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  1. LOL - Viewers are angry with HotHunk because he has a new wife while his x-wife was patiently waiting for his victorious return to present him with his beautiful son. EXCEPT... Writer has different ideas. Viewers should remember that HotHunk's family is to blame for HotHunk being kept in the dark about his kiddo. His x-wife tried to tell him. She tried to go to his family, but they turned her away. Would LOVE it if these revenge dramas went off-the-rails and the person seeking revenge gets both his revenge AND truly shown how his life is wrecked by seeking that revenge. (As has happened so far in this series) We usually become frustrated because the person committing 100 episodes worth of misery is simply forgiven in The End and welcomed into the fold. If the viewers are lucky, the perpetrator gets smacked by the White Truck of Doom. It's only make-believe, and with Korean sensibilities and values regarding family, everyone will Live Happily Ever After at The End. We just have... 99-56 = 44 more episodes until we get there. Ep 100 is where all the kumbaya happens. I and dying of curiosity to see how the Writer gets out of this one.
  2. @sava2sava: WitchyFake ... her real legal person/name is DEAD. That makes her an impostor, thus everything is null and void. YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! But there is the Kiddo who does have a mother... Even if the mother has a different name, maybe DimWitBro will have to put WitchyFake's real name on his family register. OR... His NEXT WIFE will appear on the family register, the Kiddo will be her daughter. Hmm. WHY WHY WHY did HotHunk marry Blondie? The truth will be revealed, we just have to wait for it. Is her amnesia fake? I'm sayin' NO. If HotHunk knows that WitchyFake is a fake, GAME OVER! He would just out her immediately, why spend time/money when he can humiliate her, have her tossed from SweetGirl's family and move back to his old place. WitchyFake would be tossed out of YB Group so fast, her 'dad' would toss her out so fast she wouldn't have time to pack. So, I'm sayin' NO, the amnesia isn't fake. And HotHunk doesn't know about WitchFake's fakeness. @USAFarmgirl: -You don't understand why SweetGirl's mom didn't tell her about HotHunk movin'-on-down-the-line with another woman? -You don't understand why SweetGirl's mom didn't let them have a moment to work it out themselves? WELCOME to the land of KDrama where very little makes sense and things are always happening because NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING they should say and always SAYS THINGS THEY SHOULDN'T SAY!!! WHY didn't anyone tell DimWitBro about the 40million+ scams his wife pulled? WHY didn't RestaurantMom tell her X, her son and daughter what WitchyFake did/said to her when she came to accept reconciliation? WHY? WHY? WHY? This is always the question. HotHunk was forthcoming when his (former) m-in-law suggested he stop messing around and get back with his (x)wife and raise their Kiddo together. He told her, NO CAN DO, got myself another woman. Married her. BOOM! That was it. Now WHY WHY WHY didn't RestaurantMom tell SweetGirl immediately is the frustration of KDrama. Join us in the FRUSTRATED and FLABBERGASTED section.
  3. Ep 56 w/o subs: Aye yi yi! OMO! OMO! OMO! I'm starting to like this twisted mess! This Writer is taking a cue from the Krazy Writer of Apujeong Midnight, Princess Aurora, New Gisaeng. Rather than kill people off, they are changing partners like square dancers. Series is getting more similar to US soaps where everyone sleeps with, marries, and divorces other cast members over-and-over-and-over. Let's do The Count: 2 birth secrets: WitchyFake and CuteKiddo. Now that CuteKiddo is outed, that leaves us with WitchyFake. 3 divorces and 1 abandoned engagement. 1 single mom. 1 old maid. 1 x-girlfriend now business associate and revenge target Swing that girl around - Round 'n Round we go - Do Si Do - Bow to your partner! (square dance call) Blondie is no longer blonde, has tamed her style, remembers WitchyFake but not SweetGirl. Like I said, this Writer has major issues with continuity. But it's a soap, so Writer gets away with it. HotHunk having a really terrible, horrible, very bad day. Walks into the lobby looking for his wife to find her chatting-up with his x-wife. His x-wife. The one that had a baby without him knowing. The one that is waiting for him not knowing that he married and hasn't looked back. Yeah. Those two are having a cozy chat. Seriously, HotHunk ditched SweetGirl before he decided to marry her. Then he ran away for years with no contact. LET IT GO. He apparently lived quite well without you for so many years, return the favor. MOVE ON! Living well is the best revenge. If SweetGirl harbors a grudge, it should be against her sister-in-law. The one that misrepresented herself to marry into her family. The one that put her husband in jail with fake evidence. The one that hired guys to beat the smash out of her husband. The one that scammed her husband's family out of their land. The one that tried to scam SweetGirl's mother, but got HotHunk's mother. The one that pushed her down the stairs. Yeah. That one. That's the one she should hold a grudge against for making her life what it is today. SweetGirl's long hair is a bad wig/extension job. But it does the job of making her look a little older. Blondie's hair is EXACTLY the same, just not blonde. My favorite 'do is WitchyFake's. A little heavy on the gel-shine but it suits her so well. I can hardly wait for the subs to be posted. And Monday, well that's a nail-biting 3 days away.
  4. Ep 55 w/Eng subs: * HotHunk tells SweetGirl's mother that he has no right to approach SweetGirl. Hmmm. Sounds ominous. * SweetGirl's mother tells SweetGirl to stop waiting for HotHunk. Writer could have done a better job with the love triangle... Why have CorpHeir hot for SweetGirl then switch to his 'old love' HotHunk's sister? CorpHeir could have taken advantage of HotHunk's absence and advanced his agenda with SweetGirl. HotHunk can't be w/Emily, didn't she resort to blackmail because she needed money for her father's care/treatment? Her father then could not be the BigCheese of Morris. Did HotHunk get involved with the Morris family? If so, CorpSOB (CorpCEO) won't dare to diss him. WitchyFake, that's another issue. Watching everyone's face in the last scene was worth all the weepy-soppy-boo-hoo scenes. My favorite scene: HotHunk's sister went thru her logic for not telling HotHunk about CuteKiddo. She was absolutely correct; not telling him made him a fool rather than a ruthless jerk. About The End... Blondie is no where in the series promo poster, it looks like it will be our two original couples in The End. It will really tick me off if WitchyFake gets redemption not demise. Ah, tomorrow. Tomorrow. Will be a weekend cliffhanger! Drats! I will curse you yet again Writer!
  5. Ep 55 w/o subs: This episode is all Wah. Wah. Wah. Violins & tears. HotHunk realizes he has a child! Oh, cue the tears. And right on cue, they arrived. BUT! He will not succumb to emotions. NO-Way-NO-How. He is carrying on with his plan for revenge! WitchyFake must be stopped and he is the only one that can do it! (I hear superman music) Every single character in the cast wants to "Talk to HotHunk about his son" and they are all posing the same question: What are you going to do? NOT A SINGLE character in the cast wants to talk about what WitchyFake did. Or is doing. Or how SweetGirl's family keeps her. They could easily toss her out and keep their Kiddo. But they just have mini-meetings saying "What are they/he going to do?" Everyone is 'doing' more than them, that is fer shur. WitchyFake gets tossed-out of her office in the preview, but where is she going to call home? Bet she is back with her married family. Speaking of WitchyFake moving into her 'father's house:' It isn't her father's house, it is her brother's house. She should need his permission to move in, or anything. Initially, the way she waltzed-in and started ordering everyone around, thinking that she was moving into her father's house. It was her father that explained that even the house is in her brother's name. WitchyFake should have been a little more humble towards her brother after that conversation. Terrible Writers! Not expecting Blondie to make an appearance until about Ep 85 or so. WitchyFake needs killing and we can wrap-this-thing-up! I'm just sayin' Oh, and today WitchyFake looked like an airline hostess. "Ladies & Gentlemen, Thank you for flying Satanic Airways, welcome aboard flight 666, nonstop to hell."
  6. Ep 54 w/Eng subs: Let's clear a few things up (per the subs): 1) WitchyFake says to her dad, CorpDimWit, that HotHunk is going to his mother's store @ 8 pm, for CorpDimWit to 'take care of him.' Or was it "I'll leave that to you?" Something like that. 2) The CorpHeir shows up to meet HotHunk @ 8 at DramaQueen's store, overhears the gangstas saying that they should have killed HotHunk last time. CorpHeir inserts hisdumbself into the situation and gets the beatdown. HotHunk knew it was a set-up, so he hung back to film CorpHeir taking his beatdown, then sent the image to CorpDimWit who blew a gasket because HIS gangstas were beating HIS SON and not HotHunk. Of course, WitchyFake suspected that HotHunk would be suspicious and was waiting to see what he would do. She couldn't care less that her own (fake) brother got the beatdown, she only cared that HotHunk appeared, was suspicious, and set a (countertrap) trap for them which her DimWitFather obligingly walked into. WitchyFake had her dad get the gangstas so if it blew-up, there would be no link to her. Oh, with her there is NO BOTTOM on how low she will go. 3)DimBro... Yeah. Aptly named. He is also spineless, so maybe it's a good thing he is also dim. If he could walk upright, he might get into trouble. I digress. DimBro still can't believe that his wife is truly a WitchyFake, but if everyone says it's true, he will stand by and watch what happens. He isn't going to leave her. Or kick her out. He is going to watch what happens, promises his sister he will stand aside and not take WitchyFake's side. Don't know how that is helpful. But WE REMEMBER when Blondie told DimBro she gave WitchyFake the money to fly business class after WitchyFake had spotted her new mark. Er, love. DimBro confronted WitchyFake about it. WitchyFake said that it was "love at first sight" and that was why she pursued him. And it wasn't about $$$, look at her family's financial status compared to his! DimBro politely swallowed the entire lie. Um, yummy. He has swallowed ALL her lies and glossed-over his own doubts. Now, he doesn't want to believe it, but surely something is amiss. Could it really be his wife? Has he really been that stupid? Has he really been that blind? We are all shouting a collective YES!!! That is precisely why your nickname is DimBro. 4) Everyone keeps asking WitchyFake if Blondie is possibly responsible for the gossip articles? WitchyFake gets very irritated and says NO. It's HotHunk! Finally, in the meeting with the Chairman, CorpDimWit, CorpHeir, and WitchyFake, when the same question is posed, she blows in irritation and confirms that Blondie is D.E.A.D. That she heard it in passing a couple of years ago, doesn't know anything further. (I'm hearing the dread-drums music pounding, do you?) HotHunk is responsible for everything due to the scam with his mom, his seal, their company and land, his dad dying, you know, all that measly stuff. He just can't let it go. Will someone please believe that he is behind all these problems and GET HIM! 5) Financing. YBGroup needs $$$. (Don't we all?) Their domestic sources have dried-up, no one is taking or returning their calls. ChairMan says that he tried all night to get foreign sources. No go. HotHunk can't be that influential, can he? How can he, one bashed-up HotHunk, a simple stock trader, be that influential? WitchyFake suggests they borrow from the one source they already owe so much, they will lend more as they can't afford to lose their already large stake, right? (I hear more of the dread-drums music pounding, you too?) No subs on the preview, and it went by so quickly, with my mangly Korean, I couldn't catch a word. About the dialogue on this series, they keep switching from formal to informal sentence by sentence. I am trying to catch verbs / nouns / endings and then they switch forms! Korean is a very difficult language. Finally, I'm going to be catty, lick some cream from my whiskers and comment on that cat-astrophe of a whatever WitchyFake was wearing for a suit(?) in this episode. It looked like the loser of a Project Runway challenge: Make marching band uniforms into office wear. And you have to use the instruments and their carrying cases to craft matching shoes! See you at the office! Saw that 'outfit' and could literally hear the Project Runway catty judges ripping it to shreds. -"Can't decide if it's flashy evening wear, with those sheer sleeves, or a secretary trying to seduce the boss." -"You didn't have to use the gold braid from all the uniforms, could have shared some with the other designers." -"Just because the band wears socks doesn't mean your model had to wear socks." -"Socks with a mini skirt. Why? If you were afraid your model would get cold, make the skirt longer." -"A trumpet on the end of the shoes? WHY, to announce your arrival?" I can even hear Heidi saying "I'm sorry, you are OUT." Think I need to go now, double-down on my meds and deal with those voices in my head.
  7. Ep 53 w/garbled Eng subs: Oh boy... whatta garbled mess, even without the subs being actually garbled. 1) Easy to find HotHunk in the US, it would take me about 10 seconds. If he's working on "Wall Street" or in the securities industry, he's gonna need an SEC license. Tap, tap, tap... BOOM! There he is! So there goes that mystery. If he isn't directly working in the securities industry, it might 20 seconds longer; he is traveling on a Korean passport. 2) NOW? After 5 years, we have a six-year-old (after a x-month pregnancy) and a really nasty-looking scar that was stitched-up by a nurses aid using a x-stitch!!! (He's still hot, a little scar can't diminish that hotness) - And, check out the horrid hairdos! DramaQueen wins for The Worst. 3) The Dupes NEVER wanted to understand WHY the grandchild's paternal grandmother doesn't want anything to do with them, but NOW, after 5 years they are dying to get to the bottom of the issue? 4) Of course, DumbBro (very quietly) walks in on a session where his wife is harassing his sister and just happens to hear his wife taunt his sister about her relationship with sis's x-hubby, HotHunk. Timing. Timing is everything. 5) SweetGirl's mother has't changed a bit, she is still skulking around with sad looks. 6) Dupes, YES! It is time you finally wondered why everyone who comes into contact with your wife/daughter-in-law HATES her. Just don't know how much of this I can take...
  8. Stop WitchyFake. From what? Why should HotHunk care if his (x)wife's family loses everything to the her? It is just as much his fault for not 'outing' WitchyFake to her f-in-law and hubby. Since he was going to sacrifice his marriage, why not take WitchyFake down too? His mother & sister should have marched over to their in-laws' house and told them everything, including WitchyFake was the one that stole their blueprints to give to her father! This is what I'm talking about... dumb, stupid plots. Stupid Emily should have marched over to WitchyFake's 'family' and told them she is a FAKE, to demand another DNA test where the sample is witnessed. GAME OVER, end of series, everyone could have Lived Happily Ever After. But Nooooo! That would be too easy, the series could have come to conclusion after 35 episodes, we would not have 100 episodes of makjang revenge and back-stabbing.
  9. oh oh oh - WitchyFaker's kid is a gurl? Remember the scene where he 'father' told her not to get pregnant so she could remarry easily after scamming/divorcing DumbBro when she was stealing their technology? Since she doesn't like DumbBro, she probably doesn't like her BratKid, she certainly doesn't seem the maternal type. DumbBro knows that his wife is a pit viper, he has to look the other way or divorce her. He doesn't want to admit he fell into a pit viper's pit! How could he have been so dumb? Well, he still is dumb. 5 years and he isn't worried or thinking about his sister? Really? Will catch-up this weekend on the week's episodes and post after flipping-out. May have to increase my chardonnay dosage before posting.
  10. This stupid plot line of divorce & disappearing is making my honey HotHunk into a DEADBEAT DAD! For five years he didn't care or support his kiddo! While he can claim he didn't know he had a kiddo, all he talked about before the split was wanting to see his baby. Bet after 5 years his sister STILL isn't married. She must be close to 40 by now, her eggs have long gone stale! CorpBro, he has to be at least 40 after 5 yrs, bet he will still look the same, w/o greying temples. These KDrama Writers need to put some thought into these whack plots. I think they get drunk and say "Yeah, let's do that, those ahjummas will keep watching." And they are right, we keep watching. If we all changed the channel or dumped the drama after these whack plot twists, they would stop writing them. What would have been wrong with HotHunk taking his wife WITH HIM to the US? SweetGirl certainly knew about WitchyFake's character and plans. SweetGirl could have had a baby, gone to uni, helped plot the revenge. But Nooooo! DumbWriter has her living alone, raising her kiddo, playing the martyr. And the Writer made HotHunk into a DeadBeatDad and for that there is NO FORGIVENESS! I may have to revisit CDramas where the characters do things that are much more plausible, like fly through the air with the greatest of ease.
  11. OMG! WHAT have I missed? Saw Monday's episode, been dreading since then, appears for good reason. So this is how it's gonna go; HotHunk dumps his wife and takes Blondie to the US for treatments, works to stack some paper and exact his revenge? REALLY? This entire plot makes NO SENSE to me: 1) Guy and Girl have long-time affair. 2) Guy thinks it's serious, Girl ditches him for supposedly rich guy. 3) Guy finds Girl2, in-law of Girl1 and marries her without exposing past with Girl1 4) Girl1 plots evil actions for Guy and fails 5) Girl2 learns of Girl1 evil intentions and doesn't out her 6) Girl1 TELLS Girl2 of her evil intentions and still Girl1 doesn't out her 7) Girl1 causes horrible consequences to Guy's family and NO ONE outs her 8) Girl2 and Guy separate 9) Guy leaves the country to plot revenge, save $, and help Girl1's Friend. REALLY??? This is where this series is going? Is the Writer on drugs or have Attention Deficit or ??? This can't be it. What am I missing?
  12. Ep 47 w/Eng subs: Aye yi yi ! Here we go again. Everyone do-si-do and change partners! Swing your partner to the left... This series is like square-dancing. First you bow and marry. Next you bow and divorce. Oh, after someone gets scammed and someone dies. Now... CHANGE PARTNERS! Emily had a thing for HotHunk, but he was stoopid and only had eyes for WitchyFake. WHY WHY WHY??? doesn't ANYONE say ANYTHING about WitchyFake now that someone is freakin' dead? EVERYONE knows that WitchyFake is a WITCH, they just don't know EVERYONE was conned and she's a FAKE. A major scam is being perpetrated all because NO ONE will SAY ANYTHING. It's most frustrating. And stupid. Don't understand WHY WHY WHY SweetGirl denies that WitchyFake is truly evil when she has seen it herdamnself? How long before we discover that SweetGirl is pregnant while HotHunk takes YEARS to prove that WitchyFake is a pit viper? I am thinking it will take at least 20 episodes. Maybe more.
  13. Ep 46 w/Eng subs: HotHunk is on-a-roll now! Too bad the best laid plans went to ruin. There are so many players with different objectives, it is quite the tangle. CluelessHubby is also becoming a bit less clueless. He isn't dumb, and the pieces are starting to fit together. While he is beginning to realize his wife is a snake in women's clothing, it won't be long before he realizes he has married a pit viper; a very deadly kind of snake. Completely losing patience with the DramaQueen. Her stupidity/ignorance is part of what caused this mess. Why blame the outcome on the innocent? DramaQueen has a terminal case of stupidity&ignorance. WHY WHY WHY can't HotHunk go to WitchyFake's hubby to tell him about WitchyFake & Emily? That would get 25% of the plot resolved.
  14. Ep 45 w/Eng subs: Aye yi yi! - OMO! & just about any other exclamation. WitchyFake is a real piece of work. The whole world deserves what it gets from her because she was born poor, her mother died, and she swapped places with a dead kid. Make sense to anyone? HotHunk's mom surely is too stupid to breathe on her own, she must be prompted on a fairly regular basis to inhale... exhale. WitchyFake's latest scam is quite the scam, I'm impressed. It's like 3D chess and Jengo combined. However, we have one dead guy, a land transfer and the entire cast that knows her secret and yet still won't 'out' her. Well, they deserve what they get! Poor USFriend, she got the smack smacked-outta-her. A little beating and she folds like a dirty shirt. She should have run to the police, and WitchyFake's in-laws, and yelled it from the mountain top. BUT NOOOO. We have more plotting and reverse revenge plotting, about 54 episodes worth.
  15. AHHHH !!! Someone dies??? STOP IT! If you don't know, STOP IT!!! The speculations are killing me! How am I supposed to live day-to-day wondering WHO will die & WHO will have the CuteBaby? You guys are killing me and you are supposed to be supportive. Maybe in The End WitchyFake dies, after being exposed, and her hubby & in-laws raise the baby, it's the Second Chance for them.