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  1. Jo Seung Woo 조승우

    Teaser # with english subtitles
  2. Ju Jihun 주지훈

    I saw the first one too ( on a smart TV) , and I don't think that would do justice to this movie. Have a nice day.
  3. Ju Jihun 주지훈

    I just hope I could see the two parts in cinema, with all those special effects.
  4. Jo Seung Woo 조승우

    "It must have been a hard day ... your last day when I poured out a bad word . Teaser trailer #3 added for upcoming JTBC drama series “Life” starring Lee Dong-Wook, Cho Seung-Woo, Won Jin-A and Moon So-Ri. Lee Dong-Wook provides a voiceover at the beginning of the trailer explaining that the the question he hears the most is “isn’t (your life) so difficult you could die?” The next question I hear the most is “what made you walk down this road?” He answers “It’s because I learned so hard to save lives of people.” “Life” first airs July 23, 2018 in South Korea. from AsianWiki blog)
  5. Jo Seung Woo 조승우

    I've been a little busy yesterday tina11159 , but many thanks. I wish you all the best.
  6. Would you alow me to put the subtitle on jtbc youtube, with your contribution mentioned. They were saying that the subtitle is welcomed. excuse me if is a "no" thanks if is an "yes" .
  7. Someone said' and nobody could say better: " And Koo Seung-Hyo is completely different from Hwang Shi-mok. Cho Seung-woo completely erases himself every time he plays so that none of his previous characters are written. I think that's the quality of a really good actor and the greatest strength of Cho Seung-woo."
  8. Jo Seung Woo 조승우

    https://www.xiami.com/play?ids=/song/playlist/id/1409196546/type/1#loaded On the link above you will find the entire album of "Man of La Mancha" 2007 featuring Cho Seung Woo. If someone could download the app and transform the album into an mp3 and is kind enough to send it to me, I will be immensely grateful.
  9. Jo Seung Woo 조승우

  10. Jo Seung Woo 조승우

  11. Jo Seung Woo 조승우

  12. Jo Seung Woo 조승우

    "I could see the blood pouring.With that blood, our house could not be washed." HD quality.