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  1. I note that the latest batch of new advertisements for Allerman is of another celebrity. I take it that KTH is no longer the spokesmodel for Allerman. Todate, KTH ’s commercial contracts, to the best of my knowledge, judging from the advertisements of hers posted are Celltrion and Everon. French Cafe seems to have only the products with her image. It has been sometime since she did a CF or advertisement for French Cafe. We shall see whether there are new ones when she makes a comeback. Meantime, happy to note that KTH is within the top 30 of the February Female Advertisement Model Brand Reputation Rankings, as reported below: February Female Advertisement Model Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed A. Kim February 15, 2018 The Korean Business Research Institute has shared the February brand reputation rankings of female advertisement models. The rankings were determined after analyzing 18,236,422 pieces of data about 50 female brand models, which were collected from January 14 to February 15. This marked a 23.68 percent increase from the 14,745,208 pieces of data used in the rankings for last November. The monthly brand reputation rankings are a product of big data analysis of participation, media coverage, communication, and community awareness as a means to study consumer habits. - skipped unrelated - The top 30 for this month are as follows: Kim Yuna IU Hong Jin Young Son Na Eun Jung Yoo Mi Seolhyun Irene Baek Jin Hee Han Hye Jin Jung So Min Kim So Hyun Park Na Rae Jun Ji Hyun Kim Ji Won Hyeri Kim Hee Sun Suzy Kim Yoo Jung Ji Woo Kim Tae Hee Shim Eun Kyung Taeyeon Son Yeon Jae Park Han Byul Kyungri Ha Ji Won Son Ye Jin Jung Chae Yeon Han Eun Jung Jane Source (1) https://www.soompi.com/2018/02/15/february-female-advertisement-model-brand-reputation-rankings-revealed/
  2. Hi @willenette I think the moral of the story is to eat fruit and food that have a good chunk of fibres, hahaha...Is that so, that Korean don’t drink with their meals? I heard about drinking an hour after meal, but it’s about not getting bloated stomach/tummy. But, Koreans take soup in every/most of their meals? The soup should make up the liquid required during meals, for example, to aid swallowing? Totally agree with you about taking warm or hot drinks. I heard that cold drinks is bad, taken with meals as they are believed to solidify fats and the results can be harmful.
  3. Hi @willenette Oh really??? Too much of kimchi can cause constipation??? Wow, thanks for telling. When I think of kimchi, it’s all about healthy food, LOL...I supoose there are other type of drinks or food that Koreans eat to counter constipation caused by kimchi? Especially since kimchi is their daily staple food, be it eaten just like that or cooked with other vegetable or meat. Personally, I don’t think KTH has her sister’s look either. Her sister has 2 children and it seems to me that they are like their mother and KTH. Look at these pictures: Now, that brings us to when will there ever be a chance for us to see KTH and Rain’s daughter, huh? Guess, hardly a chance. That’s the conclusion I arrive at, the more I think about it, LOL. Usually, celebs don’t have much an issue to continue to look good, although motherhood catches on. They look even more womanly after motherhood. I hope if KTH does not come back to screen project anytime soon, at least have magazine pictorial which does not take too much a time away from her baby. I bet she will be more alluring with her new motherhood look like we’ve seen other female celebs who are also mothers.
  4. A snap of KTH in what seems like an interview on Cellcure beauty product. KTH is in white dress and on the right. There are a total of 3 slides with KTH in them. Hope to see the video clip soon! Credit IGier.
  5. Hi @willenette Totally agree with you. I think another factor to note is the good and regular skincare being an essential routine for the Koreans. Plus the health and beauty benefits derived from the year round consumption of kimchi, my dear!! Below is one of the very few pictures floating around the net, of KTH’s mother. The lady next to the mother is KTH’s elder sister. I don’t see the near likeness between mother and daughter. In fact some think KTH has more of her father’s features. I don’t really think so myself. KTH’s face seems to have her very own distinctive features. What do you think? Credit collage above : owner.
  6. Here’s How Korea’s Hottest Actresses Looked When They Were 20-Years-Old The true definition of timeless beauty. Take a look at how pure and innocent the hottest actresses of South Korea were when they were 20! - skipped unrelated - 4. Kim Tae Hee Before she was an award winning actress, Kim Tae Hee was already famous as Seoul National University’s Goddess! While attending univeristy, she was street casted and began her celebrity career. - skipped unrelated - https://www.koreaboo.com/lists/heres-koreas-hottest-actresses-looked-20-years-old/
  7. Hi @willenette I find the smacking of face happens a lot in Asian dramas. A woman on another. Particularly the overbearing mother-in-law on the submissive daughter-in-law. The makjang style. It truly works up the emotion. As far as I can recall, KTH was smacked on the face in Stairway to Heaven and Yongpal. She smacked the face of the Queen’s Court Lady, a symbolism of smacking the Queen’s face in Jang Ok Jung Living by Love. All are hard ones!!
  8. An old FMV but with a change of song. Credit : vitriana
  9. Hi @willenette You are welcome dear. The translation I got for the last word in the 1st picture is “good”. Yes, for the one with KTH on the billboard, it mentioned “Rain”. Being a pair and married, the other spouse is never far from anyone’s mind when seeing/thinking of the person!! The Everon is a current commercial for KTH.
  10. KTH, here and there!!! Credit below: IGiers,