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  1. Up to Ep 44-45 w/Eng subs: Well, I wanted to see them married and living happily together. Just not so much. All the household blather: servants, properties, servants fighting, aye-yi-yi. It's a lot. And WHAT IS UP w/the pesky step-mother-in-law dropping by whenever to give orders? Can't she just stay home? Can't we all just get along? Moral of the story: watch what you wish for, you could get it. Let's move the story along, enough household drudgery.
  2. GUYS! GUYS! GUYS! *** --- *** NEWS FLASH! *** --- *** It's a DRAMA! These characters do not exist. If someone likes QH over GTY, OH WELL. SO WHAT? If someone thinks GTY's scheming and plotting is underhanded, SO WHAT? If someone thinks QH is weak and whiny, SO WHAT? WHAT is the point of debating whether one fictional character's love is more true than another fictional character's? These are only fictional characters - they do not exist - and we are all entitled to our own opinions and interpretations. Let's share our perceptions to enhance our viewing experience without judgement. This is supposed to be FUN!
  3. Old Man Sheng was so in-love with Concubine Lin, that is why she did whatever she wanted and he chose not to see it. It was obvious that his marriage with the main wife was a family-arranged affair and his love was Concubine Lin. All the women, concubines and wives, vie for power within the household. Concubine Lin was very cunning and persuasive in all of her insidious deeds. That is what drove the MainWife crazy! Even if Lin's excuse was flimsy, the Master fell for it. MingLan's mother was hugely pregnant and living in an unheated room! Sheng made lame efforts to solve the problem, but did not do anything that would cause problems for Concubine Lin. If there is a mess in the Sheng house, Master Sheng bears the most blame.
  4. QH & ML & QTY... What a tangled web we weave! QH found himself suddenly and fortuitously widowed. WHO KNEW he could be so lucky after all the bad luck? So NOW he could pursue the woman he truly wanted, and those pesky threatening 3rd tier royals were nowhere to be found as they are very D-E-A-D. QTY was a rogue. He was an outcast from is family due to hanging out with and keeping a bar singer, setting-up household with her, having children with her, and trying to get her accepted into his family/household. Earlier, that very thing that caused all kinds of uproar in his house when they tried to arrange a 'decent' marriage for him and the mistress took full advantage making scenes everywhere: PLEASE? Just let me be an accepted concubine. Yeah, right. Her scam was to take over and be accepted as an aristocrat. QH knew about QTY's relationship issues. ML, if she marries QTY, has to deal with his runaway mistress and QTY's two kiddos. So of course QH looks like a better choice. Even though his mother is overbearing, he doesn't have the other mistress-related baggage and bad relations with his family baggage. QTY's new found legitimacy (saving the emperor) and the favoritism displayed by the emperor puts him in a whole new light and now makes him much more desirable as a marriage prospect. Everyone seems inclined to forget all that bar singer/mistress business.
  5. Up to Ep 35 w/Eng subs, Ep 37 w/o Eng subs: 1) ConcubineLin... DEAD. Glad Granny finally caused him to see the light. Loved that he ran out to see ConcubineLin and confirm what Granny said and felt like such a fool. 'Cause he was! Some scholar he was to get played so bad by a scheming concubine. 'Hubby' said that he was going to kill her, and the way that servant went after her with that club, it looks like he got his wish. I think it was more than skin infection that kilt her, she probably had major internal injuries. Getting whacked like that with a massive club like that one is going to do some major damage: spine, intestines, you name it! 2) HILARIOUS that poor little MingLan sneaks out of the palace with the emperor's orders and runs right smack dead center into the rescuers and gets herself (and the emperor) rescued. Well, why not? It's CDrama. 3) ConsortEvil is the one who's sister ended tossed into the street and hung herself all because of wanting HotStuff, QH? Well, the other EvilConsort/Princess got him. Such a catch. In the temple scene QH prayed for MingLan's health and happiness and a good husband. Watch what you wish for... I haven't seen the scene where HotStuff learns his wife is kilt and wants to reconnect with MingLan, the one where he tosses stuff in frustration. HotStuff gave-up on MingLan to protect her from the very same people that abducted the girl that kilt herdamnself. Poor girl. SpoiltPrincess' mom threatened to do the same to MingLan, so he immediately gave-up and married SpoiltPrincess. He seemed incline to protest that his father was held hostage, but when they threatened to hurt the 6th Miss from the Sheng family, he relented. SpoiltPrincess and her evil-plotting mom are now dead, so he wants to reconnect with MingLan. That understandable since she isn't married. BUT now there is another impediment: GTY! It's always something. HotStuff just can't catch a break. 4) RouSis marrying the scholar will please her father... although not the part about her secretly meeting him. I think that's a major NO-NO. The poor long-suffering wife, RouSis's mother... She has only caught one break in her entire life, when ConcubineLin and MoSis got caught, and now her daughter is caught sneaking out. Appears that out of the three 'daughters,' only MingLan will make a good marriage. Closing-in on Ep 40, that's a lot of background until the main character gets launched. I am loving every minute of this series!
  6. Does anyone know where in the novel (chapter) Ep 31-32 of the drama are taken from? Don't have subs for Ep 30-32, only up to 29. AHhhhhh! I can't wait! It's killing me to not have the dialogue to these scenes, they are awesome scenes.
  7. Hey guys, I'm so IN! Watched up to Ep 22 w/subs, Ep 23/24 w/o subs - however, watching w/o subs is pointless. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series sooo much! If it ended at Ep 23, it would still be in my top three all-time favorite dramas! I love the acting, the costumes, the sets, and the way everyday life of aristocrats is portrayed. I LOVE everything about this series. BTW, THANK YOU to all contributors who explain culturally specific things... like the numbering of the siblings. It's little things like this that really add to the enjoyment of the series and understanding of culture. A sincere THANK YOU to all who take the time and effort to do this. Novel? Link?
  8. Ep 104 w/o Eng Subs: All is well that ends well. The BEST PARTs of the final episode are those shots of WitchyFake with tears running/dripping/flowing. LOVE IT! Sucks to be WitchyFake! I gotta say, that jail jumpsuit looks better than some of those outfits she was wearing. My major issue with The End is that WitchyFake did not end up dead. SHE KILLED HER SWEET HUSBAND!!! Oh well. It's KDrama and all is forgiven and all is back to it's rightful place and they all live happily-ever-after. Outtakes at the end... really fun. We only see the filmed version, so it's fun to see the actors enjoying themselves. THANK YOU to all who contribute to the forum, you make it so much fun to "share" the episodes. I love all the translations, comments, observances, and sharing with such a fun group. On to the next series. I can hardly wait.
  9. @celebrianna: Can I have an AMEN??? THIS is exactly my point!!! These KDrama villains and villainesses commit heinous crimes against the other (completely unsuspecting) characters and live quite well and happily! In The End, they either repent and are accepted, or spend three years in prison. Makes me seriously consider moving to Korea and committing to a life of crime and perfidy. Per KDramas, it is so simple there. WitchyFake kept working at The Company, and living in the Big House, even after being outed as a FAKE. That whole aspect of DeRanged or HotHunk even letting WitchyFake in the front door after she had someone smash DeRanged with car and leave her for dead... REALLY? WHO does that? I mean smash someone with a car AND knock on the front door and expect them to let you in? WHO does that? Only in a KDrama. HotHunk knew that WitchyFake was jumping his ship. He was hurt, but OK with it. For WitchyFake to scam and burn their mothers in such a fashion... only in KDrama. WitchyFake's brother, HotHeir, said on multiple occasions that she should have just been a treasured daughter-in-law and focused on deserving her father-in-law's love and raising her daughter. But NOOOoooo. I particularly like the way she flipped on/off so easily between evil and sweet manipulation. Without WitchyFake, we would have had no drama in our KDrama, so she was a very good evil character.
  10. Ep 103 w/Eng subs: Was streaming so slowly, just FF thru most sections. Writer is finishing this series weirdly. Bobby, the thug, the guy on Interpol's list, struts right thru Korean Customs. DeRanged has suddenly had a sane attack, will it last until she gets on the plane? The expression WitchyFake's bio-mom constantly wears. WHY WHY WHY bring this character into the series at the final moment? Is she supposed to make WitchyFake more sympathetic? Well, it doesn't work. I have absolutely ZERO sympathy for EvilCEO, EvilPrez, and WitchyFake. One can have a little pity for HotHeir because he was sandwiched between evil, but those other characters were just greedy, power hungry, and menaces to society. Good bye Love Until the End. Well, after Monday's episode.
  11. @sava2sava: What happen to the lawsuit GY filed aganist YB, Has it been paid ? --- You are looking for plot continuity and accuracy --- good luck! SweetGirl & her Cells company should have had YB by the... well, tender parts. That alone should have had WitchyFake & EvilPrez in the slammer, or paying lots of money. WHY WHY WHY would EvilPrez even help WitchyFake? She was plotting to oust him as Prez & CEO to take those positions herself. She was plotting to oust her 'brother' to take that position. EvilPrez was taking WitchyFake's side in her machinations even against his own bio-son! EvilPrez, and everyone, knows she isn't even his real daughter, yet they offer her assistance! WRITER, YOU are WHACK! All drama writers do the same thing. It's very irritating. What is wrong with retribution/justice for the wrongs committed?
  12. EP 103 w/o Eng subs: The two thug-crooks got caught. EvilCEO is going to the Grey Bar Inn for a prolonged stay. Don't know why EvilPrez is still out-and-about. WitchyFake's bio-mom looks like a basset hound with her big, sad, droopy eyes. Every scene she is wearing her basset hound look. WHY WHY WHY is she running around all over town apologizing to everyone? I'm over it. So over it. WitchyFake is on-the-run. How can she sleep knowing she killed her kid's dad? All she worries about is not getting caught and $$$. Well, now she can worry about getting caught. Who cares about DeRanged/UnStableMable? Still don't care about HotHeir & SweetSis. CuteKiddo dropped-off at her paternal grandparents' house. We knew that was coming. Still don't care about ancillary Restaurant Couple. Nope. Still don't. Preview leads us to believe WitchyFake will toss herevilself off a cliff. We can hope.
  13. HotHeir & SweetSis... Really? SweetSis says such mean things to HotHeir. All the time. Mean Mean words. Why not just say something reasonable like: Your family is soooo messed-up, I don't want to be related to those criminals rather than "I'm sick of your face?" Seriously, imagine EvilPrez as your father-in-law? Or grandfather to your kids? Aye yi yi! He would sell them if it suited his goals! So anything about those two burning screen time... WHY? Their 20-year love? If they were 20 in college, they are at least 40 now. I am SO OVER IT! STOP WRITER. S.T.O.P. And then the two ancillary characters in the restaurant... WHO CARES???
  14. Ep 100 w/Eng subs, Ep 101 w/o Eng subs: Can I really make it through three more episodes of this craziness? 1) Restaurant couple... don't care. 2) HotHeir & SweetSis... don't care. 3) DramaQueen... don't care. She is one really irritating character. Everything she says is wrong and awful. 4) Bobby? Bobby! Bobby. I am really starting not to care about this character. 5) WRITER, you are LAME!!! WitchyFake has been fired. Thrown Out. Threatened with arrest. a) WHY WHY WHY is she barging into offices, tossing stuff, and making diva demands? She doesn't work there any longer. b) WHY WHY WHY was she in the YB City signing scene when she had been fired earlier? c) WHY WHY WHY is she waltzing into and out of the EvilCEO's office, planting listening devices? d) WHY WHY WHY is EvilPrez still spilling everything to WitchyFake and helping her? She isn't his daughter, he aided and abetted the fake when it was beneficial to him. It is no longer beneficial to him. 6) WRITER, are you bringing in WitchyFake's birth mother so she will have somewhere to go when she leaves prison? 7) Emily. DeRanged. UnStableMable. a) WHY WHY WHY does she call HotHunk 'Jimmy' when she has known him for years when he was involved with WitchyFake and knows his real name? b) WHY WHY WHY would anyone involve such an unstable, untrustworthy person with any task? She was just recently released from the psych ward! c) Since we saw the previews, we know there was no long drive off the short pier for DeRanged and WitchyFake. Really bad editing. d) Waiting for Eng subs for Ep 101, scene with DimDad and DeRanged. Then I may have a mini-rant about that. Plus, pretty typical. All of the criminals suffer from apoplexy when they are caught. Wut? Jail? WHY me? Uh, because you committed the crime? Well, yes. But I was only trying to get rich, steal something, swindle someone, and xyz got in my way and had to be kidnapped, murdered, swindled. It was just in a days' work. Nothing anyone else wouldn't/didn't do. WHY are you trying to prosecute/seek revenge upon me? YOU are being so unreasonable!