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  1. @40somethingahjumma Thank you for your sweet answer… I wish my knowledge of English was better, so I could express my thoughts as you always do. When I read this lines I could believe in the end she loved him… and when I read this my heart just broke again You must be right. Weird as it may sound, I really need you to be right about Soo. @pixelsticks sometimes I’m afraid CM might be the nail in the coffin too (I feel like a traitor for changing my profile picture, I will change it to a Wang So picture ASAP, so I could have some peace of mind. Lol) and as I can’t get enough of uri So I would love to see him in his Ambassor years. Maybe not a full drama but a movie or a drama special. Are we asking too much? @freckledcontessa So you marathoned the whole drama… maybe when I have enough time. btw I’m with you with the crying. This drama still hurts a lot. It is real, and everything about the drama is love, specially So and Soo. And this thread too. I also love you all Good night chingus, let me leave you with our beloved cast! And the sweetest love ever: All gifs credit to owners
  2. It's not fair!!! you recomend the bathtub but cant suply the guy haha Anyway, i @zi4r, to help you, here's the same hot vampire making you hearts @glassnokamen thank you again and again for the interview translations. btw do you know that it always has bothered me a little that LJG looked so perfect? because nobody is perfect so he must have had something wrong we didn´t know about. now i know what it is, and i'm totally fine with it. he doesn't like to read books!!! lol. i love reading, but as i said before i'm ok with him only reading scripts and news on his phone... i can read books for both @lyserose i also hope he returns to Goryo pretty soon... maybe his next drama or a movie.. happily he also wants to be again in a movie... @violina your tvN world special LOVE and Family Outing gif parade is all kinds of awesome!!! (btw do you know where i can watch/download them english sub?) and our LJG is so adorable and hardworking and perfect!!!! please never stop to use your free time wisely, i love your hobby so much! Lately RL was getting on my way and i couldn't dedicate my time on LJG as much as i wanted, but i hope to be back so here's my beauty parade: So hot So cute So cool All pictures credit to owners
  3. Thank you so much for the links... love the interview. we get to know more from him @pixelsticks @glassnokamen @violina those vlive pictures... i'm dead. all that beauty in just one post... i can't make my mind about wich one i love the best. i have no words. my mind collapsed.. like i wans't dead before.. this was the final blow Secret Garden was my first KES drama and i loved it (marathoned it thrice in a row), then i watched City Hall and it became my top drama for a long time (and made me a CSW fan forever) but i still can't get myself to see DOTS or Goblin (even when i like SJK and GY a lot) so i'm happy LJG won't do it... even if it becomes a rating hit!
  4. @Mojojojo123 welcome here! not so active though i come here from time to time... @40somethingahjumma Ever since your last review I came here in the hopes of finding your final thoughts. In fact I was always on the brink of asking you to complete your reviews but as I didn´t want to pressure you I didn´t ask anything. And finally here it is! You don´t know how thankful I am, how much I appreciate your point of view and how much I like the way you express your ideas. I intended to reply you sooner but I wanted to digest everything you wrote first. I have to admit that my reaction to MLSHR is rather visceral… I think a lot about it, but my feelings always take control of me. And I do LOVE Wang So so much, capital letters needed. Everything about him is perfect to me: from his looks to his actions and everything in between. If not perfect at least everything about him is justified. It helps a lot that LJG did the best thing ever in portraying Wang So. But that’s not the case with Hae Soo. I’m rewatching the drama again and I still can’t understand her. What’s worse, now I’m sure that I can’t love her, but I don´t hate her (as I did on my first watch) and that’s mostly because of you. You made me give her the benefit of doubt. And it’s a great thing because I need to know that she loved him, because I think he deserves to be loved. The weird thing is that now that i read your last post, i regreted it. It seems that another MLSHR door is closed. I feel a little pang and a little sadness. I'm gonna miss reading your thoughts about MLSHR so much! Thank you so much for sharing with us your opinions about the drama. Watching MLSHR was like a rollercoaster ride, and i will always be happy for you joining it! all gifs credit to uploader
  5. i have to admit i have a love/hate relationship with Hae Soo. lol. if you've read my post on MLSHR thread you'd be aware of it. so sometimes i even think she doesn't love him at all or at least not so much as he loves her. i'm always questioning myself about it. lol lol. i must be crazy. any way, sometimes i do think she loves him. when did she fall for him? i'm totally clueless. when i first watched episode 11 i thought: it must be now! she must love him now!, but then i watched episode 12 and i was mad and sure she still loved Wook. sigh. right now i think that they didn't show us the moment. it must have been a slow thing but she doesn´t have a moment of awareness like So had in episode 7. i know i'm crazy I love the way you enlighten us with his words and reflections... thank you so much!!! @glassnokamen @violina @parkr1n love the pics from his IG, vogue and marie claire so much. his body is so flexible, his face so beautiful and his mood so engaging.... i want the magazines!!! and i need some english translations.... as much as i love every picture this is the one stucked in my mind right now: Sorry to cut your post! really excited about his character, sounds great... and i know he will be great! and lol yes he doesn´t like to sit still, and i love that in him. he's a red ginseng indeed, my personal energizer and mood lifting.
  6. @violina and @glassnokamen thank you so much for the marie claire video and new pictures... LJG smile is heaven! I also think he's talking about action scenes... specially since so far they've been filming action scenes wich i looooove anyway he's saying he's gonna surprise us... every character played by him is a gem, so i have high expectations. can't wait. this waiting is killing me!!!! meanwhile did you remember talking about My Girl? So cute: and so cool all gifs credit to uploader
  7. One of my faves LJG looks are the ones from Joseon Gunman, specially when disguised, just like this: As i said before i'm on a Wang So mode. I just watched episode 11 of MLSHR, and after crying my eyes out i'm listening the instrumental OST. but i could not not post that Joseon Gunman picture because it's so beautiful it belongs to the beauty parade. Now, about episode 11: poison scene... one of LJG's best acting ever! I think i will never decide about wich scene i like better, the jail scene or the rain scene... as i couldn´t find a proper gif for the jail scene here is one from the rain scene... Good nght chingus!!!!! All gifs and pictures credit to owners
  8. You're so right! he is pretty, period, there's no way he doesn´t look pretty... @bluelilac1214 @cedarwood love the Wang So gif parade. btw I'm always on Wang So mode... seems to me i never can have enough of him!!!! @violina funny collection of gifs!!! i will think of them when i meet my backstabing co-workers or my not so evil but equally frustating bosses (i have 2 ) thanks god i have no clients @glassnokamen @pixelsticks and @violina thank you for the marie claire pictures and links... i'm dead. seriously. love them all pictures but must admit my fave is the one where he's running. jawdropping . btw what's so wrong about his socks? or his golden shorts? i must be on the stage where everything and i mean everything looks good to me, because i like both socks and shorts on him (i won't say anything about loving it more if there were no socks, shorts or anything on him at all. lol) 'm serious, looove the pictorial, and the more crazy his clothes the more i love him for pulling it! About vogue korea pics, i only can say that i need more..... he looks so gorgeous
  9. @violina hands Up! Hands Up! Love the last batch of gifs so much! Though i love the previous batch of gifs (magazines) so much too. You see I'm pretty consistent in loving JG stuff, specially all your posts! I was a little mad because my long post (gif included) from yesterday night was deleted (why soompi why?) But i managed to dance/sing/body roll/wiggle away everything after seeing your post About JG starting to work in movie direction i like the idea, but just not now. Maybe in a few years. And of course i would love to see him in more projects. One drama per year is not enough!
  10. @glassnokamen @pixelsticks as you were talking about the singles photoshoot i was about to post some gifs from it, hope you enjoy: More Singles for the beauty parade I safe my favorite one for the last All images and gifs credit to owners
  11. You’re welcome!!! i’ll try to include a crying parade. I love when he cries too!!! Even when I always ended up crying along with him just to think about the possibility of being sitting next LJG on a concert makes me salivate.. of course i'd never dream to see the concert, I would look at him only from start to finish I confess I’m the crying type. I cry over dramas, movies, books, songs, places, anything that touches my heart with its beauty or sadness… so I cried rivers because of Wang So. He stills makes me cry a lot (and more than any other thing, sigh) wish I could be like you… Sorry for cutting your post! what you said must be true. He has to be someone wonderful to work with! So many praises from his co-workers must be for something. On spoiler because offtopic: You're so right, we just have to go a read/hear what he said to felt assured he always know what he wants and what is the best for him... and us fans!!! thank you for remind us that @glassnokamen and @violina thank you so much for the CM vids and pics!!! i need the drama like right now!!!! so much anticipation... and i love the new lotte picture. i always thought that Lee Jong Suk looks under 18! (that's why i didn't ship the lead couple in I Can Hear Your Voice, it seemed ilegal to me!!!) but in that picture LJG looks younger than him! how could he do it!!!
  12. done btw how many times can we vote? What a lovely fan account!!! Welcome here!!! always happy to see newcomers, specially those who came here because of Wang So (same as me!) Please don´t stop yourself!!! a Gong Gil beauty and gif parade is all kinds of wonderful!!! thank you very much Chingu thank you so much for the lovely gif, i melted the moment i saw uri Jang Tae San with little SJ!!! i will wait patiently for my wishes to be granted, but beware: i may keep asking! I must admit i'm really behind on his old CF stuff. there's so much of him i need to catch up!! that video from the audio mp3 is awesome!!! i never ought i will see him sitting on a toilet. so good!! any way thank you so much for your CFgraphy???? always counting on you chingu Seriously LJG + Soompi = energizer. no matter how sleepy i am, i always spent hours drooling here.... Still in love with the red headed smiling JG How cute Good night chingus!!! All images and gif credit to owners
  13. @ShaiKeun @freckledcontessa you're both right! no drama have ever move my heart the way MLSHR did and still does... and i'm happy to see that i'm not the only one feeling this way. Moon Lovers forever @liddi @LyraYoo i wish i could see the drama on TV just to show my support. btw how were the ratings for the final week in Philippines? Last week I watched episodes 7 and 8, and it still amazes me how good they are, Eun's party with Soo singing and So falling in love, The How I am alone since you are here your higness scene, whe so took of his mask, the make up scene, both rain ritual scenes... I'm currently watching the drama so is it weird that i missed it so much???
  14. @glassnokamen @violina thank you so much for the CM updates!!!! he's looking so good, i really hope the drama delivers and that it will be a hit! because he truly deserves it haven't noticed he covered his ears before... i love his elfish ears so much! His manga/anime?flower boy looks are perfection. but every look on him is perfection. his looks can be so ethereal and outworldish sometimes that i'd love to see him in a fantasy drama too. I'm currently finishing 3 Worlds 3 lives 10 miles of peach blossoms and i have to say he will rock as a God!!!! You're dramography is awesome!!! thank you for your hard work! may i suggest some themes? maybe an asia tour gif parade? a military gif parade? or a magazine gif parade? i'm sure i'm asking to much, so no pressures Now the beauty parade: And some cute images from never said goodbye for the gif parade: all images and gifs credit to owners