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  1. The ratings promise was for 10% national, which they never got, so we're probably not going to have that coffee served. Just finished last ep with subs: I love Young Joon's Material Mom so much! Since Mi So doesn't want it, please take me shopping and buy all the things for me instead! I love how his mom and dad have been so lovely to Mi So all throughout the show, and how lovely they were to her family as well. Best chaebol parents in Kdramaland! (Well, except for how they handled the kidnapping aftermath, but let's not get into that...) Young Joon nicely balanced out his obnoxious "You must be so happy to get married to me"/"The hottest bachelor is going off the market" pronouncements by being so obviously, absolutely desperate to be married to Mi So. Young Joon mimicking Mi So's "Vice Chairman!" is hilarious and well-deserving of Mi So's hard slap to the back. I love the office team congratulating Mi So when she brought them the invitations, and good-naturedly hooting at her over her honeymoon. They're the best! The final squabble! And it's a KO with Mi So's parting shot: "This necktie-fixing machine will leave now. Drive home safely, Jealousy Incarnate!" I'm giving Ji Ah's "If your boyfriend is hurt, then you're in the wrong" and Young Joon's permanent jealousy over the blind date a BIG NO. And "Even if your feelings change, I won't let you go" is creepy, not cute. Still can't get over how good they both looked at the wedding. I would have preferred a more modern hairstyle for Mi So, but she pulled it off. I love the choice of OST for the walk down the aisle and the final ending credits as well. I can't remember the last time a 10+ episode series from any country held my interest for the entire run. I didn't love all the episodes equally of course, but I was always entertained somehow each time. I'm so glad I saw PMY in Busted and decided to watch this show because of her. Definitely looking forward to Busted 2 and her next project, and hopefully their cameo in PD's next drama. ♥ PS. We're not getting the final week's bts online anymore, are we?
  2. Soompi has updated their article with PMY's agency's denial as well: https://www.soompi.com/2018/07/26/park-seo-joon-denies-reports-dating-park-min-young/ I think denials are essentially meaningless in a post-SongSong wedding world. I really do hope to see them work together again though, preferably in a non-romcom, like a dramatic film with a more realistic tone. And I do want them to make a cameo in PD's next drama, hehe. I hope whatever their dating status is doesn't preclude them from doing that.
  3. His agency just denied it: https://www.soompi.com/2018/07/26/park-seo-joon-denies-reports-dating-park-min-young/ But actually, if it were true it would explain their bts dynamic and their kissing scenes.
  4. They're uploading them faster on Naver, if anyone wants to see the clips already: https://tv.naver.com/cjenm.secretarykim/clips I love this one when they're looking over brochures for their honeymoon; Mi So asks why Young Joon just wants to stay in a hotel and he winks : https://tv.naver.com/v/3694220
  5. Ah, just saw the translations. Sung Yeon told Young Joon that Mi So has a flower allergy, so he swapped all the flowers for fake ones. Um, so Mi So forgot to tell him herself knowing that she might end of sneezing all over her own wedding? Whatevs.
  6. HOLY CRAP THEY LOOKED SOOOOO EFFING GOOD TOGETHER WALKING DOWN THE AISLE!!! Their real weddings will have a lot to live up to aesthetics-wise, hahaha! Thank you show for having Young Joon's bangs off his forehead for the wedding! And I still gasped when I saw Mi So in the waiting room even though she already showed up in the dress at his house. She looked soooo beautiful. I didn't love that they brought back Oh Ji Ran to make her an almost-villain. I would have liked her ending in the story to stay as it was in episode 2 (iirc). Also I guess love cures flower allergies too? That kiss went on a tad too long for a wedding kiss though, haha. Aww, and that final photo with all the cast and crew with PMY and PSJ in their wedding attire.
  7. Ooh, nice. I hope they can put in footage of the cast watching the last episode in the last bts. Just finished watching ep 15 with subs, and some of my favorite things: I agree with Young Joon again, drunk Mi So is soooooo cute! At first I was a bit worried that drunk Mi So wasn't fun enough when they were at the diner, but she proved me wrong and PMY delivered! Still my favorite scene of the episode. Young Joon drunkenly admitting he's often scared of Mi So, and then almost falling to the ground giggling Mi So's little fist pump after Young Joon says she can drink with Ji Ah if she wants, so cute! So apparently Young Joon is keenly observant of what's gone on in Mi So's life in the past nine years, but he didn't pick up on her flower allergy? I guess it's a good thing Mi So is staying on as his secretary, or else who would stop him from constantly cancelling all his work obligations to spend time with Mi So? I though it was funny how one of the Chairman's staff just goes up to him to tell him the latest gossip (well, it was about his son but still ) Good thing Mi So knew to wear a really nice LBD with such a vague invitation. If it were me I probably would have gone in ripped jeans. Yoo Sik deserves to be the best man at the wedding. Please don't make Sung Yeon the best man.
  8. I don't know if it's typical; it's just my own interpretation. To me it feels like it's in keeping with a highly stylized sort of aesthetic, rather than a sort of messier, fuzzier way of moving that's closer to reality. Even the way they talk most of the time seems stylized and cartoon-ish, especially Young Joon. It makes sense in my head, haha.
  9. Almost 12 hours after the episode, the drunk Mi So clip has more views and is trending higher than the proposal on Naver. Sweet drunk Young Joon is at #4. That continuity error when they kiss after the proposal and the ring isn't on her finger anymore though...that's pretty major, show. ETA: On the Youtube/Naver clip with sweeet drunk Young Joon I think they cut off a few seconds at the end of the scene when Mi So's just holding him. During the live stream I was struck by how natural it looked when she grasped his shoulder when he fell onto her, and when she started stroking the back of his head with her thumb. I get that the style of the show is really more cartoony and OTT, hence the gestures and the expressions and the camera blocking having them 4 feet away from each other when in conversation. But it makes me think that they would be incredible portraying a relationship in a drama with a more realistic tone, like say Pretty Noona (at least the first few episodes of that ).
  10. I kind of expected the ratings would decline in these last two weeks, since there's no real conflict and story anymore. All that's left is pure romcom fluff, which I'm personally fine with but I think it isn't as universally appealing. At least they're still on top, and I hope they hold out for the last episode.
  11. My favorite parts were the scenes with their drunken confessions to each other, because for once (or rather twice) they weren't standing or sitting four feet apart while talking to each other. I mean even when they'd already slept together, they were never physically affectionate unless they were kissing or back-hugging. (It's unusual in the real world, but of course not impossible.) Oh, and Mi So wanting to disappear into her bed when she woke up. So cute! I also like that there was a review of his past proposals, and that he mentioned it to her himself (getting a yes after 5 proposals). It was kind of a good running joke. Ah, just one more to go and it's over.
  12. From PMY's insta: PD really does seem well-loved by his actors. I hope the two of them can make a cameo on his next drama, a la Jung So Min and Lee Min Ki.
  13. It's on Naver already but I don't see it on Youtube yet. https://tv.naver.com/v/3670212
  14. Watching the 30s trailer again...I love the straight-hair LBD look on Mi So, but I am bothered by the fit around her waist. All her clothes have fit her impeccably, why is the fit off now on such a special occasion? The wedding dress (I am assuming there will be one) better fit her flawlessly!!! /end rant
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