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  1. @pixelsticks @bluelilac1214 @glassnokamen about puting on hold the "Watch, Review and/or Fangirl, Comment" episodes during the holidays, i'm ok if everyone agrees... because it's no use if some of us can´t do it, plus it would be great to have glass catching up and joining us... but, BUT i'm afraid that if we stop we won´t continue... i'm not talking about me... but i know some of you need super strenght (or red ginseng?) to watch the sad episodes... and we know too well that everything goes downhill after episode 11 and we are going to stop at episode 10! So if you promise me we all will continue in january i'm ok... let's just set a date I was just about to post their insta posts... but i like better the collage one you posted! As we don´t have a new group photo, how about an old one? (image credit to uploader) Yesss. remember he was one of the candidates to marriage SD (even if he had the sacr covered) i think they won´t want to marry him because he could gain some power thanks to his wife... Me too BTW i could have just said "agree" with every single thing you said!!! you're always so right when fangirling!!!
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    Now I'll try to do my homework right.. Let's see if I had all the parades included BANG PARADE DRINKING PARADE SMOLDER PARADE BACK PARADE A bit of the ELUSIVE TORSO PARADE SELCA PARADE LOOKING AT THE FLOOR PARADE SATTO PARADE FOREHEAD PARADE PIZZA PARADE All images credit to uploaders Please don't tell me I missed some parade
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    I think i need like 5 of me now... you are a clever pixel! and i think you're right, it must be that my 2 post were merged... thanks to it we had some fun BTW i always thought it was 4 pictures permited! I aslo hate to hide JG's beauty as @bluelilac1214 said It would be perfect! a MLSHR family picture... why didn´t they take one!!! Ok i thought i was Kpop ignorant... but you are worse than me I only know them because that "Sory Sory" song was used in some dramas (i looked for it after City Hall!) and Siwon is an actor i've seen in a few dramas i have´t noticed the singing part!!!!!
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    @haniiiii you know lately I've have many troubles to like a post.. So I ended doing it several times... Maybe they count? Anyway thank you for liking my post so much @pixelsticks Gif credit to uploader
  5. Finally!!!!! and I am proud of BA! my lovely boy... always supporting So It breaks my heart... to see my puppy happy for receiving something that their brother always had... and we know he deserved way more than his brothers, being so smart, so capable... if only he didn´t have a crazy/evil mother... He's like an angel... his beauty almost blinds me... and yes he looks majestic as well You're so right! if only the snake knew!! and not only his face... she's was confortable with him now that she touches him every now and then... and what about those sexy horse rides? so much touching.. keke Seriously we need to know about the apron outfit soon! The Snake came out because it was always there... i think the drama wanted us to believe that Soo changed everything, to me it was only YH and Wook trying to blame someone else and not themselves... How many times did i replay that hug??? can´t answer... So is so sweet and gentlemanlike in this scene... sadly Soo drove me crazy... Oh MY HEART!!! my heart is so full right now... I was wondering the same thing... because little So seems at least 4 or 5 years old We're getting very close to the third time he said it... and it kills me just to think of it... especially when he loved so much being lectured by Soo... because he thinks it's because she cares for him and is worried about him... But you know as much as So is happy i can´t be happy in this scene, first because So happiness is based on his confidence that Soo is his friend and she trust him... and second because it's really sad that only now his father spoke to him with some kind of affection... as he smiled i cried... because i will said it again: he deserved better... You're right! that was so brave of little Eun... but i can´t pity him because SD is so awesome... Well at least Yo does it!!! I like the hairstyle... although i think he does look a little thin and tired... edited off for sure... as most of the things in this drama Please don´t... i never notice about the other princes outfits... i'm counting on you! Bu we know too well he's no cutting ties... sadly he cared about his mother and brothers until the bitter end... Perfectly said... as always Perfectly said again... as always I think So... and it's not the first time, remember when she was going to the palace to marry the king... I cannot bear it... i think her words wounded him far more than his evil mother's. When he was so low, Soo didn´t help him but step on him to make him go deeper in dispair... This scene kills me everytime... i'm completely on So's side... sometimes i must force to remember that there is a dark side of him... that he's a killer... that he's ruthless... but the thrut is that i also love that part of him. I can see the hurt puppy and the dangerous wolfe in him... and that contrast is what made his character epic!
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    Drinking parade Elusive torso parade Well I think that must do for now... All images credit to uploaders
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    First of all @agathe welcome! I'm so happy to see some one new here! the more the merrier Second, i was absent for just a single weekend and so many things happened: the IU concert, the SBS super fast appearnce (bw it was unfair! i was expecting at least 5 minutes!!!), the IG updates, the scuba diving pics, baby pics... I am a happy fan indeed Now i didn´t notice the scuba diving pics were new... i never read the tshirt date (shame on me for being so careless) i just read Okinawa and authomaticaly thought it was for the photoshoot... but now i'm excited! why would he be so secretive about his gong to Okinawa if not because it was part of a new project.. ok maybe i'm delusional and just need him in a new project soon... but hey i can dream!! Also I'm loving your confessional post! and i´m happy to say that no matter when he junkieness started, right now we all love JG to pieces!! Now about the parades i have to say: guys you are too much!!! as far as i love them all i can´t keep with them all!!! i'm the kind of girl who can focus in one or two things at the time... still i will try my best to join them all and meanwhile i'll enjoy them all for sure For the selca parade All images credit to uploaders Looking to the floor parade Bang parade Smolder parade All images credit to uploaders
  8. @tudorrose I won't lie to you, you will laugh, crie buckets, be mad, swoon, you will end with your heart broken.. But it worth it.. Just be sure to watch the Sbs version of the drama @bluelilac1214 you had a lot to catch up!
  9. You are so right.. That's what made me so mad at Soo (even when I love her and want her to be forever happy with So and little Seol). I understand that she's afraid but her reaction doesn't match the personality we've seen until now. And it's not only the bamboo forest scene, it was also when she fights with Eun's, when she took CR place, when the assassin hold her and she bites him, when she cut her arm.. She's always willing to take any measures to protect what she wants, even when she's scared... Then why doesn't she do the same thing? Why doesn't she confront So? Where is my Soo? It would be so good to see him telling the truth to BA. Whatever he does or jokes I think he would be understanding and would give her a good advice And I remember the Internet fervor that aroused because of the ending of the episode.. Thanks to it I'm here in soompi
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    I'm looking forward to see JG in anything.. But I'm also really curious to know his POV about this topic BTW for being a new fan you have accomplished a lot! You even met him!!!
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    Because I'm loving Satto parade Funny Satto Gifs credit to uploaders
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    Finally: My Review from episode 9 Please join @pixelsticks and me in the MLSHR thread... @glassnokamen almost missed his last insta post. he looks absolutely adorable... he's cute beyond words... he's like a ray of sunshine... i need all the Okinawa pictures...
  13. i always tought Jimong was using reverse psycology in that scene... and i still hope we will see the footage from the hankie scene... i firmly believe we deserved it! maybe like the classified files it would be released years from now on (i seriously hope they release them now... though i can wait forever... i hope i'm not dead if they ever realesed them. lol)
  14. MLSHR Episode 9 Review What a heartbreaking episode! As always, here are the things not So related I like about this episode: 1.-The King, General and Jimong picking princes for SD marriage into the royal family 2.-CLO telling Soo about her love story. She’s like a real mother to Soo. Always caring and worrying and trying to warn her, so she won´t commit the same mistakes 3.-SD. What can I say? Put of the girls my favorite character 4.- Once again the instrumental music Now for So: Gwanjong… and it’s a wonder how can he turns from a sweet boy to evil king in a second. I won´t start complaining about how much I hate Soo’s attitude towards So… at least not yet. She was in shock and she doesn´t have the time to process the revelation. And she looks for Jimong to find an answer to her fears… Instead I will start fangirling about how beautiful So looks… it’s almost unearthly. Yes pixelsticks this make it to my top Wang So faces. (sorry for the picspam, couldn´t be helped) Beauty in motion Now this is the scene when my heart started to break. Because, how sad is it that after 15 years you finally call your father “father”? It’s a bitter sweet scene: The king saying he is proud of his son, Moo showing the most satisficed face ever (he’s such a good brother to So), Jimong all smiles and the So. It’s like he can´t believe that the King is speaking nicely to him. He who was always treated like a beast is receiving a little of affection, of recognition from his father… He who deserves so much is so happy to receive so little… If my heart started to break last scene, with this one is a total wreck. OMG. Soo how could you! I got that you are scared, but he is the same So you promised to remain unchanged a few hours ago! Every line of him breaks my heart: “It's me.” “Did I say anything about it? You don't need to be sorry. I'm sorry.” “For the first time in my life, I called the king "Father". “After I heard those words, all the pain I had just disappeared.” “Everyone keeps thanking me. No one says I'm scary or calls me a beast. It's funny. I'm starting to like myself this way.” Ok. With this last one I’m positive dead. Especially when we know that by the end of the episode Soo would reject him saying she’s scared of him. She obviously forgot her own promise “A person like this is going to become that cruel? I can't believe it. Choi Ji Mong said I should never get involved. I could help him and change Gwangjong's future.” Now I wonder when Soo turned into Wook… because she’s now full of broken promises… Animated version “Please give me Damiwon's Court Lady Hae Soo.” Wow So... unlike a snake we know, you are so straight forward. You know what you want and you do anything so you can have it! The look in Wook’s face just made my day Heartbreak part3 So is still oblivious of Soo rejection. And it is only natural, because she’s been his friend, his confident, the one who always understands him, the one he could trust, his person for a long time… So her determination to help him turned out in a recipe for him to make his own makeup, so she could keep him in distance… and I’m really mad So is so sweet, he gives Eun and SD the best present he could think of: a tree. And to So trees are friends… sadly that happy family moment (for everyone lest Eun) ended with Soo new vision. I did say before that I hate Soo’s visions, didn´t I? and of course she ended making the worst of her mistakes: she warned Wook against So (and as we know this was the turning point for Wook. The moment he became really aware of So, and turned into his enemy King is giving So his share of princely charges, taking them from Yoo. How satisfying is it? Heartbreak part4 Dinner with evil family. This scene is so powerful and awesome. Like almost every So/Queen Yoo encounter. Everyone did a good job in this scene, even little Jung who finally say something sensible “You ask him to murder a person at a family dinner? If you were going to raise us as enemies why did you give birth to us, Mother?” And of course, So reactions outshines everything. He’s just a boy desperate for his mother’s love. That’s why he fell for the act Queen evil Yoo sets. It’s so sad to see him chocking when evil Queen offered him some meat… and it’s sad but a relief when he finally noticed that all was an act and discovered her true intentions “Kill the Crown Prince. It wouldn't be the first time you've killed someone for me.” Now for the first time So considers being a king… even if it is to get back at his evil mother. His final words before leaving are for the kill: “I was not manipulated. I knew and crawled into that seat. The food I ate here was not so bad. Still, you should just eat with your family. Do not call me in here again.” Maybe you wonder if by now I had a heart left to be broken… I don´t know… but then what is this thing inside me that is hurting so much? So is heartbroken, despite his words he truly loves his mother and wants to be loved back. He’s angry at himself for falling for her tricks. He’s desperate because after the rain ritual he thought he got a chance to be recognized as a person, as a son by their parents. He had hoped against hope and he was deceived. So, where could he run to look for solace, for understanding? Of course he needed Soo more than ever. And what did he gets? Anatomy of a rejection: I’m so dead by now…
  15. Ok, it's not that I'm lazy but internet really sucks tonight so I won't post episode 8. I´ll just share the links from my reviews from the JG thread... Sorry but my laptop won´t cooperate and copy/paste images in my cellphone is almost imposible, and i want to start with episode 9... so here there are: