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  1. mademoisellesia

    Yang Se Jong ✿ 양세종 ✿ 梁世宗

    [Drama Stills] 2018.08.20 "30 but 17" Episode 15-16 Stills Episode 17-18 Promotional Stills & Episode 15-16 BTS
  2. Sooooo, I went looking for Eric Satie's Je te veux on YouTube. The music is not bad but LOL, oh dear, Seo Ri-ah, isn't she a bit too young then to know of this? Wikipedia described: "Je te veux (I Want You) is a song composed by Erik Satie to a text by Henry Pacory. A sentimental waltz with erotic lyrics (), it was written for Paulette Darty, whose accompanist Satie had been for a period of time. The text consists of two verses and a repeated chorus." French → English lyrics → http://www.melodietreasury.com/translations/song259_Je te veux.html No wonder Mr. Gong ran away... hahahahahahahaha! Just kidding To be honest, I think our modern Pop songs have more "erotic" lyrics than this...
  3. mademoisellesia

    Yang Se Jong ✿ 양세종 ✿ 梁世宗

    [Endorsement] 2018.08.08 Chris Christy Instagram Update I don't think I've seen this shot before.
  4. Rough translation: Seo Ri: I'll leave Woo Jin: Stay here. I'll handle it. Where do you think you can go? Teacher: Yes, student Seo Ri (Seo Ri hagsaeng) Rin Kim: In front of all the pros on stage Rin Kim: ... letting that kind of person... Seo Ri: Anyway, I can practice violin any time...isn't it daebak Woo Jin: That ahju--- is that ahju(ssi), right? Give it to me. It's mine. Seo Ri: It's really nothing... Seo Ri: Je te veux. I want you* (*other fansite translate it as I need you) Seo Ri: Why are you looking at me like this? Woo Jin: I, too, don't know why.
  5. 17-18 Preview Trailer is out ^ ^ http://tv.kakao.com/v/389175929
  6. @Ni Wen Maybe he's drunk again, hahahahahaha! P.S. I'm only saying this because I just rewatch the drunk scene ... love the part Seo Ri screwed up her face and goes, "See! You're running away again!"
  7. Ep17-18 Text Preview - I Need You Woo Jin's sister's sudden appearance cause a stir in the house. One night whilst everyone's asleep, Woo Jin quietly disappears. Not knowing where he is, Seo Ri & his family are worried... Mr Gong?? What the...?!
  8. mademoisellesia

    Yang Se Jong ✿ 양세종 ✿ 梁世宗

    [Instagram] 2018.08.17 Good People Updates IG of Yang Se Jong for Buckaroo #BEHIND (from Good People) An unfamiliar Woo Jin. Back today as the sexy Buckaroo's model Advance viewing of Fall/Winter BTS of Actor Yang Se Jong It's a fatal visual, "berry berry" right
  9. mademoisellesia

    Yang Se Jong ✿ 양세종 ✿ 梁世宗

    [Endorsement] 2018.08.06-16 Buckaroo's IG Updates - New Photo of Yang Se Jong & Selfies
  10. mademoisellesia

    Yang Se Jong ✿ 양세종 ✿ 梁世宗

    [Upcoming Event] 2018.08.16 Leaders - Yang Se Jong's Signing Event Date & Time: 2nd October 2018 at 5 pm Venue: Gangnam Square Condition: You can participate if you spend over 50,000 won & leave a comment on the website. Website: link
  11. BTS of Yang Se Jong singing on the train for "30 but 17" & Two New Stills from his agency
  12. mademoisellesia

    Yang Se Jong ✿ 양세종 ✿ 梁世宗

    [Weibo] 2018.08.16 Agency Good People Opens Official Weibo Account & Shared Two New Yang Se Jong's Stills from "30 but 17" [Instagram] 2018.08.16 Good People Updates BTS of Yang Se Jong Singing in "30 but 17"
  13. Yang Se Jong & Shin Hye Sun spotted filming outdoor, and looks like Seo Ri finally gave Woo Jin his present 3017 will move a bit slo-wer due to Asian Games; SBS will only air one episode on Tuesday. Darn sports are getting in the way of my drama watching again (here is when we console ourselves that it'll give the production team time to catch up on filming...lol)