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  1. UnniSarah,


    subs for Oh My General up to the 40's:



    1. UnniSarah


      Thanks a lot chingu.... I will watch it . 

      Chingu 8 recommend another Cdrama to watch when you are able... I am watching Here to heart with Zhan Han and Janine Chang

    2. watchumlots


      Thanks to my K/CDrama chingu!  

  2. There is a site with almost 50 eps w/Eng subs...


    I will give the first two letters here, the remaining part in another post

    1. icyphoenix


      Thanks chingu!! Will watch it after all 60 is subbed!! Waiting to binge watch it!! 

    2. watchumlots


      I watched the remaining eps raw, dying to watch the final two episodes with subs.


      Oh My General was hilarious and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    3. icyphoenix


      It is looking very hilarious even from the teasers.. I m just stopping myself to watch it.. I want to watch it in a go.. 

  3. I haven't been watching since the 30's... Reading, looks like I haven't missed much! However, have some time so will catch-up. Looks like the "set-up" is over, we're getting to the "meaty" part. Still, at least 50 episodes to go... that is 10 more weeks before Revenge & Redemption (aka "dessert").
  4. Smash-up writer's carnival

    @Lmangla: I would love to try this, it would be a real exercise in humor/satire, writing, and patience. However, can't get to it until the weekend, and I haven't had time to watch all episodes. I feel a KDrama MARATHON coming on!
  5. @HRyujin: Hmmm. 22 years of age, plus 15 years of hiding = 37 years. The character is supposed to be 37 years old? These dramas always take license with age/time.
  6. @jeijei: Replying to your remark about Mi Hee's voice --- I find her whispering to be imitation finishing school, mimicking Jackie Onassis, who really went to 'finishing school.' When she uses a normal voice, the tone is nice and it's very pleasing, but that fake whispy whispering I find really pretentious. And she does it all the time, it's become her trademark. Just watching Sunday episode for a few weeks, reducing boring by 50%!
  7. WHAT??? WHAT were those previous 14 episodes about? Ep 15 was the BREAKUP. Ep 16 was a re-run-of-the-highlights of the prior 12 episodes. SO??? WHAT was up with that tree? Pollen? Grandpa? That stupid brother and his lame girlfriend 'dating' three years? Talisman? WHY? WHAT? WHO? AND WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT TREE? The scenes where the tree was primary were ... not visible. Couldn't see a thing about that stupid tree so WHAT was the purpose of showing the tree? I don't get a single thing about this series except that there were 2 guys liking one dumb cop girl, buying food and paying hospital bills for the cop girl who had a family full of misfortune. Cop Girl gets TheGuy in THE END?
  8. Sorry. Nothing has really happened. Nothing. RichLady & Shoemaker aren't any closer to boom-boom time. RichLady's going to live in Shoemaker's house? Shoemaker's moving uptown? DrDaughter... is boring me to tears. EldestDaughter should marry her boss, which may happen. That other guy is just...lame. And his mom has probably burned through several brooms. BratDaughter is just an awful pain-in-the-patootie BRAT! This series is S-L-O-W and getting nowhere.
  9. Isn't this 16 episodes? If the series is 16 episodes, it's the break-up-to-make-up / noble idiocy trope. However, these are two really cute leads and they have to live-happily-ever-after in The End.
  10. WHAT? Episode 25 w/Eng subs and NO COMMENTS? NO ONE is watching? This series is really fun! My only 'complaint' in that the main character looks to be about 14 years old and the women characters look about 30.
  11. Sorta like this series... Sorta. The NosyCouple are really annoying. ShoeMaker is a nice guy. But boring. EldestDaughter should not even be dating that annoying Dweeb, and seeing his mother should have convinced her of that. But Nooooo! TryingSon just tries and tries and tries, but never DOES. He should watch Star Wars, "Do or do not. There is no TRY." He is sitting in the seat, staring at the screen, only rising to make coffee. BratDaughter... WHAT A MOUTHY BRAT! She is rude and impertinent and mostly annoying. DrDaughter... is BORING. First she stands-up, then she stands-back. It's difficult to watch. RichLady is Rich and Proud and doesn't take much crappola. But she isn't moving quickly either, just dragging along. RichPlayer, RichLady's "son" is a real creep. He should be redeemed at The End, right? Dweeb... He just is. And that expression, as though he has to use the toilet. EldestDaughter is too good for him. Dweeb'sMom... whatta pain! Dweeb should rent a room to get away from her. HotDoc... Enough said. DimWitDaughter - HotDoc's niece. What more can be said, she is a very dim bulb. Will CuteKiddo be HotDoc's bio daughter? Betcha. When HotDoc hooks-up with DrDaughter, they will, thanks to the universe, be parenting their own daughter. DimWitDaughter & TryingSon will be the lamest couple in KDramaLand, but that's how it goes. RichPlayer, he's gonna cause problems in his mom's love life, we get to watch. All these people, you put them together and we have a KDrama mash-up. But 10 eps and NO ACTION.
  12. Cute! Cute! Cute! One of my all-time favorite dramas!!! So happy the Grandpa wasn't opposed to GirlCop. That would have added a unnecessary layer of angst, so a thumbs-up to the Writers for that. Can't wait until ScienceGuy tells GirlCop about his special abilities. Looking forward to a very happy ending.
  13. It is so silly, like the Looneytunes coyote and roadrunner cartoons. Losing patience AND interest.
  14. EP 19 w/Eng subs: OK, now we are getting somewhere... Some of the cats-are-out-of-the-bag... What happens with all the loose cats roaming around? This cat knows that cat, but some other cat doesn't know this cat or that cat... Everyone is trying to keep some secret from someone else. Our DesignerGirl is a fashion expert & genius! Wow! Just by touching the jacket lapel she knew how it was made and what type of thread was used! Simply amazing! I'm dying to go to Korea and meet some sassy witch in the bathroom that shakes her hands in my face. KAPOW! That would be the sound of the KDrama smack that would be heard. The CheatingHubby setting-up DesignerGirl to take the fall for a fictitious affair... we need Mr. Tall&Quiet to step-in and straighten-out that situation.