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  1. Remember the shoes gift premonition? Pretty sure It's mentioned for a reason. So, I think it'll involve SG has to leave JH somehow. Anyway, boy obviously seems down and sad, so there must be big sacrifice he has to do. If anyone want to know the occasion of this BTS pic, it's Lee Joon Young (SG actor) gives a Pepero Day gift (Valentine Day in Korea) to Lee Yo Won (JH actress). I love Pepero, by the way! So, Buam-dong ers, Happy Pepero Day! May you be together with your beloved ones today and receive sweet choco/candies gift from them too!
  2. Ah no, JH would never allow that. She already said repeatedly she doesn't want him to be used and sacrificed for her sake, she'll protect herself and him, the latest being in ep 10, after SG's plea to her sis in 9. But then, SG still did it again anyway, this time to grandpa. Pretty sure there'll be some heartbreaking moments with them. Basically they just want to protect and prioritize each other, it's just that they like to do it secretly, especially SG. You can sense by their dialogues in the car, JH says "If you don't want it, don't worry you won't go". And SG replies "If Madam doesn't want to, then we won't go." If only they'd be more honest to each other and SG discard that sacrificial mentality...
  3. In ep 9 with JH's sister, he told her she could use him for anything, including for him to be useless, as long as she's willing to take JH's side and give back her inheritance. In ep 10, he told his grandpa he's now willing to get his "ankle" caught, meaning he accepts & will do whatever his grandpa wants and/or being indebted to him, as long as he sets JH free.
  4. Wow just like yesterday ep 9... the extend JH and SG are willing to do for each other... especially SG. It's interesting for the drama but in RL, I wish they would just be honest to each other instead of secretly make sacrifices, again especially SG. JH will not be happy when she finds out later, even more so since she has already tell him not to do it again, but there he still repeats it not even 1 ep later. C'mon SG, I love you but stop acts like a tragic male lead in some melodrama who sacrifices and begging here-there for a woman LOL. To care is also to trust. JH can take care of herself, believe her!
  5. Hello all Buam-dong ers! Happy watching eps 5 Just want to drop this blog link here. My mom and sis are fans of Jung Hye/Soo Gyum combi/tandem/pair/couple whatever description you want for them. My sis found this appreciation blog full of pretty and HD pics, gifs, comments for this combi. So, go surf here for you who are also their fans: http://cafe.daum.net/ok1221/9Zdf/921387?svc=cafeapp Btw, LOL they still keep up with that ramen "indirect" rivalry between SG & HS. SG's face when JH says she only want to eat HS ramen...
  6. LOL at SG tries to copy whatever HS did to JH for naught, 1st he bid farewell to her eagerly, but while HS got her smile with some allowance, SG just got ignored. And 2nd his cooking of seafood ramen coldly rejected. He looks pitiful like a wounded puppy for most of ep 3 aww... thankfully in the last quarter he finally manages to melt her a bit. I conclude that his initial proposed revenge deal to JH was more because he wanted to get closer to her, since he easily say let's get closer instead after JH rejected his deal. But after his mom's behavior, when he asked to be part of it once again, this time in front of all 3 club members, he really does want it (revenge) this time. I said it before, but SG is really a complex boy. Resourceful and observant, yet so deep and "difficult" that he'll be a dangerous guy if there's no one who can "handle" him properly, but he'll be a great person with compatible ppl and surroundings. Oh and JH upside down crack me up so much LOL!
  7. I think the writer is using conflict-after-conflict too soon, esp. with DS and HJ. She probably thinks it makes the viewers on the edge on their seats and urge them to tune in everyday, but IMO she goes overboard and it becomes tiring. No matter if it's a daily drama which, esp. in TV Novel, the rivalry with nice 1st female & evil 2nd female has always been a central point, but in my experience they mostly still given enough "respite" time to enjoy some "peaceful" time with their works, romance, family without thinking & fighting schemes everyday. In this drama, DS is too busy fending off HJ too continuous "attacks" every eps to really has some space and time to focus and rise up/improve anything, be it in work or even interpersonal relationship as this drama is among the slowest to develop any kind of relation between 1st female & 2nd male lead too.
  8. It's good there's fansubber(s) quite early in the game, when the interest is still high. Because this drama is not long, only 12 episodes, so hopefully they can commit until the end. If you happen to be here too, the subber(s), thank you and fighting!
  9. @dito: SG is more complex than many boys his age, therefore also difficult to read. Its like his life experiences are equal to ppl twice his age. How he presents himself to other ppl seem like just a "mask" as well. So, I'm not really sure yet whether his revenge-decision is truly pre-planned or just come after he heard JH drunk speech or he did think about it but only want to do it after he knows JH also wants it; whether all those chummy interactions with both his parents were indeed totally fake or its more of he wants to help JH. I feel like that conversation he has with JH at the end of ep 2 is the 1st time we see the "real" him, apart from when he was alone, like the night he came to see JH's room. Regardless, one thing I can really be sure of is he wants JH's appreciation. That look on his face at the police station for ep 3 preview... As for the ramen, I feel that the writer want to prelude the difference of JH's treatments toward HS and SG. Maybe later SG will see JH treats HS warmly and all-smiling, unlike with him. Btw, fighting and thanks for the recappers. Do it little by little, suddenly 1-2 eps actually finished and feel almost the same as being subbed.
  10. There is a strange "vibe" and chemistry with Jung Hye the rich lady and both high school boys Soo Gyum the step son & Hae Soo the son of Doo Hee the fish seller. I'm not suggesting any romantic thing since its too taboo one is step son the other son of best friend, both only high school boys and if there's romance for them its probably with their schoolmate Seo Yeon the daughter of Mi Sook the professor's wife. But seems like some kind of infatuation develops from both boys to JH, Koreans also realize it from some comments I read. Some "indirect" rivalry even already hinted with SG asked JH which ramen tastes better, his or the 1st one she ate, and he was disappointed she picked the 1st LOLOL. Now he'll find out later who cook the 1st ramen LOL. Btw the rating jump big, to 4.636% National and 5.343% Seoul.
  11. @msmy: It's already eps 40s, so there's no way the heroine would have failed & start from scratch again like eps 30s, DS will only get her way up in the near future. Ep 43 preview told us that TS placed DS as the new designer of International Team after knowing HJ's lie. By showing TS supportive attitude to DS even more than his wife, I think the writer want to show that TS did/does genuinely fond of ES, truly regarded her as his child, if not because of she found out his secret, he would continue to dote her. He was also angry a few weeks ago when he knew HJ wanted to replace ES' place. So, even when he doesn't want ES to return, he also doesn't want other girl to take her place, esp. maybe cos he also doesn't have his own child with his wife YH. And now without knowing DS real identity, he's drawn to side with her as well. Right now it's more of business sake, but I think maybe TS will get fonder & closer to DS, so that the impact will be bigger when he knows her identity.
  12. @msmy: Just like DS herself think, I agree that no matter what, put her into hiding below the desk is humiliating. I know YJ said to himself he was gonna tell her the truth after they eat, but tbh even without the surprise visit of his parents, I'm not really sure he would really pull it through. About HJ & HD, I already given up on HJ to be a more complex 2nd female villain, but I think HD still has possibility to be a good 2nd male, more "gray area" than straight villain. We'll see. It's also somewhat ironic to see Tae Sung is currently the nicer & more supportive one to DS compared to his wife LOL.
  13. Yup. The written preview for 41 hasn't come out, so this is only my guess: YJ won't introduce DS as his GF to his dad in next ep. He'll either hiding or even if his dad or stepmom spotted him, he'll likely say she's his friend or worse, that he doesn't know her, only being on that road coincidentally. That will make the starting-to-be self conscious DS think he does feel embarrassed of her. I don't think the writer planned for them to have such a big fight with DS know his real identity so fast though, so I Iean toward he'll manage to hide for now. So that when DS finds out later they're his parents but he never wants to introduce them, the repercussion & impact will be bigger. EDIT: The 41 preview comes out and yes YJ hides himself, as I expected.
  14. She already is, at the end of 39. But don't worry, the written preview says he'll be nice to DS, support her career after being convinced she's a great shoemaker. That means both husband-wife will be good to DS, in their own way. HJ must be angry again later cuz of this LOL. Btw, I don't like YJ decision to not tell DS his identity. I know he has his reasons, and it's a well-used device. But it just begging for not only HJ but also HD to convince themselves YJ is actually embarrassed of DS, that's why he doesn't want other ppl to know their relationship. HJ can tell DS that when she asked YJ about their relationship at the clinic, he didn't want to answer. And HD can tell DS that YJ refused to tell her they're cousins, & so less chance for his dad to find out. Adding it to the mix, from the written preview DS herself has begun to feel the "level" difference when she talks with YJ's fellow Doctors/medical faculty alumni. So, it's really not good. Then again, you know they wouldn't have it easy when the writer already make the leads start dating around 30+ eps haha...
  15. HAR has quite many dramas actually, as female lead too, but most of them are daily or family. Besides Samsaengi, you can try Reversal of Fate, Bird That Doesn't Cry/Sing, My Precious Child/You. All of them are subbed you can find it quite easily. Many ppl probably belittle daily dramas & the actors who kind of liking or even specializing themselves to starred in it. Like HAR, Park Eun Hye, Oh Ji Eun, Lee So Yeon, Lee Yoo Ri etc. But I see nothing wrong with it, they have their own fanbase. Even HAR Wikipedia say: "She has made herself known as one of the most familiar faces in Korean telenovela by headlining several titles of the genre..." I don't know if she deliberately set her career in daily/telenovela/soaps, but if you're her fan, just consider it lucky you can see her often haha... I see she has a new daily every 2 years or so. Btw, just want to inform DS didn't air today, cuz of Chuseok. The written preview for eps 38-39 say HJ finds out DS dating the son of Hangang YJ, so she start to try sabotage them.