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  1. I think she was just rehearsing by herself. I've seen some BTS where actors do that, especially when props are involved. At first I thought he knew what it meant because he was chuckling a little after she suggested it, but in the preview Yoo Shik seems to be explaining it to him so I guess not? @aisling I wonder what PSJ thought when they had to do basically the same thing again for the end scene of episode 4.
  2. It's so funny how PSJ was figuring out how to pull her up at the start of the segment, but apparently PMY already figured out that she would have to launch herself, and she's like, just pull me, and then just launched herself. I think PSJ was caught off guard and just tried to make light of it, pretending that she injured him. I guess that's PMY for you, she'll figure it out and just do it. @saved2K Haha, everyone wants to be Vice Chairman! First PMY, now KKY! Maybe that chair is the most comfortable one on the set.
  3. PMY is too cool for us mere mortals. She was even the one instructing him on how to do the pull-tumble maneuver.
  4. Yay! Too bad the rollercoaster bit isn't there, but the couch scene was funny. Mi So's hair is too perky, ha! And Seo Joon stretched out while looking into the camera seductively in the end...A+++! I'm also amazed at the view counts on the show's clips on TVN Drama's Youtube channel. The clip of the last scene in episode 4 has 240,000+ views, whoa!
  5. Just finished watching episode 4 with subs. The book passages remind me of BTIOFL in the best way; I loved the poem they featured in that series. And apparently two of the guest actors so far did the show as a favor to the PD, not to mention Young Joon's father is Jung So Min's dad in BTIOFL, and Lee Min Ki sending a food truck for the PD---the PD seems to be well-loved. I really liked seeing Mi So and Young Joon's work dynamic in the episode; not the over-working part with unreasonable demands of course, but how they work together like a well-oiled machine. At the arts center, they were like such a power couple. I really like how they show Mi So as supremely capable and professional (even more than Young Joon I would say); she gets ish DONE. And I love how she does her negotiations and threats with a smile (first with Ji Ran, then with the shady reporter). She's definitely one of my favorite K-drama leads ever. (I hope the show doesn't ruin her like BTIOFL did with Ji Ho. ) I said before that I missed the laughs a bit, but it is sweet to see Young Joon coming to terms with his feelings. It's also fun to see how he and Mi So fall back on the familiarity of their work relationship when they stray too far into these newly-realized feelings. Also loved seeing Young Joon's parents again, and how they adore Mi So. I love that they're not the typical drama chaebol parents and that they actually like the female lead from the start. I'm really happy the show has PSJ and PMY in the lead, actors with both strong comedic and dramatic chops and with sizzling chemistry to boot. I feel like even if the story go awry, their perfomances might be able to see me through to the end. .
  6. So glad to see you translating some clips for this show! I didn't know about the ramen thing until you mentioned it, and that scene is a lot funnier knowing what it means! Aww, Mi So. Edit: New article from Soompi: “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” Writer Reveals Thoughts On Casting And What Viewers Should Look Forward To
  7. My initial reactions to episode 4: - So this episode has more ~feelings~ and angst than laughs, and I kind of miss the laughs although I know we can't have proper character progression just on laughs - Taehwan, you know I love your handsome smiley face but I felt like I wanted more from his performance, especially when juxtaposed with PSJ and PMY's performances. I think someone here commented on his "rage acting" (sorry I forgot who said it) and I kind of see it now; I thought the rage-y parts were his best moments. - My stream froze a few times so I might have missed it, but I didn't see a half-naked Seo Joon this time. I iz sad. (heh) - I'm not feeling the side story with Se Ra and Ji Ah and the cute co-worker, and I find myself wishing they'd devote the time to more Young Joon x Mi So instead - I pick Young Joon's "Secretary Kim, have I ever told you you're beautiful...well I haven't because I never thought so" as the line of the episode, bwahahah. It's fun to see Young Joon flailing about with his feelings, so is he really going to come to terms with it so soon and spoil the fun? - All this staring and facial proximity is raising my expectations for their first kiss. I hope they deliver! (And I hope they can give some realistic smooches, not the eternal pecking I saw in Pretty Noona, soz.)
  8. Live recap by Dramamilk: https://www.dramamilk.com/whats-wrong-with-secretary-kim-live-recap-episode-4/ Also Episode 3 recap by Dramas with a side of Kimchi: https://dramaswithasideofkimchi.com/2018/06/13/whats-wrong-with-secretary-kim-episode-3-girl-power/ I was curious about how they were going to do the last scene. In the webtoon Young Joon deliberately grabs Mi So to fall on him, which is---can they just stop doing that in K-dramas (and in real life) please. I think the way the drama handled it is an improvement, and I'm glad the creative team decided against mimicking the webtoon in that scene.
  9. @Badriyah Thanks for posting that! I'm glad PMY and PSJ's agencies are able to post BTS content like this; I don't recall this being the case with the dramas I watched before. Aww, she looks nervous before the ride. I hope Content Y also posts one with PSJ at the theme park.
  10. My initial reactions to the episode: - Young Joon slicking back his hair on the Viking was hilariously amazing and dang, he looked so good doing it! - I love the cow stuffed toy! Soooo cute! And Young Joon's face when he kissed the stuff toy was cute too, heh. - Their bickering chemistry is sooo good and so hot! I think PSJ and PMY can totally pull off a Mr. and Mrs. Smith hate-lust-love type of story together. They have like the same kind of energy that matches really well when they're fighting with each other. - Young Joon and Mi So come across as a lot more vulnerable in the drama than in the webtoon, which I think is a good thing, it makes it easier to root for them. - I love that Kang Ki Young has a lot more screen time in this than the last thing I saw him in (W). Yoo Sik is the perfect BFF for Young Joon. - I like Mi So's older sister's take on what Young Joon is doing, especially likening the necklace to a dog collar, ha! - Park Byung Eun as "Park Byung Eun," love it! I love that he did this as a favor to the director, awww. - I've said it before but it bears repeating: thank you show, for another gratuitous scene with half-naked PSJ! - I hope the next BTS includes the rollercoaster and Viking rides. I want to know how good PSJ really is at being stoic on a rollercoaster! Episode 4, I'm so ready!
  11. Bless this show for giving us half-naked Seo Joon again in this episode! 3 for 3! I'm getting my hopes up, oh no. Here's the Episode 3 live recap by Drama Milk: https://www.dramamilk.com/whats-wrong-with-secretary-kim-live-recap-episode-3
  12. PMY has a really cool vibe, like she's not fazed by anything (she was the coolest on Busted too). Love seeing her and Pyo Ye Jin getting along so well. Hopefully someone can translate the BTS...I'm more than willing to do subs.