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  1. I'll try to backread later... but i just need to say it now: TODAY'S EPISODE WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!!! i love it so much!!! my heart is still racing... so exciting! so many good things... and the final twist. OMG!!!! so so awesome... i don't know how i will survive until next episode... sorry i can't make sense now i'm in schock today was perfection
  2. I know the answer i could not work, or live at peace... i would only think of him, talk about him, do stuff related to him... wait a minute, that's me right know about BSP! of course i would have the added task of trying to look good at him (well yes that's Geum Ja too) I'll be waiting for them! don't forget Wow thank you so many goodies!!! love them all!!! BTW JG really knows how to tease us and play with our hearts... and no, i'm not complaining. i am a very happy fan... JG you can play some more! Yes that's why beside looking for the drama in naver, we must look for him too. i searched him and the drama (and click and like every article related) at least once a day. i do it multiple times on weekends https://m.search.naver.com/search.naver?query=이준기&where=m&sm=mtp_hty https://m.search.naver.com/search.naver?sm=mtb_hty.top&where=m&query=무법변호사&oquery=무법변호사&tqi=TYNa2wpVu3ZsscybS3Nssssss%2F0-495515 Some pictures from viki FB And from http://program.tving.com/tvn/lawlesslawyer/17/Board/View?b_seq=11 there are more...
  3. Everything you said... and more. Do you know what always makes my heart burst (and cry like a child)? the BGM. in both this scene and when he wake up in the hospital... or in the date scene... the BGM always makes everything more beautiful and meaningful. i love it and i want it and as always love your gifs and want more gifs After AB told CMS about the thai woman i'm sure he's not innocent and revenge driven anymore... and as i said before, the ominous look he gave uncle when he was leaving for Gisung might say it all I also think the other thugh, the one in jail might become BSP alley and will make the gang believe in SP I love this BTS so much, might be one of my faves, though i wish it would be longer... i seriously need to know what really happened in the elevator. lol (i replayed many times the scene just to figure it out) and the peck is so so sweet. As i got to see it in the BTS i don't regret not watching it in the real episode... as i can have both versions of the scene... Thank you so much for sharing... i love it. i haven't enough time to go fan mv hunting but i really need to make time to do it! Are those shared here? from viki FB An this from TVING http://program.tving.com/tvn/lawlesslawyer/17/Board/View?b_seq=11 more on the link. i hope someone would translate...
  4. I'm so behind at taking shots from the episodes... Here's my BSP Beauty Parade from episode 5 (and we are in episode 10!) Seriously, this man must be out of this world... so much beauty it's not normal Hope you enjoy!
  5. I love history but i'm not as versed as i want to be... so thank you very much for the info. love your POV about the trial... of course i'm not korean law versed and i don't know much about trials in korea or any part of the world (my only (mis)education comes from movies and novels) but i think law is not the main focus here. So i'm ok with what's shown so far Good analysis of AOJ, so you think BSP will he was sorry to his uncle not because he was going to keep his revenge plan, but because he will actively get involved in uncle's gang? Yes she's so smart... to think she planned everything from start... she fooled AOJ and us! (well at least me) Lovely gifs... thank you but i need more! I haven't seen Oldboy, but i LOOOOOOVEEEEEEE this scene so much. it was awesome. from BSP kicking asses to AOJ and his bat. The elevator scene is the best and when they punch each other? priceless Husband is a man after all... men never see the point of romance (in my humble experience at least). Of course I love romance, and i think the way it's handled in this drama is one of it's highlights (in fact i can't chose between fight scenes or romance) OK. JY got to say what i would love (and many fangirls like me) would love to say... i like her so much, she's s upfront with SP. she knows what she wants and is not afraid to say it. And I love love love the way he looks at her and kisses her hand (Swoons) BTW i think it's funny how prosecutor girl (always forget her name) always figures out BSP (while JY doesn't) like when he stole the hitman mobile or now that he stabbed himself And i love love love my gang. but now i have a wish: to see JY doing the muvengers pose besides BSP and the rest of the gang (all the gang i don't want anyone else death or as a betrayer) One of my many wishes were granted though, episode 9 & 10 fight scenes BTS by Lee Joon Gi, please go like and share http://www.vlive.tv/video/75280 English subbed, thanks to an angel My BSP beauty parade here:
  6. And I'm as happy as if i was actually working in the drama... i'm extatic Today's updates made my day!!! Thank you so much for the goodies... i love the muvengers so much!!! and i love all the cast BTS too!! great chemistry. BTW i must say it in the LL thread but i think Soompi Powers lies in this thread so i will say it here: I want JY do the muvengers pose besides BSP!!!! i really need it to happen. OMG OMG OMG Quoting @cedarwood: My precious!!! Correct me if I'm wrong but the latest TVN stills are not posted here... here's the link and some of my faves: http://program.tving.com/tvn/lawlesslawyer/3/Board/List?page=1 And correct me again if I'm wrong and they are already posted, but i think these precious are not shared here. How can it be possible? Source viki facebook NEW VLIVE!!!!!!!!!! with episode 9&10 fight scenes!!! http://www.vlive.tv/video/75280
  7. Episode 10 was daeback!!!!!!! i need raws and subs asap! Welcome back! you have a lot to catch!!! you will love the drama and BSP JG is the best!!!! ratings not so much... i still can' understand them Finally. and i still can't understand them either well i was wondering the same... i think after K&C, Wang So was his turning point performance.. and i know it didn't earn the ratings it deserved in Korea but internationality it was a big hit!!!
  8. First of all WOW!!! so many twists in episode 10, and i was actually cheering for AOJ??? what's this drama doing to me? when my poor BSP will stop suffering? (both phsical and mental pain)... i need subs so badly to know what's really happening lol. thank you for he info... i never thought of checking the names of the videos. tvN is so funny Yes but we know BSP want to it himself so he was willing to sacrifice himself and die from the start? there must be some other way for such a poweful ganster as he was... i know he would do anything for SP but why he had to die? Of course i understand why AOJ decided to kill uncle, he said he had 2 possibles victims: uncle JY, but he really can't kill or harm JY. i don't think CMS would stand it Great analisys and i think you are right... i'd like to see more of CBH story... lol. when uncle left for Gisung second-hand gave an onminious look, didn't he? at that time i was wondering if i was just overthinking. now we know what his true intentions were (do we? i'm never sure with this drama) jail thugh seems sincere though. CMS is really an smart evil mind, she planned everything and I (and AOJ) can finally understand why she decided AOJ would be major... i'm so happy AOJ finally figured it all out. it has to be the breaking point...
  9. Did you watch episode 9 already????????? i couldn't stream but the clips are killing me! i need subs and raws now BSP will be the death of me @zi4r i can't believe my eyes! you are here!!!! please come back as much as you can. miss you!!! @glassnokamen i'm loving this reminders @bluelilac1214 @willenette thank you for the goodies
  10. Streaming was a nightmare, so those youtube clips were my saviors... today's episode was crazy Awesome... and after crying and screaming all along, all i can say is that JG what an amazing actor you are! that scene at jail with AOJ was so powerful, funeral scene broke my heart and the ending OMG the ending i need raws and subs now!!!
  11. Episode 5 BSP Highlights Gang celebrating BSP Though JY is not too happy The ugly way media always work I looooove how scared is AOJ lacky... and i looooooove that BSP knows it and always makes fun of it Is there something in the hitman cellphone that we don't know yet? JY is avoiding SP but SP knows his way... She will always do the right thing... so she can't neglect HM defense... they go to jail... Court time... SP wins a battle with broker, blah, blah... SP in brown. I rest my case Jiu-jitsu training KH confronting SP (she's not beyond redemption, is she?)... and sweaty after JJ training SP It won't be easy for SP to win his father in law... Uncle's telling SP about JY's visit... SP is trusting her AOJ has the guts to visit SP I still wonder if SP recorded the whole conversation or something... is this just an ornament? why is him smiling at the end? SP is discovered by HY And he finally tells her the truth
  12. @cedarwood as always you crack me up! Some green suit / black shirt for you: Gifs: Hope you find your coffin confortable... and yes, you are welcome! There are new stills, go check out! http://program.tving.com/tvn/lawlesslawyer/3/Board/List?page=1 here are my faves All images and gifs credit to uploaders My episode 5 BSP Highlights (better late than never... i'm so behind)
  13. She did try... but not too hard. I mean that was something she needed to tell him no matter what, and not when you are drunk and your father just discovered you with the guy he told you not to see anymore. She's a dady's girl as she said herself, she must have found a way to tell him. And now, if i understood right, he thinks she's in Seoul... why didn't she tell him she went to BSP, he would find out sooner or later... for me it's the same than BSP not telling JY about AOJ threatening him using JY as bait... a mistake. Don't get me wrong, i like JY so much... i just think she must have a frank conversation with his father, wether he believes her or not it's up to him Thank you... i wasn´t sure So true! I don´t think the masseuse was so stupid as to have that kind of conversation with an open door I think she really has some kind of (twisted) affection dor JY. but i also think she has some kind of (weirder) feelings for BSP. Because of his mother. Even when she ordered AOJ to kill them both, i think the friendship was real. Remember when BSP told her about how she felf after loosing someone she cherished (or something like that) she went straight to watch the pictures not of JY (as i thought she would) but of SP's mother yes. but maybe because they had a past together and she knows resented it. i don't know, it never happened to me, but i knew of so many ex couples who hate each other after separation.. oh... that gif it's telling that both HM and uncle when dying didn't tell BSP about the big mistery (JY's mother being alive). HM thanked him for being his attorney and uncle wanted him to forget about revenge and be happy. Now i wonder after so much tragedy how will BSP cope with it? thankfully he had JY, Mr. Tae and the rest of the gang It won't be worse than them deffending HM... Yes please!!! crossing all fingers and toes a wonderful fan mv that made me cryy again
  14. More pics http://img.lifestyler.co.kr/uploads/program/cheditor/2018/06/QNOPZV1SZJ3FOZERSE2F.jpg
  15. @glassnokamen@violina@NoonaE thank you for the info/gifs/goodies/links... did i forgot someone? where's @bluelilac1214 and @cedarwood? i know @pixelsticksis busy, so i'm patiently waiting for my updated BSP wish list latest BSP pictures arent shared here, so i will post some, you guys check the rest on the link and enjoy/like/share http://program.tving.com/tvn/lawlesslawyer/3/Board/List?page=1