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  1. Thanks so so much for translating this scene. I was dying to know what XT was saying to him.This is exactly what I wanted QH to hear from ML but XT is good too. I get the reason of him going to ask GTY to back off. He was worried about ML...now. For me, it felt like QH moved on. He was busy trying to make babies. I get it. He was getting his life in order. But they both live in the same goddamn city....did he never hear what people were saying about ML? Did he never feel guilty? Now that he's free and ready to propose, did he even once have a little sliver of a thought that ML might have moved on too. And making his mother go with the proposal might cause trouble for ML.... for QH, even now its all about him, his thoughts, his wants. ML in the drama shows her true nature only in front of GTY and granny. So that argument in the book no longer seems valid. They might change it to GTY being jealous. Even though it doesn't make any sense him being jealous after saying that he's not worried about QH. Hopefully the writers will give him a proper reason for getting angry.
  2. Yes, ZYL is a good actor. He has given more depth to QHs character actually. QH in the book was typical side character with unrequited love for the main lead. Loving ML maybe the only exciting thing he did in his life. Lol These days just the thought of sitting through hours/days of watching a story like that makes me feel tired. I read spoilers for books I'm reading on this site. You can also find links for translation sites on the main site. This is the thread for spoilers for Legend of Minglan. You must. Its one of the the best chinese dramas ever. You'll understand why people here were calling ML Mei Chang Su few pages back. If you loved how ML brought downfall for concubine Lin and Molan.....you'll love this drama a lot. Just stick with it even if you find first few episodes confusing or boring. I promise, it gets better and awesome pretty soon.
  3. QH should realize the entire blame for bringing ML and GTY together lies on his own head. Who told him to pray for a good husband for ML at the Youqing Monastery? Thats why they say.... be careful what to wish for, you might actually get it.
  4. I had the same thought when ML said something like Lets see, lets give him a chance to try. I really felt like she was testing him. To see if he really thought she was worth fighting for.....staking his life for her....in GTY's words. Geez, these 2 are more alike than we thought. Even their thoughts on trusting someone with their life and love are similar.
  5. This is just my theory...but I think they show time jumps by showing trees with different coloured flowers. Some scenes start with pink flowers on the trees....some with white. I'm assuming those are plum blossoms and peach blossoms. Some scenes have bare trees with very little leaves.... So just check the trees to know how much time has passed in the drama.
  6. I'm also glad granny refused to see QH and also stopped him from seeing ML. But it makes me wonder that if ML finds out he came to see her and propose marriage and was turned away, What will her reaction be will she be mad? Or will she be like....I've moved on so should you. You know I was starting to kind of pity him after the forced marriage and how the princess was treating him. But something 6th Liang son said made me so upset that all the pity for QH just disappeared. When Liang mama was trying to convince 6th son to marry ML, he said everyone knows she was after QH and maybe already became his concubine....implying that ML and QH already slept together. Just thinking that thats what was being said about ML behind her back and people snickering that she reached too high and had to eat dirt after getting rejected makes me so angry at QH. I mean GTY was absolutely right. QH made promises to her, gave her hope and then crushed them along with her heart. Her reputation was already stained because of him. And its absolutely true no man from a good family would have married her with such nasty rumors associated with her name. HHW was a family friend and only a visitor to the capital. Suppose after engagement his family heard these rumors about ML, family friend or not his mother would not have let this relationship proceed any further. And now he wants GTY to cancel the wedding....I really wish ML meets him and rejects him to his face so that he comes to his senses fast and stop talking nonsense. About Molan....she will continue practicing her mother's evil teachings for a while. After she came to the Liang house, 2 of Liang 6th son's concubines suffered exactly the same type of difficult births that ML's mom went through. Pretending to be good main wife, feeding the concubines good, over rich food that resulted in babies growing too big in the womb. Not sure if both babies died....or the concubines. But after the second time it happened people started talking and connecting it to Molan. I'm not sure what they did to her after that ..just read this on the spoiler site.
  7. Just from the quick look at the previews for tomorrow...QH character growth went down the drain the minute he heard GTY and ML are getting married. The mini tantrum, throwing things....he's gone back to his entitled young master behavior again.....smh...smh. Even his convo. with GTY was all....you're not good enough for her...you betrayed me, like GTY is taking his girl away. Dude, you got married, doesn't matter forced or otherwise.....were even trying for kids....thats means you consummated the marriage. Was ML supposed to wait for you till her hair turned grey..... Sorry for the rant...I am happy that we'll really get the wedding this week
  8. Granny and ML both did not agree to the swap at first. Then GTY arranged to speak with ML alone and told her everything...all about his plan....and why he chose this way to marry her. That granny would never agree if he came directly for her hand....even though he was sincere, with his past Granny would never accept him....no matter the height he reaches. After that ML told granny about GTY saving her from the bandits. ML had never told anyone about that before. In the book he only saved her once but the drama has shown him saving her 3-4 times. Then ML told granny how GTY planned everything from doc. cousin to Rulan getting caught with her lover. Granny realized how smart GTY was to leave the Sheng family no way to back out. But since it was his scheme that put them in this position he also left them a way to save face in the society when they change the bride from RL to ML. And thats the reason GTY never said which sister he wanted to marry. The sheng family also never specifically said GTY was getting married to RL. To the world outside it was said GTY was marrying one of the sheng daughters. Even Hualan only told her inlaws that GTY was marrying her sister.....didn't specify which sister. Granny gave in since ML didn't oppose after that. I don't think the drama is going to change much of it. edit In the book it was actually Hualan who brought GTY's proposal to her family. GTY was a good friend of her husband. When RL's mess came out and GTY suggested ML, Hualan was a bit sad for her sister but then realized that actually ML was a better match for GTY. So she totally approved and even convinced her mother. It was also Hualan who invited ML to her house so that GTY can speak with ML alone. I think thats why ML and Hualan became more close after ML's marriage to GTY.
  9. 1. I think GTY was about 20-21....not sure but he was about 6-7 years older than ML maybe more. 2. I think most likely reason is because it was a delicate matter thats why the brothers were kept away....but father as the decision maker and the head of the family had to be present. 3. Because he spent maybe a year or more planning and putting in action his grand scheme to get ML....and it was executed flawlessly. I think he deserves his title of master schemer. And yes it was in the novel. We might see some of it in the drama.
  10. The way his look became intense told everything about his feelings. If only ML had paid attention to his expressions.
  11. GTY said, You and I really must have a fate together. Whenever you are in distress, you run into me. ML said, yes you are my life saviour. when I go back home I'll make a you a longevity tablet and burn incense. GTY is not convinced with her gratitude. So she says these are not empty words but I really want to repay you for all you done for me. GTY asks, how can you repay me. ML said, with my life. GTY said, what would I do with your life. ML said there are only few people in this world who I can repay with my life. My mother, my granny and you. GTY then asked, what about your husband to be...something like that ML asked him, what does he know about that. He changes the subject and gives her some instructions to take care of the wound. And tells her to wait until dawn and look out for his flare or something. And if he fails in coming back...he has arranged someone for her to take her home. I didn't get all the sentences....some words were not making sense on Google translate.
  12. I think in the book....Hugging when drunk happened with ML. In the book he had concubines in the Gu house too. But he never paid much attention to them. When he got married to ML he kind of promised her...he won't go to anyone else. He also told her to do what she wants with his previous concubines. Make them work or sell them off. When ML and GTY had a fight and started sleeping separately, these concubines and the other maids who wanted to climb the ranks started getting ideas. Maids from his step mom and his aunts, even maids from Da niang tried to take advantage of the quarrel between ML and GTY. I don't know if I remember this correctly, but GTY got tired of all the women and forbade any female from coming into his study... Trailers and previews are mostly misleading as they are not in sequence. So I'm not too worried about it.
  13. Lol she got more dirt on her own clothes while she was holding that big pile then Molan's after she threw it. Lol yes....I also can't help cracking up whenever Da niang goes.....GUIREN.
  14. Thankfully GTY knew what was best for her better than ML herself. Lets be thankful to GTY's scheming then. One schemer gets caught by another master schemer. In the book, there's chapter from GTY's POV of how he found out about her real self.....in that he starts calling her little schemer, little fraud in his head after he sees her pretending to be afraid of bees. Little ML actually was not afraid of bees....she was watching them with interest....but when the rest of the girls with her started screaming in fear....she started screaming too ....a beat later. So as to not appear different or strange. Thats the first time GTY noticed ML's pretense. After that he was always around in the crowd...keeping an eye on her....noticing things about her.