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  1. https://weibo-go.blogspot.com/2019/03/req-zhao-liying-gives-birth-to-son-feng.html?m=1 Zhao Liying gives birth to a son + Feng Shaofeng enters the hospital carrying a baby basket (T/N: Only the second pic of the first news and the first pic of the second news are used. This is a request received via twitter DM. Thank you for the request! Do let me know if it’s insufficient. Both derived from Sina Ent.) News: Zhao Liying gives birth to a son weibo [2767 shares] [15969 comments] [64k likes] 1. [+8890] All I wish to say now is that Mama Ying suffered for ten months! Mother and son are safe. The baby is healthy <3 2. [+6278] A few days ago, they clarified about 3rd March being the estimated date, no? Today’s 8th March, thanks! To some of you, please respect yourselves! It’s a great day today so I shall not argue with y’all. Congrats congrats 3. [+5526] Congrats goddess! 4. [+4492] Congrats Zhao Liying, you have my blessings 5. [+4098] Congrats to Liying for giving birth to a baby 6. [+3567] Congrats! 7. [+2630] Congrats! It feels like they suddenly got married and suddenly had a baby 8. [+2501] Best wishes, best wishes~ 9. [+2403] Congrats Baby Ying 10. [+1811] Congrats sis 11. [+1666] Wow, congrats, congrats - News: Feng Shaofeng carries a baby basket to the hospital weibo [173 shares] [1022 comments] [6318 likes] 1. [+3728] The last warmth you can give them is to not disturb them 2. [+2776] You guys worked hard. Please go home and rest well. Thanks for giving us news updates about our Liying. 3. [+2635] Give her some space. Stop focusing so much on her. Thanks. Y’all have worked hard. Go home and rest well 4. [+2208] All reporters, y’all have worked hard. Go home and get some warmth. As fans, we aren’t anxious. We can wait for Liying to update us herself 5. [+1884] My god, stop disrupting their private lives I just saw the pictures of them (?) leaving the hospital. Yingbao looking healthier imo
  2. Yayyy!!! Congrats again to the happy new parents!! FSF’s weibo post is so sweet will they name him tuan-er???
  3. Hopefully her next drama would be the police drama that she said she wants. I dont think she have ever tried serious suspense drama yet. Honestly I find her modern drama (excluding shan-shan) to be lackluster, nothing against yingbao, but it’s rare for me to like modern chinese drama.
  4. Me 4! Congrats ying bao and feng shao feng! At this point, even if yingbao’s staff denied, nobody will believe I’m greedy to find out the baby boy’s name and what he looks like.. but I know better haha
  5. Yingbao’s weibo update Any kind soul could translate it?
  6. Ep 73: LOL at minglan spitting gty but then kissing him after that.. ml honey... why are you kissing your own spit? - gty calling himself ml’s ancestor, first he’s the uncle now the ancestor, good thing yingbao irl choose to call fsf uncle instead of ancestor -the villains didnt get the just deserts is a letdown, ed caused many deaths and should have been punished more than getting relocated out of the place. Dont they usually send unfavored concubines to the cold palace or something? At least kill her trusted eunuchs, if you cant physically harm her. And why is it the guifei being the sacrifcial lamb? The ed is the mastermind. Molan getting received warmly by the sheng is also a I gather the gu couple dont know her contribution of freeing aunt kang? Cant imagine gty sit still having molan around ml and their son. the stepmom got the luxury of killing herself, she cause damages worthy of getting painful death. At least in the book she suffered watching her son and grandchildren died - but I do like the end with the scene of how gty said even if the sky fall outside, he would still make sure ml lead a happy peaceful life It’s such a joy (sometimes stressful) ride watching the drama everyday. I’m gonna miss waiting for the subs while also cheating looking at spoilers. I would rate the drama 4/5. It may not be 100% faithful to the book or the era, but still enjoyable to watch, particularly to the general public who dont read the book. Even I as a book fan, dont have any grave grievance, as the changes in the drama keep me guessing of what next. The cast are amazing. Starting with the sheng family. Grandma totally steal the first part of the drama, all the lovely sisters are lead actresses material already. I cant wait to see the actresses who play hl, rl and molan headlining their own drama. Danniang was wonderfully played by the actress. I didnt notice it until I watch the happy camp vid, but the actor who plays SH is actually quite tall! But he appears short in the drama, he really hunched a lot, great acting! Cb being the comic and upright model at the same time, I wish wang renjun will get a lead role soon Yingbao and fsf really made ml and gty alive. The honey dripping from fsf’s eyes, that is not only acting LOL for me yingbao was overshadowed a lot in this drama, first part by grandma, second part is by gty’s explosive character. Only after grandma’s poisoning, did I get excited for her potrayal. I feel like in order for ml to shine.. gty needs to be out of the picture. As a yingbao fan I’m greedy for her to shine more prop for the drama for making gty’s character more interesting than the one in the book. Great development of character, from being the male lead that most people not like into model husband material The otp have small moments of intimacy, bickering, testing each others patience, maneuvering others for their own sake, basically growing as a couple, and I really appeciate that 10/10 will rewatch again and again, just like TMOPB thank you for everyone for making the experience of watching the drama lively and fun!
  7. I too was shocked.. he just casually kinda touching his wife lustily while being bed ridden Not only when carrying yingbao, I noticed even when hugging her, he placed his hand near her chest, not her shoulder. I actually mentioned at the CP thread, sometimes fsf/gty would act (touching, hugging) more intimately only half way and then turn it into something casual. I know a lot of people not fond of the couple getting together initially, but I think this drama actually make the irl couple likable
  8. I’ve finally successfully avoided peeking into this thread although the last ep is yet to be subbed, I already watched the raw LOL ep 69: -cb and gty’s friendship remains one of the best thing the drama ever made, one is the model scholar and the other is the military ruffian, I cracked up when gty threatened to sever his relationship with sheng family, and cb called his bluff by saying as if ml will allow that. Cb again called his bluff that he has a plan, just for gty to knock him out to silence him *I seriously love the comic element of this drama, they always show up unexpectedly* - the generals banding together to defend gty was also imo a good addition to the story, I can see that the emperor really favors his old subject from the hometown, one kick up a fuss, he just ignored him. Another openly slandered ED and he just threw fruits at him, it’s cute how he treats them as children - ML feeling guilty and gty telling her that just by waking up beside her, he fells contented, is another leap for their love. Old ml wouldnt be so emotional and wont believe what gty said, hopefully it comes from her heart and not postpartum hormones LOL ep 70: -opening with another cb comic scene, cb has become one of my fav char, cracked up when the servants lifted him back even after he resorted to violence - ml reminding the empress that she was the one who brought the prev emperor’s decree (you tell them girl! You basically have the same contribution or maybe more than gty) - their conversation in the prison cell, basically ml making gty cancelling his decision by mentioning he hongwen LOL good for ml, gty was being a jerk by saying he could just marry her again after everything settled -QH starting to open up his heart for his wife. Finallyyyy let’s all move on ep71: The plot that didnt make sense the most in the entire drama is fengxian knowing martial arts wth... then why did they instigate aunt kang to harm ml?? Why not just tell fx to hurt pregnant ml?? - ml drumming the whole night, yasss girl.. if you cant sleep, why should the emperor get a good night sleep. Ep72: the sheng family shoo-ing away nanny xiang like she’s an alley cat, loved it! - glad that gtw actually is a decent brother to gty -awesome ml defending her home, smart calculating ml is the best ml -madame shen equally awesome, that’s what a general daughter should be like, state uncle is so lucky, his 2 wives have guts like none other -I actually gasp when manniang gone killing mode, in the novel I think rong er is the one who saved ml’s son, I was worry they might stick with that too and make her kill her mother?!! Luckily the badass nanny did it Let me just add that the music/score they use in the drama is so good. Really sets the mood of the scene. The music when prince huan said he’s here and then pan out to the soldiers, gty and state uncle, all the way to them charging into the city is brilliant, got my heart racing LOL I do have some questions: - Ml just recently named his son tuan er? I thought gty already know his son’s name, I remember ml already called him tuan’er before - why did the soldiers at the prime minister’s house all crying out gty’s name? Why did it seem like they are happy he’s back? -who/what is ma huai (the word prime minister shouted at the end of ep 72)? Cant wait for the subbed last ep!
  9. Yes! Book ml is a riot! I love her modern take on ancient time, her witty commentary is what drew me to the book in the first place LOL at the soldiers all looking down due to embarrassment it’s near the last episode, I’ll just stay away from this thread until the last ep finish getting subbed
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