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  1. Wow, fast for a daily drama, ep 25 and HJ already know Min Nyeo is Dal Soon!? But can't really believe til I see ep 26. Usually a red-herring at the end of ep. Btw can't wait for Hyun Do to meet DS. TV Novel usually have interesting combi between female lead & 2nd male lead. I wonder how will DS & HD finally know each other & how their interactions will be.
  2. RO has passed 6% mark today, congrats! It's also the only Wed-Thu dramas with increased numbers in both yesterday & today eps. If it's lucky enough, next week since Chief Kim has ended, maybe it can get >8%. http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=004&oid=109&aid=0003507553 And about The Doctor's book, woah that sure comes as a surprise, even seasoned drama viewers wouldn't be able to guessed beforehand. I wonder why he did it, I mean he isn't even poor but a chaebol & doctor instead, so it isn't like he needs money. And he's already a doctor+secret businessman, but still wants a 3rd job too, a writer? LOL how workaholic he must have been. I hope he has a good reason for that book, he broke many laws & infringements for that.
  3. Haha I love when the characters in drama felt real that they also think the same thing as the audiences. How Director Han & Mr. Park discussed how Chairman Seo Tae Woo may be related to Seo Woo Jin due to the same surname. Often we're frustrated on how the charas in a show behave, how they should see the obvious that viewers see. It's refreshing!
  4. Congratulations, RO breaks 5% today, it's 5.2% (+1.4%). Some probably think it's nothing great to celebrate but it's the biggest gain dramas today, Chief Kim is 17% (-0.4%) & Saimdang 10% (+0.6%). http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=311&aid=0000715168
  5. How would he not know it's his dad's company though ? That is I think one of the puzzles we have to wait for it to unfolds as the drama goes on. But I almost 100% sure, based on the phone conversation (not only about sibling rivalry but the Doctor also said their Dad wants them to compete again therefore calls both to work at the company), their surname and age (38 and 34 yo), they're all perfect fit hints. About page 1 info, can I ask where does it comes from? Because as per the official site's description of SWJ, nothing that say he's a "guy with humble beginnings": http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/joffice/cast/cast01.html
  6. Actually, I think Woo Jin is a chaebol. That's why I said in my previous post about I'm not sure who will be the 3rd leg of love triangle, if it's the Doctor instead, it'll be a cliched case of "aloof brother suddenly wants to beat his sibling cuz of love rival". Remember the Doctor's phone conversation about he became a doctor to left his older bro's shadow? See the name: Seo Woo Jin and Seo Hyun. Woo Jin's likely left home for a longtime that he doesn't know Hauline is his father's company (the owner's name is Seo Tae Woo): http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Radiant_Office
  7. I decided to invest myself to this drama from the 2nd half of ep 1 onwards. Not saying that the 1st half is bad, just that it's def. gets more engaging from the moment Ho Won yelled back to the convenience store's manager, her attempted suicide, & then her meeting with the other 3 male leads. After that, it's a romp ride through eps 2 as well. I dare to say I'm fully satisfied with eps 2. I can see why the script won the competition. I don't know how the future ratings will turns out but it's def. capable to get more than 5%, we'll see. EunJangDo trio's interactions is def. the show's best-selling point for now. Hopefully every eps will always have many scenes with them together. I'm not sure who will be the 3rd leg of love triangle, though. Both Lee Dong Hwi & Kim Dong Wook agency each saying that their charas have loveline with Ho Won. I'm not sure yet which one I want. I want EunJangDo friendship to be pure but if it's the Doctor instead, it'll be a cliched case of "aloof brother suddenly wants to beat his sibling cuz of love rival".
  8. Ah sorry turns out that only realtime Seoul. The nationwide is only 3.9%. It sure hard to turn Kor viewers "prejudice" towards MBC's Wed-Thu dramas. What a pity... But there's still chance to grow next week. Even Chief Kim started with only 7% in the 1st week. Let's hope there'll be plenty of ppl who try it in the span of 1 week.
  9. A news agency just reported today's ratings. The actual result will probably differ a bit but I think we can be sure that Radiant O number is up quite big, closing in with Saimdang. It's also the only drama with increasing percentage among all 3: http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=144&aid=0000481600