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  1. Nope! Not jumping ship any time soon! A year on, I am still watching D-Cut ... how to move on?! @excitedgal thanks for sharing your journey. Well done to everyone who did a wonderful job to make the project a success!
  2. Its unfortunate that they don't have the bts or dcut for Don't Like Me Back scene ... I think Hyunni made a lot of effort in there, I think she really did cry her heart out ... you can see that her face was a little puffy (I know I look like that when I cry a lot)
  3. Heh, not sure you can call me a Boice ... I love their music, I go to their concerts (but not every single one), that’s about it Anyway, Wook look healthy and happy ... I wonder if this is before or after meet up with Hyunnie ... lol
  4. Nice that he’s hanging out with his buddies ... especially his new (not so new actually) Friend Jong Hyun of CN Blue, a member of my favorite Korean band. Looking at this photo, I’m pretty sure there was a meet up with Hyunnie (me being delulu )
  5. After 2000, we will have Thread 2 ... if it goes to more than 1 thread, it shows Namji shipping is really something then (to me that is). I do hope we do go far and Namji will go far too (until they get married? - wishful thinking)
  6. OMG, You guys!! Stop it! You all make me wanna stay home re-watch Disc 1 again and again! LOL
  7. Again! I thought my eyes was playing a trick on me (this old eyes!!), I thought I saw lip biting too! I've finished re-watching SP and also done 2nd round of BTS and Couple discs. My view on the court kiss where Wookie was seen smiling, it was scripted for NJW (and BH too) to smile because he was to be happy to be finally reconciled with BH. But, but, but that very end of the kiss when they release each other's lips, the expression of Wookie is something elseI Delulu me thinks maybe Wookie was very happy because NJH accepted his proposal to date each other (albeit him being in the army)!
  8. I wouldn't be surprise in maybe 3 - 6 months time (when the dcut is no longer 'hot' item), some people out there will post snippets (in 1-3 mins. video) of the dcuts Hang in there! (people who didn't buy the dcut)
  9. @midorinokerochan Well done, you said well. @ss1504 yes, they are 2 professionals hard-working co-actors who are comfortable with each other, but on different levels (to me that is ) @purebliss12 if you are saying the one with CTJ wearing a pyjama like outfit, yes it is in it. I am now re-watching SP from the package, They have English subtitle. How I wish the other disks have English subtitles!! Oh, I did find the 'Easter egg'
  10. Thanks for the info about where to find it. I will have to re-watch the disc 2 and slowly look for the heart. Will probably take time bcos of these old eyes ... LOL
  11. I think the whole SP team, from the PD to all the background staff, loves Namji ! What I find amazing is, PDnim did not 'disturb' them much during the takes, unless the angle was not right for camera. I kinda timed the kisses, I think the court room kiss was the longest!
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