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  1. directing his own drama or movie? no no no... seriously even I love him alot I dun think he is ready yet. Please continue to learn from sunbaenims and get alot of success from your work first before proceeding such heavy work. my guess - drama?
  2. The conversation between PHS and his dad is sooo lovey dovey. Such a loving son!
  3. I extracted this from YAI thread credit to @LoveBangWon ARTICLE ON NAVER: http://m.entertain.naver.com/ranking/read?oid=311&aid=0000725728&rankingType=default&rankingDate=20170421 TRANSLATE ARTICLE (by sikseekers) https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1364335570290764 [naver] PARK HYUNGSIK "NEW AGENCY CONFIRMED, YOO AH IN INFLUENCED ME" Posted on 3:31 PM by kei z post response: +1,266 original post: here 1. [+4822, -296] Ah ha! Hyungsik really has excellent eyes. Yoo Ah In is the best actor within actors of his age group. He'll learn lots from himㅎㅎ 2. [+3875, -297] That's right, there's no other people in his age group except Yoo Ah In who's such a great actor 3. [+2586, -137] He'll do well wherever he does.. Like right now~^^ 4. [+2424, -124] Hyungsik ssi, if you act yourself and use your friendliness anywhere you go, you'd do well. I'll always support you 5. [+1891, -142] Why do I only learned about Park Hyungsik now... I regret so much. Thank you for being in DBS!!! 6. [+419, -46] He'd do much better being in a small, but reputed agency with people like Yoo Ah In and Song Hyegyo than a company jammed packed with actors~ There's so many actors choosing Yoo Ah In as their role model 7. [+357, -44] Yoo Ah In is a good actor, They have Park Hyungsik, Yoo Ah In and Song Hyegyo, such a nice company 8. [+380, -53] Seriously he'll do well learning from a sunbae like Yoo Ah In. Park Hyungsik is still green, so he'll succeed even more Source: http://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2017/04/naver-park-hyungsik-new-agency.html?m=1
  4. his new CF? if yes, really happy for him that he is getting more!!
  5. why is he in Hawaii? for photoshoot? wow what a nice place to go!!
  6. 6 more months then he will come out ya? haha as if he is in prison patiently waiting for him but recently I fall in like for Park Hyung Sik, such a cute puppy reminds me of LSG during his days in 2D1N where he was surrounded by all the hyungs. let's guess what will be his 1st project once out of army - album/single? drama? variety show?
  7. I am really happy he joined UAA and I highly suspect UAA is the one who negotiate this coffee cf for PHS and YAI...
  8. I think PHS is a genuinely nice guy like a puppy lol, read an article during Hwarang that which hwarang guy that Choi Minho don't mind letting his sister (if he has one) to marry, and he choose PHS because he said PHS is really a nice guy. I remember Kwanghee said before he want his sister to marry PHS but it can be to promote PHS but CMH don't need to. PHS 2nd lead syndroms in High Society and Hwarang is very strong, really getting more supporters but hopefully next drama he will be a main lead too.
  9. Awww I have no doubt on his airport fashion whatever he wear he seems to carry well even the clothing in the wrap up party. And yes love his new coffee c.f. too! Wow hope he get more c.f. because that's where he can earn more
  10. 1st time find GD handsome when he is playing basketball with BK maybe because I pity him now sorry MH really love BS alot alot Please go find yourself another gf ok
  11. Wow wedding!! Honestly I have a lot of favourite dramas and a few otp but only this drama killed off the villain 1 episode earlier and left the entire last episode for smooth ending of otp and other casts. Usually in other dramas they rushed off in last episode and give us only 10 min of otp screen time, hate it to max! This writer nim and director nim is really jjiang!!!
  12. can someone please translate the scene where BS mum talking to MH? what are they talking about? why BS mum so happy and say yay?
  13. I must admit he really has very good dress sense, and with his height really a killer!!!
  14. Strange that being tall became his weakness that he had to be the back. Usually tall and handsome guys shines but in ZEA group short ppl shines
  15. yes yes Lee Seunggi my baeeee!!! wow now that you pulled out these articles it ringed a bell to me. SEE SEE I am in sync with my bias lol PHS really give me alot of vibes similar to LSG especially when he was the mangnae of the group and in real man, like LSG work very hard to gain approval from hyungs. I am waiting for him to come out from military this october but in the meanwhile I think only PHS catch my attention while waiting, and of course PHS can dance better. Actually I noticed him in The Heirs but I dun like that drama (sorry) then I noticed him again in High Society but dun like the leads (sorry), noticed him in Hwarang but dun like saguek drama (sorry) finally I watched him in SWDBS wow fall hard. His eyes really very attractive and like my bias he has long eyelashes too dun understand why it took him so long to be popular why he has to stand behind in ZEA group until he get popular then became center... the agency really dunno how to groom this guy - very very wasted!!! so hopefully now he go to UAA he will be a Hallyu star.