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  1. Hi @hurry111, Welcome to this thread! With KTh's excellent academic background, we could put it like what you've said. Additionally, through her words and actions as well as the accounts of her costars, we form a very good impression of her good and proper personality and character. She also manages her affairs well, keeping them as private as possible and doing what is necessary to pre-empt any unwanted attention/news. The combination of all these has served her reputation and image very well and likely be the reason why KTH is highly regarded in the SK society and be granted the title SK Nation's Uhm Chinddal (the perfect daughter of your mother's friend that one compares with).
  2. Hi @yumikokai, I'm of the same thought as @willenette. You are doing fine with your English here. I've said to many who are like you that it's not an English language test when communicating in that language here. Don't feel intimidated. Comment and share whenever you feel like it. It's what your thoughts and views that count.
  3. I have seen floral gifts from KTH to some people in IGs and from her apologetic mannerism towards LBS and children in not preparing a gift for them in the Return of Superman episode are enough to tell that she is the type who frequently bears gift for people who she knows. I've heard about Sarangy being a gift from KTH to Rain before, but isn't that Sarangy being a dog and given to Rain before his enlistment speaks volume of a deeper level of friendship (though not yet a love relationship then) that was quickly formed within that 1 week of Coupang filming? That brings me to recall what Creative Director Oh for Coupang have said, that it was like a blind date for the couple at the Coupang filming site. Creative Director Oh has the uncanny foresight already! Me wondering too what happened to General/Jangguny, that cute white dog. I don't think he gets any less love from Rain. I believe General/Jangguny is cared for by Rain's family. Since the couple is staying with Rain's family now, General/Jangguny should still get that same attention from Rain. KTH had a little white dog that was with her for about 14/15 years. The name is Haemi. I heard that it died last few years. Needless to say Sarangy is a natural and great substitute.
  4. You are welcome, @willenette, and thank you for the translation. It did not occur to me to check out the message, LOL...I was too excited seeing Sarangy's pictures and video shared by the IGier. I like that Sarangy loves to walk with KTH. We have seen pictures of Sarangy with KTH last year at the lawn of Rain's company. With the IGier's uploads and message, clearly KTH and Sarangy like each other and KTH even takes Sarangy for a walk with her close friend. Rain on the other hand often upload pictures and video of Sarangy in his IG. The three of them like each other, a lot. No doubt about it. They'll probably take Sarangy for a walk together when the couple brings their baby for a walk later on!
  5. Hi @willenette, Thank you for the information. Happy that the couple travels together a lot. As you've pointed out, KTH may cut down on travelling far with Rain now that she is pregnant and if she prefers to take the safer course of taking greater care of herself and the baby. Actually travelling during the 4-5 months of pregnancy is still alright provided that mother and baby are ok and the gynecologist has no issue with it. Unless one has to be confined to bed on doctor's advice, any expectant mother can go about leading a normal but not too strenuous life until the birth of the baby. In fact it is good for health and birthing if expectant mothers are physically active. I imagine KTH is this type of person but careful. I'll PM you after this the links to the IG video and pictures of Sarangy posted by KTH's friend. I don't believe it was KTH taking the video of Rain and Sarangy at the lawn of his company. The sneezes were rough and loud. More like a man's sneeze. Sorry, I can't offer much thoughts about dogs and their hair/fur, but I think you got it right with your rationale. All I could think of when seeing Sarangy is how big it is next to KTH and yet, it behaves like a happy-go-lucky poodle.
  6. Calm and steady, with clear and utter contentment and bliss written all over the couple, as seen in their latest appearance at their respective official functions! Credit images : as tagged/owners.
  7. I still stand by what I’ve said previously, at least twice if I can recall correctly, that I don’t believe KimBi Couple will agree to appear in the "Newlywed Diary”. They take their privacy seriously. Celebrity Couples People Want To See On 2nd Season Of “Newlywed Diary” C. Hong June 25, 2017 tvN’s “Newlywed Diary” made us fall in love with Ahn Jae Hyun and Ku Hye Sun’s sweet relationship and the show has announced that it hopes to make a second season. Although nothing is planned or confirmed yet, many people are speculating as to which new couples the show might feature, especially as there have been quite a few high-profile celebrity weddings of late. Rain and Kim Tae Hee One of the Korean entertainment industry’s most famous couples, the singer-turned-actor and actress tied the knot back in January. Last month, Kim Tae Hee confirmed that she is pregnant with the couple’s first child. Despite their high-profile status, the couple has stayed out of the public eye since their marriage, and friends such as Clazziquai’s Alex have said that the couple enjoys cooking everyday food at home as opposed to going out. - skipped unrelated -
  8. Hi @nimbus74, Thank you and my gratitude to you in return for your support and contribution on Rain’s updates here. I’m in total agreement with you that may peace, harmony, warmth and happiness reign at all times in this thread! This year is so many firsts for Rain. His birthday is celebrated with not only a wife but his baby in his first year of marriage too. I heard from the rumour mill that he was not involved in filming of UBD on his birthday. It doesn’t take much for us to guess why. If he doesn’t ask for an off filming schedule, LBS could likely send him home! KTH is glowing with health and happiness. As you have pointed out, Rain’s expression shows contentment. It comes from deep within him. One can’t miss it. If I may simply put it, there is so much of deep and pure happiness and contentment that glows all over him. The cameras’ lenses can’t lie. I and I’m sure you and many of us here, are happy for him that he attains this level of happiness. Not everybody can have what he has now and money can’t buy that. It’s all about love and I believe primarily love for and belief in God, love for and from wife and family members as well as a smooth life undertakings. Though I’m sorry that he could not appear on stage for the 2017 SGC concert, I’m glad that Rain doesn’t have to bear the brunt of not getting paid. There is always other and better opportunities and it’s paramount to work with honest and sincere people. I recall there was an issue with payment for one of his K-dramas by the production house. I hope he got his fees finally.
  9. Hi @incoty, Nice “meeting" you and thank you for your support and encouragement! We all here will do our level best!
  10. BTS pictures of KTH. Credit image above : owner.
  11. Hi @yumikokai, Like you, I'm hoping that KTH is game enough to go for a magazine photoshoot too when her pregnancy is more advance. Something that is elegant and classy. It will be so lovely. But we know, how private KTH can be. So far, some behind the scene pictures of her only show her neck/chest and top, thereby omitting the very part that we are so curious of. Makes me feel that she is not willing to show her growing belly just yet. We'll have to make do with the behind the scenes pictures that crews are willing to share. The latest picture which I will post after this shows her glowing more! Best is she looks so contented and blissful! She is very happy with this phase of her life now. Married and motherhood. Hi @willenette, Thank you for the information about Rain taking KTH with him when he goes overseas. Is this including the time when they went to LA where we saw Rain at the Grammy's and them in Tokyo after Rain's fan meeting? Any other occasion that you know of apart from these two, after their marriage (besides their honeymoon that is)? I have on the other hand saw some IG pictures and a video of Sarangy posted by KTH's friend. I can only assume that KTH was with her friend when the latter took the pictures and video of Sarangy. In gist, Rain often posts pictures and video of Sarangy whereas we have no doubt that KTH is with Sarangy when her friend posted those of Sarangy. Sarangy is such a cute and fun dog.
  12. Tomorrow, 25 June 2017 is Rain’s birthday. We wish Rain...... May he has a wonderful birthday celebration with KTH, his family members and friends! And him getting this fortune cookie after a delicious birthday meal......and thereafter...... ......loads of hugs, kisses and tender love from his wife......with their baby as the witness! Image of Rain in the photo effect : Harper’s Bazaar Korea.
  13. In backpage, we noted how SK medias refers to Rain as Kim Tae Hee’s man/husband and KTH as Jung Ji Hoon’s wife. Not least too on references to their marriage and now that they are expecting their first child, KTH’s pregnancy, as the last statement in their reports. These are the examples...... The first article is the latest news on Rain which is a behind the UBD filming scene IG shot, whereas the second article was when KTH appeared for her Cellcure fan signing event end May 2017. Park Jin-ju X Rain ... 'Mick Bok-dong' black and white scene photo release Photo = Park Jinjoo Instagram Actor Park Ji-joo has released a photo with Rain, which is filming " Park posted a black and white photo of his instagram on the afternoon of the afternoon, posing with a "hasbu" tag, "rain" and affectionately. In terms of costumes and makeup, Park Jin-joo, who is shooting a new movie "Wangbyeong Wangmyung-dong" with rain, seems to have released pictures taken during the shooting. Rain was in the role of the title roll bombyokdong in the bicycle race 'Wonmyungbuk-dong' which depicts the true story of the bike hero, Umbok-dong, who won the championship by winning the Japanese championship in the bicycle racing race during the Japanese occupation. Rain and Kim Tae-hee, who ran the wedding march in January, celebrated the 15th week of pregnancy in May. ******************************************************************************** 'Segelye' premiere mom Kim Tae-hee, the first official appearance after pregnancy [Daily Economic Star Today: Han Hyun Jung] Kim Tae - hee, the 'goddess of aid', recently appeared in her first official appearance after she delivered her pregnancy news. She still excelled in the beauty of the world ("Segelye") and gave the venue brightly. im Tae-hee attended a fan signing ceremony at Lotte Department Store in Sogong-dong, Seoul on the afternoon of the 27th. She was so beautiful and lovely that she could not believe that she was pregnant, so she caught the eyes of the fans and the reporters at once. Kim Tae - hee (wife of Jung Ji - hoon) recently announced a surprise announcement of "15th week of pregnancy" and collected a topic. The couple, who had a marriage in January, received a celebration around the 4th month after their marriage. Kim Tae-hee is planning to concentrate on pre-natal education for the time being while she is pregnant.
  14. Hi @willenette, You are right that detached house means not joined with other house. For a 3500 sq ft house, it is cosy. Not too big nor too small. Just right for a newly wedded couple who is starting a family. There are plenty of space to plan for rooms. Also depends on how many type of rooms the couple wants. More rooms means smaller spaces and vice versa. I saw IG pictures of Rain at an architect firm not too long ago. I guess this fall in place that the couple's house is currently being renovated/refurbished. I understand that the previous couple-owners have used the house for business-cum-abode. I like the house. it is unusual compared to other houses in Seoul with high walls. This could be due to easy identification and access for the public/customers to reach the previous owners for business. I have a hunch that Rain and KTH will do some architectural changes to the exterior of the house to protect their privacy from prying eyes outside the house. Surely they take into account the potential fans/tourists dropping outside their house and taking video or pictures which is like a norm/to do these days. I certainly agree with you about the investment. There are also the presence of expats and international/good schools around the couple’s house. These are additional factors that could boost the value of the house. With this news of the house currently being renovated/refurbished, I take it that the couple is still staying with Rain’s family. I could think of KTH being in the company of her in-laws all the time including the time when Rain travels overseas for his stage performances.
  15. Rain and Kim Tae-hee's honeymoon house Star couples are getting married fast and everything they do is in the radars. Ilgan Sports did a survey on celebrities and their homes. Celebrities get married to celebrities or regular people and look for a place to call their 'home'. We took a look at Ryoo Soo-yeong and Park Ha-seon as well as Rain and Kim Tae-hee's new 'homes'. Miso Real Estate Research Center director Park Jong-bok who specializes in celebrity homes say, "Rain and Kim Tae-hee chose property for investment purposes. Other couples chose detached houses that promise privacy and they choose Gangnam and Yongsan areas". Rain and Kim Tae-hee, detached house in Itaewon Rain and Kim Tae-hee got married in January and announced that she was pregnant soon after. Rain bought this house for more than 5 billion won before he got married. It is made up of three floors and has a floor space of 99 pyeong. It's located on Sowon Road and is easily accessible to the busy streets of Itaewon and the Namsan Tower. There are many embassies and foreigners around them and so are many luxurious houses. The interior is being worked on at the moment and the unique thing about it is that the house is located in a clearly visible area. They chose investment over privacy. - skipped unrelated -