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  1. Thanks for the info!!! didn't know using a video must be credited as a cameo
  2. After reading all your comments about the original series sometimes i want to watch it! but i know myself and i'm pretty sure that it's better for me not to watch it, so i will count on all your knowledge about the original and the characters thnak you so much!! so useful!!! @AyuW @Jillia i wish korean CM will be different from the US CM. let me tell you why. When you try to do something very close to original is really hard to surpass it... so comparisons are always for the worse. But if you do something different but based on the original you could stand on your own. maybe not as good, maybe better, but something unique for sure. that's what i want for korean CM. something that shines on its own and let the actors shines too... of course that's my POV. I know is hard to avoid making comparisons but i just don't want you to be dissapointed with the drama... @oyashirazu so happy to read your amazing post here too!!! with all those pictures, anticipation is high!!!
  3. already wrote them a message...cause i want to join to!! @zi4r hope you enjoyed your day outdoors... and I'm loving your fantasy of Soo combing So's long hair (why PD nim didn't see the potential????) also loving those gorgeous fan arts @NoonaE I can't move from wang so too... after reading info from asianwiki about CM i realized something... i've never seen his cameo in she was pretty.. have to look for it asap!
  4. Hello all!!! love the idea about the banner... i'm sure everyone here is better than me in that kind of stuff, but i would love to include Wang So. Sorry i just can't let him go... just think about it, if we had our hankie scene we would have seen our modern So. then the 2 images must be compatible... i can see a modern So with tatoos and sexy like hell just my POV. I'm not creative enough
  5. I know i'm all about Lee Joon Gi. but i've always liked Son Hyun Joo (i still have The Chaser in my to watch list, though) so watching him with LJG is great!!! thank you so much @LyraYoo for sharing the picture and thank you @mulberry9 for the updates! I'm so excited!!!
  6. OMG. Be still my heart! that V Live video is killing me!!!! and if the video was not enough then you @pixelsticks @zi4r post those gorgeous and jawdropping pics, i'm dying here... I also would love to see him playing a kind of bad sexy guy (his Wang So was close but not modern). But i want to make a petition, i want him to be long haired (at least for a short time). i'm rewatching scholar and last night episode (6) his hair got loose and i almost died (again). credit as tagged @glassnokamen you made it!!! so happy for you!!! watching him in the big screen must be heaven. (Resident Evil is not enough) and the good thing about not understanding and no subtitles is you could focus on him! no distractions. and you finding another FM attendant in Japan is daebak!!!
  7. We are a peaceful and Happy comunity. Aren't we? Lets keep it like that, please. I have enough problems in RL so i'm always counting on coming here to lighten my mood, not to be more troubled!!! We all love JG. At what lenght only everyone of us know. I know I have not taken interest in his RL persona until recently But I think he's a smart guy. He proved so all these years. But he's only human (though he doesn't look like one. Lol) so he could be wrong sometimes. In this particular matter only time will tell the thruth or maybe we will never know. What i think is this is his private life and he has all the right to keep it private (as much as i'm curious to know). So what can we do? Support him. If they endend being the happiest couple ever, lets celebrate with him. If he's been fooled or not but everything ends badly, lets support him some more I for myself just want to see him happy and suscessful. And I'm sure almost everyone in here (if not everyone) wants the same. Right now i wish this nightmare ends so we can focus in better stuff like the Upcoming CM... and i have to sort a way to join the rice donation... @pixelsticks good luck solving the puzzle!
  8. Thank you so much for sharing the full videos... Love to see the cast and MLSHR wining!, totally deserved. though LJG deserved to win as best actor... where did all my countless votes go? I was wearing a white sweater and a long black coat so i could play both So and Soo. Of course it would have been better if i had a man with me to play So... or a girl, just someone to pose with me, as my sister was taking the pictures. I guess all those arabojies and halmonies thought i was crazy...
  9. I know i must be happy for MLSHR cast and production... by now you must know MLSHR is my favorite and most beloved drama... but in fact in feel a little down. What does it take for LJG's portrayal of Wang So to win an acting award? Anyone who watched the begining of episode 4 must know that JG´s portrayal of WS is the best acting you could see (at least in my kdrama experience... and by now i´ve watched a lot of dramas and a lot of good actors). Not for nothing i went crazy over LJG/So (and still am).... ok i had to get it out my system. Of course I´m absolutely happy for everyone... and i´m happy and grateful to see Lee Joon Gi acepting those awards... and looking so good while doing it! love this new style @ohgee love that video!!! LJG is so so cute . I wish he never had PS. His eyes are so unique!!! and double lid-eyes can get tired too!!! @girlyponytail i love LJG's english but i love more to see him talking about his filming experiences... episode 3 killing the monks scene is one of my faves!!!!
  10. Thank you all for the updates!!! Special Thank to @pixelsticks fan account. LJG is love how lucky to live next to the filming location
  11. Hi moon lovers!!! so silent here... I came back from korea and wanted to share my experience in the 2 MLSHR filming locations i visited: Baekje Cultural Land Outside Seoul, we had to take a bus and a taxi to get there. Not so many tourists there, but still it was hard to take a picture alone… Of course I reenacted the rain scene First I was Soo then So. Lol. I was bat So too. Lol lol. Sadly with a old lady behind. Lol lol lol. I shed a tear or two when I first saw the place. It was a worthwhile experience… Wolhwawon Garden Located in Suwon you can get there using the subway. After LJG FM it was the thing I liked the best in Korea. It was a windy and cloudy day so the pictures were not the best. I was crying nonstop so the pictures were worse. I was so emotional. As much as I cried I smiled all the time. The place is pure magic. So beautiful and so full of feeling. You could feel So and Soo hanging there. If you ever go to Korea please Go. I must thank to @Silvermaine for going to those places… I planned to go to Ondal Tourist Site, even got to the bus terminal, but sadly the next bus would depart too late so we decided not to go (as we would have spent little time in the place). It was a bad day. I wish I could have go to other locations… maybe next time if I could have a next time….
  12. Lol... better pack!!!! my sister told me she saw some good looking guys... i guess after seeing JG everyone looks just plain to me. lol wahhhhhhhhh. i can feel you!!! i would be green with envy if i was you!!!! luckiest girl ever!!! JG was so funny while playing and he was so happy when he won @jade715 forgot to thank you about the fan account... sadly i didn't know where he was eating, i would have followed him. but after the FM my sister was so tired and hungry she practically dragged out of the Olympic Park. lol and @krysyuy fans are amazing!! thank you for sharing!!!
  13. @cedarwood yes i took pictures with both of them, but i didn't post them because i didn't know if they would like it... the game is very adicting, but i can't increase my score... i'm also happy you, @jade715 and @missmaudy liked my review of the FM... I got so much in my mind that i didn't know what to write. About his body parts, i must say his black t-shirt fits him nicely and i loved to see his torso.. his pants fits him nicely too i loved his sexy back . and no, no man in korea looked like him. i hope he never do surgery in his eyes... he doesn't need double eye-lids. his eyes are the best of him and that is saying a lot because everthing else about him is perfect In fact i forgot to say many things, such as @girlyponytail posted. The stage was impresive, the lightng, the effects all was great. he must have spent so much time planing everything, and he must have spent a lot of money too... another sign that he only thinks of pleasing us. I'm also glad you pointed out some of the seats were never for sale. i didn't notice it. . Another thing i forgot to mention was about the 3 lucky girls who went up the stage and met him. I wish one of them was me so badly... still i know if i have had the winning ticket i wouldn't know what to do.. probably scream or laugh like crazy... cover my face and not dare to see him in the eye.... hugging him and never let go, whatever it was i'm sure i would have put myself to shame and would regret later for not behaving properly. lol. But i still i enjoyed so much his interactions with those fans and loved watching him playng Wii like a child I didn't eat bibimbap as i don't like the ingredients... about the socks... they are not easy to find, but once i bought them i saw them in another shop or two... i bought them in myendong subway station i think
  14. @cedarwood never eat mac donalds in my country...but korean food is so different to venezuelan food, i was afraid of getting sick. plus i'm very particular about food, for example i don't eat seafood or many of the vegetables .. and korean food have a lot of them. Maybe if i was with someone who knew the best places to eat... And yes!!! now i can hugh LJG . I'm lovng the LJG game so far my be st record is 3688 @pixelsticks CF is a comercial. and no. Soompi didn't save it this time. So i wrote it all again in word. Btw i didn't watch the original CM. and i don't want to. I want to watch Korean CM with a fresh mind. Still I'm sure LJG will give us a brand new and different character. and it would be the best Now for the fan meeting… It was supposed to start at 4:00 pm so I got there at 12:00. My mistake. I must have arrived earlier. There were so many people already and the line for buying the merchandise was so long… In Olympic Park subway station I was so happy to find this: I had to wait to take my picture with him as there was a little crowd of fans. Btw there was a guy filming while we were taking pictures, later I saw him at the Olympic Park. I wonder if he was from LJG or some news or fan club staff… The Olympic Park: As I said before I was lucky to meet @girlyponytail and @glassnokamen . They were in standing VIP “A” zone, I was in “B” zone. We had to make a long line under the sun before entering. I only had breakfast early in the morning and I didn’t eat or drink anything at all until I got at my hotel late at night (only a bar of chocolate) so I must have been starving and thirsty but I didn’t care about it. I was so excited… When I finally entered my heart broke. There were so many empty seats at the seating upstairs zone. I can’t say it enough: I don’t understand some of his fans… the event was sold out!!!! Why returning the tickets??? He must have known the number of people attending beforehand. Later I thought that’s why he looked so defiantly and so fierce when he entered the stage. I guess he was like “So you didn’t attend? I don’t care at all. I will do my 300% and show you what you are missing”. I never saw him like that in his other FM videos. It was too much. He gave it all. I was overwhelmed. I was so proud of him. When he said “I will only say: I’m sorry, thank you”. I thought he was right. Why giving explanations when he did nothing wrong. Yet he felt kind of awkward. But when he saw his fans reactions he returned to his usual self. I was relieved. I think he could feel we all love and support him. You could feel the fans assembled where so committed to him. There was not a moment when we let our light sticks down, not a moment when we stop singing along with him (even when not knowing all the lyrics – I’m speaking of myself. lol), or dancing with him, or screaming like crazy… I was standing close enough to catch a good sight of him when he came to my part of the stage. At first I thought “Wow he looks so manly”, and then when I saw his face I was awestruck. He is so beautiful, but “beautiful” is not enough to describe him. He’s out of this world. He’s a million times better in real life than in dramas or pictures. And his eyes… I can’t take his eyes out of my head. I can’t explain myself… no man can compare to him… If you’re worrying about his weight I must say I was worrying about it too. But I stop worrying as soon as I saw him. He looked so healthy. His body is so toned and defined. I loved his arms, legs, shoulders, but… I must stop myself. Lets us say I love everything about his body. I always thought “he sings well but he dances like a pro”. Well, let me say he sings better than I thought. His voice sounds so good live. He has such a beautiful and melting voice. I could hear him singing forever… and I could hear him speaking forever. Lol. Love his voice… and he dances like a pro. Better than many professional dancers. Watching him dancing is the best thing ever! The way he moves… so natural, so effortlessly, so sexy. I also could watch him dancing forever. Lol. Lol. And he is so energetic, he never stops. The stage was full of electricity and happiness… all thanks to him and the synergy he had with us fans. I cried a lot during the FM. first when he cried over the surprise video and the happy birthday song. Then when he sang “For You”. I still can’t hear For You and not cry. And then I cried when he was leaving… I couldn’t believe it was over. He sang so many songs… I never expected he would sing Fiery Eyes (one of my favorites song), but I wished he would so badly. So when he said he would sing it I started yelling like crazy. Lol. No one near me was doing it so everyone turned around to see me. Lol. Lol. It was so funny. Still out of all of the songs I could not get out of my head “The Giving Tree”, now it has a special meaning to me… I don’t know what more to say… I have so many things in my head. I still can’t believe everything is over. Tomorrow I will return to work and I still don’t know how… the only thing I know is I want to watch him again. Sorry for the long post. Hope it made sense. If you still have anything to ask please do…
  15. I was almost finished writing a long post about the FM and the internet crashed and i lost it all