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  2. @stargazerwannabe awwwwwww awwwww im smiling to myself after reading your post. Well unless there is some earth shattering news I will be on this ship till 2020. Actually it will really come v soon. The athletes i follow on IG are all preparing for the 2020 olympics, and im sure there'll be other random rubbish to keep our ship sailing. Hugs to everyone
  3. Im eagerly waiting 2020 now. Hahahahaha. I was wondering if i shd do the seoul marathon when i go to korea, maybe i can train for 2020 now??? Same year as Olympics wooooo! Idk why but i feel v happy and excited and like we r one step closer to seeing our ship sailing. Oops.
  4. I was discussing with @valc22 before and we thought maybe we had been too quick to assume that when MH said in his post HS interview that he wanted to be ard for his kids first one to two yrs (hope i rem correctly), he wanted to quickly get married and have a kid before army. But actually maybe he meant he wanted to quickly finish army and get on with marriage and kids. I'll admit i was super worried then - and am still abit worried now - abt the conceiving part, but i continue to trust that they r doing well and will survive the army separation. Well depends on what he does in army also right haha. And hjw doesnt seem worried abt being able to conceive or not. Btw i loved the findings regarding the bowls and plates, hahahaha, thank goodness they r expensive plates not easily found just anywhere so we know they r exclusive lol. And i feel hjw's vibe from the Galileo teasers is alr v different from before... seems like she is absorbed in things outside of work...??? Delulu. Haha
  5. My thoughts have evolved since the time i started on this ship, and u know, im v happy hes enlisting so soon! Faster MH finish army and marry HJW after hahaha. Now i know how long I'll have to wait then lol. Will we all be along for the ride? Agree totally that the timing of Prometheus works out.
  6. Happy 628 everyone!! thanks for the kind comments on my last post. Anyway! The day is finally here!!!! No matter what happens or doesnt happen today, I am so glad we are all on this ship and that we braved the storms of the past months together. Hugs and love to all. Btw to add to the ongoing delulus (Hermes, lol), did anyone think anything of the oversized shirts HJW's been wearing lately? (Bday party and there was one other, can't remember when alr- it was a checked shirt?) I thought they may have been TS's but they look at bit too big coz his frame is smaller tho he is tall The shoulders on the shirts look rather broad. Hehehehe.
  7. hi everyone! i havent posted for a while though I've been following (keenieho following jungshin on instagram!!!!!! That was a good spot) Hope everyone is doing well. I will have to leave to go to the airport for my family holiday really soon but before i become uncontactable for a couple days i wanted to share my contribution to the tributes for our #birthdaycouple, which I posted on my blog. It's my personal blog so there's alot of other emo rubbish there too haha. Don't need to read, but I wanted to share it with you guys if you were interested and say thank you for everything these past 10 months or so. And to say yes i am alive and still shipping. HAHAHAHA. Link in spoiler. Eid Mubarak to all celebrating!
  8. I'm surprised but not super surprised abt the lsw news, as in I didnt expect he would do something like that (because it's stupid and potentially career ruining) but. Idk how to explain this- for example if any cnblue members were revealed to have done sth like this i would be super super shocked. But lsw... im like ok, yeah. Quite awful tho.
  9. @beyond17 Lol noooo i thought i was quite clear when those photos were first released hahahaha PYJAMAS. btw i LOOOOOOVE the video from nainay that you shared 3 posts ago. Their coats and the coat straps bouncing around hahahahaha so "cutely extra"
  10. @huntress1023 yes!!!!! Anw @icyphoenix i agree they really look alike right. The dip of the head, the awkward shy smile hahahah
  11. Actually u know what. As i got off the bus i realised i wasnt swayed at all by her comment. Hahahhaha. Am i just too deep in delulu? Lol. Love and hugs to all. cheer up @icyphoenix, for what it's worth we all connected here !
  12. Haha like @kangjaehwa i also felt a bit sad for MH re HJW and L. Idk why though!!!! Just a very "sigh" sort of feeling. as for hjw's response, tbh i wouldnt have expected anything else from her given her level of professionalism and the fact that this is a trade/ culture event (something i think others have alr pointed out in earlier posts, just chiming in for support). Well, we'll see!! As always. And yeah i agree @17ncbm ... and also she just seems to have an attached vibe.
  13. Hello @beyond17! @17ncbm i am totally with you on the house delulu. Seems like hes moved back out and is living alone again right? Hahahaha. Btw, now seems a good time to raise it but remember when drama couples did the post on the room with the grey walls and the ralph fleck painting? At that time i had some discussions with other shippers about whether it was indeed the same room coz theres a "border" at the top of the wall in mh's post that doesnt seem to be there in hjw's, but theres also a silver border sort of thing at the bottom of the wall in both pics.. every now and then i stare at the top of the wall in HJW's post and im convinced theres a border there too which doesnt look like it's there because of a trick of light. Hahahahaha. Anyone else agree..??? Lol (to be clear im about 95% sure it's the same room) And srsly whats with the ad for looking after an infant haha
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