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  1. I don't like how they are justifying his actions, just because he's the main lead. I think he'd be a better character and a layered one with all his flaws with no excuses given. Not everyone has to be a good hearted person. He suffered a great loss and he became ruthless to take his revenge. Giving him a good reason will not make what he did to innocent Xiao Feng and her family, forgivable. Hey there, you are watching this too? I'm waiting for subs and will marathon this after it reaches halfway. Til then I'll marathon last 5 epis of Minglan that I've still to watch. And to answer your question,
  2. I don't think she jumped in the river to kill herself. The river she jumped into was a very special river. Drinking the water from that river makes you forget your pain and your regrets. I'm not sure about the details though. I'm guessing you forget what you want to forget and remember everything else. Like similar to Bai Qian drinking that wine ZheYan made to forget YeHua in TMOPB. Book ending spoiler....don't open if you don't wanna know. Because she felt guilty? Maybe she thought more than him she was the one responsible for her family's end. She was the one who brought him into her family which then caused their destruction. After she forgot him she had no reason to kill him, she even fell for him all over again. And after she remembered everything she was too powerless, heartbroken and in pain that she just wanted to leave the palace and go back to her home. Book spoiler....don't open if you don't wanna know.
  3. Any word on who'll be subbing it? Or will it be subbed at all? There is a page for this drama on viki but no episodes only trailers.
  4. They will jump in the river of forgetfulness by epi 10?? They are going to drag it to death, aren't they? I don't think there's enough content for rest 45 episodes after that......The book has only 42 chapters and one epilogue, I think. 33 episodes was the perfect length for this story. Now with 55 epis, Xiao feng will be crying forthe last 20-25 epis at least.
  5. You need to watch at least 8-10 epis to start understanding the background, the plot and where all the main characters are coming from. The first 2 episodes are confusing because after the very first scene of the battlefield, the story quickly jumps to 12 years later, with the main plot already in progress and many things have happened in between those years. The aftermath of that battlefield in the first scene and the other events that happened in those 12 years will be slowly revealed as the episodes advance. You'll need a lot of patience in the first 4-5 episodes but please don't forward anything....or you'll miss some important things. I guarantee you'll love this drama by the end and never regret putting your time into watching this.
  6. Yes I noticed that too. There were lots of little touches like that between FSF and ZLY that brought out the comfortable intimacy in their relationship. He was not shying away from touching her. Sometimes it even looked liked it was not planned and he did it spontaneously. Like when he was asking her to call him Er lang. That pat on the back. I also remember he rubbed her back a lot. He also touched her face a few times.....I've noticed actors in cdrama and Kdramas avoid doing that....and touch the shoulders instead...maybe coz of makeup? but it looses that intimate tone of the scene. Mostly actors even though they have good relationship off screen with their female costars mind their hands in close body scenes. Like not getting too close to the butt or the chest unless the scene demands that. If you notice, the back hug scenes in most dramas....the guys usually hug the ladies on the shoulders...not the waist. In this drama the few times FSF carried ZLY, his hand was very close to her chest. So their real life intimacy was crossing over to their reel life. Only thing missing were good kisses...
  7. Most chinese period dramas don't do passionate kisses. If not pecks its mostly just quick smooches. Last chinese drama I saw that had kisses with a bit of passion was 10 miles of peach blossoms...and then too the passion was from the guy's side only....the lady looked like she was just barely tolerating it. You may find good passionate kisses in taiwanese dramas but chinese dramas and actors still need to loosen up a bit. Though I admit the modern dramas have started putting in proper kisses....whether its passionate or not , that is up to you. For me I find them awkward.
  8. GTY made her go through all that and he didn't even bother to tell her himself? If not everything, atleast tell her enough so she could have prepared herself. She had to go begging and groveling to the Empress to find out. The empress took pity on her and told her the truth but her own husband didn't. Did he even think what his wife and his new-born child would go through alone with him in prison? Now I'm even more mad at the writers.
  9. Hunan's greed always wins over everything else. It was like this during JOF, PA and now this drama. I didn't watch JOF....but have read many many complaints about the way they handled it. But I did watch PA...so I did experience some of the same nonsense of Hunan......short filler episodes....rushed ending and holding back the happy ending they filmed to push for 2 season. Atleast we get the uncut version on youtube now.....we didn't even get that during the other 2 shows.
  10. Well said! By adding all that drama, excitement, suspense and thriller they took away everything that was making this drama work and turned it into something that its not. Sorry for cutting your post.
  11. In the book, that was said in context for GTY to do stupid things for ML. ML had already shown she is capable of doing stupid things for the people she loved. The only reason she kept her heart closed off from GTY was exactly because of this...that he never behaved as if he had her in his heart. In her thinking, if he had punished manniang more severely, that meant he was scared for her life and did a stupid thing for her without thinking of consequences and only reason a person does that is because they love them. Like granny for her...and her for granny...before and after the poisoning. And for ED to see ML as a threat is not logical at this stage. ML's intelligence will be a threat to ED only if she had the power to control / advice people important enough to harm ED. ML, herself, alone was no threat to her. As seemingly even the emperor couldn't be bothered to listen to her grievances. And the empress was also refusing to see her hence ML had to disguise herself as a maid to see her.
  12. Chinese audience were criticizing the grammer in the earlier episodes.....I don't think they are going to let this degree of logic fail...that lasted 10-12 episodes, go without a word. Some little bit of inconsistencies, I can explain away....but my mind is not that imaginative that it can cover up a huge black hole of nonsense. So I'm happy to keep you company in our misery till the finish line. Wouldn't wearing normal clothes to appeal have had even more impact? As ML would be appealing as a common citizen....not as a noble woman. Emperor would be duty bound to listen to her.
  13. Exactly. They had everything all ready to make the final track dramatic and exciting. GTY being demoted was also very easily possible without the ruckus, as the emperor, who had been playing stupid to lure in ED, could have made a big deal out of GTY leaving his post and defying the emperor's summons. It would have been completely logical as Emperor's favor is a very fickle thing. One misstep and you're out. Catching Kang Aunt in the act would have been so much better. She probably would not have even denied it with how crazy she was. Stepmom was about to step up her game with letting in the rebels and all...I see no need for her to create all that circus at the court. All this nonsense of Bai family and Manniang.....I just want to erase those episodes.....most likely I won't ever watch them....or if I did watch...it'd be on mute and with lots of fast forwarding. Even the whole ML begging the empress looked so unreal to me....I couldn't take it seriously at all. It looked like they were playing to the audience. All of a sudden, I'm really appreciating the author of the book. She has a tendency to make me doze off sometimes but I'm going to be reading the book again with new eyes.
  14. It does look like the emperor's side took advantage of all the bad guys ganging up on GTY and used the situation to bring down the ED. So it may not have been planned from the start but when they got served with a good opportunity to take down ED, the Emperor, GTY and Huan wang grabbed it with both hands. I still think it'd have been much simpler to go with what the book had...instead of all these worms crawling out of the woodwork to create havoc.
  15. I'm super mad at the writers. So upset that after doing almost everything right...this drama started to falter at the end. Still, I can't stay away....reading every post and watching previews.....waiting here with you all, for the finish.
  16. This whole downfall story track has been very poorly incorporated. First of all, the stepmom going all out to bring down GTY does not make any sense, as she'll be getting the brunt of GTY's downfall too. If the charges are proven, not only GTY, the stepmom will loose everything too. She's living in the Gu house, living on GTY's properties, his money, his title. All of that would be taken away once he's found guilty. Stepmom, her son, the Gu uncles and cousins....there are all living on GTY's status. Taking his title away will also mean taking away everything that comes with it. That means every one of them including ML will become homeless. If his crime had affected the state and the country, GTY's whole family could be sold as slaves. The two momo's who took Kang aunt away and tied her up in the Sheng house were actually from the house of the prince who rebelled before the new emperor came. In the book they were thankful that ML and GTY didn't hold that against them and were fair to them as masters. Now if they had incorporated this storyline after the Gu house is divided and the family living separately....then I could understand stepmom's actions. Then GTY and the other Gu's would be separate families and will not be that affected by each other's actions. Using the salt mines mismanagement would have been so much simpler and sensible .....if they did want to go over dramatic for the finale week. And I was horrified at GTY showing his glee and happiness on hearing of ML's desperate begging in front of the empress. Writers, do you even understand your drama's characters? This story didn't need to be this dramatic at this juncture, the finale was going to have more than enough drama. We had just finished a very emotional story track of the poisoning. Then the child birth surrounded by fire and the knife attack. At this time, the story needed to take a deep breathe and calm the f**k down to start the final rebellion track which had plenty of excitement. And if they wanted more excitement just make that part super dramatic. No need to add unnecessary stuff that don't even make sense. Theres a saying....Don't fix it, if its not broken. Screen writers need to understand that. I think in the book it was a jade bangle instead of pearl necklace that QH's mom gifted to ML and the other girls. Did the writers forget what they wrote in the previous episodes? Or did they hire new writers for the last 10-12 episodes.
  17. Both were 36 epis. So no unnecessary dragging. Which helped keep the narrative tight . I agree BOC was still better narratively...even with some flaws. And why would Haiyan write screenplay for Dingmo's books. Can't they hire Dingmo to write. No wonder the characters felt different from the book. And even I went and checked the writers on wiki
  18. Thanks @linhlinh111 for providing more accurate version of the scenes. My version is barely deciphered from Google's giberish @m0us3y.....@linhlinh111 has posted the accurate version. Read that.
  19. He knew about QH and what he investigated about her family but not the details of her childhood and stuff. I paraphrased a lot....and somethings that i couldn't understand...I guessed.....so again not 100% accurate.
  20. Exactly. They are paying the authors for the copyrights as it is why not consultation too. It will only benefit them and help them make a better drama. Writing fails when screen writers don't understand the characters of the source material....what better than getting the author on the team. I think bad writing is the major reason I have dropped most of the recent adapted works. Last drama Cdrama I finished was Lost Love in Times and they changed almost all of the story by adding the magic. AOL was horrible after the added side plots........ROP changed about 80% of the story from the book....I mean why even bother buying the copyrights then. Actually I do not mind little changes here and there if it doesn't affect the overall story. And I can overlook little flaws and plot holes...but not a huge one. I became a bit wary when they started changing the characters....which then started to affect the storyline. I'll wait to see how they resolve it and then watch the rest of the episodes.
  21. I have to agree with you. I have been feeling a bit disappointed with one thing or the other with each passing episode. I wanted to watch this drama mainly because it was being produced by Daylight. I like their production values. I didn't like the whole novel...felt it was slow and slice of life is not my thing. But I liked some parts of the book like ML-granny relationship...the after marriage portion....when GTY and ML become the power couple. And both of those portions in the drama have disappointed me in one way or other. Things that don't make sense......I have a list of those. Writing fails, logic fails....smart characters suddenly becoming stupid. For.e.g. Manniang had a knife hidden in her sleeve and attacked GTY....ML regretted not searching her clothes. The Kang cousin stabbed herself...ML said the same thing again. Smart character that ML is supposed to be...will she make the same mistake twice? If Manniang was supposed to come out again....why change the attack during child birth scene. What sense does it make to replace her with Kang Aunt when she is being brought back again to the story by the writers. Those 2 scenes you are talking about are my favorites scenes too. It was supposed to be one of the most heartbreaking conversations between GTY and ML....and they made it funny walk in the park?? The way these 2 scenes happen was most essential for these characters growth and as you said foundation of their relationship. When GTY questions her feelings for him. He, who thought he knew his wife comes to realize that actually he doesn't know her deepest pains and scars. The reason for her living like this.....how ML's words and tears break his heart...and makes him give in and decide to accept whatever she was willing to give and be. Then in the next one....ML completely opens up and points out to him she too has the right to question his feelings for her. As he has also never been truly open with her....not given what he was demanding from her. And makes GTY faces his own shortcomings. Maybe we got disappointed because we had too much expectations from these creators. Daylight is one of the best production houses these days in this industry but they need better writers. I have felt this while watching LMIYD, WSFIL, BOC.....all of them had writing and logic fails.(not NIF. maybe coz the author of the book was the main screen writer.) Anyways, I do agree that this drama is tons better than some of the others out there. But when you are spending so much money on authentic looking sets, props and costumes....can you spare a little for better writers. I guess they emptied their bank accounts for multiple seasons of "Like a flowing river" or whatever its called.
  22. He was not imprisoned in the novel. This whole plot of GTY's downfall is written just for the drama. They could have not gone with the imprisonment and just shown GTY getting demoted. That could have worked well too. They even had the reason all ready. He came back to the capital without emperor's orders and leaving his post. That is actually a criminal offense. There was no need to make it all super dramatic and then have ML coming to the rescue. She just gave birth to a baby in life threatening circumstances....not to forget she had been stressed to the max just a few days before over granny's life or death situation.....just let the girl rest and recover.
  23. Yes I have. That's another one of my favorites Cdramas. I loved the book too. Loved that the author completely changed the main lead in the later half....as I was already loving HuoQuBing's character since the start. I think Sound of the Desert followed the book pretty well....except for some unavoidable changes. It was also only 36 epis so the story was not dragged with all the unnecessary side plots. I appreciate the creators of that drama a lot for this decision. Only peeve I had was Eddie Peng's wig. All through the drama you could see clearly where they glued it on his hairline...distracted the hell out of me. About Weiyang....the reason I said Touba Yu as main lead was ok with me was mostly because Touba Yu was crazy about her and because of Vanness Wu....But he was also somewhat like Qi Heng. I have not seen the other two so can't comment on that. Was singing all along good? Might give it a try afterwards. Yun Zhong Ge...I read bad reviews and stayed away.....from the book too. They should have gone with Salt mines rather than this Killing Kang Aunt nonsense. We've been hearing since the start how the salt mines management is corrupt, is effecting the economy, etc. So it would be huge deal to get accused over it. And ML saving the day would have been more impactful over that then this issue. This is like the pre climatic resolutions. Get the family conflicts resolved first to get to the throne conflicts for the end game. And for that they are going to get all the people against GTY to join hands and unload a cart full of charges on him. You know, this reminds me so much of Legend of LuZhen. One trouble after other for the leads....non stop til the end.
  24. Its fortunate you started your Cdrama journey with this show. Believe me there are shows that are so badly written and directed, it would have made you swear off Cdramas forever. I myself was fortunate enough to have started with one of the best Cdramas ever....Nirvana In Fire.
  25. I was excited when Princess Weiyoung adaptation was first announced. Just like Minglan, I read that book before the drama was announced. Then I read the plot summary....imagine my horror when ToubaJun was listed as the main lead. The person Weiyoung hated the most. The person she felt disgusted even to be in the presence of. I'd have been fine with Touba Yu as the main lead if not MinDe. They should have kept the original scene from the book....Molan coming out wet from the water. Though that wouldn't have caused the same furore as the one Colin Firth caused in his wet shirt in P&P. I agree with @minglan1 that 1995 TV version is the best P&P ever. Anyways, I have to admit with all its inaccuracies and hard to make sense plot twists....this drama is still much better than the others out there. I just have to stop watching the freaking previews. They are seriously stressing me out. But I'm a spoiler addict ...can't help but have a peek.