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  1. Maybe I didn't understand the language that I didn't noticed it that much? Hahaha... Yup! I've watched the two dramas, I really want to say he has improved a lot. Because in BT1989, there were some scenes or his expression that a bit awkward. That is why I love his character in BYS. It became much more natural, for me at least. So I think he will be better and better when he gain his experience through the drama that he took. Because he just starting his acting career in 2014, am I right? So I am gonna give him more chances.
  2. @Shushu Yang, thank you for your explanation. I searched for ages on how Taiwanese drama rating works, and your clear and simple explanation make me who is an international fan, understand it more. Thank you so much! Indeed, as @songielove said, it is great when we can see and compare opinions from international and local fans. And I can see there a lot of contradictions on opinion about this drama. Even it is a bit disappointment as BYS was not well received there. But I guess, everyone has their own taste and opinion regarding the drama they watch. But for me, they have delivered their roles perfectly. Maybe not perfect but they reached my standard. I hope they will be in a good drama like this again in the future! Hope the best for them!!
  3. @sherry2468, Thank you for the translation. The reporter is so rude! I feel pity for Eugenie. @songielove, yup, that was one of my favourite too! It fulls of love and emotions mixed up from ZYT and LXY. @best_sparklez, ops! sorry.. didn't know that! My mistake.
  4. Yeah.. Quite understand your feeling as I did not watch episode 19 yet as well. But for me, I'm not that 'ready' yet to see the last episode.
  5. Just above average? A bit sad to hear that... That drama needs more recognition!!!
  6. I just watch that clip just now! Even I did not understand what they were talking about, but I can guess by looked at Ivy Shao picture on that clip. And I guessed they were talking about his previous co-star, but Eugenie really looked awkward there! Like, super awkward! I have not seen Eugenie's face like that before. Like, we all know she is a goofball, but seeing her like that in awkward face really make me pissed off! where's their manner? But can you tell me what kind of question they asked? And what Marcus answered?? Also what caption did they put in?? Dying to know!!
  7. hahaha... okay.. near six, how come I miscalculate all their kissing scenes? for 6, maybe another one included at the light house? Because there ZYT kiss her two times? Am I correct?
  8. Just want to ask, I've read on Facebook says that the rating of BYS's last episode is 1.73. Is it correct? *just guessing as I do not know the language* If yes, can someone explain to me how the rating of Taiwanese drama works? For instance, did the 1.73 is consider as high rating in Taiwan? I know how rating in Korean drama works, but not Taiwan drama. I've been searching about Taiwan drama rating for ages, but mainly they explain in Mandarin and I can't understand it.
  9. @songielove seriously? 6 lips touched? Did I left something??? where are the another 3??
  10. Me too! I have a depressed week as I waiting for the last episode. And another depressing week for not able to watch this drama after this. I want to thank you to all members in this forum. You delighted me and you always make me happy! It is always fun to read all of your analysis, it helping me more to understand in certain scenes that I did not understand. Even though it is a pain waiting for the drama every week, but you guys make it enjoyble. Thank you everyone... *tearing*
  11. Seriously? Not even a kiss? Are they kidding me?! Ohhh.... I already feel disappointed even though I didn't watch it yet. Seriously, are they kidding me?! They only have like, what, 3 kisses in entire drama?! Urgh..... I want to punch someone please ...
  12. Agree!! I hope they will wrap up all the Tang thingy in the first 15 minutes. Because, come on, didn't they realize even 2 episodes will not be enough for ZYT and LXY to resolve their issues and be together, about another couples which are XM/PYN and JXY/SZW, the people in the farm, and also, LM after the sentenced.
  13. I can't! Ahhh... It's hurt to think that tonight is the finale episode. but at the same time, I cannot wait to watch the cheesy, romantic, sweet and full of cuteness episode!
  14. thank you!! I've searched and read it. sooooo deep!! hahaha