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    Now you make me wonder what Google gives you.. I'm loving rewatching it! I can focus on my Sexy vampire You are right! I don't want him to feel pressed. Whatever decision he makes I'll support him. It's just that I want to see him and I can't help feeling excited. And as you said the synopsis sounds good and the perspective of JG in a suit... That's kind of creepy 3? That's all? Just kidding. Noted I know I talked about being conservative, but that it's going to extremes. I want much more... This is the only type of clown (or the only clown) I like Parade time Bare feet Not sure if it was already posted Bling/smolder parade Today's smile All images credit to uploaders
  2. I'm with you in everything you said... everytime he's on screen i'm the one who gets angry I love it so much! i love how he holds her hand but i love too that Soo needs his hand to gain some strenght Wook is the worst of all (well maybe it's Jung or Won) What i hate the most is that he always pretends he is a victim when he's the mastermind behind most of the evil things going around (well he takes turns with evil snake sister or Queen Yoo) That's a question i always asked mysef. I guess we'll never know You have all the right to fangirl. I'll fangirl with you!!! It's not just you... I never thought about it! maybe you'e right... but i don't trust Soo either.. His smirk is the best! Wook always wonder why So is getting everything: first that's a lie, So doesn´t even have he love of his family, but secondly it's obvious who is the best man! They did it in order to feel superior, to feel better, because they know that So is better than them they want to put him down Yes they did love Wook, and they did their best to sell him... i can´t understand why, with such a great character like So as the leading man Please don't compare them... I wonder the same thing. but if the other court ladies left at night maybe they don´t know that Soo is sleeping in another room You are right. i can´t undertsand it from Eun, he's so childish, but SD must have known better.. She said the same to So when she covered his scar for the first time.. sadly we know to well that she always is the first to change As always you are right, another edition mistake i guess.. I also wonder how Jung was helping them, when Eun and SD ended fighting alone To make us suffer... that's the writers purpose me thinks... Yessss... but as you said i love it even more.. maybe that's why we can't move on. maybe the PD and writers were right, because they created something we can't forget emotional torture, best words to define this drama In fact she messed up with her 3 sons You are right, i love all his kind of smiles, but when he smiles truly, he outshines everything They know how to play with our feelings... it was a great scene, with great acting from LJG and Baekhyun. But you are right, they should have added some of SD too. She deserved that much. My favorite female character (Or young female character) Jung can be so stupid and blind that it makes me mad. I never expect something remotely logical or intelligent from him Ok we lost you... i got it! BTW i can´t understand the hand clech thing. he was the one who planned it all. and know they're trying to show us that he's human and feels sorry? guilty? But then, why snake Wook is alive? why Yo trusted him? he was the first to betray Yo. You can't expect everything to be logical in this drama Now that it's useless? worst hair style ever! Jung is always easily stopped The problem is not that the honeymoon is over, the problem is that it lasted like 5 minutes! so unfair...
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    I know. It's just that after CM disappointment in the kiss from, I don't want my high hopes to be crushed. Please do! Though I have to admit that So Ji Sub is one of my biases. Haha... Do you actually googled bad Richard Simmons or the real words? I googled and all of the images were innocent and smiling and of course pretty I must finish it. I will finish it. I'm watching the 8th episode now. Not enough JG makes it a bit hard to watch... The first time I saw I was OK because I was not into JG, the second time I have to confess that I fall asleep from time to time, so after every episode ended I just rewatched JG scenes. In conclusion : he needs to be the leading man always Worst news... It was So good to last. Anyway let's keep voting!!! Going to read and comment ASAP!!! Now about my Scholar kisses count. I have to say that I forgot to count KSY + MH kisses (I think she first kisses him and then he kisses back. Then he kisses her before he sucks her blood. Then a lot of flashbacks of the first kiss). So I. I'm only counting KSY + YS kisses. In episode 5 there are 2 more kisses and I have to say it is one of my favorite kiss scenes ever! So hot! I love how she takes advantage of her supposed dream to kiss him. And I love it more when he also takes advantage of the situation and kisses her back. Such a deep sexy kiss... In episode 6 we only have a flashback from the last CPR kiss So for now 6 episodes 5 KSY + YS kisses My smile for today is the one that started all those kisses Who can resist it? How not to kiss those lips? All images and gifs credit to uploaders
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    I'm hopeful... <<<Now just how many kiss/attempts do we want to request?>>> I want to see everything you said @cedarwood 아주 많이. About how many kiss attempts do we want to request, though I love to see a lot I think we must be conservative, I don't want our list to be unfulfilled Oh I've seen it. But I have other angles in mind.....and some wicked wordplay. It could be so sensual and a bit tense/comedic and still PG13. Hahaha. Oh my Venus style would be perfect to me! I'm trying to be a good girl and wait for confirmation Yes thank you for reminding me. It's been days and no confirmation at all Totally agree!!! We need you here @cedarwood You must finish My Girl! I'm trying to end the dramas I'm watching or want to watch ASAP so I'd have all my free time devoted to Lawless Attorney from May on I tried to count them too but got very distracted with the kisses I forgot to count I understand you so well. Sunbinim beauty is distracting.. And his kisses even more. BTW no kisses in episode 4, but a lot of swooning scenes Oh and I forgot to welcome @idegil and @chrissydiva For those who want to join the discussion here's my episode 16 MLSHR reviews https://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/378975-drama-2016-moon-lovers-❤-scarlet-heart-ryeo-달의-연인-보보경심-려-0-soompi-kdrama-2016-winner-congratulations-stargazers/?do=findComment&comment=21012182 https://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/378975-drama-2016-moon-lovers-❤-scarlet-heart-ryeo-달의-연인-보보경심-려-0-soompi-kdrama-2016-winner-congratulations-stargazers/?do=findComment&comment=21012276 Happy 6th Anniversary of LJG's Military Discharge and Chinese New Year! My smile for today Image credit to uploader
  5. MLSHR Episode 16 Review Part 2 Yo rewards So for killing the traitors. The General and other members of Yo’s cabinet all despise So. So is all alone now. But a flashback shows us that everything is an act. The General will side with So on his quest for the throne if only he’s willing to throw everyone away. Now we know that Soo must be the one to be thrown away Two years passed. Yo is crazy and who could blame him? With such a mother and his guilty conscience. Queen Yoo wanted Jung as Crown Prince, Yo finally can see that he was only a tool in his mother eyes and proposed So as Crown Prince, after all So is her son too, isn´t he? Yo is back to his usual self and is blaming So for delaying the construction of the new capital. Enter the snake and his minion, Soo and the court ladies. Yo uses Soo once again to break So. We could see again that Jung is easily detained, that Wook only acts when he knows he would be safe and that So is willing to take any step for Soo. Now is time for So to be on their spot when Soo’s find him. And back hugs him. Soo: It's not over for me yet. Just bear with me since you left on your own without my consent. I deserve at least this much. Are you sleeping well? Eating well? Do you still... resent me? I can’t believe this scene was edited off international version. Soo as always was lecturing So. But this time So walks away and there’s no understanding, no communication between them. Still I can understand So, he’s doing it to protect Soo. And it’s not noble idiocy, he wants to be a king, he needs to throw away Soo so she can´t be used against him. So is remembering all their happy times together. And maybe regretting rejecting her las night, when they meet again. And he rejects her again. This time Yo and Won watch them from afar. Snake Won wanted to test So, so they would be sure he broke with Soo: “Slaves only work hard if you give them a good whipping now and then.” Disgusting Won. Yo aims to Soo with his arrow, luckily So noticed it in time to save her. He got hurt while doing it. Of course he tries to justify his actions: “It would not look good if rumors started that you killed a court lady for fun.” From now on this is blissful heaven for me. If only it was longer… but we have to be thankful for the little moments of love and happiness we get. So’s wound needs treatment and Soo sneaks out of the palace to take care of him. So is asleep in what it seems a very uncomfortable position to me. Soo treats his wound and caresses his scars and the shallow me have to say that I love So’s sexy back. He wakes up and finds Soo asleep… ...he’s just about to touch her face when she also wakes up… So: Why are you here? Soo: I needed to ask you something. I asked Baek Ah for this favor. So: Ask me quickly and go back. Soo: You still... haven't forgotten me, have you? You said you no longer liked me. You were lying, weren't you? So: Go back home. Soo: This isn't the palace and the king is not watching. I wanted to ask you this. I risked my life and left the palace. There wasn't a day that I wasn't waiting for two years. I wanted to go back to that time. I wished for it again and again. So... I wanted to tell you... I trust you. I will ask you again. Answer me, and don't lie. Answer me. Do you... still... love me? He answers with the most perfect kiss ever! So sweet and passionate at the same time… and his eyes and smile… I’m dead. And I’m in heaven. They wake up together and they’re both shining. They’re all smiles (BTW I love love love So’s pony tail but how I wish to see his long hair loose) This must be one of my favorite scenes, them playing puppets shadows… so sweet and sensual… I don´t know but the moment his shadows covers hers I’m dead. Again And the way he pretends he can´t eat by himself and she feeds him… Another favorite, the Pesus scene… Look at them so happy together, look at Soo so flirty, look at So’s genuine laugh! Why does JM have to interrupt? Why? Why? JM is on bussines. He tells So that if he wants to be King this is the right time to act. Now I wonder if JM had a hand in Yo’s madness. Did he do it on purpose? Maybe it was his doing from the start? As always Soo’s timing is the worst. She wants to go away with So while So wants to be a King. Soo: Do you want the throne? So: I want it. Soo: The reason you left me... was it because of the throne? So: The king used you to get to me. He will use me to continue bothering you. Soo: What if I asked you to give it up? So: I will persuade you until you say it is all right to do it. Soo: You said you didn't need to be king as long as we were together. You're not saying it anymore. So: We agreed not to lie to each other. I started this so that I could stop us brothers from having to kill each other. But... when I was building the castle... I realized that the world can change if the king changes. I won't be controlled by anyone. And I can get rid of all this absurdity. Being king... is something I definitely want. I love So’s answers, so sincere, so like him… Sadly we know that being a king doesn´t mean he won´t be controlled… things only get worse, even when he achieved some of his goals… but at what price? All gifs credit to uploaders
  6. MLSHR Episode 16 Review Part 1 Another So fest. This episode, second to episode 11, is another favorite of mine. So many great scenes. LJG’s acting is so good… I have no words to explain the awesomeness that is JG. There’s not much besides So. So… onto the good stuff: SD and Eun are fighting for their life. SD is mortally wounded and Eun is the target to Yo’s arrows. So was the one who blocked Wook to treat Yo as an animal, now is turn for So to block Yo to treat Eun as an animal again… and to give the final blow again. Eun: Do you remember back on my birthday? You said you would give me any present I wanted. Do you recall that? I was told there was a gift only you could give to me. He manipulated me. That girl... I cannot let her go alone. So. I would prefer it if you just... It is a gift only you can give me. I think that’s the turning point for So. It was so hard for him to stab Eun. It was like for a moment he lost some of his humanity and really became the dog that he hated so much to be. The scene of Soo visions was recreated, but we could see that her visions were so out of context. It was a hard scene to watch, and not only because my vision was blurred with tears, but because watching So almost loose his sanity is painful. What a great acting from JG and Baekyun . I can´t believe that this was the same little guy that annoyed me on first watch. Still, Jung kind of spoiled the scene for me. He is a great General now, isn´t he? Yet he was retained by two guys and didn´t do a thing for Eun. But when everything was over he easily freed himself. He saw Yo killing Eun but he blames So for it and wanted to kill him. What bizarre world is it? How stupid Jung can be? So walks out and cross paths with the General. They don´t talk, but the General saw blood in So’s sword and guess what happened. Now So put his resolution into words: So: Ji Mong. It seems... I must become a dog that kills. A dog that bites its owner and takes over its owner's home. I will become a rabid wolf dog. I, Wang So, will become King of Goryeo. So is hurting over what happened when BA arrives. They can’t mourn for SD and Eun because they were labeled as traitors. So laments that Eun still remembered that birthday party when he had forgotten it. Enters JM with Soo’s useless letter. Soo is on “their spot” when So comes. She tries to apologize for not hurting him. So is not buying it. Because of her lack of trust he couldn’t find Eun and help him, because of her lack of trust he had to kill Eun and became a monster. His feeling for her had change. He wants to break up. I know and Soo knows he’s lying. But you know what? Everything he said makes sense. And I could totally understand if he doesn´t want to be with her anymore. But how much do I hate that these words will come back to him: “We promised not to lie to each other.” If we have any doubts, we can see that he was lying. To be continued... All gifs credit to uploaders
  7. Welcome back! hope you join us here Awww.. I must say being here is such a happy time! i wish days or weeks are longer... I believe So is somewhere still searching for Soo... i hope one day he'll find her.. or me! I miss So too, I miss him even when watching him... Imposible to move on... specially when i don't want to move on... Thanks for sharing.. btw i think that Soo was the one to change first @bluelilac1214 i still have to read your Episode 15 fangirling thing! i need time to do it full justice, for now i have to thank you for all the beautiful gifs. But rigth now i have to do my Episode 16 review or i'm afraid i won´t ever finish it! Seriously i need more time.
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    Hi guys, first of all Happy Belated Valentine's Day!!! JG gave us the best present, the most beautiful/smoldering pictures ever (who talked about coffins? @cedarwood @bluelilac1214 count me in!) it's raining goodies, isn´t it? as i said i couldn´t sleep... i was so excited about the drama news, and then JG's day!!!! i so want to go! but i don´t know if i can, he keeps messing with my life/heart i've never watched SYJ in anything, but if he confirms (i think his comment about his next project is about the drama, it must be) and if she confirms, i hope they will have great chemistry and she will be the co-star he deserves. I need good roles, good script, good ratings... everything that is good for his next drama @pixelsticks if the power of soompi suggestion is already working (as @bluelilac1214 hints) we really need to start our list asap! In the midst of all these news, I will talk about his old dramas. Or must I say old kisses? (and I'm crossing fingers because I want to see a love line and lot of kisses in his new drama, even if it's not a romcom, remember TBDW had steamy kisses) First Joseon Gunman. I ended it last week and I still can't get out of my head their last kiss. So hot. Best way to forget the pain of being shot: Now I'm slowly watching Scholar... And i started counting kisses!!! If steamy CPR counts as a kiss we have 3 kisses in episode 3: All gifs credit to uploaders
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    No Internet since Sunday and look what I lost!! LJG upgrade in jiu-jitsu and and and A New Drama!!! I don't know how I will sleep tonight... I don't know how I would live from now on... I'm so excited. A reunion with the PD from TBDW!!! One of my fave JG dramas... I'm thinking of Kay and seriously I don't know how I will be able to sleep tonight!!! I'm the happiest girl in the world. I trust JG, so I'm sure I will love the drama and his character in the drama and I will pray for the drama to be successful.. Right now that's all I need... (For now, I know I will need more things later.. We need a new list @pixelsticks) My smile for today (That's me right now ) Gif credit to uploader
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    A FM soon? I need official announcements... About any JG project! He looks so beautiful and his smile is LOVE!!! Parade time Bare feet Joseon Gunman parade My smile for today with a bit of the elusive torso All images credit to uploaders
  11. Because it will be another drama, not MLSHR But why did she not puts two and two together and realizes CR was the only one who could poison Moo? She can doubt So but not CR? Why? I always thought that's why she returned, not for BA but because Yo was the King now I always wonder the same thing.. sigh Snake and KingSnake This scene is so pointless to me... they just want us to believe that Soo is the cause of change of history... and Wook want us to believe that everything he does is for Soo.. Agree!! I think is a stupid thing that SD is all around the Damiwon... it could be Won or Wook or YH (just name a snake) who finds her Plus any one could see it! So satisfying! It was earlier? i'm not sure... They surely know how to break our hearts I totally forgot about baseball games! it was torture (in So's words) we didn´t know if the game would end in time to air the episode... it was madness I can understand you... how talk about snakes when you could talk about So? So true, i love how confortable they are with each other... i only want to see more of it Yes we were and still are invested... specially in So. Sometimes (almost always in fact) he's not a character played by JG but a real person... still looking for Soo (and those damn lunar events don´t help! every time i read/see something about the moon i think of So) I know But maybe they would've left the palace... or already married... It is a sad scene, like very sad. But beautiful... like So. That's why i love it so much Remember: i gave up understanding Then she's as idiot as Jung Don't control yourself again! pretty please No pressures Word! It was Yoo, i think it was to show us that she didn't care about hurting or even killing So for her purposes. maybe i should watch international version to see if it is better explained? You always do I think So, i'm starting to worry I can´t find it either! Hope you had a nice time! welcome back Now i always love to use the word "So" I'm team So from the start! Sorry but i never shipped Wook/Soo. He was married and to a wonderful woman who was like Soo's mother. that's a big NO for me Agree!!! But we never knew if it was true.. i don´t believe Moo would do such a thing Something that was filmed and never aired. I put it on spoiler tag if you don't want to suffer from knowing Don't tell me! I was one of those who said Baekhyun is a bad actor why lose time on him when we could have So! But i never understand why EXO fans didn't watch the drama luckily i have lots of hair He didn´t trust him... remember he realized Wook was after the throne I am seriously worried!!
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    I'm not looking for gifs... it takes too much time to get a grip after each episode I have no extra time to find gifs. I did. And it's so hard and time consuming. And I never find the ones I want Good point Thank you! But I need a good long video... Yes please join us there!!! I find the expression on his face to be more dangerous! I found everything about him dangerous... No pressures! We'll wait patiently I really miss HJ Best smile... I'm in love all over again Parade time Sexy back Cutie pie / adorable parade I ended Joseon Gunman last night. BTW the chief monk Wang So killed in episode 3 is the same monk who told PJK his sister and Jemi were caught by soldiers. Lol. Anyway I'm planning to talk about kisses soon, specially episode 22 kiss. Meanwhile my smile for today is Hanjo All images credit to uploaders
  13. MLSHR Episode 15 Review Things not related to So that i liked: 1.- Yo rejecting YH! In your face YH!!! As always she’s so sure of herself. She loves to see both So and Yo around her, just in case. She went to Yo with his ring and he just said that he will marry her off!! And he won´t have Wook as an in law (Who would want a traitor snake?) 2.- Yo putting Queen Yoo in her place… she’s only his mother, she must enjoy her position but she can’t meddle with politics. He’s the king not her mother’s puppet. 3.- Eun/SD: they’re so lovely and cute together… but being this drama what it is their happiness won´t last a day. Why??? Now for So… and I have to complain first, because the lack of So in this episode is aggravating. OK. Onto the episode… So makes the obvious choice: Soo. He kneels and greets the king: Manse manse manmanse. He looks so powerless. My heart broke into pieces. I hate the sight of So becoming Yo’s dog. It’s time for a flashback. Young JM and Moo and a very cute little So are talking after the death of Queen Yoo’s first son. That’s the night JM tells So he will be a king. Little So is happy with the idea of becoming a king. Also, that’s the night So get scarred and his life goes to hell. When Soo realized So is kneeling down she asks him to stand up and she apologizes… he just takes her hand and drags her out of the Damiwon. Enter snake 2: Won. I dislike him so much! He warns So: Soo can´t leave the Dawimon or she will be accused of poisoning Moo. Yo calls So to order him to find and kill Eun, using JM, BA and Soo to threaten him. To Yo, So’s a hunting dog after all. Queen Yoo is not happy about So’s lack of respect and we learn that Yo is alive thanks to So. Yoo: Have some manners in front of the king. Yo: Do not be so heartless. I am alive thanks to him. You... held back when you stabbed me. In that last moment, you let consideration get in the way. So: If you feel regretful about that moment, I can put you away for good now. How much do I love So’s answer? So usually has the best of lines So meets JM and the General. He tells them about Yo plans. The General warns So that he won´t stand his daughter to be harmed Now So meets Soo. He confirms her that Moo was poisoned. He tells her that he has to leave the palace to catch some traitors. We can see he’s trying to reassure Soo but he’s worried. BA and So are drinking together while talking about Eun’s whereabouts. For a moment it seems that even BA is not sure about So intentions: You aren't really going to catch Eun and take him in, are you? So meets Wook (seems like I start every sentence with, So meets… Sorry). He asked the ske if he killed Moo and of course Wook denies it. Not that So will believe him. Anyway, I will allow myself to be as shallow as I can be. Because So looks so beautiful in this scene. And his eyes… they look like stars, so big and shiny. They eclipse everything else… I don´t know if it’s the guy liner (he used guyliner in other scenes as well) or the light, but his skin looks so white and bright, the perfect canvas for the most beautiful pair of eyes… So meets Soo, he’s worried because the king called her. He also opens to her: “To tell you the truth... I am looking for Eun. The king wants to find him and kill him. But I need to do whatever I can to help him escape... Don't worry. I will find him.” Perfect time for Soo to tell him the truth, isn´t it? But not Soo. She’s fine with Wook, who she knew killed Moo (As Yo just informed her) But she can´t trust So, the man she loves. Why Soo? Why? So meets JM. JM wondered how So can´t find Eun at the Palace when the stars said he must be there. So asked what we all want to know: “How much can I trust you at times like this? Did you know that Moo would die in that way? Did you know that my 3rd brother would become the king?” Finally So meets YA and find out that Eun was at the Damiwon , and Soo didn´t trust him enough to tell him All gifs credit to uploaders
  14. Yes, i know she said it in her last letter to him. but i wanted so badly to see her saying she loves him in his face... imagine his looks, his surprised happy eyes, his soft smile... i feel robbed That's the gif! and that's Wook I think the one that has selective memory loss is the writer Yes So and Soo already have enough problems... i hate Jung being another one Me too I love how you describe and illustrate the scene I'm not sure what's happening to pixel.. You could not say it better! It would have been great! don't get me wrong, i love the ending as it is. still i want my happy ending. because So deserves to be happy I think you are right Crazy, isn´t it? But you have So in your screen!!!!??? i think i have it.. let me see....
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    Hi! So quiet today. So the lucky one to win JG shoes has to be from Korea... Parade time Army/drinking parade Glasses parade My smile for today That's for you @bluelilac1214.. You can't stop. I don't hear anyone complaining about JG killing us... All images credit to uploaders