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  1. Finally watched episode 7 with subs... i said it before and after 7 episodes i will say it again: odd episodes are my faves!! Of course in the resolution of the sadist case the first thing i thought was "Why didn´t they follow her?", then "Are there no guards custoding the exit of the parking lot?" and finally "Why NH didn´t use her IT skills to find the car trough CCTV?". But as if it was that way, then there would be no need of profiling to find her. This is a profiling drama after all, so i let it slide now, but at the moment i was quite desperate. lol About the Nadeul River Case. I love every single thing about it. of course the highlight was SW+HJ interactions. She stills refuses to talk about it, but now that HJ knows and is willing to give her time, and she knows it, i´m fine. The scene where they were talking outside her apartment was brilliant and my favorite one from this episode, followed closely by SW breakdown scene. There's a lot we still don´t know about the case, but we see some development today and we still have 13 episodes to go. so i have great expectations about the evolution and resolution of this case. I love how the reaper is getting involved in the case and now seems to be threatening HJ. And that HJ knows it it's even better. As i said before HJ is all about people, and he is always questioning about what's right or wrong, and taking care of people rights and safety first. And that people always have the right to know (as in anthrax case). Now i think that SW also care about people but has a diferent approach, she thinks it's better to do things for herself and not letting people know so they won´t be hurt. So both HJ and SW are worried about HK but HJ thinks is better for HK to know and SW thinks the oposite. I for myself share HJ POV, but i can understand SW POV. In this case KH already knows... Talking about HJ, here's my favorite line from today's episode: NH: "What's wrong with you, Hyun Jun? You're not realistic. You're just so perfect." lol. lol. she speaks my mind Bromance time is always a win for me. So the scene where HJ and LH were practicing shots was another favorite for me! it was dorable beyond words... i love how their relationship is growing. About the last case...i thought the man only fired once to each victim. trough the window. so why many shots at the cars? i don´t understand it! And from the previous scenes showed at the beginning of the episode was this one: i can´t remember it from episode 6!?
  2. OMO, seriously? It's going to be so good! Framing HJ is a smart move. It will spice things up! So excited about episode 8 now One question, what about the ratings?
  3. @jeonghyang @goldenmoon as always thank you for the gifs and vids @chickenchopflipflop83 welcome to the streamig world! Hope it worked better for you than for me (coworkers keep coming to my office to talk with me! How could they!) Have to say I love your analysis about HJ. Biased or not, I think of him as a real person too. His reactions are always so natural @yayanazirah I have the same questions as you… and many more. Hope subs will answer them! @haniiiii @jeonghyang your pics and gifs for HJ/LH bromance scene are LOVE! I was practically squealing while watching. It made my day @violina T&J are love wish I knew what are they talking about. And @LyraYoo, I’m so happy to hear the reactions are getting better!!! About the episode, even without subs I found it very entertaining, fast paced (a lot of things happening!) and intriguing. I love that we see more of the River Case (even if I didn't understand a thing yet) and I feel that it won´t be solved soon wich I love. We see a bit of the reaper too (so KH’s wife’s earrings were on the victim, right?) Seems to me that the reaper is trying to connect everything he does with the NCI team (since they’re all KH’s family too?) I also think that the reaper case won´t be solved soon. Have to wait patiently (or impatiently) for subs Until then… I will happily think of JH+LH!!!
  4. WOW so many new stills Thank you for sharing @zi4r @violina @Chellsee. Getting ready for episode 7 over here!!
  5. @glassnokamen my notifications didn´t work so thank you for sharing the link! did you saw the video? awesome @lisethvr just saw your post!
  6. As usual my favorite scenes from CM episode 6 can be found here: I think i will try to stick to my last post categories: Is HJ an NCI agent or a undercover model? Looking hot/beautiful while working: Skinship alert!!!! bonus... wang so + yo scene feels anyone?
  7. Things i agree: he must be surrounded by CF offers like right now!!! Not for the sake of money, but for the sake of his fans! seriously i don´t want him to become a CF king, but a few ones won´t hurt any one. other things i agree: everything else you said with one exception: if things are going to get out of your hands this is the right place for doing so!!! i dind´t expect you were so easy i had and arsenal reserved for future posts! i didn´t get to mention his collection of white shirts, his motorcicle ridings or his waiter's side to name a few! i must not be me! it must be @violina wonderful post and gifs that made the trick. anyway i'm thankful you want to watch again... do watch!!! though i understand people can be distracting sometimes.. Oh i love to see him as a psycho, a main lead psycho. he did a great job and was kind of scary sometimes as GJ! that scene from Kay was priceless (missing TBDW a lot) don´t tell me we have to pick up a fight?! maybe you were first but that doesn´t mean you have more privileges than me!!! lol. About the highlighted above: totally agree. In my case i´ll always be grateful and indebted to JG for making Wang So the man he is, and i´ll always be grateful and indebted to Wang So to making me get to know better JG. because knowing JG is loving JG wonderful analysis. thank you so much for sharing your thoughts As @pixelsticks said before i was missing the favorite pic of the day. and i was missing the gif parade some more! so thank you thank you for this post
  8. few hours before episode, but i finally had time to finish taking shots from episode 6. My favorite scenes below 1.- HJ interrogation time: 2.- Wrist grabbing reversal: 3.- HJ shooting hearts to LH: btw @violina @zi4r totally agree with you guys!!!!
  9. @Mau_Cherry hope you solve your Internet problems soon @zi4r @haniiiii @LyraYoo @glassnokamen thank you for the updates! With episode 7 getting closer I become greedy. I need more!!!
  10. @pixelsticks i've never dreamed I would need to convince you about something related to LJG! Sigh. Time does change. Now seriously if his pretty looks, good acting, caring personality, running abilities, fighting skills, hands on his waist poses, killer eyes, glasses when needed, taking-care-of-wounds abilities, fabulous kicks, teaming with SW, going against the wall thanks to SW, leaning on NH, bromancing LH, worrying about KH, magic tricks, chemistry with kids, brilliant mind, swooning voice, veined hands/arms, surgery skills, stop/play, winking eye, smirks... Etc, etc, etc, are not enough to convince you, I'm not sure anything I can say would... But as a JG fan I promise to work harder On a more serious note, how unlucky the eclipse is not in your path. Does it sound weird that I rather have Wang So crossing times to meet me than JG crossing the ocean to meet me. Because to me WS is not the same than JG. To me he's a real person. So now we have to check if some scarred Asian man is wandering in the US!
  11. @cedarwood I'm at work. And I can't stop laughing at your comments We will be in a jailer contest, because I will volunteer too!!! And those you listed? I envy them too, and I envy coworkers, stylists, camera men, drivers, any one who could get close to him I need to see him close I need a plan
  12. 612 @meahri_1 thank you for inviting me to the game. This thread surely moves fast!!!
  13. My favorite episode 5 scenes here (i'm so behind!) Now for the fangirling stuff i can´t post in CM thread Is HJ an NCI agent or an undercover model? looking hot/beautiful while working: (his profile is love... as soo jin-i would say, he has a beautiful nose ) I know there won´t be a romance, i know there wont be a romance... .... ....i know there won´t be a romance SKINSHIP ALERT!!!!!!