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  1. Ep 44 w/Eng subs: Aye yi yi! OMO! OMO! OMO! and anything else in any other language! That RichPlayer is one for the books! He brings to his mother's home the very guy that caused all their problems! Supposedly RichLady is home every day, WHY WHY WHY she doesn't notice a man living in her apartment is beyond me. THEN there is that BusyAhjumma, in/out, always chatting and nattering about everyone's business... SHE wouldn't say something about the man living in her boss' apartment? Since RichLady has Alzheimer's or a benign tumor, she isn't going to care that the man she loathes is free-loading, er living, in her apartment? BTW ---> That XHubby is quite the scam artist! Not only does he park hisdamnself in his X's apartment, but takes full advantage of her hospitality by plotting to scam her? In The End, RichPlayer will take his mother's side in the whole $$$ debacle, it's his redemption opportunity. EldestDaughter and her m-inlaw... What a HOTMESS! That girl shur turned the tables on her grabby m-inlaw: We got a cap-pay, but it's going to cost your precious son 10 yrs of salary. Such a deal! PLUS, Grabby has to run the place. DYING to see how long that lasts. ClumsyDaters... well, they are just young and clumsy. Will they marry and create a double-in-laws dilemma? NastyNoona strikes again! Waiting for The End. And the next KDrama.
  2. @Shamrockmom: THANKS for the support. Was noticing that many commenters felt soooo sad and sorry for RichPlayer because he didn't get the girl AND he and his "mother" are somewhat estranged AND he was behaving nicely towards TryingSon when DimWitDaughter's Dad was being a jerk. It's a start towards his redemption, but he has A HECKOFALOT to be forgiven. A real no-no, deceiving and selling out his "mother" who took him in after his own bio-mom dumped him! He's a cad! One would expect that he would be most loyal and honest towards her, but NOOOooooo. PLUS, wanting his adopted mother to financially bail-out the man that dumped a kid from an affair on her, lost all their money, ran up debts, and then abandoned them! THE NERVE!
  3. Thoughts about RichPlayer... 1) He is a liar and a creep. RichPlayer lies to his mom, RichLady, about his birth mother: her identity, whereabouts, has he seen her since she left him? He knows who she is, gives her money to keep her quiet so RichLady doesn't hand him back to her. He chooses to lie and scam the person who makes his plush life possible. RichPlayer scams his own 'mother!' He plotted to oust the manager she trusts and scam shares and give money to the father that abandoned him! Last few episodes have portrayed him as a lonely, pitiable character, but he's a really awful person in need of serious redemption. RichPlayer has absolutely zero interest in DimWitDaughter, she is definitely not his type. Writers did a real disservice to have him interested in her for plot reasons. They are not a fit. RichPlayer's character is more similar to BratDaughter's SneakyBoss. Those are his friends & social contacts, not an innocent, honest, gullible girl like DimWitDaughter. Now he comes in contact with a father that truly cares for his children's well being: financial, emotional, and moral. Plus, the brothers and sisters in the family sincerely care about each other, this is also new to him. We see him realizing he isn't comfortable being such a horrible person, he doesn't want to hurt DimWitDaughter or make her life difficult. And, he isn't comfortable seeing DimWitDaughter's Dad treat TryingSon so badly. RichPlayer's rehabilitation has begun. And not too soon, he was a truly awful creep for about 38 episodes!
  4. Ep 40 w/o subs: Again. HotDoc returned from Africa because wanted DrDaughter and Kiddo. NOW... there is a biological link and he is conflicted? HotDoc wants to marry DrDaughter because Kiddo is his bio-daughter? It's just weak. Would have been better if he was thrilled, but Writer needed to draw things out a bit. Done. Let's move on. NastyNoona is changing her nasty tune? About time. The two boys dueling over the same girl's affections. Done before. If the girl likes one, then game-over. But, it's KDrama so she may marry the one she doesn't like and pine for the one that got away. Seen that happen too, but probably not on this series. RichPlayer will relent. Waiting for Ep 41 & both episodes to be subbed. You guys are the best - LOVE reading all the comments, really adds to the viewing experience.
  5. Ep 38 & 39 w/Eng subs: Really? After EVERYTHING, HotDr is conflicted? This entire episode was a waste of film and actors' time. There is only one reason for Episode 39: Lameness. The writer went LAME. Maybe sitting directly under the air cooling vents and the brain went numb? HotDr was going to marry a woman WITH a Kiddo, he was going to be a father to the Kiddo. He LOVED that little Kiddo. But NOW that he knows she is his bio-daughter, he is conflicted? Remember one of those earlier episodes, when he returned from Africa because he WANTED to marry DrDaughter and have a family of his own? Actually, HotDr HAS to marry DrDaughter, he wants his bio-daughter, right? AND, betting that HotDr will not let WorthlessEx take CuteKiddo to the amusement park. Plus, I'm disappointed in RichLady for giving in to DweebMom by promising her a 'Cap-pay.' (Apparently there is no F sound in Korean - so COFFEE is 'cop-pee' and cafe is 'cap-pay.' ) When EldestDaughter learns that the 'cap-pay' came from her not-yet-stepmother, she will be steaming at her mother-in-law for taking advantage and her manipulation. NastyNoona and her EvilDo-er hubby will object to TryingSon's attentions toward their daughter. They want RichPlayer, although both are equally (not) RichLady's sons. And there is that pesky double-in-law problem with either son and their daughter if HotDr marries DrDaughter (and we know he will). This could be wrapped-up well in just two episodes, but the contract was for 50, so we have 11 more to go. Just hope they aren't as lame as Ep 39.
  6. @NewYee: Ahhhhh. That's right! The CuteKiddo needs a transfusion because she has anemia. I overlooked that aspect of the scenario.
  7. @newyee: The kid didn't inherit an illness, her (alleged) illness is a rare result of getting a blood transfusion from a close relative with her blood type. E.g., HotDoc would not have donated to his daughter if he knew she was his daughter, they would have sought a stranger as a donor. This makes the XHubby the bad guy because he knew who's sperm he hijacked, he knew the risks yet still said NOTHING, choosing to endanger his "daughter" rather than reveal his involvement in the 'crime,' or that the child is not his biological child. Plus, he stood on his own two feet and said to a world-wide audience that he thought he would be able to love the child that was not his if she was the child of someone smart. One must admit that is a new theory or motivation, even for KDrama.
  8. @shamrockmom: HEY! UCI can't be in your backyard because it's in my backyard! Procedures Sla-medures! Where money and desire are involved, stuff gets done! The help got fired for complaining about the scam to UCI brass, so then they went to the press, law enforcement, and notified some of the victims. Only then did UCI decide to DO something. NO ONE will kill a goose that is busy laying golden eggs. It's the nice thing about ethics and honor, they both fungible and available for purchase.
  9. @shamrockmomRE: major universities and their procedures... University of California @ Irvine had a weird scandal in their 'infertility program' a few years ago with stolen eggs and switched embryos ... Whenever humans are involved, the weirdest stuff you could never imagine will happen.
  10. Ep 36 & 37 w/Eng subs: Aye yi yi ~ The last three episodes are textbook makjang drama 101. We have hidden sterility, hidden parentage, abandoned kids, rich people acting like butt-heads and our noble poor people, divorcees and thwarted lovers, scheming mother-in-laws, dopey sons, put-upon daughter-in-laws, AND ding-ding-ding, the winner's bell: fatal illness!!! This one really went overboard: fatal illness in a child character TRIGGERED by an unknown parental relationship! It may be a new twist! - RichIdiot tries to steal a kid that isn't his so everyone won't learn it isn't his and that he is infertile. He's truly is an idiot. Who 'steals' sperm? And the donor learns the 'samples' were conveniently 'lost?' As usual, everyone is shouting and yelling and plain loud-talking about stuff that should never ever (chultay-an-nay) be said. How can there ever be a 'surprise' when EVERYONE within a one-block-radius can HEAR what is being yelled? The truth will be known to everyone when the test results are 'good,' else HotDoc will be so upset? About what? His 'lost' sperm sample wasn't lost but hijacked? How long ago? CuteKiddo's age + 40 weeks! It's simple arithmetic. But for me, the most difficult plot point is RichPlayer having a serious interest in DimWitDaughter. There is no way that evil, plotting scammer would fall for a simpering-ninny-with-a-heart like DimWitDaughter. His type is BratDaughter's PlayBoyBoss' fiance. YES. NastyNoona will love her new little niece in The End. Yes. DweebSon will be running the cafe, free of rent. Yes. They will all be singing kumbaya in The End, but we will have to wait 12 more episodes.
  11. EP 32 w/o Eng subs: NastyNoona strikes again! Guess she wants to embarrass DrDaughter to pieces hoping her pride would not let her be so badly trampled. BUT... HotDoc zooms to the rescue and makes all the witches in the room look like witches-with-a-B! BratDaughter was quite amused at the stink DimWitDaughter made thinking she was a romantic rival for ClumsySon. He's nice. He's cute. But he's just clutzy and clumsy and clueless. Did I mention cute? Watching the romance between Clumsy & DimWit will be fun, until DimWit's mother, NastyNoona steps-in once again with the mean looks, insults, and warnings. WHY is MeanEx lingering? The daughter he could not bear to see because she reminded him that she wasn't his, but a result of his 'inadequacy,' he now can't bear to live without. Aye-yi-yi. Poor DrDaughter, she can't catch a break. She is certainly unlucky in love!
  12. Ep 31 w/Eng Subs: If RichPlayer thinks that his dad and mom will reconnect, he is delirious. Didn't his mother rescind the share transfer when she learned he wanted to sell them to help his father? What did she say? Wasn't it similar to "...Using MY money to help that bastard..."? Writers, you messed-up on that romantic conflict. It is not in RichLady's character to go backwards. Now we know why RichPlayer kept his mother's identity a secret, he didn't want to be sent to her. He's quite the scumbag. Can hardly wait for his redemption.
  13. Ep 31 w/o Eng subs: Waited for a few weeks, then did a binge-watch catch-up. I'm back & hooked, hatin' Sundays because they will leave me hanging until next Saturday! WOW! EldestDaughter stepped-in-IT. She thought she was going to come for a visit and be the mediator between the 'new mom' and her siblings. THAT went dreadfully wrong. ShoeMaker is the nicest, wisest, most patient man in KDramaLand. He will solve all problems, it will just take some time. And patience. And wisdom, precisely applied. Wait for it. RichPlayer could not be more awkward, or obviously greedy. He wants his shares, so he swallows his pride along with crappy food, ever mindful of the prize. Noona. Noona. Hyung. Ahjusshi. Got it. IdiotX will flip-out when learning his X is dating their sperm donor. OH NO! Say it ain't so! Why does he suddenly need to see his daughter when earlier he didn't care... Plot needs a little more angst, our main couple needs a little more pull-and-tug to get them apart. How could we forget about the break-up to make-up? It's coming. DimWitDaughter's mother and HotDoc's sis, NosyNoona, has a new plan to break-up the TallCouple: no CuteKiddo! Brilliant. That's NEVER been done before! And we will all learn at a later date that CuteKiddo is HotDoc's bio-daughter. It's KDrama folks. The karma is manufactured.
  14. Yuck! I am not eating no dumpling somebody blowed-up with his mouth and kimchi breath! Nope! Ain't gonna happen! The HotelChef is a piece-of-work himself, such a preening little banty. Love Love Love his chef uniform with the pretty embroidered gold dragons. Nice couple of episodes w/o the XWife & GanstaChabol. Where's the horse, in the wok? 40 episodes? I can't wait!
  15. @dramafan33: DAMN! Really? I thought they did the horizontal-bop! Thought the kiss was the beginning, the scene cut, leaving the rest to our imagination. See? It worked! Either way, both of them are 'experienced;' the SkinnyGirl was living with her husband, they had registered their marriage ahead of the ceremony. Chef was living with his wife when she left him for HotelGuy. I gotta re-watch that episode!