sns25129, or @joongkyo1031 Please feel free to check the article out and ... ahem ... share more. But really, thank you for all your hard work! I'm just really glad Ki is not shooting down the personal questions that are asked of him during these BI promotional duties, and he's actually setting the record straight about all those write-ups since the Songs' announcement. EDIT Many, many, many thanks @kyonim Soompi needs to update their emoticons, so, instead, here ... Stay safe at work
  9. @khxy Great to see you here again! Thanks for the translation of Ki's interview. It's almost 2 am here, and Ki's recent gushy interview answers are keeping me up I'm glad he's not listening to overly concerned fans and antis, and just doing what he wants. Negative comments will always be around, but like Mel said, he and Kyo are smart and do not need our advice. They know what they're doing. While fans had helped in shaping his career, ultimately, his life is his, and so far, he has had an exemplary life. He hasn't committed anything shameful or controversial, so, he has earned our unsolicited trust. Let's respect and trust him to be this unbridled now. It also couldn't have been easy trying to keep their relationship a low profile for as long as possible. He and Kyo may have probably lost some fans, but I think it's a safe assumption that they also gained new ones after their announcement. Finally, a few pages back, someone had mentioned that Kyo may at one time ended up "trying to be cold and egocentric" due to her being careful after her heart was used. I don't agree with that assessment because despite those challenges in her life, she still highlighted charitable causes, donating to them, too. She still expanded her friendships and maintained the ones she already has. I could list some more, and she may have been careful with her heart, but those are not the actions of a person trying to be cold and egocentric. She was warm and selfless even before and after her personal struggles and even long before getting to know Ki. On another note, I know some of you are relatively new here, but please refrain from quoting images. It is against the rules. In the past, we had been reprimanded many times by the mods, with this thread threatened of being shut down because of such a violation. In fact, this thread was shut down once for some hours because of this violation. So, PLEASE, DO NOT QUOTE IMAGES. From Rules: Shippers' Paradise: Also ... from Soompi's general Forum Rules: Sometimes, there are a few who circumvent this rule by quoting people's posts ... Not cool. Lastly, I don't think there's anything in the rules about quoting just the written content, but it's also a general courtesy to not quote entire long posts or please, at least truncate the quoted long ones. Another option is simply tagging the person to which one wants to reply. Otherwise, it takes quite a lot of scrolling down just to get to every response, especially the substantive ones. LOL. Yeah ... so, I guess this makes me the thread police, but from experience, it's no fun having this thread shut down. Others only have this forum to go to for information and as an outlet for shared joy, so, it would be a shame if we're closed down, even for a few hours. Edit @utkim!!!!!!! thank you for the link! @kyonim I'm sorry I forgot to thank you, too. Thanks for always providing translations Thanks to @khxy and Ace Chingu ... from the article that Utkim linked to below, Ki also mentioned that his dad is happy that Asia's goddess will become his family member. In keeping with their warm and altruistic nature, the Songs want to be responsible people who take care of society. And from this article, per Ace Chingu, Ki answered that they [the Songs] call each other "Hye Kyo ya" and "Joong Ki ya." From this article, Ace Chingu translated: "JK said CTH liked most his marriage with HK. CTH has been closed with SHK for a long time. And CTH told JK he had some feeling that these two become in special relationship"
  10. Thank goodness for the wall because what I also really wanted to say is ... I think what the Songs would appreciate from shippers now is our support, not some crystal ball wisdom borrowed from antis ... or from folks who are still bitter that their once real life couple couldn't make it all the way like the Songs. But yeah, it's great to see that the majority of shippers on the thread are sending their thoughtful wishes of a happy future to the Songs.

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      I reported.  And why are people bringing up exes anyway! So annoying and tacky. 

    3. thepixies


      Huh? What's been happening? What extrapolation can they gain? 

    4. zashibear


      What is important is their present and future. The past is best left behind. They are starting a new life together. And we can best bring them good wishes and blessings. I am so happy it's almost D-day! 

  11. Hmmmm ... Well, whatever the future holds, I think it's better to just wish the best for the Songs. Nothing is guaranteed in life, but for sure, at present, the Songs are in love and engaged. So, let's just look to their future with optimism. It feels rather in poor taste during this happy occasion for the Songs to almost expect the negative to happen to them, but that's just my opinion. I think what the Songs would appreciate from shippers now is our support, sending them well wishes and a wonderful life together, and it's nice to see that many here are doing that.
  12. Been too lazy and busy to get on Soompi lately, and please forgive me if the reason for resurfacing is to burst a bubble ... First of all ... this: Please think first and consider what we imbibe as legitimate information. That magazine is from Canada (but the publisher, Sing Tao, is based in Hong Kong), and had they any exclusive interview with Kyo, then, they wouldn't need to pack their article with her past quotes. They also would have had their own pictorial with Kyo rather than Photoshop her shots from a previous ad campaign (Espirit?) into their pages. Other friends who are more familiar with the Chinese media have never really heard of this magazine and have also checked out the article. One of them is a longtime Kyo fan (*cough* rhymes with hover *cough*) and has confirmed that they just quoted her past interview answers. And it's also obvious that part of her letter has been doctored in this article. Since the announcement, the only thing that has come from Kyo directly is her letter to her fans. Otherwise, if she were to give an exclusive, it's rather doubtful she'd give one to a very obscure magazine. I apologize for coming off like a thread police, and this is just an entertainment mag, but I would just like to request that we remove this magazine article from this thread or at least, include a caveat that it is just a compilation of Kyo's past interview answers ... We don't need to help this nonsense magazine cash in on the Songs and their relationship by spreading around a so-called interview as legitimate. For now, just enjoy what Ki has been giving us, and he's been giving us quite a lot during BI promotions Surely, the time will come when we will hear from Kyo again ... perhaps in a joint interview with her soon-to-be-hubby Ki And thanks @hclover96 for clarifying the publisher info.
  13. I see you dropped by earlier! LOL. Where you been, girl?! See you on the other side!


    1. thm55


      angie!! i am here :tongue: see you on the other side!

      i can't keep up T.T need days off

  14. @alleverything thanks for sharing! I'm very glad there were some sneaky fans at the FM! I can't wait for the other vids Thanks to @khxy for giving the heads up earlier on the recent Entertainment Weekly coverage on the Songs, and thanks to Ace Chingu / @koreasongsongcouple again for translating. I guess someone from Dispatch was interviewed by the program. Anywho ... Ace wanted it shared here. So, here you go, and please credit her if re-posting anywhere. Kyo is a fun fiance! To think that she tried to surprise him Such a sweetie, and yeah, she and Ki are never going to have a boring moment in their married life.
  15. Ace Chingu shared the subbed video of a portion of BI's Vlive interview earlier ... Here's the part when they called Ki the King of Charm. Credit to Ace Chingu / @koreasongsongcouple for the translations and vid. I don't know about you guys, but he seems relieved now that their status is known, hence, the extra beaming smile and chuckles.