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  1. wanda77

    Jo Seung Woo 조승우 Current Drama: Life

    I fell once again for this actor. Just watching him immersed in the character is beyond imagination; and knowing that every character is completely different. My sincere applause ( cannot but thinking how proud his mother could be).
  2. Oh my God! Lee Soo Yeon has something, and can be trusted. SPOILER ! The puzzle pieces starting to find their place. More of the above will be next week, right now just started. Loved everything from this drama so far, and maybe even more in the upcoming weeks. And looks like time flies too quickly and only 6 ep. remained
  3. I think that president Gu is somehow daunting, maybe wants dr. Joo more bold, more out of his shell, or maybe he wants to get a side effect from voters ( if the president does not want him as a director, let's do it, to the president despite) .
  4. wanda77

    Jo Seung Woo 조승우 Current Drama: Life

    Is hard when you know that all the eyes are upon you, and doesn't matter how good you'll do, someone will be there to find the slightest mistake and badmouth everything. I hope in the meantime he prepared his voice ( and will think about quit smoking which will help to maintain his voice longer ).
  5. wanda77

    Jo Seung Woo 조승우 Current Drama: Life

    Cho Seung Woo said " I am will stand on the stage of '''Jekyll and Hyde''' for the first time after 5 years, and I have 90% fear and 10% sorrow/feelings (?). When I meet the audience while performing, I am expecting the 10% surge to 100% ".
  6. @bedifferent , the best analysis I've read so far. Just an opinion: I have the feeling that Gu will not approve dr. Joo as director, dr.Oh provided better qualities for this position; defended her department from restructuring team asking for official document, holding lectures for residents in her free time, keeping her team under control and supervising everything. As you said dr. Gu needs to survive himself so, as said in the previews, he always has a backup plan; because... he always lived like that? Watching his back not to make mistakes and being fired, who knows what layers remain to discover regarding his character. Seon Woo, I don't want to pity more than that his character... The actor proved once again that stage actors bring something more to their characters, despite the conviction that they might overact. No Eul, I need some more for making an impression on her character or her acting. Me too... and I didn't think it will be an interesting character before the drama started. Severe mistake... This subject is very sensitive, more when is about children; is hard to care about other people grieving...,when yours is beyond imagination ...the thought that you decided the end moment... I don't want to even think... Was said previous that this will not be that kind of drama. I think he might know the answer, but he doesn't want to be treated/cared like a child by No Eul. Maybe wasn't explicit enough why No Eul was attracted by Gu, is clear that she finds him interesting, and he became curious because of her attitude.
  7. wanda77

    Jo Seung Woo 조승우 Current Drama: Life

    First ticket open for "Jekyll and Hyde"
  8. wanda77

    Jo Seung Woo 조승우 Current Drama: Life

    About "Jekyll&Hyde" tickets online from Charlotte Theater.
  9. wanda77

    Ju Jihun 주지훈

    And "Along Wth The God's" reached UK, and I hope it will be running at least a month because I'll be in London on September 15. Wish me luck.
  10. wanda77

    Ju Jihun 주지훈

    "Kingdom" is announced on Netflix in 2019.
  11. wanda77

    Jo Seung Woo 조승우 Current Drama: Life

    Google translate is quite good for this one, and the numbers you could see on graphics, those are not translated correctly. Unfortunately, CSW's interviews are rarely translated.