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  1. KTH in new Cellcure CF. Credit: 셀트리온스킨큐어(CELLTRION SKINCURE)
  2. KTH for Nutrionelife. Jung Woo Sung becomes a spokeperson for Nutrionelife recently. Here’s an image of him and KTH. Likely a photoshop of them two in the image. I would love to see them participating in a collaboration together, again!
  3. A beautiful FMV by Jan Grasses, of KTH arriving at Hanoi for recent event there and at the airport for her departure.
  4. A look back at the couple’s wedding, in FMV, by Vitriana.
  5. Annyeong everyone!!! Wishing KimBi couple and you...... And never forgetting Baby Jung ...... Credit images ; owners
  6. Here’s to everyone!!! Credit images : owners
  7. Korea Friendship Night in Hanoi, Vietnam. Video by Everon that has KTH in it. Translation of the Vietnamese news posted with the video: On November 23, 2018 at the event "Korea Friendship Exchange Night 2018" took place at Intercontinental Hotel 72 Landmark, Pham Hung, Cau Giay, Hanoi. This event was organized by Everpia Joint Stock Company with the participation of representatives of the Korean embassy in Hanoi, and the principal of the Korean-Hanoi high school joined together to attract nearly 200 government guests. and Korean business representatives based in Hanoi. The event aims to announce the start of construction of the headquarters of the Korean embassy at the Korean-Hanoi high school campus as well as the construction of new learning facilities for thousands of descendants of Korean citizens. Currently living and working in Hanoi and surrounding areas. Participating in this event, Everpia special with EVERON brand ambassador - which has been on Vietnam market for 25 years - famous movie actor KIM TAE HEE awarded 200,000 USD equivalent to 4 billion 600 million Vietnam co-pays for the construction of the school to contribute to building a modern cultural education environment in the region. In addition, Everpia Joint Stock Company also has many other attractive scholarships for outstanding students in 2018 at the University of Social Work and University of Economics and Development (in collaboration with Korean business organizations). National in Hanoi-Korcham) Not only that in the operating area, Everpia also won VND 300,000,000 to donate 300 disadvantaged children but rose to study in Khoai Chau District, Hung Yen Province. At Dinh Quan, Everpia also won VND 120,000,000 to donate to over 100 excellent students in 2018 at the request of Dong Nai province. Everpia can always be concerned with educational activities and win a majority of the budget from Good to help students and students have many efforts to overcome difficulties and determination to study well. This budget will continue to be increased and presented to schools and provinces across the country as part of the social responsibility that Everpia wants to share and contribute to the country of Vietnam. and 2019 is about to begin, Everpia will always accompany meaningful social activities. *********************************************** Click on the link below for pictures of KTH at the event, the menu and dishes! Dishes look so yummy! https://pose.vn/phong-cach-song/dem-tiec-han-o-ha-noi-nang-kim-tae-hee-da-cung-moi-nguoi-dung-nhung-mon-sang-chanh-gi-652459.html
  8. Hi @brattyxoxo, same to you too and keep up with the good work here and at the couple’s thread!! Hwaiting!!
  9. Annyeong everyone! Credit images : owners.
  10. Annyeong everyone! I don’t know what are said in the image below, but hope they everything good and merry! Credit images above : owners. Credit: Vitriana
  11. Credit Everon http://www.everon.com/
  12. Hi @brattyxoxo Thanks for the update. The picture of KTH at the bar was taken by her close friend who resides in Singapore. I hope the couple is having a great time there or had a great time there (if they are now back in SK)!