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  1. @midorinokerochan Thank you for the 101 reasons! Agree with you all the way . . . . The naturalness of these 2 on and off screen makes it very hard to conclude otherwise and I agree with you - They fit each other so well and very naturally - physically and personality. Even if they had fitted so well in chemistry - the difference was the Happiness, Laughter and Genuine Enjoyment of each others company when laughing or teasing - Offscreen --> THAT is the clincher! Something one would do with someone one cares for. Just looked at some of Eric Mun's wedding pictures and he has been known to be a good kisser on screen, yet he looked so gentle in his wedding photos to his bride. I see the gentleness here and also the passion which are both needed in REAL relationships! Thank you @midorinokerochan !
  2. Happy 1st Birthday to The Namji Thread and Family Thank you @stucked for starting this thread which now has a life of its own. Without your initiation - this thread would not have been born. Officially, it now 236 followers but am sure there are many more and many visitors from ALL types of camps! To all the people here who have contributed at the beginning, the newcomers, the old timers, active and lurkers who have come out now and again - have made this thread ALIVE! - Thank you ALL. I have enjoyed all the Vids from the many talented people who created them or shared them here and all the comments and thoughts flying off here and there with the ups and downs that the thread has gone through and I can assure you that the there is no drought! Having a quiet time does NOT equal to a drought but reflection, contemplation and patiently waiting . . . until that day comes! We are HERE because we believe but also take heart that whatever happens - We HAD A WONDERFUL TIME! There are SO many people to thank ESPECIALLY to the MAIN reason we are here and that is to: The NAMJI Couple! Let's Enjoy the Party and the After Party and all the Virtual Friends made here BECAUSE of our Love and Belief in NAMJI! (Imagine emoji of Popping Champagne!!!) I still suck at these things!
  3. @pauliza WELCOME BACK DEARIE! Gut feeling also feels the same! Praying hard we will not be outdone by Soompi this time!
  4. @masthu Hey! Welcome Back Dearie! Better Late than Never! Hiya @pauliza ! Waiting for you to come home! Let's continue to party . . . and let us all go back to regular programming mode! So where are we with the Soompi awards from all our hard work where our fingers ached and some of us got cramped fingers from all those VOTING! And I got embarrassing comments from the younger generation at this old fart!
  5. Congratulations Guys! We made it to this milestone . . . now to the next - DVD BTS Analysis! And . . . Thanks to the many talented people for the onslaught of Collages, Gifs, Videos etc!
  6. Hello Everyone My few cents worth from someone who is no techie, has minimum use of SNS, and has had to eat more salt than most over the years. Woah! Looks like a lot going one in the other SNS sites and the various groups based on the chats above. I can see there has been over enthusiasm and over zealousness. Thank you to the various parties explaining their parts. Hope and TRUST all parties involved can MAKE SENSIBLE DECISIONS based on REASON (Head and Logic) and NOT Heart (Emotion) now. REMEMBER - NO ONE HAS CONFIRMED ANYTHING with respect to this ship. No matter how much you want to believe it is true. Until it comes out from the mouths of the couple's, there is NO Relationship. We purely have speculation and that if assumed otherwise and not handled properly, WILL BE DISRESPECTFUL and CAN CAUSE LOTS of MISUNDERSTANDINGS WITH ALL PARTIES INVOLVED. Fans are fans and there will ALWAYS be fans as long as there is someone/something to admire and support. Einstein and Stephen Hawking have their FANS too! A "Ship" in this thread is for fun and it is an Assumption, NOT PROOF. A phrase that is used, that assumes there is a REAL relationship and published as so can be construed as DEFAMATION! Legal definition of Defamation: Defamation. Any intentional false communication, either written or spoken, that harms a person's reputation; decreases the respect, regard, or confidence in which a person is held; or induces disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable opinions or feelings against a person. All I can advise is Please DO NOT WALK THAT PATH. That would really be UNWISE!
  7. @midorinokerochan Thank you very much for the translation. Your hard work is very much appreciated! @daloula Whatever happens . . . Agree!
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