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  1. what? Han Gi Tak has 2 siblings?
  2. It's the OST for POCARI SWEAT Commercial back in early 2000 (Son Ye Jin) Here's one, I think there's more. I think It was released before or after SUMMER SCENT drama was aired. I love this CM...brings back memories... @Kehinde TNX! will check it out!
  3. We're stuck in that particular line.. hahaha She said She "CHANGED EVERYTHING" and everything means All of the above. an alibi Gi Tak suddenly made to escape Seung Jae's confrontation because the Ahjussi was caught off guard. Are there anymore sites to watch CBA/CBM to see how did they translated the said line beside Viki and Myasiatv.? Anyone? http://myasiantv.se/drama/come-back-mister/
  4. Yup, although it is LEGAL...the case is very sensitive in Korea. There are still challenges and discrimination for LGBT group in SK (the only trans that ever came out (as far as I know) is singer Ha Ri Su). So, I guess it is smart and safe move for the writer to add humor on it. But, too bad for Seung Jae!!! Omo... Ottoke! I just hope this "Esther" person is the real Hong Nan! As for Gi Tak's brother.... if it's not Ji Hoon, then how did he have the picture? If it is Seung Jae...hmmmmn the better!
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